The 7 Best Barre Socks For Better Balance And Stability

Alex Clarkson
Alex Clarkson

To say the barre trend has gained popularity in the past few years is an understatement. Barre has transformed from a class for simple dancer-types to the ultimate workout choice for fitness enthusiasts across the world. Barre studios are springing up not just in the U.S. but also internationally.

Even though barre descends from dance, those who are rhythmically challenged need not worry. You don’t need to have any dance experience to excel in this workout. You also don’t need leotards or tap shoes to perform barre workouts. But although shoes aren’t required on the mat, socks are a must-have. The best barre socks not only acts as a barrier between your feet and the studio floor but they also offer support and stability.

The Best Barre Socks

Considering how popular barre workouts have become, it is not surprising that there’s now an overwhelming number of manufacturers focusing on barre socks and other footwear options. You can choose from a variety of choices; from basic ankle socks with toe-to-heel grips to the high-end organic cotton socks that feature an exceptional construction. Also, while some socks are fully covered on the toes, others feature toeless designs, allowing the individual more flexibility.

So here my list of The 7 Best Barre Socks.

1. CozTake Women’s Yoga Socks

Stylish and comfortable, the Women’s yoga socks by CozTake are ideal for barre classes and more. One of the features that makes these socks feel so comfortable is their design, which consists of cotton, polyester and elastane.

Besides, each one of these socks has been hand-dipped in eco-friendly dyes making them exceptional. This allows them to provide excellent arch support and recovery to the sock shape.

Recommended for women’s shoe sizes 5 to 9, the CozTake can be used for yoga classes, ballet, Pilates and dance. These socks also boast non-slip dots on the rear side. This enhances the grip on the floor; hence preventing slippage and other forms of accidents.

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2. Yoga Pilates Barre Sticky Socks for Women

LUCKAYA 3 pairs Yoga Pilates Barre...
101 Reviews
LUCKAYA 3 pairs Yoga Pilates Barre...
  • New Ballet inspired Design of non-slip socks requested by Yoga Pilates/...
  • Custom molded non-slip grip pattern covered on bottom, crossover strap on top...

If you ever forget your yoga mat, you can just put on these non-slip socks and continue practicing your Vrikshasana pose.

Available in an all-black, pink or gray, these socks come with non-slip grip pattern on the rear to provide optimal grip. On the top section, they feature a crossover strap making them look chic. These too are made from a blend of three materials: 80% cotton, 17% nylon and 3% spandex.

The good thing about cotton is that it’s breathable and durable. It’s often blended with nylon, a non-absorbent material that also adds to its strength and durability. The incorporation of spandex fabric makes the socks stretchable enough to provide a snug fit.

The most exciting feature about these barre socks is that you get three pairs for the price of one. They come in women sizes 6-10 and men sizes 4-9.

3. Pointe Studio Women’s Grip Socks for Barre

Pointe Studio Women's Grip Socks for...
19 Reviews
Pointe Studio Women's Grip Socks for...
  • DESIGN: The next best thing to being barefoot in the studio, our lightweight...
  • STYLE MEETS PERFORMANCE: Designed with one-step-ahead style and...

If you’re attending three or more barre sessions every week, and can’t keep up with all the laundry, this three-pack barre socks with grips for women is a fantastic option. Although pricier than most brands, these ones are worth the investment. For one, these socks feature a lightweight and grip design that makes them ideal for yoga, piyo, Pilates and other fitness needs.

What’s more, the Pointe Studio grip socks consist of breathable, durable materials. They’re made of cotton, a material that can withstand wear and tear; nylon and spandex. Another perk of using cotton when making these socks is the fact that it can absorb moisture from your feet; hence keep you dry and comfortable during your barre workouts.

The barre socks with arch support also feature a padded ankle rest. This additional support is essential to prevent them from slipping off while also providing the much needed protection. The padded ankle rest is great for protecting an individual’s Achilles tendon from the rough ballet barre surfaces.

4. Tavi Noir Chey Grip Socks for Barre

Are you looking for barre socks that will give you the best stability during strenuous workouts? Look no further than the Tavi Noir Chey barre socks. Fabricated from organic cotton, these are some of the most comfortable barre socks you’ll ever find.

Wearing these socks gives you a freeing feeling like you’re barefoot. Plus, they also feature arch compression, which supports your mid foot section. The Tavi Chey socks boast textured soles with BPA-free grips designed in a triangle pattern. This design provides three main areas of attachment and a bigger surface, giving the wearer a powerful grip.

