7 Best Air Bikes to Burn the Most Calories

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Alex Clarkson
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Have you been looking for a cardio workout that is effective but won’t hurt your joints? You can choose to go running, work out on a treadmill or use a jump rope. Although these are all excellent cardio alternatives, they have one flaw, that is, they will be ruthless on your knees and joints. The best substitute for these is an air bike.

This home machine offers the same level of intensity but it’s very gentle and easy on your body. In fact, the air bike is often described as a calorie-burning exercise equipment on its own. It blends the arm-pumping function that one would get from a cross-country ski machine, with the leg-strengthening capability from cycling. With the best air bike, there’s no effort level that you can’t hit.

What’s the Best Air Bike?

With the best air bike, you will get a low-impact workout without having to go to the gym. Once you connect this air bike to one of your fans, you’ll start sweating as you would if you were cycling on a regular bicycle. The only difference is, an air bike doesn’t subject you into challenging situations of having to cycle when it’s raining or when the temperature is too hot. And the best part is, you can even install the air bike in your living room and watch TV while exercising.

Below find the best Air Bikes:

1. Sunny Health & Fitness Zephyr Air Bike

Sunny Health & Fitness Zephyr Air Bike,...
17 Reviews
Sunny Health & Fitness Zephyr Air Bike,...
  • BELT & CHAIN DRIVE: The fan wheel creates resistance using the belt-drive, which...
  • SOLID CONSTRUCTION: The Zephyr Air Bike’s steel cage protects and keeps the...

An easy way to build your stamina and endurance is to exercise with Sunny Health & Fitness Zephyr air bike.

It has adjustable handle bars, which come with high-density foam grips for comfort. The slip-resistant pedals also contribute to its comfort and good performance, enabling you to exercise without getting fatigued.

We also like the wide padded saddle, which is uniquely designed to support your weight for longer exercise sessions. You can adjust the seat’s height to a level that allows you to fit the pedals comfortably.

The Zephyr air bike even comes with a digital monitor for tracking your time, speed, distance, rpm and calories burned. This way, you can track your progress towards your fitness goals.

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2. Fitness Reality X-Class 9000 Air Resistance Exercise Bike

Fitness Reality X-Class 9000 Bluetooth...
10 Reviews
Fitness Reality X-Class 9000 Bluetooth...
  • Infinite air resistance indoor training cycle based on user workout effort. The...
  • 3 hit(high-intensity interval training) workout programs: 20/10 interval, 30/90...

There is no denying that the X-Class 9000 air resistance bike is a powerhouse. It’s sturdily built using heavy-duty steel frame, allowing it to accommodate a maximum weight of 300 lbs.

This air bike has been tested thoroughly for durability, endurance and performance so you can be sure that you’re getting a high-quality exercise equipment.

Its handlebars are covered in foam to provide comfort. Plus, they can be adjusted in different directions: front, back, up and down. This air bike even has stand-up pedaling capability.

Overall, the 9000 air bike is recommended for high-intensity interval training or any form of workout where you’d like to be challenged.

3. Assault AirBike by Assault Fitness

ASSAULTFITNESS Assault AirBike Classic,...
336 Reviews
ASSAULTFITNESS Assault AirBike Classic,...
  • Twenty Sealed Ball Bearings throughout the frame and pivot points to provide a...
  • Unlimited Resistance for upper and lower body extremities based on Air...

If you’re looking for a high-end and advanced fan bike, then the Assault Air Bike is your best option. Although pricey, it has all the bells and whistles that air bikes ought to have. For one, Assault air bike can be used by just about anyone. Its adjustable size makes it suitable for both children and adults.

Secondly, this air bike provides a full body workout, that is, it targets both your upper and lower body. The bike is fitted with moving arm bars, allowing you to move your arms in tandem with movements on the pedals. In case you don’t wish to work your arms, you can just rest your hands on the handlebars or remove the handlebars entirely.

The Assault air bike also provides a more responsive workout than typical upright bicycles. It has no fixed levels of resistance. So, if you want to take your workouts up a notch, all you need to do is pedal harder.

Beyond the capability to vary your resistance, this air bike boasts pre-set programs to help you customize your training. These include timed interval programs for HIIT exercises and other target programs based on distance, calories and time.

