7 Best All Terrain Strollers: Essential Baby Gear for Outdoorsy Parents

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With summer in full swing, there is no better time to enjoy the Mother Nature outdoors with your toddlers. It’s important to have a deep connection with nature and to be able to pass on this opportunity to your little on. Based on numerous scientific studies, spending time in nature is beneficial to your health. It reduces stress and boosts your imagination by forcing your eyes to adjust to different depths and colors. That said, if you’re planning to explore the outdoors with your young one, one must-have gear is an all-terrain stroller.

Although often pricey, all-terrain strollers are also some of the longest lasting baby equipment. Whether you’re planning to take your toddler on a camping expedition or live in a metropolitan area filled with rough sidewalks, the best all terrain stroller can help.Skip to the best all terrain strollers on Amazon

What are the Best All Terrain Strollers?

Considering that you’ll be pushing your all-terrain stroller often, you’ll need to ensure that it’s easy to navigate and still comfortable for toddler. It should also meet your needs with regards to storage space. For instance, if you’re planning to go shopping, ensure the all-terrain stroller has an undercarriage unit for keeping a couple of items.

Shop for the best all terrain strollers on the market today:

1. Baby Stroller Bassinet Pram

Baby Stroller Bassinet Pram Carriage...
104 Reviews
Baby Stroller Bassinet Pram Carriage...
  • Functions: ★☆★Stroller can be a sleeping bed for 0-6 months old baby....
  • Shining Points: ★☆★Just need one hand to change the bassinet into a seat...

The All-Terrain Visa City stroller is a nice purchase for new parents. It doubles up as a sleeping bed and a seat. When using it as a sleeping platform, it’s recommended for toddlers aged 0 to 6 months but as a seat it can be used for 7 to 36 month old babies.

Moms will be particularly pleased with how the stroller steers. The front wheels are fitted with anti-shock springs to provide your baby with a comfortable riding experience.

And for those parents who are always concerned about their babies’ safety, this stroller comes with a 5-point harness. The belt that secures your baby is made of fine linen so as to avoid rubbing their delicate skin.

Moreover, this stroller has a big-sized basket at the bottom section. You can use this as a storage unit to keep essential baby supplies such as paper towels, toys, diaper bags and baby’s bottle.

Overall, the stroller is beautifully designed and available in three shades: fresh grey, light brown and blue.

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2. Costzon Baby Jogger Stroller

Costzon Jogger Stroller, All Terrain...
94 Reviews
Costzon Jogger Stroller, All Terrain...
  • Safe and Comfort - Constructed by steel frame, even though it is a lightweight...
  • Adjustable and Removable Sun Canopy - The Canopy with covered sunroof ratchets...

Another all-terrain model that we really like is the Baby Stroller by Costzon. It’s a superb jogging stroller with mid-range features.

The stroller comes with an extendable canopy to protect your baby from harsh sun rays and strong winds. This canopy is both adjustable and detachable so if you’d like your toddler to absorb a bit of vitamin D from sunlight, simply remove the canopy.

Costzon Baby Jogger boasts a steel frame, which makes it durable enough to hold up heavier babies. Still, it’s fairly lightweight; hence easy to navigate.

Another feature that parents will love about the stroller is its multi-position padded seat. You can recline the seat to different angles, making your baby more comfortable.

3. Valco Baby Duo X All Terrain Stroller

Valco Baby Tri Mode Duo X All Terrain...
1 Reviews
Valco Baby Tri Mode Duo X All Terrain...
  • 2016 Redesign of the Twin Tri Mode Double Stroller - NEW fold, smaller...
  • Double Stroller converts to a Triple stroller with the X Toddler Seat (purchased...

The Valco Baby Duo X is designed for moms looking for double strollers. It can accommodate two babies, each with a weight of about 45 lbs. It also has an optional seat for a third baby. And, although it’s expensive, the Valco Baby Duo X has certain features that you simply won’t find in other strollers. For instance, the fabric on the stroller seats has been upgraded to give a softer feel. There’s also a detachable headrest and a five point harness to secure your toddlers.

Since it’s an all terrain stroller for twins, the manufacturer has provided ample storage space to put all the baby items you might need. The Duo X comes with a big basket capable of fitting two large-sized diaper bags. It also has mesh side pockets where you can put loose baby essentials. You will also find two small pockets on the back of the seats.

Another plus of this double stroller is the fact that each seat is fitted with a canopy to protect your little ones from harsh sun rays.

4. KID1st All-Terrain Egg Shell Baby Stroller

KID1st elegant all-in-1 high landscape...
10 Reviews
KID1st elegant all-in-1 high landscape...
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If you’re looking for a multipurpose all-terrain stroller, the KID1st is an excellent option. It comes with tons of accessories, which you will find to be incredibly useful when traveling with kids. These include a net to prevent flying bugs like mosquitoes from attacking your little one; a wind/ rainproof cover and a safety strap. It also comes with bassinet cushion and bassinet cover. In addition, the manufacturer has provided a mini air pump in case you need to fill up the tire tubes.

