10 Best Home Safes You Can Buy In 2024

Alex Clarkson
Alex Clarkson

Having your valuable items like jewelry, family heirlooms, and personal documents lying around makes them susceptible to a mysterious disappearance. These things and valuables are best kept hidden from little children’s sticky fingers and uninvited, intrusive adults. And there’s no better way of keeping those items secure than placing them into one of the best home safes the market provides.

In today’s review, we’ll discuss the best home safes, their different types, and features, as well as how to purchase your own best home safe. We provided you with the list of products we deem the best and a comprehensive Buyer’s Guide in this article’s later section. For now, allow us to introduce our top picks and some of the best home safes on the market:

Our top pick

SentrySafe SFW123GDC Fireproof Safe and...

SentrySafe SFW123GDC

  • Fire-, water-, and fall-resistant
  • Great capacity
  • Heavy Duty


The runner up

Viking Security Safe VS-50BLX Large...

Viking Security Safe VS-50BLX

  • Biometric lock
  • Pry-resistant
  • High quality


Best affordable

Stalwart Digital Safe-Electronic,...

Stalwart Digital Safe

  • Good quality
  • Affordable
  • Has sound alarm


Top 10 Home Safes To Choose From:

SentrySafe SFW123GDC

SentrySafe SFW123GDC Fireproof Safe and...
  • Fireproof safe is UL Classified to endure 1 hour at 1700°F and keep interior...
  • Waterproof safe is ETL Verified for 24 hours of protection in water up to 8...

The SentrySafe SFW123GDC is the golden standard, as it is regarded as the best among the best home safes. It’s durable, tough-as-nails safe that comes in various sizes, ranging from 0.82 to 2.5 cubic feet of storage capacity. We’ll discuss the 1.23ft3 model for this review, which is the perfect combination of price and product quality.

The SFW123GDC is a heavy-duty, heavy-weight safe that features just enough storage for all your valuable piles of documents, records, items, and other valuables. It measures 16.3”x19.3”x17.3”, with the door requiring approx. 14” of clearance to open. The product is made entirely of steel, which explains why it doesn’t come with mounting options – it weighs 87lbs.

Besides being nearly impossible to run away with, the safe is equipped with four live-locking bolts, pry-resistant hinges, and a locking drawer. On top of that, it’s fire-resistant, being able to withstand up to 1700°F for an hour, fall-resistant up to 15 feet, and water-resistant up to a foot of water. It’s also worth mentioning that you can opt for a lock type when purchasing and choose either a dial combination or a digital Numpad lock.

In short, if you’re looking for the overall best home safe recommendation, we can’t recommend a better product. The SFW123GDC will keep everything secure.

The Good

  • Fireproof, waterproof, and fall-resistant
  • Different lock types
  • Backup key
  • Good capacity
  • Heavy-duty

The Bad

  • No mounting features

AdirOffice Security Safe

AdirOffice Security Safe with Digital...
  • DURABLE AND STURDY SAFE. Made utilizing steel construction to provide...
  • PROGRAMMABLE DIGITAL ACCESS. Using the keypad, you can create your own numeric...

If you’re looking for a spacious home safe that will keep your items away from curious children and prying adults, the AdirOffice is worth looking into. Like the previous product, this safe also comes in various sizes – and we’re looking into the most spacious model. 

This particular model provides 2.32ft3 of internal storage segmented in two by a metal shelf that keeps your stuff organized. The shelves and the interior aren’t padded by default, but the company reaches back to the customers that want the interior lined for added layers of protection.

Hardware-wise, the safe is made of steel, but it’s relatively lightweight despite its size, weighing only 39lbs. You can still bolt the safe to the floor to prevent anyone from walking out the door with your safe in hands. The door features a pry-resistant mechanism and pry-resistant hinges that offer rugged reliability and would put up quite the fight against any prying individual.

The AdirOffice is furnished with a digital screen display, a numerical padlock, and the override key, in case the batteries run out. Luckily, the safe features a “low-battery” indicator, which will notify you when it’s time to switch them out. 

