The 7 Best Workout Leggings for Squats: Moisture-Wicking Tights That Are Perfect for Your Squat Exercises

Alex Clarkson
Alex Clarkson

Working out in ill-fitting gear can demotivate you from performing your routine squat exercises. In fact, nothing can interfere with your groove faster than a bad pair of workout leggings. Whether it’s the waist band that continuously slips down or low-quality fabric that leaves you in a wet and clammy condition- any form of discomfort can make it even harder to achieve those fitness goals you set.

On the other hand, a good pair of tights can sneakily motivate you to perform your squats consistently. But finding the perfect pair workout leggings is no small task. Advisably, the first thing you should consider is the kind of activity you’ll be doing in those leggings. Cyclists would need leggings that have reflective strips while yogis would like ones that are extra-stretchy. The focus of this article is on the best leggings for squats.

The Best Workout Leggings for Squats

Leggings have become a staple for active wardrobe, and for good reason. The best gym leggings for squats are not just stylish. These tights are made of moisture-wicking fabrics, which keep you cool and dry. This way, you can concentrate on getting the most from your workout session.

So here my list of The 7 Best Workout Leggings for Squats.

1. New Balance Women’s Accelerate Capri Pants

New Balance Women's Accelerate Capri,...
109 Reviews
New Balance Women's Accelerate Capri,...
  • Stretch Double Knit
  • Inner Storage Pocket

Working out is difficult enough without having to factor in all the perspiration that comes with it. Thankfully, the Capri Pants from New Balance sport Moisture-Wicking technology to keep you dry; hence encourage you to exercise for longer.

As the name suggests, these pants have a capri length. As such, their waist is high enough to hold you in and make you feel comfortable.

They’re available in four main sizes: X-small, Small, Large and X-large. They also come in several colors including imperial purple, aviator, black and dragon fly.

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2. NIKE Women’s Power Training Victory Crops

Nike Women's Power Training Victory...
40 Reviews
Nike Women's Power Training Victory...
  • NIKE Power fabric provides stretch and support
  • Dri-FIT technology helps keep you dry and comfortable

If you’ve been searching for a pair of leggings that can get through any workout, Nike is your best bet. Consisting of 88% polyester and 12% spandex, these leggings provide excellent support and they stretch nicely.

They sport Dri-Fit technology that keeps your legs dry and comfy. They have a crop length, extending just slightly below your calf muscle for a chic look. These leggings also fit snugly, a factor that helps flatter your shape.

3. Kerrits Ladies Ice Fil Tech Tight

Kerrits Ice Fil Full Seat Tech Tight
218 Reviews
Kerrits Ice Fil Full Seat Tech Tight
  • Ice Fil fabric converts sweat to cooling energy
  • Anti-slip Kerrits Sticks pattern distributes an equal ratio of stretch, stick...

Kerrits has been making comfortable and stretchy athletic wear for women since it was founded in 1986. Its latest offering, the Ice Fil Tech tight, is a quality workout gear that cools you from the bottom up.

This tight is made of Ice Fil(R), which is a very absorbent material. Plus, this legging is able to distribute an equal proportion of stretch, stick and breathability; thus, helping you to perform your squats with ease.

If you like performing your squats outdoors, then you’ll be pleased to know that this tight offers UPF 50+ sun protection. Lastly, the tight is very easy to wash. Kerrits recommends users to wash the tights in cold water and then tumble dry them.

4. Adidas Originals Women’s Leggings

adidas Originals Women's 3-Stripes...
4 Reviews
adidas Originals Women's 3-Stripes...
  • 71 cm inseam (size m). Wash and iron inside out
  • Contrast 3-stripes on sides

If you’re not looking for all the extras of moisture-absorbance, ergonomic technical fibers and just want comfort, the Adidas 3-Stripes leggings are the perfect option. They are made of 7% elastane and 93% cotton, which makes for a breathable fabric. Cotton is also slightly absorbent, so it can soak up some of the sweat and it’s easy to maintain. In fact, the Adidas Originals leggings are machine-washable.

