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Alex Clarkson
Alex Clarkson

There is no denying it; baths are the epitome of self-care. At times, you just want to pop a bottle of wine, stream some music, and sink your tub for some relaxation. The only thing better than the bath at such a moment would be to have one of the best bath bombs. Whether you want to use it for aromatherapy or to improve water quality, these are crucial resources for your needs. 

Usually, bath bombs have a spherical shape, but other variations such as lumps and tablets are common. More so, shops also have different bath bombs, but you can also make them at home DIY. Most brands use machines to make their bath bomb products to match the high level of consumer demand. 

Below we have a comprehensive guide to help get you started in selecting the correct bath bombs. 

Best Bath Bombs from A Glance

Best Overall

Bath Bombs Gift Set 12 Extra Large 5oz Fizzies with Pure Essential Oils  

Editors Choice

LifeAround2Angels Bath Bombs Gift Set 12 USA made Fizzies  

Another Top Pick

VEGOLS Natural Bath Bombs, Rich in Essential Oil Handmade Bubble Bath Bomb 

Best Scented

Bath Bombs Gift Set – 6 Large Natural & Organic, Birthday Gifts for Women, Bath Bomb 

Best for Skin Complications

Bath Bombs Gift Set – 6 Large Natural & Organic, Birthday Gifts for Women, Bath Bomb  

Bath Bomb Buying Guide

What are Bath Bombs?

what is Bath Bombs

Bath bombs are these nifty items that you can toss in your bath. They are hard-packed mixtures of ingredients that will “effervesce” when exposed to water. Usually, you use them to add scent, bubbles, color, and essential oils to your water. Besides that, they will create a foamy, bubbly action that offers many benefits. These include relaxing tired muscles, leaves your skin feeling soft and refreshed. Aside from being simple to prepare, and budget-friendly, one great thing about bath bombs is that they also make up for excellent gifts. Plus, bath bombs are also versatile, meaning you can customize them to suit specific bath applications. 

First invented by Lush Cosmetics in 1989 by Mo Constantine, bath bombs have, over the years, become common among people who love aromatherapy. Initially, they were referred to as “aqua sizzlers,” before later on being renamed to bath bombs. Even if her first attempts looked like Alka Seltzer tablets, Mo and her husband started trying out different techniques to innovate their product.

While the use of bathbombs will rarely lead to allergies, some types contain strong chemicals such as dyes and fragrances, which can irritate the skin. The common allergens and irritants found in bath bombs include linalool, limonene, and more. The main ingredients are sodium bicarbonate and citric acid. That said, these are safe for the skin and do not classify as irritants when used as bath additives. Why? Well, because they are organic and will dissolve in the water. 

Benefits of Bath Bombs

  • Relaxing detox – most bath bombs contain essential oils and more, which detox the body from exposure to harmful chemicals and pollution.
  • Bedtime ritual – these bath bombs are also perfect because they get you prepared for bed. With a bath bomb full of calming and relaxing oils, clays, butters, you surely have a relaxing experience. Or better yet, you can even throw it into your kid’s bath as they prepare for bed. 
  • Muscle relieve – do you have sore muscles from working out or strenuous activities? Then add these bath bombs to your tub, and enjoy the relief.
  • Joint relief – do your joints require some relief from the stress of sitting all day at the desk? Then bath bombs are perfect for taking baths.

Key Factors

Skin Type

The first crucial factor to consider is the type of bath bomb that you want for your needs. Various bath bombs are suitable for specific skin types. Thus, go for one that is suitable for your skin type. In most cases, there are bath bombs suitable for dry skin, sensitive skin, oily skin, and more. More so, there are some which are made for a combination of all skin types. Before you buy one, determine whether the bath bomb is suitable for skin.

Type of Ingredients

Remember to evaluate the ingredients that are in the bath bomb that you want to purchase. Usually, bath bombs are made using plant ingredients, which should be safe for the skin. Thus, bath bombs do not contain toxic substances. It would be best if you invest in bath bombs that have organic ingredients.