5. Yoga Socks Non Slip Skid Barre

Yoga Socks Non Slip Skid Barre Pilates...
67 Reviews
Yoga Socks Non Slip Skid Barre Pilates...
  • PREMIUM MATERIAL: 80% Cotton,18% Nylon,2% Spandex.High quality material make of...
  • SIZE: One size(Women's shoe size 5-9). Suitable for most women working as yoga...

If you’re looking for barre socks that are not only functional but also stylish, these Barre Socks from Binygo are your best bet. These cute grip socks are available in a variety of colors such as black, pink and grey, which means you’ll be able to choose one depending on your taste. It’s available in women shoe sizes of 5 to 9. It’s suitable for most fitness workouts including yoga and Pilates.

A key highlight of these yoga socks is the non-slip silicone material, which not only enhances safety but also stability. Also, these socks are easy to wear, allowing for flexibility on your ankle. And since they’re made from a blend of cotton, nylon and spandex, they are also breathable and comfortable.

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6. Goodwyn Goods Barre Sock with Grip NonSkid

Non-Slip Socks Yoga Barre Pilates...
663 Reviews
Non-Slip Socks Yoga Barre Pilates...
  • SOFT - Towel-like cushioned sole combines with high thread knitting technology...
  • STURDY - Elastic arch ensures socks stay stable on your feet without shifting...

Being a low-impact and high-intensity form of workout, barre is recommended for expecting women. Practicing barre is an excellent way to prepare for labor and delivery. Plus, it can reduce your post-natal recovery. But before trying out this trend, consider investing in a quality pair of barre socks like these ones from Goodwyn Goods.

Consisting of 80% cotton, 17% polyester and 3% spandex, these socks are soft, durable and they fit snuggly. The sole of these socks constitutes a unique thread knitting technique, which results in the highest quality of anti-slip socks.

The Goodwyn Goods barre socks can be worn for maternity, travel and during recovery after C-section procedures. Furthermore, the socks boast elastic bands to prevent the socks from slipping off during intense workouts.

7. Non Slip Anti Skid Grip Socks

These are one of the most economical barre socks on the market. For the price of one pair, you’ll be getting two quality anti-skid socks that will last a long time. Available in men’s sizes 8 to 11 and women’s sizes 9 to 12, these socks can be used for a ton of other functions apart from barre workouts. They are ideal for Pilates, yoga, rehab, dance and even martial arts.

Another plus of these grip socks entails their cushioned soles, which provide ultimate comfort. They feature ventilation arch bands, which keep your arch supported; hence, enabling you to maintain your form.

Made of 80% cotton, the non-slip anti-skid socks give your feet a luxury feel. They also stretch nicely thanks to the inclusion of polyamide and elastane materials in their construction.

Buying Guide Barre Socks.

Benefits of Barre

best-barre-socksAs mentioned earlier, barre is one trend that has gained popularity very quickly, especially because of the influence by ballerina wannabes. If your closet drawer and bedroom storage drawers are filled with leggings and grippy socks, then trust me, you’re not alone.

So why is the barre trend highly addictive? Well, for one, a barre workout provides you with an unparalleled positive feeling. Scientific studies have proven that long-term ballerinas have finer motor skills than novices. This is not to mean that you need to perform at Lincoln Center to experience the perks of practicing barre. Engaging in this activity for an hour or less will still give you plenty of benefits such as:

Strength and Definition

One group of muscles that barre workouts help you target are the thigh muscles. This exercise helps you work your front, inner and outer thighs, strengthening the muscles from one joint to another. Other muscle groups that barre workouts target include those located in the abs back and arms. By attending that one barre session every week, you will be creating amazing definition while also reinforcing those muscles that are rarely used.


Each barre class involves a specific series of movements. However, a majority of them emphasize on isometric contractions and tiny isotonic movements. An isometric contraction involves tightening your muscle without necessarily altering its length. An example of this is the plank position or other poses where an individual has to stay still as his legs move. Such contractions employ the slow-twitch muscle fibres, which help in building stamina and endurance.


Most of the people who shy away from barre workouts do so because they have this false notion that it requires a lot of flexibility. But this is not the case. In fact, practicing barre is what enables you to enhance your overall range of motion while minimizing the risk of injury. When you fail to engage in such exercises, your muscles become tense and tight, a condition that ultimately causes back pain and poor posture. It can even make simple tasks like picking something from the ground difficult. To prevent this, a barre workout can help. In fact, it’s one of the best ways to reduce stress.