Since they’re made of cotton, the leggings are a bit more expensive than others. However, you’re guaranteed of long-lasting quality that won’t rip after just a few washes. With these tights, not only will you be comfortable performing your squats but you will also look stylish.

5. Reebok Women’s Legging Full Length Compression Pants

Reebok Women's Leggings Full Length...
  • VERSATILE: These workout leggings for women are perfect for yoga, running, and...
  • KEEP GOING: The exercise pants are crafted with quick dry fabric, that is...

For the fashion-conscious women, Reebok makes the perfect compression leggings for squats. These particular leggings come in a wide range of patterns and sizes to choose from. You can go for one that is black and multi-printed, the printed liquid stone deep teal or the charcoal heather one. In terms of sizes, you can pick from x-small, small, medium, large and xl. And the best part is that these leggings are multipurpose. You can also wear them to your yoga, running or cycling sessions.

Reebok women’s legging is made of quick-dry fabric, which is uniquely designed to absorb moisture from your skin; thus, keeping you dry and comfortable. As their name suggests, these pants are also designed to fit snugly. Their supportive compression fabric helps in increasing blood flow and circulation, and subsequently, reducing muscle fatigue.

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6. Core 10 the Warrior Mesh Leggings

Amazon Brand - Core 10 Women's Icon...
70 Reviews
Amazon Brand - Core 10 Women's Icon...
  • High-waisted legging made with soft, moisture-wicking fabric featuring...
  • Reference our size chart to achieve the best fit

Core 10 brand has become a force to be reckoned with, especially when it comes to active wear. The Core 10 Women’s Icon Series legging may be on the higher end of the price spectrum, but it’s also one of the best. Consisting of nylon and spandex material, this legging is soft, and moisture-absorbent.

It’s a high-waisted legging whose waist band stays put throughout your squat exercise session. The legging also has asymmetrical powermesh panels, to give you sheer breathable style. Plus, it has a pocket on the back where you can fit your smartphone. And if you’re not pleased with your leggings after purchase, the manufacturer promises to give you a full refund.

7. Womens Mesh Yoga Leggings

Charaland Mesh Yoga Capri Leggings with...
59 Reviews
Charaland Mesh Yoga Capri Leggings with...
  • This unique fashion slim mesh yoga capri with good mesh panel cutout leggings...
  • Made using 87% Nylon and 13% Spandex, four-way stretch highly stretchable high...

For a budget-friendly option, the capri pants by Charaland are your best bet. These leggings are made from a blend of nylon and spandex, which are highly-stretchable materials. This means that you’ll be able to bend easily when exercising. Nylon is also a moisture-wicking material, so it will keep you dry throughout your workout. Plus, these materials are opaque so people won’t be able to see through your clothing.

Charaland leggings feature flatlock stitches, which help in minimizing irritation brought about by chafing. The seams on this legging are soft yet durable. These leggings can be machine-washed. However, the manufacturer advises users not to iron, dry clean them or use bleaching agents.

Workout Leggings for Squats Buying Guide

Why Wear Leggings at the Gym?


Although not many studies have been done to prove that there’s a positive correlation between compression clothing and improved exercise performance, the few that were conducted show substantial evidence of this. Here are a few reasons why you should make leggings your go-to workout gear.

Faster and better recovery

One thing that exercisers tend to neglect is recovery. The recovery process is just as crucial as the exercising. Failing to give your body ample time to rest jeopardizes your health and workout productivity.

That said, wearing leggings helps you to recover faster and in a more efficient way. In one study, it was found that trainees who wore compression sleeves after performing bicep curls, had a better recovery rate than those who did not. The idea behind wearing compression clothing is that it minimizes the chances of inflammation while also speeding up healing.

