The 7 Best 2 Slice Toasters to Supercharge your Morning

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For many, the morning is not the best part of the day as it involves being taken from your cocoon of warmth just so you can deal with morning traffic and a grumpy boss. During such times, the last thing you want is a defective toaster oven separating you from a yummy slice of crispy carbohydrates. What you’d prefer is an elegant and effective toaster featuring intuitive controls and a clear display that lets you monitor the toasting process. On that note, here are the best toaster reviews.

What is the Best 2 Slice Toaster?

We reviewed a ton of models from different brands. We choose these seven as our top picks because they had wide enough slots to fit the puffiest bagels. They also had enough depth to accommodate taller bread cuts. And the best part is that each of these toasters browns bread easily.

Here are the best 2 slice toasters:

1. KRUPS KH732D50 2 Slice Toaster

KRUPS KH732D50 2-Slice Toaster,...
3,607 Reviews
KRUPS KH732D50 2-Slice Toaster,...
  • 2 slice toaster: Toast up to 2 slices of bread to crispy perfection; extra...
  • 6 browning settings: Choose preferred level of browning thanks to the shade...

Do you always find yourself pressed for time in the mornings? If you do, you will appreciate the speedy functioning of Krups 2-slice toaster. During our testing, we managed to toast two slices to a nice gold brown in about one and a half minutes.

Another feature you’ll about this product is its design. It has a chrome finish and a stainless steel body, making it look pretty on any countertop. The stainless steel case also means that this toaster is built to last.

Furthermore, it has extra-large slots – about 1.5 inches wide- enabling it to toast thicker bread with ease.

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2. Oster TSSTTRJBG1 2 Slice Toaster

Oster 2-Slice Toaster, Metallic Grey...
2,096 Reviews
Oster 2-Slice Toaster, Metallic Grey...
  • 2 slice toaster features extra wide slots to accommodate a variety of items
  • Auto adjusting bread guides for even, consistent toasting

This is the best budget toaster on the market. It’s decently-priced and yet it outperforms 2-slice toasters that are more expensive.

The Oster TSSTTRJBG1 weighs just 3.44 pounds and has a width of 7 inches. But don’t let its adorable appearance fool you. It has 3 settings: bagel, frozen and pastry; and allows you to choose among 7 toast shades.

It also has an automatic adjusting setting, which guides it to adjust to the thickness of the bread for uniform toasting. And it is also pretty easy to clean thanks to its removable crumb tray.

3 . Russell Hobbs Glass Accent Long Toaster TRL9300BKR, Black & Stainless Steel

Russell Hobbs 2-Slice Glass Accent Long...
193 Reviews
Russell Hobbs 2-Slice Glass Accent Long...
  • Long Toaster - The extended design occupies a narrow spot on your countertop,...
  • Removable Warming Rack - This wire rack attaches to the top of the toaster,...

At 4.1 pounds, the Russel Hobbs Glass Accent is the perfect choice for the fashion-forward individual who likes their kitchen appliances to reflect their style. This toaster oven will add a chic accent whether you choose it in its black or silver color.

For one, it has an extended design that makes it occupy the least amount of space on your kitchen countertop. This design also facilitates the easy toasting of long bread cuts. Secondly, Russel Hobbs toaster comes with three functions, which make it a user-friendly equipment. There’s the Bagel function for toasting the cut side and warming the bottom sections of your bagels, the Frozen control for adjusting the toasting and Cancel which ends this process. Thanks to the variable browning control, you can easily select your preferred level of doneness, ranging from 1 (light) to 6 (dark).

4.  KitchenAid KMT2116CU 2 Slice Slot Toaster

KitchenAid 2-Slice Toaster with...
361 Reviews
KitchenAid 2-Slice Toaster with...
  • Extra Wide 1.5 Inch Slots
  • High Lift Lever / Easy-to-Clean, Removable Crumb Tray

If you like baking your own bread or are a fan of artisan breads, then you’ll be pleased with the versatility that the KitchenAid KMT2116CU offers. It has two slots, which are each 1.5 inches wide and can accommodate just about anything you wish to toast. Another aspect that adds to its versatility entails the 7 different shade settings. You can use the bagel function to achieve a dark, crispy texture on the inside and a soft, warm texture on the outside.

The defrost control comes in handy if your food is coming directly from a freezer while the keep warm function keeps your bread warm for up to three minutes after toasting. With the all-zinc construction, this KitchenAid KMT2116CU is in for the long haul. You can get it in contour red, onyx black or empire red finishes.

5. Breville BTA720XL 2 Slice Toaster

Breville BTA720XL The Bit More 2-Slice...
598 Reviews
Breville BTA720XL The Bit More 2-Slice...
  • 2 slice full stainless steel body toaster
  • Voltage:110 - 120 volts.A Bit More' allows you to add a little extra time to the...

Breville BTA720XL is a highly-rated model and serves as an excellent choice for those who place high premium on the toast quality. Weighing just 4 pounds, this unit packs in incredible features that give you precise control over the toasting process.