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4. Schwinn AD2 Airdyne Bike

Schwinn AD2 Airdyne Bike
386 Reviews
Schwinn AD2 Airdyne Bike
  • Your purchase includes One Schwinn Airdyne AD2 Bike
  • Exercise Bike dimensions: 46” L x 25” W x 50” H | Product Weight: 96 lbs....

Like the Assault air bike, this one also targets your upper and lower body. The only difference is that Schwinn is more fairly-priced, making it a budget-friendly option for persons with limited budget. Another plus of this air bike is its adjustable padded seat. The AD2 Airdyne can be adjusted to any height. Also, the seat is ergonomically designed to provide comfort and reduce back strain.

Schwinn AD2 also boasts a BioConnect feedback mechanism. The air bike is fitted with an LCD screen display that shows different workout statistics such as speed, time, RPM, distance traveled and number of calories burned. This is crucial for those who want to monitor their exercise progress.

Another feature you’ll like in this air bike is its wind resistance technology, which helps you vary the intensity of your workout. If you pedal slowly, there’ll be little resistance. If you prefer stronger resistance, just increase your pedaling speed. Also, the bike’s fan releases a flow of air to keep you cool as you exercise.

5. Marcy AIR 1 Exercise Upright Fan Bike

Marcy Exercise Upright Fan Bike for...
348 Reviews
Marcy Exercise Upright Fan Bike for...
  • PREMIUM STEEL FRAMEWORK–This multifunctional equipment features a premium...
  • DUAL-ACTION EXERCISE ARMS –Designed to give you an efficient and effective...

Marcy Exercise is one of the most durable fan bikes on the market. Constructed using premium steel frame, the fan bike will last for years to come. Another feature that contributes to its stability is the 14-gauge steel tubing, covered by a scratch-resistant and powder-coated finish.

Thanks to the dual-action exercise arms, you’ll be able to work out your upper and lower body. Marcy Fan Bike is also incredibly sturdy. It can support a maximum weight of 300 lbs. However, at the top weight, the bike might be a little wobbly.

For the best result, it should only be used for light to moderate workout regimens. Marcy Upright Fan Bike only weighs 59 lbs., making it somewhat unsuitable for high-intensity workouts.

Another plus of this fan bike is its adjustable seat. You can adjust the seat vertically so that it suits your height. On the flipside, there is no way of adjusting the seat horizontally so that it’s closer or further away from the handlebars. The lack of horizontal adjusting might make the handlebars too far for small-sized users.

Nonetheless, it’s great for cardio workouts thanks to the fan wheel that it’s been equipped with. You can pedal faster for more resistance or slower for minimal resistance. This fan bike also boasts a chain drive, to guarantee a smooth cycling experience.

6. Body Rider BRF700 Exercise Upright Fan Bike

Body Rider Exercise Upright Fan Bike...
1,613 Reviews
Body Rider Exercise Upright Fan Bike...
  • DUAL-ACTION EXTENDED HANDLEBARS for upper and lower body engagement
  • EASY TO ADJUST RESISTANCE LEVELS and workout intensity with the turn of a knob

Cycling does not have to be a grueling exercise activity. You can have plenty of fun, especially if you choose the Body Rider Exercise air bike. Measuring 42.75” by 22” by 46.5”, this air bike boasts an elegant display monitor. The purpose of this is to display your time, distance, the calories burned and speed to help you keep track of your stats.

Another benefit offered by Body Rider fan bike is its adjustable resistance. You can either increase or decrease the difficulty level of your workout with the turn of a dial. The dial is conveniently located, allowing to adjust your intensity at any time.

Also, the air bike uses dual-action technology, that is, it’s fitted with handlebars to help you work out your arms. The fact that you can exercise your upper and lower body simultaneously helps you cut back on your exercise time. Unfortunately, there is no option of setting these handlebars to a stationary position. But, they are positioned in such a way that allows you to exercise your legs only if that’s what you’d like.

Body Rider fan bike is not too noisy. However, you may have to turn up the volume of your TV if you’re watching as you exercise. On the brighter side, the bike is easy to install. It will take you between 30 and 40 minutes to set it up.

7. Goplus Elliptical Upright Exercise Fan Bike

Goplus 2 in 1 Elliptical Fan Bike Dual...
92 Reviews
Goplus 2 in 1 Elliptical Fan Bike Dual...
  • LCD Display and Heart Rate Sensor- The informative LCD training computer...
  • Comfortable and High Quality Parts- This exercise bike was made of heavy duty...

