The 7 Best Adult Piggy Banks That Make Your Loose Change Really Count

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When the word piggy bank is mentioned, most people imagine a child putting coins and quarters into a toy pig. It’s usually the first form of savings that kids ever make in their lives. Unfortunately, as they grow up to become teens then adults, the concept of saving money in a piggy bank goes out the window. This is because they become enlightened on other ways of saving: certificate of deposits, banks savings accounts, money market accounts among others.

However, just because you’ve discovered other ways of saving your income doesn’t mean that you should do away with a piggy bank. This is still an invaluable tool that can help you save money for rainy days.

The Best Adult Piggy Banks

What’s the Best Adult Piggy Bank?

Adult piggy banks come in a variety of designs, shapes and sizes. Overall, the best piggy bank is one that has a coin slot and an opening. The piggy bank should also be made of durable material and capable of holding the many coins you stash in it.

Below find the best adult piggy banks:

1. Zonkin Cartoon Electronic ATM Password Piggy Bank

Zonkin Adevena Cartoon Electronic ATM...
116 Reviews
Zonkin Adevena Cartoon Electronic ATM...
  • Improve The Child's Property safety Consciousness: "my own safe" guarding their...
  • Password Safe Cash Box:Enter the 4 digit password(default: 0000,Changable...

One of the best accessories that can encourage you to save money is this ATM-shaped piggy bank. Zonkin can hold both coins and notes- insert bills into the side and coins into the top of the piggy bank. And the good thing is that it has a high capacity- it holds about 600 pieces of coins or 100 pieces of paper money.

Once you’ve stashed your money, you can set a password. The default password is 0000 but you can change it to your preferred code. If you input the wrong password, the red light turns on and you’ll be prompted to try another password.

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2. 4Thought Products Puzzle Pod Cryptex

Puzzle Pod Cryptex - Brain Teaser & Coin...
367 Reviews
Puzzle Pod Cryptex - Brain Teaser & Coin...
  • Brain Teaser Puzzle Provides a Fun and Novel Way to Deliver a Gift as Part of a...
  • Puzzle Box Allows You to Create Your Own Treasure Hunt Adventure ala Da Vinci...

For puzzle lovers, the Puzzle Pod Cryptex is the perfect way to store money, candy, jewelry and other items.

To open the container and access its contents, you first have to key in a 5-letter word from the letters displayed around the base of the piggy bank. However, you’re free to change this password to whatever word you want. To reset it, you’ll have to disassemble the Cryptex, and then reassemble the rings as per the given instructions.

3. Handcrafted Wooden Box Money Piggy Bank

ShalinIndia Handcrafted Wooden Box...
18 Reviews
ShalinIndia Handcrafted Wooden Box...
  • SECURE & SAFE Use it as a vacation piggy bank to keep coins under lock and key
  • EXCEPTIONAL QUALITY Handmade in India; You can't find better made banks for kids...

If you’re looking for a piggy bank that gives you easy access to your savings, then this Handcrafted Wooden Box is your best option. The interior measures 4.5” by 2.75” by 2”, giving you ample room to keep pocket change.

This adult piggy bank boasts a natural wood finish so it will also blend in well with your interior décor. The wooden construction also makes it non-breakable; hence, providing a high level of durability.

4. Toynami Futurama Vinyl Coin Bank

Toynami Futurama Hypnotoad Vinyl Coin...
13 Reviews
Toynami Futurama Hypnotoad Vinyl Coin...
  • This hollow 6" vinyl figure features a coin slot and opening at it's base for...
  • Packaged in collectible window box

The Toynami coin bank is designed for fans of the renowned comic show Futurama. Measuring four inches in height and five inches wide, this toad-shaped piggy bank can also double up as a décor item.

On the base of this piggy bank, you’ll find a coin slot and an opening for stashing in and emptying your savings anytime you want.

