7 Best Adult Tricycles to Help You Stay Fit As You Age

Alex Clarkson
Alex Clarkson
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As you grow older, the need to find more suitable ways of exercising increases. You may not be in a position to run your usual five miles or lift weights for hours as you used to. But, you can ride a tricycle. Also known as a trike or three-wheel bike, this gadget somewhat illustrates the cycle of life. Remember when you were young and had to learn how to ride a tricycle before upgrading to a bicycle? With a tricycle, you could ride on all types of terrains; be it city tarmacs or off-road paths.

Now that you’ve grown a little older, you’ll need to revert back to the 3-wheel bike. Tricycles are much safer since they provide ample stability, and they’re very comfortable to ride. Sadly, most people would not know where to start when shopping for the best adult tricycles. It is why we have recommended a few models that you can consider.

What’s the Best Adult Tricycle?

The best adult trikes boast low-profile frames so that they’re easy to climb on and out of. They also have multiple speeds to suit different preferences and are fitted with spacious storage baskets so that it’s easy to transport your groceries home.

Below find the best Adult Tricycles:

1. Worksman WTX Wide Tracking Adult Trike

Worksman WTX Wide Tracking Adult Trike
38 Reviews
Worksman WTX Wide Tracking Adult Trike
  • Adult-sized tricycle with a "kid-style" direct-drive front wheel
  • Ideal tool for motion training and physical therapy for special needs riders

Do you worry that your muscles will become stiff because you live a sedentary lifestyle? Well, you can change your way of life by using the Worksman WTX tricycle to get around.

Fitted with an extra wide base and designed to accommodate weight of up to 250 pounds, this trike provides you with the much-needed workout to stay fit.

It has one of the simplest drive systems, so you will learn how to navigate it quite fast. This consists of a direct connection between the front wheel and the pedals, which eliminates any maintenance for the chains and gears.

Apart from using it to move around, the tricycle is recommended for training persons with special needs. Both schools and hospitals have benefitted by using Worksman Adult Trike to improve and restore mobility to their special needs’ clients.

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2. Happybuy 24 Inch Adult Tricycle

Happybuy 24 Inch Adult Tricycle Series 7...
  • Family Tricycle---The 3 wheels tricycle with Ultra-large capacity foldable...
  • Sturdy Frame---Made of high quality iron can bear loads 300lbs. 24 inch wheel...

Travel in style using the Happybuy Adult Tricycle, which comes with a huge basket in the rear. The extra-large storage basket makes the trike very convenient for shopping and carrying additional items when you travel.

But that’s not all; this adult tricycle has a bigger weight capacity of 350 lbs. It’s constructed from high-quality iron, which makes it durable and capable of holding such weight. Plus, the 3-wheel design means it’s more stable than the usual two-wheeled bicycles.

Another perk of Happybuy tricycle is the seat, which makes it comfortable to ride. This seat is wide and cushioned to give you a better riding experience. And if you’re the kind of person who likes making a powerful social statement, this tricycle comes in a colorful (blue, yellow, black/white) frame to help you do just that.

3. Mobo Triton Pro Adult Tricycle

Mobo Triton Pro Adult Tricycle for men &...
303 Reviews
Mobo Triton Pro Adult Tricycle for men &...
  • 【 Adult Recumbent Trike 】 – 3-Wheeler for teens and adults is an excellent...
  • 【 Low Impact Exercise 】 – Get a cardiovascular workout with minimal stress...

Are you looking to buy a  adult tricycle suitable for flat-paved surfaces and slightly sloped terrains? The Mobo Triton Pro has all the features you’d want for leisure cycling. And the good thing is that it can be ridden by both teens and adults. It supports a maximum weight capacity of 250 pounds and is recommended for individuals from 4’2” to 6’3”.

This adult tricycle has a low center of gravity, which helps provide more balance and stability. Plus, it’s equipped with a dual-joystick to enhance hand movements for easy maneuverability. The adult tricycle 20-inch wheeled model consists of Hi-ten steel frame making it one of the most durable on the market. With its comfortable seat, chainless chassis and ergonomic construction, Mobo Triton is sure to provide a fun and exciting ride.

