At What Age Can You Put a Baby in a Rocker?

Alex Clarkson
Alex Clarkson

Worrying about whether it’s the right time to put your little one in a rocker? 

Well, a rocker is a great device for your baby. Thus, you can definitely try giving it a chance. 

But at what age can you put a baby in a rocker

Well, the right age range for using a rocker is 0-6 months. So, you can definitely use a baby rocker right after your baby is born. And keep using it for up to 6 months. Because at that time period, the babies basically lay around a lot. Plus, rockers are great for a short nap.

Now, this is only a small part of our piece. We’ve not discussed when to put your baby in the rocker. But we’ve also explained some tricks to choose and use the rocker properly. 

Therefore, we hope you’ll be a responsible parent. And read till the end!

How Does a Baby Rocker Work?

A rocker is pretty helpful for babies and also you. It’s basically a propped-up device. And it gently swings back and forth. 

The rocking motion can help your precious one relax. Because it reminds them of their time in the mother’s womb. 

And no, we aren’t just saying it like that. This was confirmed by researchers. 

Other than that- 

Your baby can also play with the toy bar that comes with it. Plus most baby rockers don’t need any power to work. Which makes it safer and easier to use!

Now, when to put the baby in the rocker? 

And why is that time appropriate for using a rocker? 

At What Age to Put Your Baby in a Rocker? 

at what age to put your baby in a rocker

As we’ve mentioned, the right age for a rocker is 0 to 6 months. 

But aren’t you curious about why it has to be this age range? 

Well, if you are, we’re here to give answers! So, let’s check out the reason real quick-

Babies Lay Around Often

At this age, babies need a place where they can lay down. An infant can’t sit for too long. And they definitely can’t walk. 

Plus you also have to keep an eye on your little one. Because obviously, you can’t compromise their safety. 

So, if you put them into a rocker- 

They’ll definitely get a good place for resting. And you’ll also be able to check how they’re doing. 

Therefore, a rocker seems like a great option, right? 

Well, it definitely is!

Babies Need to be Carried Around

Throughout the 0-4 months age range, your baby will cry if you aren’t around them. Because they find a sense of safety in you. 

However, you’ve got other chores to do, right? 

Thus, it gets difficult to carry the baby around with you. But you can easily solve this problem by getting a rocker. 

Just place the rocker close to where you’re working. And your baby will be relaxed and smiley the whole time!

They can even take a short nap for 30 to 45 minutes. However, don’t let babies sleep in a rocker for more than 45 minutes. Because this device can cause suffocation while your baby is sleeping.

Babies Get Sleepy Easily with the Help of Rocking Motion

The rocking motion helps most babies around this age to relax. 

And as we’ve mentioned- 

This motion is similar to what they felt in their mother’s womb. Thus, this makes them sleepy eventually. 

So after they’ve dozed off, gently take them out of the rocker. Then place them on their bed. 

A piece of cake, right!

Babies Need Some Alone Time to Grow

Yes, you’ve to be around your newborn baby all the time. But trust us, kids that are around 4-6 months need some alone time. 

Because within this time, they can start discovering themselves. For example, finding out their interest without your help. 

After all, no one can read a kid’s mind, right? 

Plus if you let your little one have a bit of space- 

It might be easier for them to adjust to new places later on. Especially where you won’t be available. For example, they won’t cry when you send them to preschool! 

Also, don’t worry at all! Your child will be perfectly safe. Because there’s a safety belt with every baby rocker. 

Thus, you can definitely try giving them some space just for a little bit!

Babies Need Entertainment

Baby rockers come with different types of toy bars. There are also options for turning on music and lighting.

However, some rockers might not have the lighting option. But you can definitely get yourself and your baby a nightlight.

Thus, get the nightlight to keep your baby distracted and entertained.

Now, these are the five reason why- 

It’s best to use a rocker for your baby within this age range. Plus you should pick the right one. Otherwise, you’ll just suffer from a big loss.

So, just get your little one the best rocker. And start using it!

Tips on How to Use a Rocker for Your Baby

tips on how to use a rocker for your baby

Now that you’ve decided to buy a rocker- 

You obviously need a heads up on how to use it.

Thus, we’ve provided 6 tips to use a rocker properly-

  • Always put the safety belt on. This way your baby will be risk-free. 
  • Don’t place the rocker on any elevated or uneven surface. Because this way you’ll just put your baby in danger. 
  • Put the rocker in the lowest speed at first. And then increase it gradually. 
  • Blankets shouldn’t be placed in the baby rocker. It can create an uncomfortable situation for your kid.       
  • Make a routine and put your kid in the rocker according to it. For example, 30-45 minutes at a time.
  • Try giving your baby comfort items such as teddy bears or a pacifier. These will help them to settle in the rocker easily.

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