The toaster’s crowning glory is the A-Bit-More function that lets you increase time to an underdone toast. There’s also a Lift & Look lever, which allows you to check the doneness of your slice without interfering with the toasting cycle. And the best part is that both of these functions are automated.

When the toasting is done, the toaster chimes to notify you. If the chime is too loud or not loud enough, the unit has a volume control for making adjustments or muting altogether. We also like that the slots are wider and deeper to accommodate a variety of breads; hence, offering variety to your otherwise regular breakfast.

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6. De’Longhi CTO2003R 2 Slice Toaster

De'Longhi CTO2003R 2-Slice Toaster
83 Reviews
De'Longhi CTO2003R 2-Slice Toaster
  • Extra lift position for easy removal of small slices
  • Removable crumb tray for easy cleaning

If you have a liking for high-end appliances, the De’Longhi 2-slice toaster is just what you need. The Italian passion for exquisite designs, a penchant for color and technological novelty are just some of the aspects that make this unit stand out from the crowd. It has a high gloss finish which is nicely complemented with a full range of controls.

Apart from the usual cancel, defrost and reheat settings, this unit also has a one-sided bagel function. If you like keeping your working area clean, you will be pleased to know that the manufacturer has provided a removable crumb tray.

Furthermore, the electronic controls are stiff enough to prevent you from knocking them accidentally. To add to this stability are nonslip feet, which are added on the base. These help to ensure that the toaster stays in place, whether it’s being used or not.

7. Cuisinart CPT-420 Touch to Toast Leverless Toaster

Cuisinart CPT-420 Touch to Toast...
1,107 Reviews
Cuisinart CPT-420 Touch to Toast...
  • Stainless-steel housing with a motorized lift. BPA free
  • Lcd countdown feature with a blue backlit led function display, Voltage: 120V

Cuisinart is a well-known brand in the kitchen appliance industry. It is therefore not surprising that their CPT-420 2-slice toaster is a top-rated model, which makes an excellent choice for homeowners with tiny kitchen spaces. Weighing just 3.5 pounds, this unit has a ton of handy features that make toasting bread and other items a piece of cake.

Its extra wide slots, which extend to about 1.5 inches in diameter, provide enough room to accommodate all kinds of food items including sliced bread, pastries, French toast, bagels and frozen pancakes. The motorized lift can be activated with just one touch of the toast button. This motor is designed to lower food items quietly and securely into the toasting chamber. You will also be pleased with the defrost setting, which automatically defrosts the frozen bread before toasting it.

Cuisinart CPT-420 toaster is also equipped with a countdown timer, which indicates just how much time is left for the toasting process to be complete. Thanks to the shade control setting, you can choose from a vast range of browning options as highlighted below:

Settings 1 to 2: gives a light shade of toast

Settings 3 to 5: medium shade of toast

Settings 6 to 7: dark shade of toast

2 Slice Toaster Buying Guide

When it comes to purchasing a toaster, there are two main things it should be capable of doing well. One, how well does it burn or brown your bread? And two, how evenly is each slice toasted? The following is an in-depth description of a 2-slice toaster as well as the essential features to look for when purchasing this kitchen appliance.

What is a 2 Slice Toaster?

It is a tiny kitchen appliance, which is used for browning Pop-Tarts, bagels, English muffins, bread among others. This gadget gives you a fast and efficient way of preparing toast dishes. Thanks to technological advancements, you can now choose from a vast range of toaster ovens to find one that meets your needs.

Construction of the Toaster

Different manufacturers use different materials to make their own models. Most 2-slice toasters are made from either one of these materials:

  • Stainless steel
  • Heavy-duty plastic
  • Chrome

The design-conscious homeowners prefer toasters that match the décor Best-2-Slice-Toasterof other kitchen appliances. If you fall in this category, then you are better off choosing stainless steel-made toasters, which come in white, black or red finishes. There are other colors beginning to pop up, although these three are the most common.

Stainless steel toasters not only add a touch of elegance to your kitchen but also last a long time. These ones also have a laundry list of features and perform better than their plastic counterparts. Although they’re likely to be the priciest of the three options, stainless steel toasters never require a replacement. Overall, the most common materials used in making two-slice toasters are:

Chrome finish- although these toasters will look classy on your kitchen countertop, they tend to have more fingerprints than the plastic and stainless steel types.

Colored plastic- these types have a few merits. For one, they don’t show fingerprints as readily as the chrome finish ones do. Secondly, it is easy to match these toasters with the décor of your kitchen as they come in a variety of colors.

Stainless steel- one drawback of stainless steel toasters is that they show fingerprints. They are also more vulnerable to scratches than the plastic and chrome finishes.

Dual finish- although rare, you may also come across models that combine stainless steel build with plastic accents. This way, apart from being durable, these ones help you achieve color coordination.

Toast Timing

The time this kitchen appliance takes to complete the toasting process depends on several factors. These include: the toaster’s band, the kind of unit and whether it’s just a basic toaster or one with sophisticated features.

