The 7 Best Adult Pool Floats for the Perfect Summer Weekend

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You’ve packed your swimwear, swimming cap, towel, flip-flops, and enough repellent that can drown an insect farm. But have you remembered to pack the most important swimming essential?

Thanks to Steve Hartman, the mastermind behind the concept of a swimming float, you can now lay back and relax without necessarily taking a full swim. If you decide to explore the waters without one, you’ll be passing up on a great opportunity. Besides, adult pool floats offer a lot of conveniences. You can spend your afternoon floating in your swimming pool lazily, with a cocktail in one hand and Vogue magazine in the other. If you ever wanted an excuse to behave like a child again, the adult pool float is your best chance.

What’s the Best Adult Pool Float?

When it comes to purchasing an adult pool float, you are spoiled for choice. You can go for the traditional inflatable raft, a refined recliner or a novelty tube. We even have some pool floats tailored for couples. Take a look at the best adult pool floats on the market.

Below find the best adult pool floats:

1. Sun Pleasure Party Bird Giant Flamingo Float

Sun Pleasure Party Bird Island Giant...
177 Reviews
Sun Pleasure Party Bird Island Giant...
  • FITS UP TO 6 ADULTS COMFORTABLY- Over 10 feet long and 10 feet tall, this giant...

Looking for an adult pool float that can accommodate both your and your friends? Look no further than the Giant Flamingo Float by Sun Pleasure. At 10 feet long, this float can comfortably fit six adults.

The seats and backrest on this float are very wide and comfy, giving you the perfect place to unwind. What’s more, this float comes with a built-in cooler and cup holder. This way, you can enjoy your favorite beverage while you soak up the rays of the sun.

This Flamingo Float even comes with a pump and carry mesh bag for convenient transportation and storage.

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2. Franklin Sports Pool Float

Franklin Sports Pool Float - Giant Plush...
53 Reviews
Franklin Sports Pool Float - Giant Plush...
  • SUMMER FUN: Makes any beach day more fun while you soak up in the sun with a...
  • EASY INFLATION: Can be inflated by mouth or pump. This float is durable, easy to...

Franklin Sports is a company known for making high-quality outdoor gear, and this giant pool float is the perfect example. With this pool float, your days at the beach will be even more fun.

The float is very user-friendly. You can inflate it using your mouth or invest in a pump. Either way, you will end up with a float that serves as a cozy and durable lounger that you can use all summer long.

One feature that makes this adult pool float unique is that it comes with a soft towel affixed to the top. This is to provide you with a plush surface to relax on. This towel is easy to remove when you want to clean the float. Plus, it comes with a repair patch in the event of an accident.

3. Inflatables Giant Seashell Swimming Pool Float

Inflatables Giant Seashell Swimming Pool...
1 Reviews
Inflatables Giant Seashell Swimming Pool...
  • GIANT SEA SHELL TUBE: Inflatables Giant oversized shell float boasts a unique...
  • BONUS PUMP & PERAL BALL INCLUDED: We love our customer and therefore we always...

The Giant Seashell is the best adult pool float for couples. It has ample surface area for you and your spouse to sit on comfortably. The seating area is versatile enough to be used for lounging, reading and talking. It also has built-in handles, which you can hold on to for enhanced stability.

Thanks to its solid construction, the Giant seashell will serve you effectively all summer long. Apart from the float, the manufacturer also provides a pearl ball and an electric pump that will inflate your float in seconds.

4. The Rosé Floaté Giant Inflatable Raft

The Rosé Floaté® Pool Float Giant...
30 Reviews
The Rosé Floaté® Pool Float Giant...
  • The Rosé Floaté® is the ORIGINAL rosé wine bottle pool float! This premium...
  • GIANT SIZE: Over 7 ft tall, this inflatable wine bottle float is truly larger...

The Rosé Floaté, which comes shaped like a wine bottle, is the most versatile adult pool float. At 7 feet tall, this pool float boasts a gigantic size, which makes it convenient for relaxing in your pool. With regards to design, the Rosé Floaté is constructed using premium quality vinyl with a thickness of 0.30mm.

Fitted with an ultra-large valve, this pool float is incredibly easy to inflate. Whether you decide to use the provided pump or inflate it manually, this is a task that won’t take you more than five minutes. The manufacturer has also included a repair patch for emergency situations.