If you’re looking for an air bike designed with comfort and versatility in mind, the Goplus Elliptical is your best bet. For one, it has eight different levels of resistance, giving you an inexpensive way to work out at home.

Available in a beautiful black color, Goplus air bike weighs only 36 pounds, making it the lightest model in our review. The air bike ultra-light design makes it easy to carry around whether you’re exercising indoors or outdoors. This also means that it takes up very little storage space for those living in small apartments.

Also, Goplus Elliptical is designed with beginners in mind. It features a simple, easy-to-use air resistance engineering, which makes it ideal for the less-experienced users. With this air bike, you can advance your fitness level at your own pace. However, if you still experience trouble using this equipment, you can hire an air bike trainer.

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What Is An Air Bike?

Put simply; an air bike is a kind of stationary bicycle fitted with two handles that move back and forth.best air-bike It also has an added component- a fan wheel- that is driven by the user’s pedaling action. A majority of air bikes don’t have any pre-set programs, so it’s up to the user to determine the intensity of his workout. The only thing most air bikes have is an LCD display, which shows different parameters as you exercise.

If you don’t like running, an air bike offers an alternative low-impact exercise. And the good thing is that that you enjoy this low-impact workout indoors during inclement weather. Plus, any one individual can use an air bike to exercise; we even have an air bike for beginners.

The Benefits of Using an Air Bike for Cardio

If cycling is your go-top exercise, then you’re free to choose from a broad range of bicycles namely recumbent bikes, spin bikes, upright bikes, and air bikes! So what makes an air bike so unique?

For starters, you should note all bike-based exercises offer the best cardio workouts. They are much better compared to running, working out on a treadmill or elliptical machines. If you have a hip flexor strain or rolled ankle, exercising on a treadmill will be impossible. But with an air bike, you can still work out while keeping yourself safe. Air bikes are one of the best rehabilitation tools as they provide safe movements without straining your knees. What’s more, exercising on an air bike triggers blood flow around the injured area; thus, contributing towards recovery.

With regards to conditioning, air bikes are also suitable tools for persons who want high intensity interval training workouts. One distinct feature of an air bike is its adjustable handlebars. It means that you can move your arms in correspondence to your pedaling; hence, work out your upper body.

Some exercise bikes are designed to use flywheels with resistance brakes so as to add intensity to an individual’s workout. An air bike is different in that it uses wind resistance through a big fan added at the front. This way, the harder you pedal, the more resistance you feel. Furthermore, the fan disperses a flow of air, to give you a cooling effect as you work out.

The key benefits of an air bike can be summed up as:

  • Provide a low-impact and complete body workout- unlike other bicycles, the air bike forces your arms to move, giving you better conditioning as well as helping you burn more calories.
  • Limitless intensity and resistance- with an air bike, you will never get bored of your exercises because you can vary your intensity every time.

Why Use An Assault Bike?

The greatest benefit of using an air bike like the Assault Fan Bike is the ability to exercise indoors when there’s inclement weather. During winter, it can be difficult to go cycling outside because of snow and rain. But with an air bike, you can engage in your usual cycling workout indoors.

Overall, an Assault bike is an effective training equipment for anyone who wants to stay fit. It trains both the lower and upper body. It also boosts your metabolism by increasing your heart rate. This makes it a suitable exercise machine for those want to cardio train. Other reasons that warrant using assault bikes include:

They’re dual-action

As mentioned earlier, an air bike enables you to target your entire body: the lower and upper body as well as your core. By engaging your entire body, you are able to burn a higher number of calories and push yourself to the extreme.

They’re simple

When comparing exercise equipment, the more sophisticated its design, the more difficult it is to operate it. But with air bikes, there is nothing to worry about. They feature simple and durable designs that withstand the test of time. Plus, their resistance systems are self-operated. So the harder you pedal, the higher the intensity of your workout.

They’re super intense

Airdyne air bikes are used for Cross-fit, boxing and UFC training programs. This says a lot about how versatile the exercise equipment are. Fan bikes can be used for resistance training, and they’re suitable even for the toughest workouts. Ideally, you can use an air bike for any workout; be it beginner exercises or high-intensity exercise regimens.

