7 Best Android Projectors to Turn Every Netflix Session into a Cinema-Like Experience

Alex Clarkson
Alex Clarkson

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For a long time, it seemed like the only people interested in projectors were A/V nerds and would-be entrepreneurs looking to impress investors through their business presentations. With the high price tag attached to most quality projectors, these gadgets remained a luxury for the select few.

Luckily, times have changed. You can now find a projector that will give you eye-popping images for less than $500. This is cheaper than purchasing an 88-inch LED TV that costs a heinous amount of money. Granted, these televisions are capable of waging war with sunlight in ways that projectors can’t. But, if you simply want a big screen for your next movie or game night, the best Android projector will do the trick.

The Best Android Projectors

What is the Best Android Projector?

The best Android projectors give you an easy-to-use platform for sharing media with large groups of people. Given that they run on android operating systems (android os), you’ll be able to download your favorite content streaming apps like Hulu and Netflix. The following Android projectors strike the perfect balance of resolution, battery life, portability and image quality.

Below find the best android projectors:

1. ERISAN ER401E Projector Video Home TV Theater

ERISAN Projector Video Home TV Theater,...
138 Reviews
ERISAN Projector Video Home TV Theater,...
  • ①【CLEARER--BRIGHTER】ERISAN ER401E projector features with upgraded LED...
  • ②【SMALLER--SMARTER】Small In Size(7.8 x 6.0 x 3.1 Inch), allow taking...

If you’d like a lightweight Android projector that you can carry with you to official presentations, the Erisan Projector is an excellent choice. Measuring 7.8” by 6.0” by 3.1”, this projector is small enough to carry with ease.

It utilizes Android 6.0 system, which enables the different applications to run smoothly. Plus, it offers very clear and bright images thanks to the improved LED source technology with 2000 lumens.

Erisan ER401E is designed to project images of 34 to 180 inches at a throw distance of 3.5 to 16 feet. Due to the shorter throw distance, the projector is most suited for home entertainment as opposed to business presentations.

On the brighter side, it comes with a built-in Bluetooth module allowing you to pair it with Bluetooth speaker or soundbar and play videos flawlessly.

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2. GooDee HD Video Projector

Projector, GooDee 2020 Upgrade HD Video...
1,000 Reviews
Projector, GooDee 2020 Upgrade HD Video...
  • 2020 UPGRADED 6000L BRIGHTENESS: As GooDee best seller projector, we improved...
  • 1080P SUPPORTED & LATEST COOLING SYSTEM: Supporting 1080P Full HD with 1280*768p...

The GooDee video projector is designed to create massive images of up to 200 inches with a distance ranging from 4.9 to 18 feet. More specifically, the shortest projection distance to focus your image is 4.9 feet and the best distance for viewing is 10 feet with a 98-inch projection size.

When it comes to image quality, GooDee projector supports high resolution and 1080p. This gives you a cinematic viewing experience right in the comfort of your home. With such resolution, you can project anything; from movies to games and presentations.

And it’s not just in image clarity where this video projector outshines others. GooDee offers 80% better brightness than other Android projectors. With 2200 lux, this projector gives you a wide and bright enough viewing, even in the presence of sunlight.

3. WOWOTO H8 Video Projector

WOWOTO H8 Video Projector DLP LED...
18 Reviews
WOWOTO H8 Video Projector DLP LED...
  • 【Top-level Configuration】: Built-in Android System and Speaker, a stable OS...
  • 【Perfect For Entertainment/Business】: Full color and high resolution brings...

If you’re looking for a lightweight projector that you can use on the go, the WOWOTO H8 is an excellent choice. Weighing in at 0.5 kg, this video projector is pretty compact. In fact, it’s smaller than an iPad mini, making it a portable projector.

Nonetheless, the H8 packs a great deal of features in its minute size. For instance, it has a fold-down leg, allowing you to adjust the angle and height of the projector. It also has a focus ring that is conveniently located on the side, to prevent accidental bumping.

In addition to its pleasing aesthetics, WOWOTO H8 projector offers simple connectivity. All you need to do is connect a video source to the android projector HDMI port. For standard definition content, the manufacturer has provided a composite input.

But if you’re dealing with digital content, the built-in OS comes in handy. You can use either one of the two USB ports for accessing content from external storage devices. There’s also built-in Wi-Fi and an Ethernet port in case you want to load videos over the network. Included in the package is the WOWOTO projector, a HDMI cable, a 3-in-1 AV cable, a remote control, the android projector adapter and a quick user manual.

4. Gzunelic Android Video Projector

Gzunelic 9500 lumens Android WiFi...
65 Reviews
Gzunelic 9500 lumens Android WiFi...
  • ☸【Most Bright LED Projector】: 9500 lumens led light utilization...
  • ☸【Outstanding Display Performance】: Sharp Native 1080p full hd support 2K...

With a brightness level of 4500 lumens, the Gzunelic projector can be used regardless of the ambient lighting in a room. In fact, this projector can even be used in broad daylight. And since it’s an android projector full HD, you’ll be able to see crystal clear images.