Improved use of Oxygen in your Muscles

Oxygen is the primary source of energy for your muscles. This is why you are able to work out for longer when your muscles utilize oxygen efficiently. In one study, runners who wore gym leggings when running a track of 200 meters at different speeds were examined. It was discovered that the compression attire they wore enabled them to maintain energy throughout by targeting the right muscles. This led to greater efficiency and minimal fatigue.

Sustained Power

A similar study examined a female volleyball team that dressed in compression shorts when doing vertical jumps. Keep in mind that this exercise is very similar to squat jumps. It was found that each individual managed to jump 10 times with 3 seconds of rest between each jump.

In this instance, the compression gear did not increase their energy or power. But, it did help them to sustain power, which caused every jump to be powerful. By investing in workout leggings, you can perform more repetitions of squats, and subsequently, build muscle mass and strength over time.

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What are the Different Types of Workout Pants?

Workout pants come in different designs. Most of them are meant for specific activities such as running, yoga or cycling. Also, some of these workout pants are gender and age-specific. When choosing the ideal workout leggings, there are a couple of things you should take into account. These include: level of comfort, durability, breathability and safety.

When it comes to workout gear, running pants are the most popular. These are usually available in both short and long versions. And, they are tight to fit snugly on one’s legs. With such a design, an individual is able to run faster as it prevents wind resistance. Another perk of having the pants fit an individual tightly is the fact that they prevent tripping and potential injuries. Another thing you will notice about most running pants is that they’re made of moisture-wicking materials to keep the wearers cool.

Running pants can be classified further depending on seasons. Some are better suited for summer while others are insulated to provide warmth when it’s cold.  And if it’s too cold, you can wear two pairs of running pants, that is, a tight pair of leggings underneath and a slightly warmer pair of sweatpants. But during summer, you can even run in a pair of shorts instead of running pants.

Running pants aren’t the only type of workout leggings available on the market. We also have yoga pants, which are great for yoga and Pilates exercises. These pants are not as tight as those designed for running. Instead, they are highly-stretchable to allow the wearer to perform different poses. When performing Pilate workouts, you need not wear very loose pants as they can easily get caught in the Pilates machines.

Other than yoga pants, you may also come across general workout or fitness leggings. These types of pants can be worn to an array of exercise sessions. Whether you’re performing deadlifts, going for a kickboxing session or an aerobics class, this pair of paints will come in handy. Some exercisers have a tendency to wear extremely baggy clothing to their workouts so that they can hide flaws on their body. However, this is not recommended and it will hinder you from exercising effectively.

How to Pick the Perfect Pair of Tights

Move with You

Ideally, your workout pants should fit tightly like a second skin. The best workout leggings are those made of lightweight, compression fabric. This way, they enable you to stretch; hence, giving you additional mobility.

Hold You In

Another attribute of good workout pants is that they are able to hold you in. What this means is that they give you a slimming effect, to flatter your body shape in all the right places. With such workout pants, you will feel more confident when exercising.

Quick Dry

This is a must-have feature for workout clothes. The best workout leggings are made using moisture-wicking materials to help in keeping you cool and dry. The more comfortable you are when training cardio or the longer you can exercise.


Your workout attire should you fit nicely. In addition, it should be lightweight to give you ample flexibility to perform your workouts. Such lightweight fabric also acclimatizes to your body temperature; hence keeps you cool when you get too hot.


The ideal workout leggings also need to be stylish. This way, you can switch from gym-wear to a brunch outfit without any hassle.

Wrap Up

If there is one thing that every fitness enthusiast needs in their wardrobe is a good pair of workout leggings. These workout pants are uniquely designed to provide comfort and allow for stretching. If you’re planning to shop for some workout leggings, ensure that they offer maximum comfort. It means that you can perform your squat jumps for as long as you want without getting drenched in sweat. Also, your workout leggings ought to look stylish. This way, you can move from the gym to a lunch outing without having to change your outfit.

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