4. Razor DXT Drift Trike

Razor DXT Drift Trike
357 Reviews
Razor DXT Drift Trike
  • Where Downhill Meets Drift. Ages-14 and up. Maximum weight-198 pounds
  • Steel trike style frame combined with Super Slider POM rear wheels

Just because you have a tight budget does not mean that you cannot enjoy riding on an adult tricycle. There are fairly-priced models like the Razor DXT trike. And the good thing is that this low price does not translate to a poor performance. It boasts a steel trike style frame, which is incredibly durable. If you factor in the Super Slider POM rear wheels, you are guaranteed of one of the smoothest rides whether you’re going uphill or downhill.

Thanks to the motorcycle-style handlebars, you can ride this trike for hours without your hands getting fatigued. Other features we like about Razor DXT trike are the grip tape fitted on the rear axle, adjustable buckle seat and pro-style grips.

5. Schwinn Meridian Adult Tricycle

Schwinn Meridian 26' Adult Tricycle...
15 Reviews
Schwinn Meridian 26" Adult Tricycle...
  • Riding Style: 3-wheeled bike for easy, smooth riding
  • Frame: easy low...

Do you prefer tricycles with large-sized wheels? Then the Adult Tricycle by Schwinn Meridian is your best option. This adult tricycle 26-inch wheeled model boasts a big folding rear basket, allowing you to haul big loads of groceries or camping gear. You can even take your pooch along on one of your rides! Plus, the basket provides additional support when you’re having a hard time balancing.

The Schwinn Meridian trike is designed to suit different tastes, since it comes in blue, red or silver shade. It can be ridden by any adult; whether you’re in your 50’s, 70’s or 90’s. With the wide upright handlebar and the trike’s superior construction, you can rest assured that you’ll have a safe and comfortable ride.

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6. Raleigh Bikes Tristar 3-Speed Trike

Raleigh Torker Bikes Tristar 3-speed...
38 Reviews
Raleigh Torker Bikes Tristar 3-speed...
  • Steel step through frame makes for easy on/off
  • Sturmey Archer 3 speed internal geared hub for low maintenance

For heavy riders, Raleigh Tristar trike with a maximum load capacity of 300 pounds is an excellent choice. It’s actually an adult tricycle 24 inch model but with tons of handy features to give you that smooth, memorable ride. The first thing you’ll notice is the trike’s steel step through frame, which makes getting on and off pretty easy.

Next up is the adult tricycle’s unique design; it’s stable enough allowing you to ride on the streets without the fear of crashing. But it’s also small enough to fit through your exterior door for compact storage. And thanks to the front fender and chain guard, your clothes will remain sparkling even when you ride on muddy or wet surfaces.

7. eWheels EW-29 Electric, Pedaling, Combination Tricycle

EWheels EW-46 Bariatric 4-Wheel Electric...
  • LONG RANGE: Drive a maximum speed of 13 mph, for up to 35 miles on a single...
  • MAXIMUM COMFORT: Fully adjustable large captain’s seat of hours of fun. Rear...

eWheels adult tricycle is designed for persons who prefer high-end gadgets. Although pricey, this trike is nothing like the conventional models you find on the market. More specifically, it features two operation modes. You can either pedal it or make use of the electric power feature by twisting the hand throttle.

Also, if you’re not a DIY enthusiast, you don’t have to worry since the tricycle comes fully assembled. It’s also capable of very high speeds; reaches up to speeds of 15 miles per hour. If you choose the electric power mode, the tricycle can be ridden for about 20 miles on a single charge.

Another plus of this trike is the availability of not one but two storage baskets; one at the front and the other on the rear side. Other features that make this tricycle stand out include the LED electric light, battery indicator, electric horn and forward/reverse switch to make navigation much easier.

What is a Tricycle?

This can be described as a three-wheeled vehicle, which is operated by an individual. Best-Adult-TricycleAlthough most adult tricycles for seniors are ridden for leisure and fitness purposes, there are some models which are specifically designed for commercial use. These include the cycle rickshaws and freight trikes. The different applications of a tricycle depend on where you live. Cycle rickshaws and freight trikes are common in Africa and Asia, where they’re used commercially.

But in the West, these mini-vehicles are mostly used for shopping, recreation and exercising. The good thing is that tricycles can be ridden by people across all ages starting from children to seniors. What makes trikes more popular than typical bicycles is the fact that they offer better stability. However, some tricycle models are fitted with poor lateral stability. It means that you should be extra careful when riding them, especially when cornering. Alternatively, you can go for recumbents that have a low center of gravity; hence, requiring minimal care.

Why Choose A Tricycle?

The benefits that come with riding tricycles are numerous. Ideally, trikes give you the best means of staying fit while at the same time giving you an easy way to run errands. Here are a couple of more reasons why you should pick a tricycle.