There are two key features that make Gzunelic one of the brightest on the market. One, it’s fitted with an exceptional 230-watt US Cree lamp, and two, it has six layers of high transparency coated glass lens instead of the conventional resin ones.

Another plus of this Android projector is that it’s compatible with different input devices. With the HDMI port, you can use this android projector for pc, laptop or DVD. It’s also tremendous as a gaming display, allowing you to connect a PS3, PS4 or Xbox. The audio port lets you connect it to headphones or an external speaker while the USB port lets you connect a hard disk or U-disk.

5. Fixeover GP100UP Video Projector

Fixeover WiFi Wireless Projector,...
130 Reviews
Fixeover WiFi Wireless Projector,...
  • 1. [Android 6.01, Wifi, bluetooth function] - Smart 6.01 Android projector...
  • 2. [Well-designed for home theater and back yard] - 2*HD ports, Plug and play...

One of the aspects to keep in mind when you’re buying a projector is the throw distance. The Fixeover video projector may not be the lightest, but it offers just the perfect throw distance. With a projection distance ranging between 1.2 and 5 meters, this Android 6.0 projector displays images that are neither too big nor too small.

And that’s not all. The video projector boasts beautiful 1080p (1280 * 800) physical resolution, 3500 ANSI lumens of brightness and a contrast ratio of 3000:1. It even supports 4K×2K resolution, which provides much clearer images.

The manufacturer says that the lamp life is somewhere in the ballpark of 30,000 hours. Ideally, this means that it would last 10 years if you use it for just eight hours every day. Input-wise, the GP100UP offers two HD ports, plug-and-play USB ports, one VGA and one RJ45 LAN port.

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6. Aero Snail Android 6.0 LED Portable Projector

Although it’s not as fancy as other high-end projectors, the Aero Snail portable projector can project an 80” image 7 feet away. What’s more, this android projector beam offers the longest battery life of about 50,000 hours.

Aero Snail comes equipped with Android 6.0 operating system. It means that you can download hundreds of applications from Google Store. It also supports Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity; thus, eliminating the hassle of dealing with cables. The only caveat is that its Bluetooth feature can only be paired with a BT speaker or touch-pad.

To make up for this, the manufacturer has incorporated an SRS HiFi Stereo system, which comes with a power amplifier chip. With this addition, the projector will definitely meet your demands for sound quality.

7. DIWUER Wireless WiFi Video Projector

No products found.

If you still have the false notion that home cinema is a reserved luxury for the affluent, the DIWUER video projector will prove you wrong. It’s ultra-affordable yet it still offers the same incredible features you’ll find in higher-priced models.

For one, it offers an android projector remote app, allowing you to connect your iPhone or smartphone wirelessly. Secondly, DIWUER projector boasts premium image quality by offering full HD 1080p or 780p resolution.

Another thing we like about this projector is that it’s multi-interface. You can connect a wide range of devices: gaming systems, DVD player, TV set-top box and more. It also comes with an inbuilt speaker alongside a 3.5 mm headphone jack. This way, you can connect your headphones or a bigger sound system.

Types of Projectors


These gadgets can be classified based on the different android display projector technologies or how they display images. More specifically, they can be grouped into digital processing technology (DLP), 3-chip liquid crystal display tech (3LCD) or liquid crystal on silicone (LCoS). Each type has different merits and drawbacks.


One of the benefits dlp technology is that it’s compatible with ultra-light projectors particularly Pico models. Also, it’s capable of displaying cinematic images when used with DVD or Blu-ray sources. Another reason why people prefer DLP projectors is because they feature high color contrast and smooth motion of videos.


What makes 3LCD projectors stand out is their high level of brightness, which means that they’re suitable for rooms with ambient lighting.

This type of projector also provides crystal images, a feature that comes in handy if you’re presenting graphs or data charts. Plus, it offers a level of energy efficiency that you wouldn’t get from a DLP projector. Another aspect you’ll love about 3LCD projectors is that they run very quietly.


The LCoS technology is not as common as the other two. It’s mainly reserved for high-end projectors. Usually, these projectors offer the best of DLP and 3LCD technologies, which include bright displays, smooth motion of videos and remarkable color saturation.

The Benefits of Android OS and Kodi on Your Projector

Although it’s pretty small considering the tasks it’s meant to do, a projector is incredibly beneficial. You can use it at home or workplace.

Do you always have a game night on Sundays? You can take things up a notch by purchasing a projector and using it to watch your favorite sports. Just turn off the lights and project the game on your living room wall.

Another instance where projectors are very useful is in making business presentations. With an android interactive projector, you can put your points across in a more comprehensive and illustrative way.

And the best part is that you don’t have to break the bank getting yourself a projector. There are mini projectors, which apart from being a  portable projector, they are also very cheap. Of course, you can purchase an android projector phone, but this device tends to be bulkier than a self-supporting projector.

Besides, modern projectors are fitted with stunning upgrades. A perfect case in point is the Android projector, which confers an array of benefits. For starters, there’s the aspect of using a familiar interface. If you’ve encountered an Android smartphone or tablet before, it won’t be any different with the android projector. This andriod operating system ensures that you have a wide range of apps at your disposal.