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5. Special No Face Money Coin Piggy Saving Bank

Special No Face Money Coin Piggy Saving...
21 Reviews
Special No Face Money Coin Piggy Saving...
  • Brand new
  • Made with hard rubber

This is the perfect Halloween gift you can give to your friend or co-worker. The way this money box works is that it automatically ‘swallows up’ any coins you place on its red bowl. It’s made using hard rubber so you’re guaranteed that it will last.

The Special No Face piggy bank is fitted with a rubber stopper on the bottom. You can remove the stopper anytime you want to access your savings.

6. Rusticity Wood Piggy Bank for Kids and Adults

Rusticity Wood Piggy Bank for Kids and...
15 Reviews
Rusticity Wood Piggy Bank for Kids and...
  • Coin Bank for savings coins, quarters, notes, etc.
  • Foolproof structure with no openings for coins to fall out , sturdy and...

The Rusticity piggy bank is designed for fans of vintage items and collectibles. It’s crafted from Indian rosewood, which gives it this unique antique look. Use it to save money, whether it’s in form of coins, notes or quarters.

Unlike the cheap traditional models the Rusticity piggy bank is made with no hole so you don’t have to worry about your coins falling out. In case you’re not pleased with its performance, the manufacturer allows you to return the piggy bank within 7 days of your purchase and receive a full refund.

7. Beer Money Funny Money Bank

Beer Money Funny Money Bank; Ceramic Jar...
11 Reviews
Beer Money Funny Money Bank; Ceramic Jar...
  • Use This Versatile Coin Bank To Store Loose Change, Small Office Supplies Or...
  • Tumbleweed Money Jar With Sayings Comes In A Great Gift Box, Making Gift Giving...

If you’re looking for a versatile piggy bank, which you can use to store a wide range of items, the Beer Money Bank is your best bet. Fabricated from high-quality stoneware, this jar can accommodate a ton of loose coins, small-sized office supplies and candies.

Thanks to its stylish design, this piggy bank makes a great gift for teenagers and adults. It boasts a vibrant glaze hue that doesn’t fade. For maintenance, the manufacturer recommends cleaning it with a dry clean rag.

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Best-Adult-Piggy-BankA Brief History of the Piggy Bank

The idea of the piggy bank has been around for centuries. More specifically, pig-shaped banks can be traced back to the 1300s. However, the concept of storing valuables in personalized boxes dates back even earlier.

During the middle ages, there was a popular type of clay known as pygg, which was used in molding pots. Given the similarity in pronouncing the words ‘pygg’ and ‘pig’, it’s not surprising that the artisans started creating these pots after the porcine creatures.

Artifacts of money boxes were discovered in ancient Greece. Citizens of Rome were also said to have kept their spare change in personal tins. Indonesia is another place where you can find evidence of the use of piggy banks.

During those times, a piggy bank was an indispensable tool. The lack of cohesive banking systems is what led many communities to look for alternative ways of storing cash. As a result, most of the pots were designed in such a way that it was difficult to break them. This encouraged most people to save more than they spent.

In the modern day, parents use piggy banks to teach their children the value of money. Most kids like depositing whatever little money they can get so that they can spend it later on. And although many associate the piggy bank with kids, there’s no reason why grownups shouldn’t take advantage of these tools. An adult piggy bank will motivate you to save money for that longed-for trip or major investment.


Construction and Design

The modern piggy banks come in an array of styles and shapes. While some manufacturers are still hell-bent on making the pig-shaped versions, others have diversified to different shapes. So, you’re likely to find piggy banks shaped like bottles, boxes among others. You can also have a piggy bank custom-made to suit your tastes.

The durability of your piggy bank will be determined by the material used in its construction. Adult piggy banks could be made from a wide range of materials including wood, ceramic, plastic, stoneware and glass. Wooden piggy banks are the most preferred because they’re not prone to damage. They also have this antique look that blends well with any interior décor. Plastic piggy banks allow easy access to your money savings. However, you should be wary of piggy banks made of ceramic or stoneware as they break easily.

Another aspect you’ll want to consider is the size. If you want to save for a long period, you should get an extra-large adult piggy bank. But, if you’re just saving vacation fund to spend during Christmas, you can go for a smaller size.

