The 7 Best Ab Straps To Flatten Your Belly without Crunches

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Presently, there are all kinds of videos, food supplements and medications purporting to help one get that flat tummy they desire. And although many believe that abs are made in the kitchen, sculpting abs requires more than just making a few changes to your diet. To be precise, you’ll need to perform tons of abdominal exercises. The good thing is that the market is now filled with exercise equipment, which you can easily acquire and use them from the comfort of your home.

One such tool is an ab strap. If used frequently, the best ab straps cause your waist to be lean and smoothly shaped. Designed to attach to any kind of pull-up bars, these exercise tools are your best bet of flattening your belly.

What are the Best Ab Straps?

If you like working on your abdominal muscles, a good pair of ab straps will come in handy. This doesn’t necessarily mean that you spend a huge chunk of money buying ab straps. In fact, most of the ab straps perform effectively and are decently-priced.

Below find the best ab straps:

1. Premium Ab Slings Straps

Premium Ab Slings Straps - Rip-Resistant...
93 Reviews
Premium Ab Slings Straps - Rip-Resistant...
  • ✔️ BUILD MORE STRENGTH IN CORE MUSCLES! Finally! A heavy duty ab slings...
  • ✔️ COMFORT BEYOND YOUR IMAGINATIONS! The ergonomic design fits you perfect...

The Premium Ab Straps by Armageddon Sports are made to deliver results. Tons of companies make ab straps but few are as effective as the Premium Ab Straps. Within a short while of training with Premium ab straps, you’ll have gotten a stronger and firmer core.

These ab straps are also great for removing stress on your shoulders as well as increasing stability in your arms.

Furthermore, these ab straps come with huge D-rings, allowing you to attach them on any fitness bar. They’re suitable for using at the gym or at home. They’re also highly durable, so you’ll be able to exercise with them for as long as you want.

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2. RDX Hanging Abdominal Slings Abs Strap

RDX AB Straps Weight Lifting Abdominal...
144 Reviews
RDX AB Straps Weight Lifting Abdominal...
  • 【SLEEK DESIGN 】Its long handles coupled with EVA padding and Quality REX...
  • 【TARGETED MUSCLES】RDX Abs straps focus from your external oblique to Rectus...

If you’re looking for quality ab straps, the RDX hanging abdominal slings are an excellent option. They’re made using Maya hide leather, a material that helps immensely in terms of durability, moisture-resistance and comfort. In addition to the quality construction, the straps are made extra wide to make them even more comfortable.

The RDX ab straps are great for strengthening your core regardless of the fitness activity you’re engaging in. They are recommended for crossfit, body building, and functional training just to mention a few.

3. Best Ab strap Overall: Gymforward Heavy Duty Ab Straps

Gymforward HemeraPhit Heavy Duty Hanging...
7 Reviews
Gymforward HemeraPhit Heavy Duty Hanging...
  • Durable heavy-duty woven nylon with steel grommets
  • Padded straps with brushed lining for comfort

For individuals who like performing hanging trunk rotations and oblique knee raises, the Gymforward Suspension system is your best alternative. The reason for this is that it provides firm grip and a well-balanced swing, both of which are essential when performing these workouts.

Designed to hold a maximum of 200 kgs, Gymforward ab straps are very sturdy. They are fabricated from heavy-duty woven nylon, making them one of the most durable pair. Plus, they come with padded straps to guarantee comfort as you exercise. Also, the handles are pretty long to provide a comfortable grip and optimal stability.

4. Hanging abdominal slings: Perfect Fitness Pro Ab Straps

Perfect Fitness Pro Ab Straps
32 Reviews
Perfect Fitness Pro Ab Straps
  • Attach to any pull-up bar with quick-connect steel carabineers
  • Steel Core Handles for Comfortable Hand Placement

Perfect Fitness is one set of ab straps, which is uniquely designed for leg lifts. There’s a handle placed inside the sling to give the user comfortable hand placement. Although this feature is not necessary if you are to use the ab strap with pull-up bars, but it does make it one of the most suitable options for novices.

