13 Undeniable Reasons Why You Should Have A Selfie Stick

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Future Horizons

Photos can be a great way of putting down your memories. When you plan to go out or attend an event, you wouldn’t want to miss recording the event either by taking videos or photos. Has it ever felt awkward for you to ask a stranger to help you take a photo?

It’s quite uncomfortable to do that and its okay to feel that way as well. Did you know that you can take photos without depending on someone else to do it for you? That is what happens when you have a selfie stick. Benefits of a selfie stick are endless. Here are the reasons why you will enjoy having a selfie stick.

1. You can easily pack them


When you plan to go on a solo trip, it can be quite overwhelming especially if you are trying to economize space. You might wonder if there will be enough space to accommodate your selfie stick.

Most selfie sticks are light and small in size to fit in the smallest pockets. You can put it in your backpack without affecting your luggage’s weight. Selfie sticks can fit anywhere so long as there is some little space.

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2. It secures your camera/phone


Have you ever tried taking a photo using your phone then it collapsed? This is quite common especially when you are having fun outdoors. It’s quite unfortunate to break the screen of your phone or camera if it falls on a hard object or surface. That is not likely to occur if you have a selfie stick because it firmly holds your phone when taking a photo.

However, you still need to be careful. When you wave the stick vigorous without care, your phone or camera might fall off. You should also be keen to ensure that the selfie stick holds your camera or phone firmly before proceeding to take a photo.

Besides that, some strangers can run away with your phone especially if you are a total stranger in a specific area. You may not be at ease in giving people your camera or phone to take you a photo. What if they escape with it? That’s why you need a selfie stick to avoid such minor problems.

3. You can take a group photo that lets everyone fit in

When you want to make a group photo, unless someone takes it for you from a distance, it might be quite tricky to capture everyone in that photo. Taking selfies on group photos can’t, therefore, capture everyone using bare hands.

So what should you do to capture five faces in that selfie? A selfie stick makes that possible and makes it more fun.

4. A variety of angles


As a photographer, you know what you want. Are you the type of person who loves taking photos at different angles? Most people enjoy having fun that way. It’s quite impossible to take selfies at different angles using your bare hands.

First of all, your hands may not be long enough to do that. With a selfie stick, you can take a photo even while standing at a lower place and capture your whole body. You can position the camera in whatever direction you want and get amazing captures.

On the other hand, if you ask people to help you take a photo, they may not take it as good as you would have done it. It may either be blurred, heads cut, or some parts not captured the way you wanted. If you use a selfie stick, you can do that alone and adjust it according to your preferences.

5. No worries of asking people to help you take a photo

When you are a tourist somewhere, you won’t miss taking photos since you are alone. You will have to reach out for help from someone especially if you want to capture a building or an attraction surrounding you.

However, you won’t go around asking people now and then to help you out. With a selfie stick, you can take an unlimited number of photos at any place without bothering someone out there.

6. You don’t have to exclude some members from the photos

If you go for a trip and wish to take pictures as a group, it’s quite unfortunate when you exclude one of you from making the photo. Whether you will do it in turns so that the photographer may be included in the next photos, someone else will still have to miss.

On the other hand, taking a group photo without a selfie stick can be quite a challenge. If you have to use your hands, you either have to stretch them abnormally, something that will result in an awkward looking photo.

That doesn’t have to happen if you have a selfie stick. You can comfortably take the photo together and with a selfie stick without excluding one member.

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7. You don’t have to use a tripod


I would like to remind you that a tripod has three legs and is meant to hold a camera during a photo shooting session. While a tripod may be useful for a photo shoot, it may not be fun carrying it around.

With a selfie stick, you don’t have to undergo the hell of carrying a tripod around you. You can easily adjust it according to the desired angle because it is more flexible than a tripod.

8. You can take a photo without getting tired

Have you ever realized that the same camera could produce different quality of photos at different angles? Some may appear to be clear and sharp while others may be blurred. While the quality of photos depends on the quality of the camera being used, the angle at which it is being taken matters too.

That is why you may find yourself adjusting your camera to get the best quality of images. Using your hands to do that is quite trying. If you use a selfie stick, your hands will always be at a resting position. Hence you won’t get tired.

9. No shakiness when taking selfies

If you have ever wondered why some of the photos you took using your hands looked blurred, it is because of your shaky hands. Well, that is normal, and you don’t have to worry.

Selfie sticks have made it possible to take clear photos even with a shaky hand. Are you wondering why the selfie stick won’t be affected by your shaky hands? It is because they are very light, so they reduce shakiness by holding your camera or smartphone firmly.

10. It saves you from text-neck disorder


Have you ever heard about text-neck disorder? While this may be entirely new to you, it is a common disorder that has affected many people.  Many articles describe text-neck disorder as a disease that arises from staring down at your smart phone for some time.

This affects your neck causing discomfort. Its symptoms include headaches, neck pain dizziness and back pain as well. Staring down at your phone affects the angle of your spinal cord by changing its curve.

Selfie sticks have been regarded as necessary travelling accessories that you can’t miss so that you can use them to prevent you from staring down on your phone for a long time. Selfie sticks prevent you from looking downwards and shrugging.

11. It helps you to utilize the camera of your mobile phone

At one point, you might not have been able to use your mobile phone to take photos maybe because it didn’t take them clearly, or perhaps it didn’t let you take photos at different angles.

You might have had phones with excellent quality cameras like Samsung Galaxy or an iPhone. However, without a selfie stick, it’s quite challenging to utilize its camera. You should, therefore, get one so that you can use your camera and even edit the photos using the features of your phone.

12. It lets you see pictures as you pause

When you pause for a photo that another person is taking, you cannot see it so that you can even make better adjustments. But with a selfie stick, you can pause as you take the photos and also make changes according to your wish. This makes you take better pictures by finding the right place, angle etc. before taking photos.

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13. It makes you see your back

Did you know that sometimes weird stuff happen behind you when taking your photos? You can only notice that after taking the photo which is quite annoying. But with a selfie stick, you can see who or what is behind you and avoid it before taking the photo.

If you have never used a selfie stick before, you are left behind. It comes with many advantages not only for your comfort but your health as well. You need to have a selfie stick to fit in a group photo, take photos at different angles, and even see what’s happening behind you. The benefits of using a selfie stick are endless. It’s up to you to try it and enjoy more benefits.

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