17 Awesome Kitchen Gadgets You Haven’t Seen Before

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Future Horizons

Cooking lovers come closer. You’ll want to read this! We have gathered 17 of the coolest and niftiest gadgets currently on the market. We love all of them so much we bought them all and tested them out just for you. Some of them may seem unnecessary, but we assure you, once you start using them you will love them too.

If you like trying new tools and techniques with your food and cooking, these gadgets will make your day. From creating stuffed hamburger patties to separating eggs in seconds, we have all the latest kitchen gadgets you didn’t know existed!

#1 Pancake Pen

This is a gadget that both parents and kids will love. The container has an opening that works like a pen. Simply pour your batter into the container and start drawing and creating whatever shape you want your pancake to be. Making breakfast just got a whole lot more fun and entertaining.

#2 Devil Oven Pull

This cute gadget makes it less dangerous to get those hot pans and glassware from the oven. It’s always a struggle to get them out without burning yourself or making a mess. The Devil Oven Pull hooks onto the side of the dish and you can easily pull it to the edge where you can safely remove it.

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Image by VAT19

#3 Adjustable Rolling Pin

This is a must-have kitchen gadget for avid bakers. This rolling pin has measurement indicators and adjustable cutters to make sure that you get the right size for your crust or pastry. We think this is an ingenious invention. Baking pies and cookies will be so much easier without the guesswork.

Image by Joseph Joseph

#4 Fish Scraper

De-scaling fish is no-one’s favorite job, but with this fish scraper the job will be much less unpleasant. It easily scrapes off the scales without damaging the flesh and it even has a place where the scales are collected to make them easy to throw away.

Image by ORZ Official Store on Alibaba

#5 Microwave Bacon Rack

This may be one of the coolest things we have seen. This rack allows you to hang a whole pack of bacon at the same time and cook them in the microwave. It has never been this easy to cook bacon. It’s fast, effective, and it reduces the fat by 35 percent. Easier, faster, and healthier definitely gets our vote for an awesome kitchen gadget.

Image by Groupon

#6 Pineapple Corer and Slicer

Processing a pineapple into rings is something that most of us dread. It may be one of the most delicious fruits but it is such a mission to get to the good stuff. With this corer and slicer, you no longer need to dread it. Simply press the gadget into the middle of the pineapple (after you cut off the top) and turn it until the whole pineapple spiral comes free. No waste, no mess, no frustration.

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#7 Bin 8

We have said this a few time already, we know, but this is the coolest gadget! It’s a wine-bottle shaped tool that includes 8 different kitchen tools that we often use. The top can be used as a funnel or flower pot. The other pieces include a juicer, a masher, a measuring cup, an egg separator, a cap opener, a cheese grater, a spice grater, and a funnel attachment. This is everything you need in one simple tool. The word you’re looking for is ‘awesome’!

#8 Ice Cream Slider Maker

This is a gadget that everyone who loves ice cream must have! You simply place your favorite cookie at the bottom, scoop some of your favorite ice cream (maybe mix up some flavors for a really good sandwich) and top it off with another cookie. Leave it in the freezer for a while and there you have perfect ice cream sandwiches with very little effort.

Image by Deal Genius

#9 Hamburger Stuffer

If you like a bit more substance to your burgers, this gadget is for you. Spice up your burger patties by adding cheese or vegetables in the middle. It makes for a much more interesting and juicy patty. It’s so simple and easy you will wonder how you ever got along without it.

Image by Groupon

#10 Tomato and Grape Cutter

This will change the way you make salads. We often want to use grapes or cocktail tomatoes as decoration but it is so hard to get them all the same size. This gadget makes it possible to have uniform quarters of grapes and cocktail tomatoes. It’s so simple and easy to use and making salad will be a joy.

#11 Carrot Peeler and Sharpener

This is a super cool gadget that makes playing with your food cool again (sorry, mom). This gadget has a peeler for peeling your carrots and a sharpener for making them pointy and pretty. You can design awesome pointy-carrot dishes and make your meals look unique.

#12 Bacon Press

Never thought you would ever hear those words together, right? Well, the cast iron bacon press is a real thing and we love it. If you get frustrated with bacon always shriveling up and cooking unevenly, you’ll want to check this out. You simply place the press on top of your bacon in the pan and it stops them from curling and takes care of the annoying oil spatters. You can now easily make sandwiches, paninis, and more with flattened and straight bacon.

Image by Bacon Press

#13 Vegetable Spiral Slicer

If you enjoy making a stir-fry or zucchini noodles or Chinese chow mein, you will love this gadget. It makes it so easy to cut zucchini, carrots, cucumbers, potatoes, etc. into long noodles to make interesting and delicious dishes. No almost cutting your fingers off or grating until your hand goes numb.

#14 Stem

Stem is a very handy gadget for when you need to spray avocado, bananas, or some other foods with a bit of lemon juice. You simply plug the stem into the center of the citrus of your choice and you start spraying. Instant fresh and natural citrus spray to keep your fruits and vegetables fresh.

Image by Gadget Koala

#15 Zipstrip Herb Stripper

If you are tired of your hands getting smelly and dirty with stripping fresh herbs, you need this gadget. We all love the smell and taste of fresh herbs, but getting them cooking-ready can sometimes be a pain. With the Zipstrip, it is so easy to just strip the leaves off and add to your food. Simply pull it through the little hole and it will catch all the leafy goodness on the other side.

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Image by Gardeners.com

#16 Twirling Spaghetti Fork

If you struggle to eat spaghetti like we’re supposed, you are not alone. However, this twirling fork will make it a lot easier to eat spaghetti in style. The fork does the work for you and it reduces sauce spatter everywhere and looking like an idiot in front of your date.

#17 Pluck Egg Separator

This is the best invention since sliced bread…or something like that. Separating egg yolk and whites is always a mission. It hardly ever happens that you get them completely separated. This very cool gadget has changed all that. It works with suction power that sucks in the egg yolk cleanly and leaves behind the whites. So, no matter which part you need, you no longer need to dread those meringue flops.

If you love gadgets and cooking as much as we do, you’re probably already on your favorite online store or heading out to get the ones that caught your eye. These gadgets will not only save you time and make several tedious and dreaded preparation tasks much easier; it will also make it all so much more fun! We hope you enjoyed this article with our favorite picks.

If you have any of your own awesome and handy gadgets that you want us to know about, visit the CONTRIBUTE page and share your gadgets and reviews.

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