Perfect Fitness ab strap is constructed from honeycomb nylon, and it has a cool mesh with foam padding. This material makes it sturdy and still comfortable. However, the design is what sets this ab strap from the crowd. For one, the manufacturer has already provided a hand placement handle. Secondly, the section that goes under your arms resembles a sling; hence, providing maximum comfort.

Another plus of this ab strap is the inbuilt handle that has cushioning to provide that firm grip. This also makes the ab straps compatible with all kinds of pull-up bars. The ab strap can easily hook onto the bar using steel carabiners. With such attachment, you’re assured that the straps will stay in place throughout your exercise session.

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5. Ab strap for pull up bar: 1UP Hanging AB Straps for Fitness

1UP Hanging AB Straps for Fitness, Core...
43 Reviews
1UP Hanging AB Straps for Fitness, Core...
  • Attach to any pull-up bar or multi-gym: the 1UP Fitness ab straps are fully...
  • Easy to install : the 1UP Fitness ab straps are simple to install and detach...

If you’re looking for a set of ab straps that can enable you to perform a variety of exercises on a pull-up bar, the 1UP Hanging AB Strap is your best bet. With these straps, you can maximize your abdominal workout, which will lead to stronger and leaner abdominal muscles.

The key highlight of these ab straps is that they’re fully adjustable. Also, it’s incredibly easy to attach or detach them from a chin up bar or multi gym. Another good thing is that the inner sections of these straps are well padded, allowing you to work out for extensive periods without getting fatigued.

Contrary to most ab straps, the 1UP hanging ab straps are ultra-long and wide enough to reduce arm strain. Each ab strap is equipped with two slings and two sturdy carabineers. The padded slings are fabricated from vinyl, which makes them easy to clean and also sanitary to use among different people.

6. Ab strap: Hipiwe Pair of Gym Hanging Ab Straps

Hipiwe Pair of Gym Hanging Ab Straps...
45 Reviews
Hipiwe Pair of Gym Hanging Ab Straps...
  • Durable heavy-duty rip resistant nylon and Heavy-duty steel carabiner...
  • Easily attaches to any standard chin-up bar

If you’re looking for ab straps that can support maximum weight, Hipiwe ab straps are your best bet. Hipiwe, which is sold as a pair, features a maximum load of 396 pounds. Moreover, these ab straps are incredibly easy to install and very affordable.

Hipiwe hanging ab straps have a loop design where you can just slip in your arms then pull yourself upwards. And, thanks to the padding, the ab straps will feel comfortable throughout your ab workout.

Another distinct feature of Hipiwe ab straps is that they are wide, providing users with utmost stability. We also like their solid construction, which makes them last a long time.

7. Ab Strap: Wacces Bonus Ab Strap

Wacces 3-in-1 Fitness Exercise Door Chin...
222 Reviews
Wacces 3-in-1 Fitness Exercise Door Chin...
  • Attaches to any standard 24" to 32" door frame with trim
  • Heavy duty metal bar with foam handles grips for comfort

Waccess offers an all-in-one solution by providing a complete upper body workout for your chest, shoulders, arms, back and abdominal muscles. Ideally, you will get a fitness exercise bar and an ab strap. The manufacturer has also provided a toolkit to ease the equipment’s installation. And although the ab straps can only support weights of up to 250 pounds, you can perform an array of exercises, particularly those that target your lower core.

best-ab-strapsWhat are ab straps?

These are simply straps usually attached to pull-up bars, allowing you to raise or pull up your knees and legs. This technique enables you to engage your core abdominal muscles. When you use this strap regularly, you’ll start noticing a V shape at the region where your abs meet your obliques. And the best part is, most ab straps are tailored to home use, which means you don’t have to make trips or spend money going to the gym.

Considerations before buying

A majority of people jump at every opportunity they get to work their abs. But before rushing to purchase ab straps, there are a couple of factors to account for. Another imperative factor is ensuring that they’re installed properly to mitigate the risk of injuries.

