7 Best Baby Alive Dolls: Teach Your Toddlers to Spread Love with the Doll Kind

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The one wish that every parent has is that their toddler turns out to be witty. Even though some children will always be smarter than others, there are couple of things that you can do to build a good foundation. One way is to buy them quality toys like the best baby alive dolls.

Not only are these dolls capable of capturing your little one’s attention for more than five seconds, but they also foster intelligence. Overall, dolls are some of the oldest toys that kids have ever played with. In fact, the first use of baby dolls can be traced back to 100AD. Dolls will always be an excellent option for kids’ toys, so if you’re looking to buy your toddler one, here are a few models that you can choose from.

What is the Best Baby Alive Doll?

These are not just the typical dolls you find in kids’ toy stores. As their name suggests, they are lifelike recreations of babies. So, apart from having a close resemblance to actual babies, these dolls can do the same things that toddlers can- from messing their diapers to eating and crying all day. On the upside, it is these actions that will help your toddler learn a lot.

Below find the best baby alive:

1. Baby Alive Potty Dance Baby

Baby Alive Potty Dance Baby: Talking...
163 Reviews
Baby Alive Potty Dance Baby: Talking...
  • Baby speaks to Mommy or Daddy in two unique modes at the flip of switch
  • Baby talks in English or Spanish and says cute phrases like “Time to go...

If you’re looking to teach your child good bathroom habits from an early age, the Potty Dance Baby doll can help.

This doll is designed to drink water from a bottle. But after she’s had enough, she’ll start doing the potty dance anytime your child holds her in her hands. The doll dance is to notify your child that she needs to be placed on a potty so she’s able to pee.

The Potty Dance Baby produces over 50 sounds. She can also say several phrases both in English and Spanish. So other than learning bathroom etiquette, your toddler will also learn how to say common phrases.

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2. So Many Styles Baby

Baby Alive So Many Styles Baby Blonde...
58 Reviews
Baby Alive So Many Styles Baby Blonde...
  • Care for your Baby Alive doll just like you would a real baby
  • Experience the fun, playful moments of growing up with Baby Alive dolls

For toddlers who are beginning to show interest in beauty and fashion, the So Many Styles Baby doll is the perfect gift to get them.

Your child will have tons of fun dressing this doll up. The doll comes with two complete outfits, which can be mixed and matched depending on how the user sees fit. This doll can also drink from a water bottle and ‘pee’ in her diaper like a real baby.

3. Baby Alive Baby Go Bye Bye

Baby Alive Baby Go Bye Bye (Blonde)
497 Reviews
Baby Alive Baby Go Bye Bye (Blonde)
  • Watch Baby Go Bye Bye as she crawls
  • Reacts to rattle, tickles, and speech with sounds and movements

If you’re looking for a responsive and interactive doll for your young one, then you will find the Baby Alive Go Bye Bye to be a great option. This doll responds to your kid’s rattle, tickles and speech using sounds and movements. But why call her Go Bye Bye? Well, she’s on the go for the better part of her playtime.

But this doll can do a lot more than crawling. She’s designed to drink, eat, laugh and even wet herself. She can even speak in Spanish! It means that your toddler can practice a couple of Spanish phrases before she starts pre-school. The manufacturer has provided a bottle, which can be used to feed her and a carrier for easy portability. You will also find an extra outfit and a brush to straighten her blonde hair.

4. Baby Alive Ready for School

185 Reviews
  • STYLE HER HAIR: This baby doll has beautiful hair that’s perfect for brushing...
  • DON’T FORGET BABY’S SCHOOL BOOK: Help baby get ready for school. Accessories...

As your toddler approaches the school age, there’s nothing better than giving them a taste of what they’ll soon start experiencing. The Ready for School baby doll can make this process much easier. Your toddler will have to dress her up and brush her hair. By the time, your little one starts attending school, they’ll be well-versed with the morning preparation routine.

Another way your loved one can play with this doll is to imitate a typical day at school. Included in the package is a tiny picture book, which can be instrumental in teaching your child about shapes and colors. Your child can also practice how to read by reading aloud to the doll. Even the simple act of talking to the doll plays a role in boosting your child’s language skills. The Ready for School baby doll is recommended for kids aged three years and above.

5. Baby Alive Luv ‘n Snuggle Baby Doll

Baby Alive Luv 'n Snuggle Baby Doll...
265 Reviews
Baby Alive Luv 'n Snuggle Baby Doll...
  • Have the fun of real babies with the Luv 'n Snuggle Baby doll
  • Doll's thumb goes in her mouth, just like a real baby

If you’re looking to nurture a caring and fondly spirit in your child, this is the perfect baby doll to buy. Your child will learn how to feed her using the provided bottle. If she doesn’t calm down, your toddler can also use a pacifier.

