The 7 Best Activity Cubes for Toddlers to Boost Their Intellectual Development

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If you want to do laundry, clean up your home or water the plants, you’ll need to find something to keep your little one engaged. Toddlers aren’t exactly known for sitting still, which is toys come in handy. Learning toys can do a lot more than entertain; they also play a role in your child’s development. These toys are designed in such a way that they engage your child’s skill sets. And although any one toy can help with your child’s skills development, none works as effectively as an activity cube.

The best activity cubes for toddlers are capable of tapping into your child’s learning areas; hence, develop their motor and cognitive skills. The beauty of activity cubes is double fold- they keep your tot busy for hours while also helping them become more knowledgeable. On the surface, these are still toys so they won’t seem like homework or a burdensome chore, yet they’ll still provide immense learning benefits.

What’s the Best Activity Cube for Toddler?

The perfect activity cube is one that is at and above your child’s development phase. For instance, consider a child who already has a basic understanding of counting and number correspondence. The best activity cube would be one in the range that your toddler understands but also one that teaches him how to count higher up than their present ability. For kids who are yet to learn basic alphabet and numbers, options with sounds, lights and recorded tunes are more suitable.

Below find the best activity cubes for toddler:

1. BABYSEATER 6-in-1 Multi-Assembly Baby Activity Cube

BABYSEATER Baby Activity Cube – 6-in-1...
  • WILL KEEP THEM OCCUPIED FOR HOURS: With 6 unique sides, your child can enjoy...
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Looking for a way to keep your toddler engaged as you work? Invest in Babyseater activity. This toy not only entertains your child but also teaches them a great deal of things. They can learn shapes, how to tell time, and so much more.

One thing that makes this activity cube stand out is its compact size. The 7-inch sides are big enough for clumsy toddlers and they have the perfect height. Whether your baby chooses to sit or stand, he or she will be able to reach this activity cube with ease.

Furthermore, this baby activity cube doubles up as a storage unit. When your tot is done playing, they can store all four shapes inside the toy. This activity cube is ideal for toddlers aged one year and above.

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2. Battat – Wooden Activity Cube

Battat – Wooden Activity Cube –...
194 Reviews
Battat – Wooden Activity Cube –...
  • Activity Center: A 5-sided wooden activity center with an adorable farm theme.
  • 5 Sides: Includes spinners, a zigzag racetrack, a bead maze, doors to open, and...

Battat activity cube has five interactive sides that give your kid best form of entertainment. There’s a spinning animal alphabet on one side, a roller coaster on another and so much more.

One thing you’ll really love about this activity cube is the fact that it’s made from high-quality wood. Unlike most toys that are made from plastic, this wooden toy is going to stand the test of time. Also, Battat wooden cube is suitable for kids 12 months and up.

3. Hape Country Critters Wooden Activity Play Cube

Country Critters Wooden Activity Play...
324 Reviews
Country Critters Wooden Activity Play...
  • HUB OF ACTIVITY: This sort and discover activity play cube consists of five...
  • COUNTRYSIDE INSPIRED: This activity cube is an animal inspired play cube...

One of the most crucial aspects to consider when picking an activity cube for your toddler is his or her interests. If your child likes playing with animal toys or has shown interest with this theme, the Hape Country Critters will be an excellent addition to his toy collection. It has a ton of animals, which feature large animated eyes.

Recommended for kids aged between 12 months and 6 years, Hape Country has a host of mini games on each side of its cube. Some of these include a ball roller coaster, a tracking panel, spinning maze and a puzzle for sorting out shapes. And the best part is, the activity cube is crafted using safe, non-toxic materials.


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Parents often shy away from purchasing activity cubes for toddlers because they become irrelevant within a few days. Sure, your child is thrilled to bits when you first bring the toy home. But within a couple of days, he stops using it. To get rid of this concern, B.Zanny Zoo is an amusing feature-rich activity cube.

Recommended for both little and older kids, this activity cube offers an array of activities on different sides. One side features a spinning alphabet with exemplified animal pictures, another has spinners while another displays a zigzag race path. The top section is fitted with a wooden bead roller-coaster, which will definitely amuse your toddler.

5. EverEarth Garden Activity Cube

EverEarth Garden Activity Cube. Wood...
290 Reviews
EverEarth Garden Activity Cube. Wood...
  • 6 SIDES OF ACTIVITIES – This baby activity cube keeps child entertained with...
  • NATURAL & NON-TOXIC – Made of natural hardwood and stained with non-toxic...

If you’re looking for an activity cube that is a bit more advanced, the EverEarth model will meet your child’s needs perfectly. It represents a garden activity center with eight sides, seven of which are packed with a myriad of activities. The top section has a beaded maze while two of the sides have horizontal and vertical abacuses. Each abacus teaches your toddler basic math skills.