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5. Giant Unicorn Inflatable Pool Float

Giant Unicorn Pool Float, Big Inflatable...
9 Reviews
Giant Unicorn Pool Float, Big Inflatable...
  • ✪ FUN AND COOL: Cute Summer Swimming Toy, super colorful and beautiful....
  • ✪ EASY TO INFLATE AND DEFLATE: you can use your mouth or a blow dryer to...

If you’re looking for a pool float that can be used by either kids or adults, the Giant Unicorn with a ride-on swan toy is your answer. According to the manufacturer, this pool float can accommodate two adults or a group of 8-year old kids.

Like most inflatable items, the Giant Unicorn is crafted from thick and soft vinyl material. Another plus of this pool float is that it feels very comfortable. It boasts an aerodynamic design, which provides balance while supporting your neck region. When fully inflated, the pool float measures 86.7” by 106.2” by 51.2”.

6. CTVISON Giant Unicorn Pool Float

Measuring 106” by 87” by 51”, the CTVISON Giant Unicorn is one of the biggest water floats of all time. More specifically, this pool float is suitable for heavy adults as it can accommodate weights of up to 460 lbs.

Another thing we like about this pool float is that it’s fitted with two sturdy handles, to enhance stability. It also comes with six valves and safety ropes to secure the pool float to a dock. The manufacturer also promises to give you a full refund, if you return the float within two months of your purchase.

7. Jasonwell Giant Inflatable Flamingo Pool Float

Jasonwell Giant Inflatable Flamingo Pool...
168 Reviews
Jasonwell Giant Inflatable Flamingo Pool...
  • Giant Matt metal Flamingo 190X200X135CM. Float in style.
  • Designed to hold up to 2 adults,more than 400 pounds

If you’re looking for the best party tube that will make you stand out in your next pool party, this flamingo-shaped pool float is an excellent choice. With a width of 108.2 inches, the Jasonwell pool float is pretty big. It can accommodate 2 adults with a maximum weight capacity of 400 pounds.

It comes with rapid valves making it incredibly easy to inflate and deflate. In fact, the manufacturer alleges that it provides up to 5 times faster inflation and deflation. To inflate it, you can use an array of items; from hairdryers to compressors and air pumps. However, we recommend purchasing Jasonwell car powered electric air pump together, which makes this task much easier. Also included in the package are other pool accessories namely a Jasonwell bag and a patch kit.

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Best-Adult-Pool-FloatBuoyed By Displacement: How a Pool Float Works

Have you ever wondered how people are able to float so well in water? You are not alone. Some people are able to float better than others, making it even harder to understand human’s floating capability. The truth is, the ability to float in water starts in your mind. If you believe that you can float and make an effort to learn the art, then you will float perfectly. Another thing that can help is understanding how floatation devices work.

The reason why swimming floats and the human body float is because they are buoyant. Put simply; the water that you displace weighs much more than you do, allowing you to float. Remember that your lungs are full of air, and this creates a force that propels you to the surface. Similarly, floats are usually inflated to enable them stay afloat. The size of the mass in water does not count; what matters is the force of displacement acting against gravitational force. It explains why stones sink immediately they are thrown in water.

Swimming floats do not just employ the principal of buoyancy to stay afloat. They also distribute your weight evenly across a large section of your pool’s surface area. This causes tension on the water surface to support your pool float.

Types of Adult Pool Floats

If you’re planning to buy an adult pool float, you’ll need to choose among different types. The main ones are:

Pool Lounge Floats

These ones function the same way as relaxing chairs and loungers. Pool lounge floats keep you in a sitting position. This way, you can read a magazine, watch birds and enjoy other sceneries in your backyard. However, they may not be the best option for tanning purposes. Their main role is to keep your feet out of the water.

Pool Hammock Floats

With these pool floats, you can employ all the principals of water resistance that you’re familiar with. Unlike the pool lounge, the hammock ones don’t keep you from getting wet. Although they keep you afloat, you’ll remain suspended in the water right beneath the surface. Pool hammock floats are not very user-friendly so you should spare a few minutes to first learn how they work.