It’s also likely that the Android projector will have Wi-Fi connectivity. If you have an android projector app, you might even be able to share media content from your cellphone to the projector directly through a network.

Another feature you should consider to make the most of your projector is Kodi. Initially referred to as XBMC, Kodi is a type of open-source media app that allows users to stream content. If your projector comes pre-installed with Kodi, you will have access to a ton of documentaries, films and t.v. shows.

Projection and Streaming In One Package

Nothing beats getting to watch your favorite movie on a big screen. It can be thrilling but also a tad expensive if you opt to go to a movie theater. Unlike in the past where you would watch numerous films for under $5, the current ticket prices range for about $15. But why spend this much when you can replicate the same cinematic experience at home? With a quality projector, you can watch as many films on a large screen, from the comfort of your phone. Plus, most of these projectors can serve as gaming displays.

But these are just the basic tasks that any one projector can do. So, what’s special about an Android projector? An android projector is pretty similar to Roku or Amazon Fire. It’s simply a platform that allows you to download media-streaming apps like Netflix, and then run them directly on your projector.

The greatest benefit of having these apps inbuilt in your projector is the fact that you save on space. Ideally, you won’t have to think of getting an additional streaming box and you’ll have fewer cables running from projector to other devices.

Key Features of Android Projectors

One of the first features to keep in mind when shopping for android projectors is portability. A well-designed projection space will have a significant impact on the quality of your experience, and you might even think of taking that experience with you on the road.

Another aspect to consider is how seamlessly the projectors connect to your smart devices, like a smart tv. A projector eliminates the struggle of having to watch a film on a cramped space by projecting it to a much bigger screen. Projectors can also be useful in camping trips. But for such applications, you’ll need to ensure that the projector has ample battery life. Alternatively, it should be capable of running on the DC power of your car.

The only drawback to choosing a portable android projector is the likelihood of compromising on image quality. If a manufacturer places focus on building an ultra-light and compact projector, he might be forced to exclude components, which would otherwise improve the contrast ratio, brightness or resolution.

In addition to the ease of portability, there are three other aspects to account for namely: contrast, brightness and bulb life. If a room has too much lighting, the quality of the image being projected will be affected adversely. As such, you should go for a projector that can withstand contrast and brightness. Other factors worth looking into include the keystone correction, design and mounting choices. Whenever possible, go for a model offering the android projector and stand in one package.

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The amount of light is measured using lumens. However, there are two kinds of brightness you need to compare before purchasing a projector; the color brightness and white brightness. If the color brightness is too small in relation to the white brightness, odds are, images will appear washed-out and lifeless.

Still, a projector that is too bright is not necessarily the best. The amount of light in the room where the projector will be used also comes into play. If you intend to use the projector at home, a very bright screen can be difficult to look at for prolonged periods. So, if you’re buying one for home entertainment, an android projector Bluetooth Wi-Fi 2500 lumens would be a better option than one with 4000 lumens.

Contrast Ratio

Contrast ration can be defined as the difference between the darkest and brightest sections of an image. All things considered, a high contrast ratio is preferable because it causes pictures to appear more vibrant and lively. As with brightness, the room’s lighting will affect the contrast ratio. Overall, the darker a room, the more the contrast ratio gets affected.

Intended Use

There are three main categories or applications of projectors. We have home, business and pico projectors. Projectors designed for home entertainment tend to be dim, but with high contrast ratios and incredible resolution. Projectors designed for business purposes are brighter and light for easy portability.

A pico projector is also portable, but much smaller than the business one. In fact, such an android handheld projector is small enough to fit in your pocket. It’s great for off-site meetings, camping and travel.

Connectivity in Projectors

If you’re purchasing a projector, another thing you’ll need to keep in mind is connectivity. Establish how you want to use the projector and the connections needed for that application. Most android projectors support multiple connections; from VGA to HDMI ports and wireless technologies.


Modern projectors also come equipped with speakers. The built-in speakers are not a must-have feature but if you want the sound quality to correspond to the image quality, you should consider getting a sound bar or speaker system.

Projector Resolution

As is the case with other audio-video gadgets, the higher the resolution, the better. The good thing is that we even have android projector 4k ultra HD, which has the best resolution. If you have a limited budget, you can always go for an android projector home theater with 1080p resolution.

Projector Maintenance

If you want your projector to keep working optimally, there are a couple of maintenance tasks you‘ll need to do. For starters, always wipe off the dust that accumulates on the internal and external components. Clean the air vents, lenses, filters and mirrors. You will also need to replace lamps once they’re exhausted. Standard lamps only last for about 5000 hours while LED ones work for more than 20,000 hours.

Wrap Up

Android projectors are not considered a novelty any more. Any one individual can purchase these gadgets whether for office or home use. But before rushing to purchase one of these handy projectors, remember to account for the brightness level, contrast ratio, resolution and the maintenance needed. These are all decent projectors, so don’t overthink which one you end up with. All the ones mentioned on this list are great choices.

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