Tricycles Are Comfortable

Perhaps the biggest advantage of riding a tricycle is the level of comfort it provides to an individual. A majority of them are fitted with seats, which aid in distributing the load from a rider’s weight to a larger surface area. This even distribution of weight is what helps to minimize pain, pressure and discomfort that you’re likely to experience on your bottom.

Tricycle seats are usually wide and padded, making them incredibly comfortable for adults who may have back issues. The ability to sit comfortably on a trike means that you can ride it for as long as you like without getting fatigued.

Tricycles Are Safer

Although some people may object to this, tricycles are a bit safer than typical bicycles. However, there are other factors that come into play when assessing the safety of a trike such as a rider’s skills and the terrain you’ll be riding on. The reason people consider trikes a safer option than bicycles is because they offer optimal balance, feature a low center of gravity and they’re bigger. If you’re looking to enhance your safety when biking, consider investing in other gear such as reflective clothing, lights and flags.

Good Performance

Based on your choice of tricycle, there are a few models that outdo bicycles. Since most trike manufacturers target adults, these 3-wheeled vehicles are designed to perform very effectively. In fact, you can ride a trike on any type of terrain without losing your balance.

Storage & Carrying Capacity

Another area where tricycles have proven more useful than bicycles is in terms of storage capacity. You’ll often come across an adult tricycle large basket, where you can carry a ton of items. These cargo packs make trikes very handy for shopping, camping or backpacking. If you’re shopping, you can conveniently place your groceries in the basket and ride at home. If you’re going camping or biking in the woods, you can pack all the gear you need in the cargo unit.

Despite this addition of weight, an adult tricycle will remain as stable and comfortable as it would if it were empty.


One distinct feature of a tricycle is its third wheel. This wheel makes the trike more stable, allowing you to balance far much better than you would when riding a bicycle. And with the two rear wheels, you can easily and steadily crawl up a steep terrain or bike on a wet street, gravel surfaces and even poorly-maintained roads. With a bicycle, there’s a high chance of losing control and veering off the road completely. But with a trike, you’ll just spin or shift your direction.

Another feature that improves stability is the fact that you don’t have to maintain any form of forward motion. It means that you can put your tricycle in low gear and ascend steep hills, without being afraid to crash. In case you suffer from conditions or have balance issues that make it difficult to ride conventional bicycles, you should consider a tricycle instead.

Special Needs

It stands to reason that tricycles confer an array of benefits. For instance, you will get to exercise using minimal effort. When riding a tricycle, you will mostly use your legs and hands, a process that allows you to loosen the muscles on these areas.

But beyond their fitness benefits, some tricycles are uniquely designed for persons suffering from injuries or physical disabilities. These tricycles are equipped with hand cranks in the place of typical foot pedals so as to make them comfortable to ride. This way, seniors or those with health issues can ride comfortably without exerting too much pressure on the areas of their body, which are prone to pain.

Trikes Are Exciting

There is no disputing that trikes are very exciting. And the good thing is that they’re designed in a broad range of styles and designs so that they meet everyone’s needs. Tricycles aren’t reserved for kids anymore. Adults and even the elderly can bike outdoors with the assurance of stability and optimal balance. If you’re a cyclist who loves adventure, you should invest in an adult tricycle multi speed.

Alternative styles

Semi recumbent tricycle

As its name suggests, this tricycle blends the features of a recumbent bike and a conventional tricycle. The reason for this is that there are individuals who find the recumbent bike somewhat low. Others have difficulty pedaling standard trikes. The semi recumbent combines the best of both worlds to provide a comfortable ride.

Electric tricycle

You have probably guessed by now that this trike uses electric power to operate. Still, it can also be pedaled if that’s what you prefer. Pedaling is one way of exercising so you can do so during your leisure time.

Folding Tricycle

This is one of the latest additions to the cycling industry. Basically, a few manufacturers have decided to design foldable trikes. This means you can conveniently store your trike indoors, no matter how tiny your apartment is.

Folding electric tricycle

It stands to reason that this model is foldable and can be powered by electricity. Downsizing is an option that many seniors usually consider. In such situations, you’ll need to find compact items which can fit in your small space, making a foldable electric trike one of the best alternatives.

Low step tricycle

The low step trike is the most recommended model for those seniors who wish to ride but have limited mobility issues. This tricycle is easy to mount and dismount.