Inflatable Pool Floats

Inflatable pool floats are the most versatile as they come in a variety of designs. Some models are fitted with canopy, which is a handy addition if you mind the sun’s UV rays. Most of the floats that have canopies are also fitted with mesh beds for suspending your body in water.

If you want to enjoy tasty fresh juice as you relax in the pool, consider getting a float with built-in coolers and cup-holders. The coolers keep your refreshments cold while the cup holders ensure that you always have your favorite drinks by your side.

Apart from design, you should also pay attention to the pool float’s size. Check the dimensions of the swimming float when it’s fully inflated. Compare these measurements with the size of your swimming pool. Ideally, you should have enough space to spare for the float.

What Are The Advantages Of The Best Pool Floats For Adults?

A pool float provides a convenient way to relax during the hot summer days. Floating tanks can be traced back to the 1950s. Developed by Dr John C. Lilly, the very first floatation tank had to be completely submerged under water. But throughout history, floaters have been perfected to create the modern pool floats.

Floating is more than just a fun activity. It confers multiple health benefits such as alleviating headaches, minimizing stress and relieving chronic pain. Below are other advantages that you get from floating.

Provides a cooling effect

There’s no better way to keep cool during the sweltering summer heat than by floating. The pool floats support your body allowing you to feel the cool water even though you’re not fully submerged.

Enjoy your favorite drink

As mentioned earlier, some floats are equipped with cup holders, providing a convenient place to store your beverage. This way, you don’t have to worry about contaminating the pool water with the contents of your drink.

Float your way to fitness

If swimming is not your thing, there are other aqua-related techniques to achieve your fitness goals. You can perform different exercises using your pool float. These include press-ups, squats and balancing in water. Besides, the water resistances helps to tone your muscles.

Buyer’s Guide


Before purchasing an adult pool float, you should first determine how you intend to use it. What purpose will it serve and where will you use it? Establishing the purpose of your potential float is crucial since some models cannot handle certain conditions like strong tides.

Similarly, a swim float that will be used in a river ought to be made of thick material so that it supports your weight without flipping over. However, if you’re just looking for comfort, then you should go for a model with all the advanced features that swim floats come with: cup holders, coolers, headrest and more.


Some people are more concerned about how the adult pool float looks like or to put it bluntly, whether the float is classy enough for their next pool party. If your main concern is design, you’ll be pleased to know that all the adult pool floats in our review look stylish. They are also made of sturdy material, so you don’t have to worry about their durability.


Some inflatable floats come with additional attachments to ease their use. For instance, if you don’t want to spend half an hour inflating your float manually, you should go for a model that comes with an electric air pump. Another handy accessory is a patch kit, to help in the event of leaks.

What Material Should You Buy?

The secret behind choosing a durable raft or pool float is to check the material used in its construction. If you’ll be sharing the float with your kids and pets, then the float should be sturdy enough to support their weights. You will also notice that some pool floats are easier to store than others. Consider these two types:

Foam pool floats

As its name suggests, these floats consist of foam-made core, which is then wrapped in a vinyl layer. The pillow section of such a raft will also be made of foam. Given the flexibility of foam material, these floats are designed in different widths. They’re also pretty durable and can withstand puncturing and tearing. Another plus of foam is that it gives your float a thin profile allowing you to lounge closer to the water.

Also, foam rafts are compact in size, making them easy to store. The only caveat is that they are a bit bulky and take long to collapse. But if you want an adult pool float that will keep working even when it’s punctured, foam is your best bet.

Inflatable pool floats

These types of floats require users to inflate them using special devices which may or may not be provided by the manufacturer. If you want to have an easy time with the inflating process, we recommend choosing a small-sized model. On the plus side, inflatable floats provide a larger surface area than most foam floats.

They are also easy to store as you just need to deflate them then pack them. Since they are only made of one material, inflatable floats are also cheaper than their counterparts. However, if your inflatable float gets punctured, it won’t stay afloat that long, which is why most brands provide patch kits.

Wrap Up

Although relaxing in the sun is an excellent way to take the edge off after a long day, using the wrong type of adult pool float will only worsen your day. As you compare and contrast the floats you find on the market, there are a few things you should pay attention to. These include the available accessories, design, type and the material used in making the pool float.

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