The Good

  • Well-organized storage space
  • Can be bolted down
  • Good looking
  • Live-locking bolts

The Bad

  • Can’t be opened by using power tools

TIGERKING Security Home Safe

TIGERKING Security Home Safe,Safe Box-...
  • Safe & Sturdy】:Tigerking high security digital safe is made of...
  • Interior】:Supper large inner space allows you to load almost all of...

TIGERKING Security Home Safe represents a fantastic blend of price and product quality, offering great value for money. But it’s more than just a metal box with a key, TIGERKING might very well be a synonym for security.

The product’s made from thick and solid steel material and measures 15.7″x12.9″x17.7″, weighing approx. 55lbs. It’s quite a cumbersome model, and the added weight prevents any thief, no matter how strong, to get away quickly with the safe. Additionally, the manufacturer pre-drilled the mounting holes to mount the safe to the wall.

The TiIGERKING safe features up to four one-inch thick live-locking bolts inside the door, controlled by a digital Numpad lock, with double programmable safety features. This allows you to program both the master and the user password. Of course, there’s a backup key and the Master key that would enable you to access the safe’s inner content, without typing in the passcode. 

Additionally, the safe detects vibrations and sends out a “Stay Away” alert message, which also comes up after three failed passcode attempts. Finally, it will employ an incredibly loud siren to signal a breaching attempt and deter anyone bent on stealing it.

The Good

  • 2ft3 storage capacity
  • Features an interior lockbox
  • Removable shelf for better-organized storage space
  • Dual warning system
  • Dual programmable system

The Bad

  • Not fire- and water-resistant

AmazonBasics Home Safe

AmazonBasics Home Keypad Safe - 1.8...
  • 1.8-cubic-foot home safe for storing important documents, jewelry, and other...
  • Programmable electronic keypad ensures secure, easy operation; back-up key for...

Most people don’t want to hassle over security more than absolutely necessary. Instead, they want a viable solution that will keep their valuable items safe while being user-friendly at the same time. AmazonBasics Home Safe is one of those hassle-free solutions. It features durable construction, great hardware, and a fair amount of internal storage, making it one of our list’s best home safes. 

The safe is well-built, using 14-gauge heavy-duty carbon steel, with a slightly thinner door that features an 8-gauge steel plate. The door also has two live-locking bolts controlled by an electronic lock and hidden anti-pry hinges that help prevent intruders from gaining access to the safe.

It measures 13.8″x13″x19.7″ and provides approximately 1.8ft3 of internal storage space, with a padded interior and a single shelf for better space management. This makes the product suitable for storing most valuable items, such as documents, jewelry, cash, some electronics, and small firearms. And it’s all protected by a programmable electronic keyboard lock, backed-up by an emergency-use key.

AmazonBasics Home Safe has pre-drilled holes for mounting and bolting purposes, for an added layer of protection. Still, its size and weight can also be considered a protection feature – this safe is enormous.  

The Good

  • Heavy-duty materials
  • Easy settings and operation
  • A fair amount of storage space
  • Low-battery indicator

The Bad

  • Won’t deter persistent burglars

Viking Security Safe VS-50BLX

Viking Security Safe VS-50BLX Large...
  • HIGHLY SECURE 20” x 14” x 12” BIOMETRIC FINGERPRINT SAFE - Unlocks Fast by...

The VS-50BLX is a safe that has a lot to offer – a biometric scanner, a Numpad keyboard, motorized deadbolts, and much, much more. Besides providing a plethora of features, it’s durable, sturdy, pry-resistant, and quite spacious.

The product measures 19.7″x13.8″x12.2″ and weighs 48lbs, making the 4-gauge solid steel body quite sizeable. It’s massive enough to prevent anyone from carrying it out the front door, yet small enough not to occupy too much space. Furthermore, thanks to the pre-drilled holes, you can opt to mount it to the wall or bolt it to the floor for additional protection.

The door is slightly thinner, but feature two 20mm steel bolts driven into the safe’s steel frame by the motorized locking mechanism. The mechanism itself is controlled either by a numerical keypad or a biometric fingerprint scanner that memorizes 32 different readings. Along with the pry-resistant hinges, the deadbolts prevent anyone from prying the safe open to reveal the interior.