Chopper tricycle

This tricycle has a wow factor added to it, making it ideal not just for adults but also youngsters. This trike boasts a laid back design, which is handy for riders who want to stand out from the crowd.

Heavy Duty Tricycle

This kind of trike has been upgraded, allowing it to handle larger carrying capacities. It’s an industrial tricycle usually fitted with 24 or 26-inch wheels so that it can serve its purpose better.

Trailmate Fun Cycle

The distinct feature of this trike is its front wheel drive, which makes it suitable for riding on tough terrains. Plus, you can only steer it with your body; hence, giving you a chance to exercise outdoors.

Greenspeed folding recumbent

This is a kind of folding tricycle, which is made by GreenSpeed Company. What makes this trike stand out is its foldable design, which allows it to fit inside a car. Overall, the foldable construction helps you save on storage space. The folding mechanism is quickly achieved using a 6-millimeter Allen key on the single seat bolt plus a quick-release feature on the frame hinge.

Double tricycle

If you’re the kind of person who likes biking with friends or family, the double adult tricycle is meant for you. You can share your riding experience with your significant other while pedaling our own section of the trike. What’s more, you can take a break mid-cycle and allow your partner to pedal. This way, it will much easier to hold conversations since the rider you’re talking to is right beside you.

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What to Consider Before Purchasing an Adult Tricycle

First and foremost, you should determine the exact time and places where you plan to be riding your tricycle. For example, if you like biking on dirt or muddy surfaces, you should opt for a trike with deep-tread tires. Advisably, these should made of either rubber or poly-plastic. On the other hand, if you intend to ride on a bumpy surface, go for tricycles with cushioned seats and shock absorbers.

Another factor you should account for is the trike’s weight and general dimensions. This way, you can determine whether you’re purchasing a tricycle that can fit in your car’s trunk.

The majority of adult tricycles are equipped with storage baskets on the back, each of which features a distinct size and weight. Ensure that you confirm the volume of cargo that each of these baskets can hold. Also, find out whether the baskets come with their own fasteners or not.

Depending on your local climate, you may also want to verify that the trike is weather-resistant. The prudent thing to do is to buy an adult tricycle cover waterproof outdoor model. Apart from being waterproof, the trike’s frame should also be rust-proof so that it can last a while.

Other Features to Consider

Upright or recumbent position?

Different adult tricycle models call for different sitting positions. In the case of a recumbent or semi-recumbent trike, the rider is somewhat stretched out and lower to the surface. Also, riding recumbent and semi-recumbent trikes requires less intensity thanks to the even distribution of weight and space.

This does not mean that upright trikes are the worst to ride. On the contrary, upright tricycles provide optimal comfort, particularly to your back area as you cycle. These ones are designed to help in relieving pressure from your lower back. It also makes it easy to shift position.

Saddle seat or sling seat?

Apart from your sitting or riding position, most upright trikes feature wide, cozy, saddle-designed seats. The good thing with upright trikes is that they are stable allowing riders to firmly plant their feet on the ground when they stop. So if you’re often worried about toppling over as you cycle, we recommend an upright adult tricycle.

Conversely, recumbent and semi-recumbent tricycles feature sling-style nylon seats. Most of these seats will be contoured and padded for maximum back support.

Traditional, loop or chopper handlebars?

You will find traditional handlebars on a majority of upright tricycles. Such handlebars are recommended for riders who have usual motion range and ample upper body strength.

With loop handlebars, you can steer your tricycle in any direction thanks to the rectangular-shaped loop. For this reason, these handlebars are better suited for individuals who have wobbly arms or feeble hands.

Chopper handlebars are a bit similar to the traditional ones since they also require upper body strength. These ones are used on both recumbent and upright tricycles.

Weight Capacity: Traditional or bariatric?

For each adult tricycle on the market, there’s a specific load capacity that it can support. Overall, the weight limit starts from 200 to 350 pounds.

But, the recumbent and semi-recumbent tricycles tend to have more generous load capacities that reach up to 450 pounds. Bariatric tricycles are even better because they can accommodate heavy riders weighing up to 500 pounds.

Wrap Up

Most adults consider adult tricycles as means of getting from one point to another. Although this is their biggest application, these three-wheeled vehicles can also serve as utility. You can load a ton of items; from groceries to freshly-picked fruits from your kitchen garden. When shopping for the best adult tricycles, remember to consider the trike’s weight, size, intended purpose and how weather-resistant it is.

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