On the same note, making the beads go down the maze wire is a good way to develop your tot’s motor skills. Another plus is the fact that it can be used by two kids at the same time. Also worth noting is the fact that it’s fabricated from natural hardwood, which is 100% safe for your little one.

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6. Discover My Busy Town Wooden Activity Cube

Alex Discover My Busy Town Wooden...
901 Reviews
Alex Discover My Busy Town Wooden...
  • Bright and cheerful solid wooden activity cube
  • 5 sides of fun

Some parents get worried that the activity cubes are made of inferior materials that compromise their durability. But this is not the case with Discover My Busy Town activity cube. It’s made of solid wood, so it’s a sturdy model that will last for years.

What’s more, this activity cube offers all the activities you’d want present in an educational toy– a curved/spiral bead maze, ABC tiles on the horizontal lines and racing car rollers. You’ll also come across a spin and match toy. When this spin-match game is solved, there should be two combos of wooden blocks with animal images on each side. Discover My Busy Town is best suited for kids aged 1 year and above.

7. Triangle Activity Cube by KidKraft

KidKraft Triangle Activity Cube
21 Reviews
KidKraft Triangle Activity Cube
  • Bright, colorful artwork on every piece and every panel
  • 9 beads for pushing and pulling along the long, winding tracks

If your toddler is just starting to learn the alphabet, the Triangle Activity Cube can help to smoothen this learning process. There are different pictures and letters inscribed on the rotating blocks to help your child practice the alphabet.

It also features a beaded maze. Your kid will remain engaged, trying to push and pull these beads along the winding tracks. Overall, this is an excellent activity cube to help your toddler recognize shapes and colors.

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Best-Activity-Cube-for-ToddlersWhat is an Activity Cube?

Presently, there are thousands of children’s toys designed to boost learning at each stage of their development journey. For your kid to develop fine motor skills, you should consider getting an activity-packed cube. As its name suggests, this toy has the shape of a cube. It could also have more than five sides. But its main feature is the fact that it offers plenty of playful activities– abacuses, bead mazes, sorters and more.

Interactive play cubes for kids also feature sounds and beautiful graphics. So in addition to learning the different shapes or animals, your child is able to enhance his or her audio and visual perception. A majority of activity cubes incorporate numbers and letters, which enable toddlers to learn a thing or two. When your child eventually starts going to pre-school, you will notice just how quickly he’ll be able to start counting and reading.

Apart from the activity cube, a baby gym is another handy tool for boosting your toddler’s physical and mental development. If your little one is able to make the first few steps, getting a baby activity center or walker to help him move around is another option to consider.

Why you should buy an activity cube for your baby?

If you have a 1 year old girl in your home and you’ve not considered buying an activity cube, you’re making her miss out on a lot of learning opportunities. Often, the activity cube is crafted from wood. It is then equipped with tons of games that can grab the attention of infants and older kids. On each side of the cube, there’s an interesting game designed for your child’s age-group. Although most models have just four sides that contain activities, there are those that have all six sides activity-packed.

Ideally, the kind of game you get will be dependent on the type of activity cube that you purchase. But whichever activity cube you purchase, this toy will boost your toddler’s imagination, motor skills and intellectual capability. And considering how bright and cheerful these cubes are, your kid will be drawn to them instantly.

Choosing the Perfect Activity Cube for Your Kids

Now that you know some of the best activity cubes to get for your little one, there are a couple of factors that can help to narrow down your choices.


As is the case with any kid-friendly toy, the first thing you should check before buying is safety. With regards to activity cubes, your primary concern should be on the small-sized items- like beads- incorporated in these toys. There’s a likelihood that your child could swallow these items by accident, and this could be detrimental to his or her health.

Before anything else, you ought to read the instructions provided by the manufacturer. Ensure that the activity cube is age-appropriate, and that it can do a lot more than just entertain. If your tot is at the stage where he still likes putting everything into his mouth, you should be extra cautious when picking an activity cube for him. The perfect play cube for him is one that is self-contained and does not have any loose parts.


Apart from safety, the number of games incorporated in the activity cube is another essential aspect to take into account. The minimum that any one activity cube should have is five games, one on every side and at the top.

If your child has a particularly short attention span, activity cubes with up to seven games are the best. The more activities that the cube offers, the less likely your toddler is of becoming bored. You can go about your house chores all day while your toddler gets a great deal of entertainment.