Plus, the benefit of bath bombs is that they are sulfate and paraben-free. More so, they are also enriched with natural skin-loving ingredients. These bath fizzies guarantee that you will have hydrated and moisturized skin. Expect wonderful ingredients such as essential oils, shea butter, and other natural goodness ingredients. 


All bath bombs have a unique scent. You have several choices when it comes to choosing a preferred type. The common types include rosemary, lavender, hibiscus, and more. You may have to consider these ingredients carefully because you may spend lots of time in the bath. Avoid going for bombs that have unusual fragrances or scents.

Bath Bomb DIY Recipe Ingredients and Materials

  • 1 cup baking soda
  • ½ cup citric acid
  • ½ cup Epsom salt
  • ¼ cup cornstarch
  • 1/2 tsp of water
  • 1 tsp essential oil
  • A few drops of food coloring
  • Optional: dried flowers

Bath Bomb Instructions 

  1. Except for citric acid, mix the ingredients in a large container

  2. Then, add the liquid ingredients in a jar, cover with a top. Close the jar, and shake to mix the ingredients for a few minutes.

  3. Using your cleaning hands, add the liquid mixture to the container with your ingredients. Then, mix them for a few seconds. At this point, add some citric acid. You should notice some fizzing at this point due to the citric acid – this is normal 

  4. Mix the ingredients into your preferred mold tightly. Filling the molds to the brim would be a good suggestion, and get a flat item which you will use to press the mixture. Next, detach the bath bombs from the structure, and place them on a dry surface. Let them sit overnight and check on them the next morning.

  5. Give bath bombs a few days to dry before you use them or wrap them up.

  6. Place one in the tub, and enjoy the reaction and buzz of colors. Also, you should experience a unique aroma at this point. To make things better, turn on your favorite channel or podcast, and relax!

11 Best Bath Bombs Review

Bath Bombs Gift Set 12 Extra Large 5oz Fizzies with Pure Essential Oils 

Bath Bombs Gift Set 12 Extra Large 5oz...
  • ENJOY A SPA-GRADE BUBBLE BATH AT HOME: Turn your bathroom into a 5-star...
  • RELEASE ALL THE SOOTHING ESSENTIAL OILS: Our handmade bath bombs for women are...

Enjoy a spa-grade bubble bath at home, when you have the bath bombs gift set. This gift set comes with 12 extra-large fizzles for endless hours of relaxation in your tub. It will release all the soothing essential oils that you prefer to use. They are infused with natural essential oils, which include lavender, peppermint, orange, and more. These are chemicals that ensure a soothing aromatherapy experience in the comfort of your home.

Furthermore, the bubble belle vegan bath bombs combine pure essential oils and skin moisturizing ingredients. These will ensure your skin is radiant and also feels smooth, clean, and rejuvenated. Kick back, unwind, and relax after a hard day at work with these bath bombs. Yes, considering the ingredients is crucial before buying bath bombs – especially if you have sensitive skin.

Also, the bath bombs are here to drop an aromatic and refreshing experience in your bathtub. Thus, it will turn a boring bath bubble bath into the best part of your day. You will be looking forward to the bath, and sleep like an angel after using a set of these bath bombs. 

The Bubbly Belle Moisturizing bath bombs are suitable for all skin types and won’t react with the material in your tub. 

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The Good

  • Comes with 12 extra-large fizzies for endless hours of relaxation
  • Contains natural soothing oils
  • Does not react in any way with all skin types

The Bad

  • N/A 

Editor’s Choice

LifeAround2Angels Bath Bombs Gift Set 12 USA made Fizzies 

LifeAround2Angels Bath Bombs Gift Set 12...
  • 12 uniquely handcrafted bath bombs. Functional and relaxing. Great Mothers day...
  • Truly made in California, USA freshly with premium USA natural ingredients -...

Sit back and relax hours of relaxation when you have the LifeAround2Angels bath bombs. This unit features 12 uniquely handcrafted bath bombs, to provide optimal relaxation. Even more, you are sure of therapeutic and relaxing results when you have a set of these unique bath bombs. To make things better, each bath bomb is well wrapped – perfect for longevity and ease of use.