Recommended for toddlers who are more than 1 and half years, this baby doll is small in size but has large eyes. The Luv ‘n Snuggle looks so much like an actual baby; she even puts her thumb into her mouth, the same way an infant would.

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6. Baby Alive Super Snacks Snackin’ Lily

Baby Alive Super Snacks Snackin' Lily...
314 Reviews
Baby Alive Super Snacks Snackin' Lily...
  • Baby doll that eats: feed this adorable Baby Alive Super snacks doll with her...
  • Prepare her food: Includes snack Shaper and two cans of reusable Baby Alive doll...

Snackin’ Lily is a cute baby alive doll with a craving to eat. Apart from the doll, the manufacturer provides an outfit, a user’s guide and two 1-ounce tins containing reusable doll food. This way, your child can exercise her creativity making different “mouth-watering” dishes for her doll.

Having gobbled down so much, Lily is likely to get diaper full, necessitating a diaper change. Luckily, the manufacturer has already provided 2 sample diapers for this task. Changing the doll’s diaper, making food and feeding her are all activities that train your kid to be responsible.

7. Baby Alive Sweet Tears Baby

Baby Alive Sweet Tears Baby (African...
138 Reviews
Baby Alive Sweet Tears Baby (African...
  • She shows emotion and interacts with check-up accessories
  • Nose lights up red when she is not feeling well

Do you want to teach your toddler what it’s like to be a parent with a sick child? With the Sweet Tears baby alive doll, they can assume the role of both a parent and a physician. One thing you’ll notice about this life-like doll is that she has a very expressive face.

Sweet Tears is designed to speak more than 35 phrases and say statements such as “My nose is stuffy” and “I don’t feel good”. If she’s not feeling too well, your toddler will have to take care of her until she gets better. Ideally, your child will have to assume a paternal or maternal role as this doll is not bias. Kids can configure the doll to address them as either “daddy” or “mommy”.

If they take the role of a doctor, they can place the provided thermometer in her mouth or listen to her chest using the toy stethoscope. They can also put a bandage on her or give a juice box to calm her down. The doll looks really adorable- she has rooted hair and big eyes. Plus she can speak in either English or Spanish. This baby alive doll uses 3 AA batteries, which are included in the package.

What is a Baby alive doll?


This is simply a lifelike doll made by Hasbro. Like a real infant, this is a baby alive doll that poops and pees, eats, drinks and cries. The first version of Baby alive was invented back in 1973 by Kenner. This concept was then re-introduced by Hasbro in 2006. Since then, Hasbro has been able to create a wide range of Baby alive dolls in different skin tones. Some are blonde, others brunette and others African-American. Their most recent inventions include the Baby Go Bye Bye, Super Snackin’ Lily, Super Snackin’ Sara and Tinkles “n” Twinkles.

The History of the Baby Alive Doll

As mentioned earlier, the very first baby alive doll came into the scene in 1973 when Kenner Products made one that eats and drinks as well as wets itself. This doll featured a very simple aesthetic look unlike the current ones made by Hasbro. However, designers have always adhered to the principle of making these dolls appear as lifelike as possible.

All baby alive dolls made throughout history have had a mechanical mouth, which can be spoon-fed with packets of food mixed up with water. In the 1970s, Kenner provided a baby bottle, diapers and packets of food alongside the doll. These dolls would swallow their food, “digest” it and eventually convert it to waste which would end up on their diapers. Sometimes, the doll could also throw up.

Baby alive dolls became a hit the minute they were introduced into the market. By the 1990s, there was a high demand for these dolls. In 1992, Kenner tried to refine the baby alive doll by making one that could be potty-trained. This doll was also able to swallow food without using a lever and it could speak! Some of the phrases the doll was programmed to say include “All done now” or “I have to go potty”. Unfortunately, this doll was not embraced by consumers who cited the dolls’ adult-like voice as one of the reasons for not liking it. The next version was invented in 1995. This one came with juice boxes and snacks. The two main iterations of the 1995 doll are: Baby All Gone & Baby All Gone.

Over the next couple of years, Kenner focussed on making improvements. One change the manufacturer made was to package the doll’s juice in bottles rather than cardboard boxes so as to minimize waste. Kenner also added cookies, which toddlers could bake from scratch.

In 2006, Kenner merged with Hasbro, who took charge of the production process. In the years that followed, we’ve seen Hasbro manufacture a ton of Baby alive dolls that come with different accessories so as to teach your kids various skills.

Why Should You Invest in a Baby Alive Doll?


There are those who consider baby alive dolls an unnecessary investment. These people argue that simpler versions of these toys are just as beneficial to a child’s growth and development. But, scientific studies have shown that multi-sensory play is an integral part of a kid’s development, and the simple toys just can’t provide this.