Designed in a unique egg shell pattern, the KID1st stroller is pretty easy to assemble. You can set it up in two different ways- with the seat facing towards or away from you. What’s more, this all-terrain stroller doubles up as a carrycot. If your toddler is between 0 to 6 months, the best use for this stroller is a carrycot and if your child is past the age of 6 months, then you can use it as a pushchair.

5. Delta Children Brand Sport Utility All-Terrain Stroller

Delta Children J is for Jeep Brand Sport...
39 Reviews
Delta Children J is for Jeep Brand Sport...
  • Three strollers in one—holds your car seat on the frame with included adapter;...
  • Recommended for children up to 50 lbs. Five-point safety harness with soft...

Are you looking for an all-terrain stroller that will grow with your toddler? The Brand Sport Utility is the ultimate choice. It starts out as a travel system, which is perfect for newborn. A travel system gives you an easy way to move your baby from the stroller to the car seat. To achieve this, the stroller has a car seat adapter, which is compatible with an array of car seats. Next, this unit doubles up as a carriage-style infant stroller. You can set the stroller in such a way that it faces you. For older toddlers, the stroller can be set to face you or face the forward direction, allowing your baby to take in the environmental elements.

Some parents shy away from using strollers because they deem them unsafe. Luckily, this all-terrain stroller is equipped with multiple safety features. These include a reflective piping to increase your visibility if you’re walking your toddler in poorly-lit areas. There’s also an adjustable handle to guarantee comfort and a one-touch cable lock braking system.

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6. J is for Jeep Brand Adventure All-Terrain Jogging Stroller

J is for Jeep Brand Adventure...
94 Reviews
J is for Jeep Brand Adventure...
  • Child features: five-point harness with soft shoulder pads, multi-position...
  • Parent-friendly features: foam comfort handle bar with safety tether strap,...

This 21-pound all-terrain is easy on your wallet, yet it has so many features that you’d expect in a high-end model. One such feature is the sun visor, which keeps your little one protected from external elements such as sunlight, wind, dust and more.

The stroller also includes a storage compartment, where you can keep your keys and smartphone. This storage unit is covered with a clear lid to protect your valuables while also allowing you to keep an eye on them.

Another aspect we like about the J is for Jeep stroller is its foldable design. It folds up very easily and its wheels can be detached to turn it into a more compact stroller that can be tucked away in your car trunk. Furthermore, the stroller has front swivel wheels allowing users to switch between the left and right directions with ease.

7. Bumbleride Indie All Terrain Stroller

Bumbleride Indie All Terrain Stroller
16 Reviews
Bumbleride Indie All Terrain Stroller
  • Infant ready, lie-flat seat with adjustable footrest and bassinet mode fabric...
  • Car Seat Compatible (Peg Perego, Nuna, Cybex, Maxi Cosi, Chicco & Graco) &...

The Bumbleride Indie is an excellent mid-range budget stroller. Featuring a compact fold and lightweight design, the stroller was designed to bridge the gap between routine errands and those off-road expeditions you like.

The canopy of this stroller has been upgraded so as to provide more headroom; hence allow your little one to have a cozy ride. Bumbleride Indie is marketed as the only stroller that a mom will need, making it attractive to those who want to cut down on costs. True to its alleged specs, this stroller fits toddlers from birth right through to their preschool stage.

It also comes with a front swivel wheel that locks with a simple mechanism. This makes it easy to switch between walking and running. The backrest can be adjusted to different positions. In fact, it can even be reclined completely flat to allow your little one some napping time.

All Terrain Strollers Buying Guide

What is an All-Terrain Stroller?


This is a traditional stroller consisting of 3 or 4 wheels. The main feature of this stroller is that it can be ridden on just about any surface- mall floors, grass, pavements and more. Another noticeable aspect of an all-terrain stroller is the front swivel wheel, which can be locked if the stroller is being maneuvered on a rough sidewalk.

Many mistake all-terrain strollers for jogging strollers. However, an all-terrain stroller should not be used for running or jogging unless specified so by the manufacturer. So how does a jogging stroller differ from the all-terrain one? For one, a jogging stroller has a non-swiveling or fixed wheel while that of an all-terrain is not fixed. Also, all-terrain strollers have bigger air-filled tires, which provide your toddler with a smoother ride.

But before you purchase an all-terrain stroller, ensure that it’s suitable for your child’s age. While some of these strollers allow for adjustments as your baby grows, some can only be used by toddlers of a specific age.

Why Choose All-Terrain?

When the term all-terrain stroller is mentioned, the one thing that comes to mind is an outdoorsy family. However, these strollers can be used by just about any parent, outdoorsy or not. The good thing with an all-terrain stroller is that it can be used on different surfaces. Whether you’re going to the zoo, an amusement park or a fair, this stroller works perfectly.

And although some parents don’t like the rugged designs of these strollers, their sleek form and swivel front wheels are what enable them to fit through narrow aisles and doorways. Some of these strollers also work well with car seat, giving newborns the perfect travel systems.