Engagement & Development

Your child should be able to play and learn from the activity cube you buy him. For toddlers that are still very young, the ideal activity cubes are ones that teach them different shapes and colors. But if your kid can already make up a few words like “mama” and “dadda”, a more advanced toy like an alphabet cube is suitable. For kids that have already started pre-school, the best activity cubes are ones that contain math puzzles.


If you like taking your child to every place you go to – whether it’s your workplace, school or the grocery store- you should consider the weight of the cube. Activity cubes for toddlers have one of two designs: freestanding and portable.

A freestanding design features an activity table or center, packed with tons of games. This one is relatively bulky, so it wouldn’t be appropriate for car journeys. However, freestanding activity cubes are suitable for your child’s play room.

Portable activity cubes are much lighter, meaning you can take them wherever you go. Just be sure to check its size and weight.


The last thing you want is to spend a huge chunk of money purchasing an activity cube that breaks down within a week. One thing you should always check is the type of material used in its construction. If the play cube is cheap and made of inferior materials, chances are that it won’t last one month. Rather than buy an activity cube every few weeks, you can invest a little more upfront and get a reliable, well-built model that your child can use for a long time.

Recommended Age

It stands to reason that every toy is designed for a particular child’s age-group. So while some toys are great for 2 year olds, older kids may find them a little uninteresting. And besides, all toy manufacturers have to comply with the stipulated safety standards for that age group. For instance, an activity cube made for a 1-year old needs to be stable enough so that it doesn’t hit him while he’s playing. The edges should also be well-rounded and polished.

Infants gain a familiarity of their surroundings using tactile sense. Within a short time, they start showing interest in more interactive play toys that have graphics and sound effects. Eventually, they become curious of more sophisticated activity cubes that feature learning letters and numbers. A majority of the manufacturers stipulate the recommended age on their toy labels.

But other than how age-appropriate the play cube is, you should also account for your child’s needs and skills. The best activity cube is one that has interactive activities, which your child can engage in at different stages of his development. Put simply; the activity cube should grow with your child’s needs.

The good thing is that most of these cubes have tons of games and activities, enabling your toddler to develop a range of skills including hand-eye coordination and cognitive abilities.

Size and Material

As stated earlier, the materials used in making these activity cubes should also be taken into account. This is because toddlers like grasping and putting items into their mouths. For this reason, the most recommended models are wooden or plastic-made activity cubes. With regards to size, the activity cube ought to be sturdy enough so that it stays firmly in place throughout its use.

The Importance Of Play For The Young Mind And Body

Playtime is a lot more than child’s play. In reality, it is through playing that a toddler learns a great deal of things; from basic issues like shapes and textures to more sophisticated concepts such as counting. Playtime also provides an avenue for kids to learn important virtues like sharing and cooperation. And obviously, there’s the fact that playing provides non-stop fun and entertainment. When youngsters engage in games, they also feel safe and loved.

So whether you’re a guardian, parent, care provider or education facilitator, you should incorporate playtime into the kids’ schedules.

Researchers focused on the area of childhood development have managed to categorize this into four essential stages of play as described below:

Solitary Play

In this phase, a majority of kids like interacting with items, animals, adults and other entities based on their own conditions. As such, they don’t show any interest in how the available toys can benefit other people. Solitary play is common among infants and it can extend up to the age of two.

Parallel Play

Parallel play is entirely different from solitary. With parallel, children like playing with their fellow kids. They may even take part in similar activities as peers do. However, this is not total cooperative play so you’ll notice that the children may not share games or complete joint projects. Parallel play is common among three-year olds.

Associative Play

It’s also referred to as mirroring and it’s a phase whereby kids take part in the same activity, even though they may not do so collaboratively. Ideally, one kid will become interested in an activity being undertaken by his or her peer; thus, feel compelled to do the same. It’s a common trend among three and four-year-olds.

Cooperative Play

The name says it all; it’s whereby kids prefer to be fully involved and interact with others. In this phase, children like sharing activities. Also, there’s a common understanding amongst them. This is an essential skill that starts developing at the age of four or five.

One of the best ways to foster interaction and relationships with your toddler or a group of kids is to introduce an activity cube. This toy provides a plethora of opportunities that can be explored by both kids and adults.


Wrap Up

Whenever you’re buying your toddler a toy, you should aim at killing two birds with one stone. To put it simply; buy toys that are not just fun but also educational. The best toys that can entertain and develop your child’s basic skills are activity cubes. They challenge kids to be innovative and imaginative so they can come up with solutions to puzzles and mazes.

Furthermore, a majority of activity cubes have elementary details such as alphabets and numbers incorporated into their designs. This way, your child will become familiar with these basic concepts at a tender age. But the best thing is how these activity-packed toys grab the notoriously short attention span of your toddler, allowing you to enjoy some well-deserved respite for yourself.

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