Ideally, you should opt for one that gives you a range of settings. Such toasters often result in more evenly-browned toast. If you buy the one with ultra-wide slots, it will take longer to toast thinly-sized products as they will be too far from the heating components. So if you are always in a rush to make breakfast, you are better off investing in the fastest on the market.

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Ease of Use and Cleaning

The good thing about 2-slice toasters is that they have minimalist features making them easy to operate. If you only want to be toasting breads and pancakes, a simple pop-up toaster will serve you well. However, if you are purchasing one to use at a restaurant, a conveyor toaster that comes with a moving conveyor belt is the best choice.

You should also consider how easy is to clean. Given the fact that one cannot open up a toaster to clean it, features such as a crumb tray and a non-stick interior make this process much easier.

Cost and Brand

When you start shopping, you will realize that there are tons of models in the market. For the best toasting, you should stick to renowned household names such as Cuisinart or Breville. If you decide to try out newer models, be sure to check their reviews first.

What to look for in a good toaster

Having the basic features mentioned above, does not qualify a device as a good kitchen toaster. Ideally, a good one should also have the following things:

Consistent browning:

The best is one that gives you a range of doneness options starting from the lightest to extremely dark. These alternatives can come either be in form of a digital button or a dial.

2-slice or 4-slice:

The majority have either a 2-slice or 4 slice design. The 2-slice has two separate slots, where you can slide in thin slices of bread. The 4 slice has four slots. If you want to toast big thick cuts of bread or muffins, you can opt for the one with a long slot. Also, if you have a bigger family consisting of 3 or more people, you should choose a large one for its speed. Smaller-sized toasters often have low wattage, meaning that they take longer to toast breads.


The current models are equipped with a variety of safety features. The most common of these are the auto shut-off and cancel settings. With these buttons, you can stop the toasting process mid-way. They also notify you once the toasting cycle is complete.

Convenient controls:

The settings on each one will come in form of a touch pad or dials. Overall, dials have been found to have less accuracy than their digital counterparts.

Handy cord holder:

Based on the model, some units come with a cord storage provision at the base of the toaster. Others have removable cords, which can be wrapped up and kept away.

No pop up feature:

Some lack the automatic toast pop up feature. Instead, these toasters ding or automatically shut off the toaster once they cycle is complete.

Counter footprint- before you rush to the shop to get a new toaster, determine how much countertop space you have to store it.

Recommended Features for a 2-Slice Toaster

Even in the market, these appliances are not created equal. Some offer a ton of features while others don’t. Most of these added features enable you to prepare different types of bread. Overall, any 2-slice toaster that you purchase should have these essential features:


As its name suggests, this setting ensures that the bread you are toasting is well-positioned in the slot. This positioning is crucial as it determines whether both sides of the bread will be toasted uniformly. While some models have an auto-centering feature, others have manual centering. The latter requires that you adjust the bread’s position manually.

Auto shut-off:

The way this feature works is that it activates an alert tone once the toasting process is complete. This setting is essential as it allows you to engage in other activities while you wait your waffles brown evenly.

Bagel feature:

The purpose of this setting is to toast your bagel on only one side. It’s also suitable for browning items like toaster pastries in the same way. The bagel feature is important as it ensures that the side with crust does not toast excessively.

Cancel button:

This is another must-have feature. It allows you to stop the toasting process midway. This setting is particularly handy if you notice that your pancakes are getting over-toasted.

Detachable crumb tray:

This tray is positioned at the base of the toaster and its purpose to collect any crumbs of the bread or toast. Ideally, this tray should be easy to remove. You will need to clean it every once in a while. However, some products don’t have detachable crumb trays. Instead, the crumb trays are attached to a drop door, which opens up to allow you to empty the contents.

Defrost setting:

This feature comes in handy when you’re dealing with frozen items, which you’d like to toast.

Digital control panel:

The best ones are those that come with digital control panels instead of manual ones. The digital panel gives you adequate control over the toasting process. Not only are digital controls much easier to see but they’re also accurate.

Ultra-wide slots:

if you like toasting wide breads such as bagels or Texas toasts, you should pick a two-slice toaster with extra-wide slots. Another alternative you should keep in mind is the long slot toaster. If you’re considering shifting from the typical bagged sandwich breads to wholesome artisan breads, you will need a long slot toaster that can work with any food items you throw its way.

Final Verdict

The best toasters today are capable of providing consistent browning. Ideally, these ones offer a variety of doneness options ranging from dark to light shades.

They are also designed to accommodate large foods and they look sharp on any counter space. If you’re looking to purchase a toaster, you should consider several factors such as the build, timing and whether or not it has essential features.

Some of the features that should not miss in a toaster are auto centering, auto shut-off, extra wide slots, a digital control panel among others.

With these in mind, the best toasters that money can buy include the Russell Hobbs Glass Accent, Cuisinart CPT-420 Touch to Toast, Breville BTA720XL, KitchenAid KMT2116CU and the De’Longhi CTO2003R.

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