If you’re looking for a safe with customizable insides, this product is perfect for you. The interior is carpeted entirely and features three fully adjustable shelves that allow easier storage management. It’s also equipped with a built-in LED light and an alarm that lets you know you’ve forgotten to close the safe.

The Good

  • A fair amount of storage space
  • Biometric scanner and a Numpad lock
  • Pry-resistant
  • Carpeted interior with LED lights
  • High-grade materials

The Bad

  • Not resistant to fire or water

Stalwart Digital Safe

Stalwart Digital Safe-Electronic,...
  • WALL OR FLOOR MOUNTABLE- The digital safe can conveniently be utilized in your...
  • EXTRA-LARGE- This safe is extra-large so that you can securely store your cash,...

Considering its size, storage capacity, and safety options, Stalwart indeed has a surprisingly affordable price. While some would question the quality of the product based on its price, we’re here to attest to its brilliance – the Stalwart Digital Safe surely doesn’t disappoint.

The safe measures 14″x12″x20″ and provides almost 2ft3 of storage space, which is more than enough to securely store your jewelry, cash, documents, heirlooms, or even firearms. But what surprised us the most is the mounting options – not many safes of these dimensions feature mounting options. Stalwart, on the other hand, features pre-drilled holes for mounting on the wall, or bolting into the floor, for added security.

It features a padded interior with a single shelf that helps you organize your document and other items you can store. The insides are protected by a locking mechanism that drives two steel bolts into the safe’s frame, effectively preventing prying. It’s controlled by an LED-lit keypad that allows master and user code programming, backed up by two override keys.

Additional protection options include a sound alarm that goes off after three incorrect password entries, signaling a potential attempted theft.

The Good

  • Good storage capacity
  • Mountable
  • Good-quality materials
  • Affordable

The Bad

  • 16-gauge steel plates

Steelwater AMSWD-530

Steelwater AMSWD-530 2 Hour Fireproof...
  • 2 Hour fire rated at 1850°F (1010°C) 2- Layers of Steel (Steel inner walls and...
  • (2) Stationary Rectangular Locking Bolts On Hinge Side -(1) Removable/adjustable...

The Steelwater 530 is probably the most secure safe on our list. We would immediately consider it our top pick among the best home safes, were it not for its hefty price. And trust us, if money isn’t an issue, weight is – the product weight over 143lbs, making it the heaviest safe on our list. 

As imagined, the Steelwater is made from two layers of thick steel, with an internal storage of 1.44ft3, which is enough for storing your valuables. The inside isn’t padded and provides no scratch protection; however, it does offer some sense of item management with one adjustable shelf and one plastic drawer.

The locking mechanism uses a dial combination lock of unparalleled quality, which drives the two rectangular steel locking bolts into the safe frame. There are two additional bolts on the hinge side that make the safe truly pry-resistant. The safe’s capable of withstanding exposure to 1850°F for up to two hours, without any damage to the safe’s content.

Due to its weight, Steelwater 530 can only be bolted to the floor. There’s really no reason to do that, since it weighs as much as a person, and no thief could easily carry it out the door.

The Good

  • Fire-resistant up to 1850°F for up to 2 hours
  • Fantastic combination lock
  • Too heavy to be carried away
  • Truly pry-resistant

The Bad

  • Expensive

The JSSMST Book Safe

Book Safe with Combination Lock - Jssmst...
  • ADVANTAGES: Jssmst is a registered trademark protected by U.S. Trademark law and...
  • VARIOUS SIZES AND COLORS AVAILABLE: three colors(black, navy and red), two...

This product is actually an incredibly portable safe, with a combination lock that’s relatively easy to pry open with a bit of effort. So how did it make one the list of best home safes? Well, have you ever heard of a thief or a burglar stealing an English Dictionary? Neither have we.

This safe looks exactly like a book, inconspicuously sitting among your other books on their shelves, hiding whatever valuable items you might put in them. Sure, they provide just ample storage space, but it’s more than enough to house some jewelry, maybe some smaller electronics, cash, or passports and IDs.