For starters, you should already have a pull-up bar system in place. What’s more, these ab straps come in a variety of designs and price options. For instance, some ab straps are removable while others are permanent, which means they need to be drilled into a wall. Other aspects to keep in mind are:

Fitness level

One of the factors you should consider when buying ab straps is your level of fitness. Keep in mind that you’ll have to use your muscles to pull yourself up. Although straps make this task easier, this is one challenging task. Beginners should opt for ab straps that feel comfortable, are easy to install and use. However, advanced users can go for straps that just provide firm grips.

Length and width

It’s also crucial that you examine the length and width of the ab strap. Wide straps are the most recommended, particularly to beginners because they provide ample comfort and support. However, some users complain that wide ab fitness straps cut into their armpits; hence, uncomfortable. If you’re short, you should ensure that the ab strap has an adjustable length.

Types of exercises

With ab straps, you can perform a broad range of exercises. The good thing is that if you perform these abdominal exercises often enough and in the right way, you’ll start toning your abs. Examples of workouts that you can perform using ab straps are leg raises. This technique requires you to raise your legs above the surface, and then bend your knees upwards toward your chest while also engaging and contracting your abdominal muscles.

Another workout that you can perform using ab straps is the trunk rotation. This activity requires you to keep your legs stretched out in front and then make circles all-round, that is, up, down, left and right directions.

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The Standout Qualities: An Ab Strap Buyer’s Guide


Many people shy away from using certain types of exercise equipment because they feel uncomfortable. As such, you should check and if possible test the ab strap to determine just how comfortable it feels when you’re exercising. The last thing you want is to have the skin on your palms peeling off when you’re working out.

To prevent this, ensure that your gym straps have padded cushions. Ideally, they should be padded on any section that is to come into contact with your body. Furthermore, the padding ought to be moisture-resistant so that it wicks sweat.


Durability is another standout quality of your ab strap. In fact, this is directly linked to your safety and the straps’ lifespan. Check every component of your exercising equipment setup; ranging from the attachments to the handles. They should be as sturdy as possible.

Advisably, the grips should have stainless steel carabiner attachments. As mentioned earlier, the surfaces should also have moisture-resistant foam padding. Another aspect that determines just how durable your ab strap is, is the inclusion of a rip-resistant fabric.

Max Load

Different ab straps are designed to support a specific amount of weight. If you’re buying an ab strap for your home gym, ensure that it has a large maximum load since it will be used by different people. The best ab strap is one capable of supporting no less than 100 kgs.


When you’re shopping for ab straps, one of the most imperative features to examine is the type of attachment. The quality of attachment will determine how safe you’ll be when performing the different exercises. Attachments also determine how mobile you will be and how efficiently you’ll be able to perform those workouts.

The most recommended is the carabiner technique of attachment. Put simply; this is a piece of cloth or fabric, which is wrapped around the top part of the pull-up bar. This cloth then connects to another piece of fabric using carabiner technique.

Supplemental Materials

Would you like fitness straps that only feature ab straps? Or do you want an ab strap system that offers a lot more? A majority of ab strap manufacturers provide supplemental materials such as workout tutorials, guides and even additional exercise equipment. So before making that purchase, establish what you kind of ab strap you want.

Different Ab Straps Exercises to Do:

Have you been trying to get six-pack abs without much success? Then you should consider performing different ab exercises. As their name suggests, ab straps are mainly used to perform ab workouts. They are particularly beneficial to individuals who have a hard time holding an overhead bar and supporting their body weight. Here are the best ab workouts that will help you develop core strength.

Wipe your Knees

  • Using your hands, hold the hanger straps and try to pull yourself up. As you do this, you should keep your knees bent slightly, your head up and your eyes looking straight ahead.
  • Next, allow your abdominal muscles to get engaged while you lift your knees gently toward your chest region. When in this position, your pelvis should be curling towards your rib cage up to the point where you bend your hips to a 90-degree angle.
  • Maintain this position for a while before moving your knees to the left and right directions
  • Redo this movement as you go back and forth so that it seems like you’re mimicking windscreen wiper movements. Be sure to keep your upper body straight to get the most out of this exercise. Ideally, you should not swing your upper body at all.
  • Experts recommend performing this routine in two sets, for 6 to 10 times in each set.