Although color is another factor to consider, it has negligible impact on your money-saving course. It is only important if you want the piggy bank to double up as a décor item.

Performance and Ease of Use

You should pay key attention to the coin slot of the piggy bank. Ideally, it should be big enough to accommodate your bills and coins but not too big that it allows the contents to leak out. With most piggy banks, the coin slot is positioned at the top or on the side.

There would be no point of saving money in your piggy bank if you have to break it to access your savings. To prevent this, piggy banks are fitted with tiny openings at the bottom. More advanced models come with locks and keys. Other versions will have detachable lids and are hence easy to access. Unfortunately, such piggy banks offer very little security. Avoid piggy banks with smashable designs. Although they will encourage you to save for longer, you’d have to get a new piggy bank every time you break it.

With regards to maintenance, you just need to wipe your piggy bank with a dry clean cloth. Never clean wooden piggy banks with moist cloths as they could damage the wood. Also, be extra careful when handling ceramic, stoneware and glass piggy banks since they can easily break upon impact.

Reasons to use an adult piggy bank

Organize Loose Change

If you’re like me, you probably have loose change everywhere; in the car, jewelry boxes, desk drawers, pockets and more. The best way to keep such money neatly organized and in one place is to invest in an adult piggy bank.

Spare one afternoon during the week when you can look for all your loose change and keep it in a piggy bank. For valid reasons, you cannot start making your way to the bank every time you want to save loose change. Still, this should not be an excuse to toss away loose coins. Every dime and nickel counts, so get yourself a piggy bank and start saving.

Rainy Day Fund

Have you ever found yourself in a situation where you want to order takeout but don’t have enough money to do so? If you had a piggy bank where you save money every once in a while, then you’d not have to worry. Having a piggy bank ensures you have funds for such rainy days. It also provides a lot of convenience since you don’t have to rush to the bank during such instances.

A piggy bank also comes in handy when kids come knocking at your door to sell you candy. Quite obviously, you can’t pay for such using your credit card. You can simply take out $2 and buy the candy to support their course.

No More Rolling Coins

Balancing your work and family life is pretty taxing. If you have an experience of rolling coins, then you understand how time-consuming this task is. Initially, people would take their rolled coins to the bank so they could have them converted to dollar currency. Thankfully, the days of rolling coins are long gone. Presently, the best and easiest way to save loose change is to keep them in a piggy bank.

When your piggy bank is filled to the brim, collect all your loose change and take it to a CoinStar machine, which is common in most groceries. This device will tally all the coins then print out a voucher for the total amount. Take the voucher to a customer care representative who will give you hard cash in exchange for the voucher.

Set an Example

What better way to teach your kids about money management than with a piggy bank. Having a personal piggy bank where you store all your loose change sets a perfect example for your kids.

At a tender age, many children don’t understand the value of saving money. Anytime they get allowances or money in the form of gifts, they’re ready to spend it buying toys, clothes, candy and more. According to them, they have a whole lifetime to think about earning incomes and saving for investments.

But this is not the case as they’ll soon grow up and start fending for themselves. As such, you should train them good money-saving habits when they’re still young. By getting an adult piggy bank yourself, your children will also feel motivated to get one.

Save Without Trying

The one piece of advice that every financial expert gives is to save money constantly. Ideally, individuals are recommended to save at least 10% of their earnings. In reality, saving cash is easier said than done. This is where a piggy bank comes in.

If you have a bank account, you have to put in effort to save. Sadly, many end up spending these savings when their car is in urgent need of a repair or when unanticipated bills crop up.

But saving money in a piggy bank does not require as much effort. You are less likely to substitute your loose coins for bills; hence, putting loose change in your piggy bank helps to grow your personal savings using minimal effort.

Wrap Up

We all have goals and most of the time, accomplishing them requires money. The easiest way to achieve your objective is to invest in an adult piggy bank. Keep your loose change in the piggy bank and you’ll be surprised just how much money you’ll have saved by the end of the year.

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