The locking mechanism is relatively simple and uses a numerical combination dial. As we said initially, it’s easily broken into and serves only to deter nosy children or adults. That is if they ever bother to pick up an English Dictionary in the first place.

Of course, the product is quite reasonably priced, and if not for security, we suggest you purchase it for fun. It comes in several colors and sizes to better match with other books on your bookshelf.

The Good

  • Designed to be hidden in plain sight
  • Affordable
  • Comes in several sizes and colors

The Bad

  • Limited storage (as expected)
  • Weak lock

Barska Biometric Safe

BARSKA Biometric Safe
  • Secure Storage: Our DOJ approved safe comes with a 120 fingerprint biometric...
  • The Optional Silent Mode: Safe features a silent mode that enables stealthy home...

Keeping a firearm within hands reach in your bedroom might seem reasonable to some, as most home intrusions happen at night. However, you really want that gun kept secure from getting into the wrong hands or having your kids mistake it for a toy. And Barska Biometric Safe perfectly serves that purpose.

Not necessarily a gun safe, but capable of securing smaller firearms and some accompanying ammunition, the Barska will fit nicely under your bed. However, it requires at least 8” of space underneath your bed or nightstand to fit.

It’s made from steel and features a quick-acting biometric reader that only takes 2.5 seconds to read your fingerprint and open the lock. The lock controls two built-in pry-resistant motorized steel bolts that connect to the safe’s frame. That way, you’ve ensured quick and stealthy access to your home defense firearms.

As we said, it’s not necessarily a gun safe, but 0.8ft3 of space can only hold smaller items. Despite that, the manufacturer opted to pre-drill holes for both wall, and floor mounting, for added protection.

The Good

  • DOJ approved
  • Steel construction
  • Top-quality biometrics
  • Padded interior

The Bad

  • No waterproofing

Paragon Lock and Safe 7700

7700 Flat Electronic Wall Safe .83 CF...
  • Outside dimensions: 22 inches high x 16 inches wide x 4 inches deep
  • Simple to install. Inside tamper-proof hinges

The Paragon 7700 is a real wall safe, designed to keep your valuables locked and secure, well hidden under a mirror, or a framed artwork. That’s right, with some work, this safe can be installed to lie nearly flush to the wall and covered by a painting, effectively avoiding detection by more-than-curious individuals.

The 7700 is constructed using solid steel plates and resists hand tools and mechanical prying quite well. It’s designed to fit flush to the wall, and hence features pre-drilled holes on the sides, for safe anchoring to the studs. The door is made from a 1/8″ thick solid steel plate, featuring a programmable numerical keypad.

Of course, the door also features two steel deadbolts controlled by the lock, as well as tamper-proof hinges. Other than those, you can expect a padded interior and two shelves to organize better the ample storage space this wall safe provides.

The Good

  • Concealable
  • Anchored to the wall, not easily removed
  • Has two shelves

The Bad

  • Not fireproof
  • Requires installation

Buyer’s Guide

Best home safes are an ideal way of keeping your valuable items and documents tucked and hidden from sight, yet easily accessible to you, whenever you need them. Sure, locked drawers and dark corners of top shelves might seem like a good idea, but they won’t stop overly-curious children or experienced burglars. That’s why you should invest in the best home safe that suits your needs.

However, investing in the best home safe isn’t like grocery shopping, since there are a few variables you’ll have to consider first. This buyer’s guide aims to provide you with the fundamental knowledge regarding best home safes and how to choose a product best suited to your particular needs. Here’s what you should consider when purchasing a home safe:

Types of Home Safes

There are several different types of home safes, mostly depending on their use. Sure, their general use is to keep stuff hidden from plain sight, but “what kind of stuff?” is a more appropriate question. Do you need to hide your heirlooms, jewelry, or documents? Or do you need to secure a quickly accessible firearm for emergencies? Answering your question has a significant impact on what safe’s size, lock type, storage capacity, and, most importantly, price.

