How to Install Automatic Garage Door Opener?

Alex Clarkson
Alex Clarkson

Opening your garage by hand is pretty tiring. Thus, installing an automatic garage door is a great idea! 

But how to install automatic garage door opener properly? 

First, put the main assembly together. Next, install blocking on your garage ceiling. After that, attach the bracket that came with your opener to your door. Then connect the end of the assembly according to installation instructions. Lift up the end of the assembly and attach the opener to the door. Lastly, install a push button and test the door opener.

Now, there’s more to this. You need a detailed guide on this issue. So, we’ve broken down the steps. 

Therefore, stay with us and keep reading!

Automatic Garage Door Opener Installation Process

We all want a little bit of time to relax! And opening the door of your garage every day by using your hand is exhausting. 

That’s why you can try installing an automatic garage door opener! 

But hey you need to do it properly. Therefore, we’ve mentioned the step-by-step process below- 

Prepare Yourself & Garage Door for Installation

Now, have you chosen your door opener? 

If not, we want to help you to choose a good one for yourself. 

So, there can be two types of garage door openers. One is belt-driven and the other is chain-driven. 

Both of the garage doors have similar installation processes. But they operate differently. 

The belt-driven one is quieter than the chain one. But the chain-driven opener has a longer shelf life. Thus, do consider these while buying one. Because it’s better to buy the best automatic garage door closers for yourself!

Now, after getting the opener, you’ve to prepare your garage door. 

Therefore, remove all sorts of ropes from the garage door. Also, get rid of the existing locks. Because these can cause problems when you’re working on the garage door opener. 

Plus you’ll need to have an electric plug where the opener motor will be placed. 

Now if your garage is ready, let’s get into the installation process. 

workers installing garage door

Examine the Parts & Instruction Manual

Firstly, lay all the parts of your opener down on the ground. And examine the parts according to the instruction manual that came with your opener. This will help you understand which part goes where. 

Once you’re done, begin the installation process. Remember to keep checking the instruction manual in between working on the parts. 

Place the Rail Together

Start by putting the rail together. They come in several pieces. So, just attach them together according to the instruction manual. 

Work on Trolley, Motor Compartment & Pulley 

Then you need to slide the trolley over that rail. Next, connect the rail with the motor compartment. 

After that, start installing the pulley at the very end of the rail. And the opposite of the motor compartment. 

Start Working with the Belt/chain 

Now, put the chain or belt through the end of the rail first. Then around the pulley and the other end. 

Next, attach the end of the belt or chain with screws to the carriage. 

Install the Blocking on Garage Door

Now, you also need to install blocking on your garage ceiling. 

Because only this way you can attach the garage door opener to your ceiling. Attach it to solid wood in the ceiling.

Find Connection Point & Attach Bracket 

Next, you’ve to find a point of connection to the garage. 

After finding it, look for the bracket. It should come with your opener. You’ve to attach that bracket to the wall that’s above your garage door. 

Then connect it and the opposite of the motor compartment (end of the assembly). For this, you’ll have to follow the instruction manual. 

Place the End of Assembly & Attach Opener to Door

Once you’ve connected those two, lift up the other end of the assembly. And place it at a height of 7′ from the ground. 

Now, just attach the opener to the door. Oftentimes you’ll get two pieces to attach the door to the opener. Those will easily help you connect the door to the opener. 

Also, install the obstruction sensor components. 

Install the Push Button & Other Equipment

To operate the opener, you’ll need a push button. So, start installing it. 

Place it in a spot where people operating the button can see the garage. Also, keep it away from children. We suggest putting it 5′ from the ground. 

Other than the push button- 

Install equipment like- garage door keypad to open your garage door on the outer part of the garage. Also, don’t forget to program them.

Test the Garage Opener 

Once the installation is done, check if it works properly or not. The opener and door should move smoothly. 

Only then you can be sure of the parts being attached solidly. You might hear loud noises. But it doesn’t necessarily refer to any malfunction. 

You can use a garage door lubricant to reduce the squeaking noises. 

Now, just grab yourself the suitable lubricant!

Well, that’s all! The process is definitely a bit difficult. It’ll be even harder if you aren’t skilled or patient. 

So, if you think you won’t be able to do it-

Ask help from a professional. Or request one to do the job for you! Otherwise, you’ve to fix the automatic garage door yourself in case you mess up. Which can be even more exhausting than installing the door openers. 


Question: How much does it cost to install a garage opener?

Answer: If you’re doing it by yourself, it shouldn’t cost much. But taking help from an expert will cost you more money. For example, the cost can be around $218-511. 

Question: Are automatic garage door openers long-lasting?

Answer: Well, garage door openers last about 15 years. So yeah it can be said it’ll survive for a long time. But it still can get damaged due to technical issues. 

Question: Are garage door openers too powerful? 

Answer: Garage door openers come with different amounts of horsepower. However, most openers aren’t too powerful for a regular garage door. So, chill! 


By now we hope you’ve understood how to install automatic garage door opener. By the way, it can take you about 4-6 hours to install the opener properly. 

So, did you install the garage opener by yourself? 

Share your opinions in the comment section. Good luck!!

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