Baby alive dolls do better in the market because they take children’s needs into account. What’s more, these dolls have sound effects and aesthetics that ensure that your toddler won’t get bored any time soon. Kids are able to play with these dolls time and time again because the dolls always offer a new and interesting form of play. We can summarize the benefits of baby alive dolls into these three points:


A quality doll is one that offers different levels of interaction with a toddler. Doing so encourages a more meaningful playtime. For instance, a baby doll that requires a change of clothes, eats or poops, provides your toddler with varying experiences that are integral to the development of their skills. The best thing about these dolls is that they foster your child’s creativity. Does baby alive doll cry from time to time? If so, your toddler will have to get creative and figure out a way to make her stop crying. Children also exercise their creativity when they have to prepare different meals for their dolls.


The last thing you want is for your toddler to get bored within a few minutes of playing with their toys. If you want a toy that can grab the attention of your kid for more than a few seconds, a baby alive doll that offers tons of activities is a great option. Another plus of these dolls is that they’re made of quality materials so your child will keep playing with them for as long as they want. Some dolls are made with waterproof materials, meaning that they can also be taken for swims or baths. Overall, these dolls are made to withstand the constant abuse that your toddler may subject them to.

Be Age Appropriate

The first thing to check when getting your child a toy is whether it’s age-appropriate. Hasbro always states the recommended age for their dolls so ensure you inquire about this before purchasing. The reason for this is that some dolls come with small-sized elements and accessories, which create a risk for toddlers. Kids like shoving everything they come across into their mouths and it can be dangerous if they swallow any of doll’s parts.

Can Baby Alive eat regular food?

No, baby alive dolls are not designed to eat regular food. Instead, they should only be fed the special food provided in their packages. You should also inform your toddler that this special food is only intended for their dolls so that they don’t attempt to eat it.

On the same note, your child shouldn’t try to put any other drink other than water in the sippy cups and baby bottles the doll comes with. Putting other food products into these cups can encourage the growth of mold or bacteria.

Is it possible to use regular Play-Doh as food?

Based on customer reviews, Play-Doh can also be used as food for these dolls. Plus, it works perfectly with food shapers. It also goes through the doll’s system smoothly without getting stuck at any point. However, it’s crucial that you monitor the amount of food your child feeds the doll at any one time. If one places very huge chunks of food, they could end up getting stuck.

What age group is Baby Alive for?

Different baby alive dolls are designed for different age-groups. For girls aged between 1 and 2, the Baby Alive Luv N Snuggle is an excellent option. However, if you’re purchasing a doll for a three or 9-year old, consider going for Baby alive dolls that have more features.

Are Baby Alive dolls made well?

Yes, baby alive dolls are made using quality materials. If they’re well taken care of, these dolls will last a long time.

How to Choose From Among So Many Models

Hasbro makes two main kinds of Baby alive dolls namely- toddler and newborns. Each of these has its fair share of merits and drawbacks. However, the one thing you should consider when choosing between the two models is your child’s age. Manufacturer always account for baby alive doll age group and so you shouldn’t neglect this factor either. If your toddler is still pretty young, the newborn models are the best option. Older kids will like the advanced Baby alive dolls more.

The purpose of the baby alive doll newborns is to train kids how to care for young ones. If they have a younger brother or sister, these dolls can train them to be a little more responsible and caring towards them. In fact, they can even learn how to change their siblings’ diapers. But like newborns, these baby alive models can only do so much. They have little to offer in terms of personality and character.

In contrast, toddler baby alive models offer a lot more. You can choose from simple babies that have tasting capabilities to the more advanced dolls that can learn ABCs and speak in Spanish. But since these dolls provide a more interactive form of play, they tend to be pricier than their newborn counterparts.

On the upside, these dolls train your children a ton of things such as how they ought to conduct themselves. These dolls offer a great way of preparing your toddler for real-life situations. So, through the memorable experiences that your child has with her dolls, she’ll have a much easier time adjusting to different situations in the real world.

And the good thing is that Baby alive dolls are affordable. The differences in their prices is very small. The only additional cost you’ll need to factor in is that of purchasing baby alive doll diapers. The included diapers cannot be recycled so once the dolls soil them, they’ll have to be replaced. In the real world, taking care of babies is an expensive affair and baby alive dolls are no different.

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The Bottom Line

Baby alive dolls have become some of the most popular toys and for good reasons. For one, these dolls are cheap. Two, they’re made of quality materials so they last a long time. They’re also made in a wide range of styles; they come in African-America, Hispanic and Caucasian varieties. But the biggest benefit of these dolls is that they provide a meaningful and interactive form of play for your toddler. They are equipped with features and accessories that not only encourage your child’s creativity but also nurture a responsible and caring spirit.

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