  • Wall Safes – Wall safes are probably the best-known type of home safes. Most people saw one being exposed in moves, but probably walked pass a few in real life, without even realizing it. Wall safes are usually hidden behind doors or portraits, and work best for spaces with a smaller floor plan. Though usually more cumbersome, they actually come in a variety of sizes. With this type, it’s best to look for a mounted product between the studs in the wall. 
  • Floor Safes – Floor safes are a great alternative to putting a hole in the wall, as they’re usually bolted to the floor for extra safety. They do come in all shapes and sizes, but are primarily designed to fit tight and hidden spaces, like the space underneath your bed. And since floor safes are more compact than wall-types, bolting them down to the floor adds an extra defense layer against thieves.
  • Gun Safes – These come in various sizes, from bedside safes to cabinets, to accommodate different types of firearms. Most of these safes feature a biometric lock, which we’ll cover later, that allows quick and easy access, ensuring that your guns don’t end up in the wrong hands. 
  • Hidden Safes – Hidden safes are the James Bond of the best-home-safe world. They’re usually disguised as books, or similar items, allowing you to hide your valuables in plain sight. They’re discreet, subtle-looking, lightweight, and portable, making them perfect for traveling and moving around. Their storage capacity is hence limited to hiding documents like passports, IDs, and birth certificates.


Size matters for several reasons, but we’ll focus on the most important – it dictates the interior storage of the safe. So, it pays to consider what types of items you want to store in your safe before you purchase one.

More compact safes are perfect for any small area, but they have limited storage space inside. This does make them suitable for storing documents and smaller jewelry, but they can’t hold any bigger valuables or electronics. On the other hand, more sizeable safes usually feature more storage capacity and allow you to store anything from documents, valuable items, handguns, or electronics.

However, bigger and heavier safes are made from thicker and more durable steel to better protect the contents inside from burglars or elements. Thicker materials usually provide more safety at the cost of storage space, so please consider the interior dimensions.

Types of Locks

Best homes safes come equipped with a variety of locks, from the simple lock-and-key mechanisms to modern biometric scanners. Which one you choose depends on your personal preference and how quickly you want or need to access the items stored inside the safe.

  • Traditional lock – this type of lock uses a standard lock-and-key mechanism that allows you to access your storage quickly. However, the key can easily get stolen or misplaced. This type of mechanism is still used as a backup system if the batteries run out on your biometric scanner or combination lock.  
  • Combination lock – Combination locks come in two distinct varieties: analog and digital combination locks. Analog locks open like a school locker, by turning the dial to enter the combination. Other types might feature a digital Numpad to enter the numbers or a PIN code.  
  • Biometric Scanner – Biometric locks are highly secure locks, as they scan and read your fingerprints, and opens only if the fingerprints match the ones saved in system memory. Some models even feature enough memory for storing the fingerprints of several users authorized to open the safe. These are usually found on gun safes, since they provide quick access, even in low-light conditions.

A small side note: If you’re looking for models with a biometric scanner, or a digital Numpad, make sure that they have a backup key, in the event of a dead battery or power loss.

Additional Protection Options

Depending on the value of items you wish to store in your safe, you might want to consider models with additional layers of protection. We’re talking about fire- and water-resistance, and padded interior for safe-keeping of your delicate jewelry, securities, or other sensitive items.

  • Fire-resistance – Fireproof safes are tested and graded on how much heat they can withstand. These tests measure the temperature inside and outside the safe, ensuring that your content doesn’t get damaged.
  • Water-resistance – If you live in an area prone to floods, we recommend that you buy a water-resistant safe. Water-resistant safes ensure that your valuables stay dry in case of flooding.
  • Padded interior – Having a padded interior is crucial if you’re storing delicate items that are prone to scratching.


If you’re looking for the best home safe, we recommend SentrySafe SFW123GDC, since it’s a perfect blend of security, price, and product quality. You can rest assured that your items are safely stored, under lock and key, without unwanted individuals gaining access.

Still, if you’re in the market for a right safe without all the fancy gadgetry, or have a limited budget, give Stalwart Digital Safe a look. It’s affordable and provides a good deal of security to your heirlooms, documents, cash, or other valuable items.

Please remember to use a proper safe-keeping etiquette, keep the safe locked using a complex password, without advertising the safe’s location. Bolts are an excellent idea if you’re looking for added protection.

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