Another perk of practicing barre is that it works your core muscles. You can go for barre workouts solely so that you can improve on your balance and stability. If you have experienced back pain at any point, one culprit for this could be weak core muscles.

People who spend sedentary lifestyles also have a higher likelihood of having weak core muscles. Thankfully, you can reinforce your core muscles by practicing barre. When your core muscles are strengthened, you’ll realize that you are able to sit and stand without any problem.

Mind-body connection

A barre workout is one that requires a lot of focus. That said, a barre class will challenge you to concentrate on your thoughts as you work each and every muscle. If you feel like your mind is always drifting away, practicing barre is one way to improve your level of concentration. And if you’re not familiar with barre workouts, a professional barre trainer can give you step-by-step instructions on how to perform different moves. This instructor will also provide hands-on corrections in instances where you need to modify your alignment.

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What are barre socks?

Barre workouts can get sweaty, which is where barre socks come in handy. These socks are uniquely designed to help you perform your barre routines easily and safely. This way, you can focus on learning or performing a particular move without worrying about slipping.

Choosing Your Barre Footwear

With all the myriad of footwear options available for barre fiends, you’re probably wondering whether grip socks are the best alternative. Should you for something fancier or just stick with basic footwear?

Beginners and novice individuals practicing barre often question whether wearing socks is necessary. The answer to this inquiry is two-fold- hygiene and protection. If you like practicing yoga, Pilates, barre and other similar workouts when you’re barefoot, you have a higher risk of slipping and sliding. If you want to worry less about slippage and focus more on your exercise, barre socks are the ultimate solution.

Essentially, the minimum footwear requirement for anyone attending a barre class is any quality pair of socks that you already have. But whenever possible, always go for thick socks. There are a few perks of using those socks that you have in your closet. For one, you won’t incur any additional expense, and two, it’s convenient. However, it’s very hard to find those who practice active barre workouts wearing basic socks more than once.

Why is this case? Well, such basic socks are not designed to protect your feet from slipping. Some moves in barre workouts can be done more effectively by adding a bit of traction on your feet. Ordinary socks lack in this capability.

So what should you look for when buying socks for your barre workout? Grip socks! These socks feature a basic yet functional design. And, they’re pretty affordable. You can get a pair of barre socks for as low as $10. Despite their low pricing, these socks provide you that extra traction, enabling you to focus on your form.

Should you invest in a pair of barre studio shoes fitted with slip on covers for street wear? Not necessarily. A pair of barre socks is enough to prevent slippage and protect your feet from germs as you walk around the barre studio.

Washing Your Workout Clothes: Pure Barre Sticky Socks

Barre sticky stocks- these are a must-have gear for any barre workout. In addition to enhancing your safety as your perform barre exercises, these socks are great for improving your balance and stability. Plus, they provide superb traction while boosting circulation as you work out. If you ask any barre enthusiast how many pairs of barre socks they have at any point, they’re likely to answer two or more. But purchasing barre socks is just half the battle. If you want them to last a while, you need to take good care of them. Here are some hacks to keep them looking new:

Always wash your sticky socks inside out

Doing so prevents your barre socks from losing their grip too quickly.

Wash on cold and the gentle cycle

Most barre sticky socks are machine washable. However, it’s not advisable to wash them in very hot temperatures or rough cycles as this causes them to shrink and it shortens their lifetime.

Don’t use too much detergent

Detergent is meant to kill any bacteria and germs that your barre socks may have collected from the studio floor. On the flipside, using excess detergent will do more harm than good; it will encourage growth of fungi and result in mildew odor.

Always air or line dry

Another way to ensure that your socks retain that soft and grippy texture is to avoid putting them in the dryer. Instead, air dry your barre socks on a rack or line. And in case this idea had crossed your mind- you don’t have to iron them either.

Wrap Up

If you find barre workouts thrilling and motivating, then you should join a barre program immediately. To make the most of these workouts, you’ll also need to invest in the best workout gear, the most important of which are barre socks. These socks are specially designed for these workouts. So unlike standard socks, barre socks are made in such a way that they provide traction to prevent slippage. They also act as a physical barrier between your feet and the yoga mat or studio floor; hence, protecting you from germs.

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