They’re stronger than you

It’s not possible to outgrow your air bike. It means that you can use fan bikes for as long as you want without getting bored. The fact that you can vary your workout each time you use it, makes it one of the most versatile exercise equipment.

How Do I Select the Correct Air Bike For Me?

On the surface, it might seem like all fan bikes are identical- the same colors, same frame design and the same shape. However, different manufacturers add different elements to air bikes.

If you’re not avid exerciser, and are of average physique, an ordinary air bike will serve you just fine. But if you’re a competitive athlete with multiple fitness goals, then you’ll need a high-end bike with a sturdy frame and modifiable ball bearings. The ideal air bike for you should have a weight between 90 and 130 lbs.

There’s another group of people who like monitoring every aspect of their workouts; be it speed, the calories burned or distance travelled. If you fall into this category, then you should find an air bike fitted with an LCD display. What’s more, the bike should have automated workouts regardless of whether these exercises facilitate intense inclines or not.

For those who want to build strong lean muscles, the best air bike is one that gives you an infinite option of resistance levels. However, if you’ll more interested in building endurance than your muscles, then the features you should focus on are a comfy seat, adjustable handles and a high-end fan to circulate air as you exercise.

What Makes a Good Airdyne Bike?

Air bikes are built differently from conventional exercise bikes. Here are a few features that determine the quality of an air bike.

Build quality

One of the questions you need to ask the vendor you’re buying from is, “Is this air bike constructed well?” To determine the quality of construction, examine the minor components such as the handlebars or console. If they’re made of cheap, flimsy materials, odds that the bike won’t last a month.


Apart from the build quality, you also need to evaluate whether it operates noisily. Considering that most air bikes are used in indoor settings, it would be a big disadvantage of the air bike runs noisily. What if you want to work out as you watch TV? Or maybe you want to exercise when toddler falls asleep.


Since a majority of air bikes are designed for high-intensity workouts, you should choose an air bike that is sturdy enough to support your weight. Most manufacturers indicate the maximum load that can be supported by the air bikes so be sure to check this element when purchasing.


If you want to know whether an air bike is worth the investment, you should check its warranty. Companies that make high-quality air bikes often provide long warranties because they know the chances of their products becoming defective are negligible. Steer clear from manufacturers that don’t offer any warranty. You might spend a fortune on an air bike that won’t last a week.


A majority of air bikes feature adjustable designs. The question you need to ask is: just how adjustable are they? If you’re looking for an air bike that offers optimal comfort, you should go for one with an adjustable seat. Also, the seat should be adjustable both vertically and horizontally.


The most recent air bike models are fitted with LCD displays. This way, you can keep track on your stats as you exercise.

How to Accomplish Your Fitness Goals on an Air Bike

If you’ve decided to invest in an air bike, it’s likely that you’re looking to improve your endurance, build muscle and for weight loss. With an air bike, you can achieve all these fitness goals in one go. But the crowning glory of an air bike is how it accommodates persons of any fitness level.

If your main goal is build your calf muscles, you should pay attention to the resistance offered by the air bike. For the less-experienced users, we recommend keeping your resistance level low. Some air bikes allow you to adjust the resistance level using digital settings, the ball bearings or gears. Once you get accustomed to an air bike’s operating mechanism, you can move to a higher resistance level. However, you should advance gradually rather than make one massive leap. The latter can cause you to develop stiff muscles.

Suppose your interest is in improving your endurance. If so, you should aim at keeping your resistance level constant. More specifically, you should focus on increasing the duration of your workout and average distance rather than focusing on the resistance. A prudent idea is to record your progress on a chart every time you exercise on that air bike. If charts are not your thing, you can look for an app, capable of monitoring your exercise stats.

On the other hand, if you want to improve both speed and endurance, then you should consider engaging in interval training. As its name suggests, it involves classifying or dividing your workout into small concentrated bursts. Rather than engaging in one continuous 50-minute bike ride, you can perform 3 10-minute rides but a faster pace. With time, you will notice that your body feels comfortable even when it’s pushed to work harder. Interval training is mostly recommended for cardio workouts. However, this should only be done once every few days.

Wrap Up

Since their invention in the 1970s, air bikes have proven to be indispensable exercise equipment. The best feature of an air bike is the fact that it provides a full body workout. As you pedal, you can also work out your upper body by moving your arms on the handlebars. Besides muscle building, air bikes help you to burn more calories and build endurance.

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