Do You Really Need a Stroller?

Parents use baby strollers for different activities. They use them when going shopping, strolling to the park, and for morning runs. One perk of using a baby stroller is that it helps a toddler to relax and calm down if he or she is restless. In fact, most babies end up falling asleep in their strollers.

Also, if you lead a busy life that involves juggling between shopping at the grocery store and picking up laundry, a stroller can help to free up your hands. Your baby can rest peacefully in the stroller while you run these errands.

If you often take tips to the beach or go for picnics and hiking trips, an all-terrain stroller would be the best option. Such strollers are easy to maneuver on smooth roads as well as uneven surfaces.

Jogger vs. All-Terrain


The primary difference is that not all-terrain strollers can be used for jogging. Ideally, jogging strollers are equipped with unique features, making them suitable for the speed and impact from jogging. One thing you’ll notice about jogging strollers is that they’ll either have fixed or swivel front wheels. However, strollers with swivel wheels are more popular than those with fixed wheels.

Another distinct feature of a jogging stroller is the slowing brake incorporated on the handle. With this braking system, you’ll have more control, especially when you’re going downhill. Even though fixed-wheel jogging strollers work well for runners, they don’t go around corners perfectly, making them difficult to maneuver. In contrast, an all-terrain stroller will go around those corners with ease, thanks to the front swivel wheels.

But if an all-terrain stroller can be used for jogging, then the manufacturer will have specified so in the manual. So if you intend to take the baby stroller as you run or jog, always check the label to ensure that it’s designed for this role.

How to Find the Best All-Terrain Stroller for Your Family?

Before you purchase an all-terrain stroller, there are a couple of things you should keep in mind.

Set Your Priorities Straight

Different all-terrain strollers will have different features. As such, you need to decide which features are essential and which ones you can do without. To determine this, start by establishing exactly how you plan to use the stroller. Will you be using it for simple walks to the park or during your routine jogging exercises? If you want a basic all-terrain stroller that you can use for your usual errands, then you won’t have to spend extra money on a jogging stroller.

Consider Your Child’s Age

kids-in a-stroller

It’s not advisable to use an all-terrain stroller to go hiking and off-road adventures if your toddler has not yet reached six months. If you have to use the stroller for such events, we recommend installing a bassinet or a compatible car seat to make it safer and more comfortable for your infant. Also, it’s not advisable to take your newborn for running or jogging sessions if he’s not yet six months old.

Mind the Size

As stated earlier, all-terrain strollers consist of large wheels, to make them capable of tackling all kinds of surfaces. That said, most all-terrain strollers are bigger than the ordinary strollers. It means that you should first check how much space you have in your trunk to fit the stroller. On the plus side, some strollers have foldable designs, so you can easily fold them into compact units and fit them in tiny spaces.

Go for a Big, Extendable Canopy

If you are purchasing an all-terrain stroller, it’s highly unlikely that you plan to stay indoors. So, since you’ll be going outdoors frequently, you should look for a stroller with a big canopy. Preferably, this canopy should have UPF 50+ sun visors to protect your toddler from the sun’s rays. The canopy should also be extendable so that it covers your little one fully during inclement weather.

Check the Wheels

The wheels are the main thing that set an all-terrain stroller apart from the crowd. When examining the wheels of your stroller, ensure that they are big enough and air-filled to enable them absorb shocks efficiently.

Also, the front wheel ought to be swivel and have a locking mechanism. This way, it will be easy to switch from regular mode to jogging or running mode. The all terrain stroller wheels should also have enough treads to give you ample control in maneuvering.

The 5-Point Harness is a Must

Even though an all-terrain stroller is designed to tackle rough terrains, this does not mean that it’s 100% safe. There’s always a small probability that something will go wrong such as the stroller tipping over. It is why you should ensure that your stroller has a 5-point harness to keep your toddler secure.

Price Range

Another aspect that you should check is whether the stroller fits your budget range. Most high-end strollers that come with advanced features, will often be pricey. However, it’s possible to find a mid-range or budget-friendly all-terrain stroller that has all the essential features.

Ease of use

The last thing you want is a stroller that is difficult to operate. Taking into account the myriad of tasks that come with parenting, you probably don’t want to spend an hour assembling the stroller. The ideal all-terrain stroller is one that is easy to set up and adjust its harness. It should also be easy to install or remove the infant seat.


The best stroller should also be easy to navigate. Whether you’re using it on grass, mulch, up or down a hill, the all-terrain stroller shouldn’t give you any trouble maneuvering.

Off-road maneuverability

Since all-terrain strollers are specifically designed for off-road adventures, they should have the right features to enable them handle such terrains. These include large wheels, swivel front wheel, a superb braking system just to mention a few.

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Wrap Up

Whether you’re headed for camping or to the mall, an all-terrain stroller is a must-have for life on the go with a toddler. To find the perfect stroller, you should first determine how you intend to use it. You should also check its size, wheels and whether it has a harness system for protecting your little one.

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