12 Mind-Blowing Reasons Why You Should Play Board Games

Future Horizons
Future Horizons

Life can be exciting when you find different things to entertain yourself and stay lively. Some games can be considered for kids but trust me; they give you positive energy if you try them.

Apart from going out, watching or doing other physical activities, board games can be a great way of staying entertained. Below are ways board games can improve your life.

1. You’ll develop critical thinking skills

When playing board games with another person, you aim to win, and that means you have to think. You will try every way to avoid being defeated as you watch the other person play.

This improves your imagination and boosts your critical thinking skills. Through board games, you will also become more creative and have an open mind. When you get familiar with different board games, your critical thinking skills grow to another level.

The act of taking turns when playing board games helps you to communicate clearly and develop winning strategies. The best part is that you can apply these skills in other areas of life.

You will learn to follow the rules, and learn how to deal with winning and losing. Kids can apply critical thinking skills in other subjects like mathematics in school. Children also gain confidence and self-esteem.

Board games also help you to think ahead. You will be able to learn what to do to avoid defeat in case you sense danger. For example, if you are playing chess, you will find strategies to protect the king by moving the pawns or knights to avoid your opponent from attacking you.

In the same way, it helps you to apply those skills in real life and learn to plan of time. In a nutshell, you learn how to stay organized.

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2. You’ll kick-start your social life


How is your social life? Finding something that brings you together with those who matter to you is essential. You can’t play board games alone. You will have to play with one or more people, to be more interesting.

Board games unite you with old friends and also get you to know strangers. It not only unites you with them but improves the bond between you and them. Playing board games together helps you to take time to know more about the other person and understand them.

Taking time to watch how they play and trying to compete with them shows much care. It improves the relationship you had with them. Through board games, you can have a circle of friends and relations grow whenever you meet.

If you are a parent, you need to take time and play board games with your kids. It shows much care and relieves stress.

3. You’ improve your health

Research shows that board games have a positive impact on your body. They have a significant improvement in the formation of your memory and cognitive skills as well. An area of the brain that benefits from playing board games includes the hippocampus.

Playing board games also increases endorphin which is a chemical that increases happiness. This makes you feel good and have fun during the games. Board games also reduce stress.

Stress cannot only come from usual ways that we know like lacking jobs money or peace.  Stress can also be caused by overworking.

Board games refresh your mind helping you to feel relaxed. Playing board games also aids your intention to exercise and become strong. This makes your brain strong which reduces risks associated with cognitive decline.

Board games reduce blood pressure. Keeping your mind engaged and entertained increasing endorphins which make us laugh. Such relaxing moments helps your blood pressure go down.

Research also shows that board games improves memory and prevents you from getting Alzheimer’s disease. They also improve mental growth in kids, making them more intelligent.

4. You can play them anywhere

The most exciting thing about board games is that you don’t have to play from a specific place like other games like football. If you love playing chess, you need a Chessboard, and the other stuff like rooks, knights, queen, king, etc.

They are portable, and you can play them anywhere and also put them in a small bag. You can carry them when going for picnics or other trips and have fun. Some chess boards are like Matts, and you can fold them and keep them anywhere.

5. You can save money

When you get bogged down by the monotony of life, the first thing you would think about is to go out and hang out with friends. That would need some money for drinks, snacks and the venue.

However, if you have a board game, you can invite friends to your place and still have fun. This saves money as you won’t have to buy anything unless you want to.

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6. You will escape from the stress of life


Gaming can be fun. When you play, you get carried away into another gaming world. You forget about your problem and live at that moment. Sometimes you may laugh so hard and even shed some tears.

It is the most beautiful thing. This is good for your health. Laughter increases endorphins which reduce anxiety and stress. It is essential to forget about what is bothering you for some time and be happy. That is what board games will do for you.

7. You will learn how to win and lose as well

When you start playing board games with another person, of course, you aim to win. You will think about different strategies to help you succeed. However, in any game, there is always a winner and a loser.

Unfortunately, sometimes it has to be you who loses. When you play board games, winning and failing several times helps you to learn how to cope with the feeling.

When you win, you can celebrate and be considerate of how the other person feels and encourage them to try again. Therefore you won’t have to boast to the other person.

When you lose, you will learn how to cope with the defeat and know that you can work next time.

8. You can build a community


Playing board games is an exciting activity. When you play once with friends, you will still want to meet again and play. Eventually, you will realize that you have created a team or club and even organize gaming competitions.

If you are a fun of playing certain board games, consider researching local gaming communities that play that game. That can be a great social outlet where you can interact and get to know other players.

9. You’ll learn some life skills

There are some skills that you will not be taught in school and can only acquire them. Have you ever realized that most kids are always impatient? It might be because they are used to being given when they demand since they were young.

Board games can help such kids to learn the art of being patient. Watching as another person play, taking turns, following rules and communicating with the other player are great skills.

10. It reduces isolation

The worst thing about the digital world is that it has created so much separation. Sometimes back, people would organize meetings and meet physically. However, with the emerging technology of tablets, iPhones and different social media channels, people tend to interact online.

They can even communicate daily on different channels and have online meetings. This encourages a lot of isolation and loneliness. But board games help people to meet and play together physically. This reduces isolation and makes life livelier.

11. You’ll be smart


Have you ever wondered why some people think so fast in tricky situations and make the right decision? It is because of how they have trained their brains to think, act first and choose wisely.

That is what happens to you when you play board games frequently. For example, you might be driving, and all of a sudden a car in front of you stops. In such a situation you need to act fast and wisely to avoid causing an accident.

If your brain is used to thinking and working first, you will realize that board games played a crucial role in making you smart.

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12. It speeds up your responses

Did you know that board games improve your ability to search and find things? Apart from improving your memory, you can be able to locate those hard to find car keys without turning the whole house upside down.

Scientists in Canada at the University of Toronto found out that those who played board games regularly were able to locate things faster than those who didn’t play.

While most board games may look like toys for kids, trust me they have a significant impact even on adults. If you are looking for a recreational activity, consider gaming as one of the things to do.

Play with your kids, interact with friends and you will notice a positive change in your health, cognitive skills. Besides that, you will be happier and less stressful. Isn’t that what most of us desire?

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