Double Knee Alternating Twists

  • Start by placing your arms in the hanging ab strap so that your body is suspended in air. As with the previous exercise, your knees should be bent slightly, your head up and you should be looking straight ahead.
  • Next breathe out then gently roll up your knees diagonally towards the position of your right shoulder.
  • The next step is to gently lower yourself back to your initial position. Be sure to breathe in air as you do this. Next, repeat this technique but this time round, move your knees toward the left shoulder.
  • To ensure that you’re tightening your ab muscles during this routine, keep your body straight and avoid swinging on the straps.
  • For optimal results, perform at least two sets for 10 to 20 times on either side.

Single Knee Alternating Twists

  • As with the other two exercises, begin by placing your hands on the lifting straps. Your body should be suspended, your knees bent, head looking up and eyes looking straight ahead.
  • The next step is to lift your right knee gently and diagonally in the direction of your left shoulder.
  • Raise your knees as high up as you can while ensuring that your body is straight. Remain in this position for about two seconds then resume your initial position.
  • Repeat the entire routine using your left knee. Don’t stop until you achieve two sets, performing 10 to 20 times on either side.

Knee Raise

  • With this routine, you should start by putting your hands on the ab straps and your body suspended in air. However, you’ll need to bend your knees at a 90-degree angle.
  • Engage your abdominal muscles as you raise your knees towards your chest region. When you’ve reached this position, exhale and hold it for about three seconds.
  • Breathe in deeply before lowering yourself to resume initial position. One thing to be cautious about when performing a knee raise is to avoid hanging your legs straight down. Instead, keep them at that 90-degree angle.
  • You can perform the steps for 10 times or more.

Full Leg Raise

  • This exercise should only be performed by persons who are well-conditioned. Begin by placing your hands on the ab straps, allowing your body to be suspended in air. With this routine, your legs should be hanging straight down.
  • As you allow your abdominal muscles to get engaged, gently raise your legs all the way up with your feet at the same level with your hands. Maintain this position while also exhaling.
  • Next, breathe in slowly and lower yourself back to resume the original position.

Ideally, you can incorporate as many of these ab strap exercises in your overall workout regimen. To get that six-pack, try performing 1 or 2 exercises, with 1 to 3 sets each time for 3 sessions in a week.


Are these straps adjustable?

This will depend with the specific manufacturer of the ab straps. Some design their straps so that they’re adjustable but others are not.

How far do the straps hang?

This will also depend on the brand of straps that you’re purchasing. Whenever possible, always purchase long ab straps. In case they’re too long, you can simply strap them around the pull-up bars. Most buyers complain that the ab straps end up being too short. So, be sure to look at its length before deciding whether it’s a suitable fit.

Do the straps come as a pair or just one?

A majority of ab straps are sold in pairs. It means that there will be two straps in each package.

How do you get the smell to fade away?

Another concern or complaint that buyers raise is the rubber-like smell of the ab straps. If you’ve bought such ab straps, you just need to air them out before using, to allow this smell to dissipate. Alternatively, you can wipe them using a clean piece of cloth and mild soap. However, check the instructions given on the label to confirm whether you’re allowed to clean them in this way.

What is the weight limit?

The maximum weight capacity of each ab strap differs. Most of them are designed to support 250 pounds and more. If the ab strap will be used by heavyweight persons, be sure to choose a heavy-duty ab strap.

What do ab straps do?

The primary role of an ab strap is to support the weight of an individual and improve drip as he performs leg raises and other abdominal workouts. Ab straps are wrapped around a bar or pull-up bar, with the user putting his arms on the sling of the straps.

The Bottom Line

Have you been looking for an exercise equipment that can help in strengthening your stomach muscles, shaping your midsection and building muscle mass all at once? Then you should consider getting an ab strap. Designed to be wrapped around pull-up bars, these straps allow users to perform a variety of abdominal exercises. However, before purchasing these fitness straps, remember to check the maximum load, durability and comfort. Also, you should choose an ab strap depending on your fitness level and the types of exercises you wish to perform.

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