Whether you want to use it as a bedtime ritual, for muscle or joint relief – bath bombs are perfect for your needs. It’s the ideal explosion of color, butter, oils, salts, and more. Watch for you’re the surprise moment as the bath bomb dissolves in the water – its so much fun. These colorful balls are bound to make the highlight of any bath session. Each bomb produces bubbly foam, makes the water bright and colorful. Plus, it will take the room with a unique aroma, while also bringing joy in the form of toys. 

The handcrafted bath bombs are available in several scents, perfect for customizing your relaxation experience. These scents include angel, kiwi, strawberry, lavender, and more. 

The Good

  • Comes with 12 uniquely handcrafted bath bombs
  • Offers therapeutic and moisturizing results
  • Formulated for healthy and dry skin

The Bad

  • N/A

Best Scented

VEGOLS Natural Bath Bombs, Rich in Essential Oil Handmade Bubble Bath Bomb 

8 Bath Bombs Gift Set, 3oz Large Fizzies...
  • 【8 Bath Bombs Gift Set】 Unique handcrafted bath bombs set with 8 different...
  • 【Organic & Natural】 Rich in various natural organic ingredients, such as sea...

Make your time at home much more serene when you have the VEGOLS natural bath bombs. This unit is unique and handcrafted with eight different scents, including roses, vanilla, lemon, ocean, and more. They pack each bathbomb individually, a technique which promotes the freshness and longevity of each set. Plus, each bathbomb is packed full of various natural ingredients which are ideal for your skin health. They include sea salt, shea butter, and various other oils. 

The unique combination of ingredients in this bath bomb set will provide excellent foaming and floating effects. When you place it in the water, it will produce bubbles and deliver fragrant bath experience. More importantly, these bath salts won’t stain your skin or bathtub after use. 

It’s the perfect bath bomb set because you no longer have to spend lots of money on a luxurious bathing experience. The Vegols Natural Bath Bombs are perfectly scented, and they will leave you feeling good as well as refreshed each time.

The Good

  • Has eight different scents including lemon, ocean, milk, mint and more
  • Rich in ingredients such as sea salt and shea butter
  • Has excellent foaming and floating effects
  • Has excellent foaming and floating effects

The Bad

  • Not suitable for people with skin health issues 

Best for Skin Complications 

Bath Bombs Gift Set – 6 Large Natural & Organic, Birthday Gifts for Women, Bath Bomb 

Bath Bombs Gift Set - 6 Large Natural &...
  • THE GIFT OF RELAXATION: The perfect gift for EVERY occasion is just one click...
  • SHOW HER HOW SPECIAL SHE IS: There's a reason why our all natural Bath Bombs...

Have you ever heard of bath bombs? This is why we highly recommend the Bath Bombs Gift set, which offers the perfect way to relax and enjoy free time. Each set is gorgeously packaged and fit for your experience. It’s also filled with a variety of lush, essential oil-infused and organic material. 

Plus, the unique benefits of this bath bomb set make an excellent gift for close acquaintances. Whether it’s for Mother’s Day, a girlfriend’s birthday, or a bridal shower, this bath bomb set is perfect for your needs. It’s also crafted using ingredients such a dead sea salt, that will support the skin and entice your senses. They are the ideal way to treat or convert your bathroom into an oasis after a long day.

You will also be pleased that this bath bomb set will detox your body from exposure to harmful chemicals or pollution. You can use it to get your body prepared for bed, with a relaxing and calming bath experience. How is this possible? Well, the bath bomb set contains clays, salts, butter, and calming essential oils.

The Good

  • Filled with several lush and essential oils
  • Does not contain harsh or harmful chemicals
  • Fizzes and produces several colors

The Bad

  • Highly scented not suitable for sensitive individuals

24 Organic & Natural Bath Bombs, Handmade Bubble Bath Bomb Gift Set 

24 Organic & Natural Bath Bombs,...
  • 24 Bath Bombs Gift Set: Contains four small boxes, each with 6 different colors...
  • There are Six Different Colors in Each Box: including Summer Dream - Yellow,...

Take your relaxation experience to the next level when you have the 24 organic and natural bath bomb sets. This unit is available in six different colors, including yellow, orange, blue, and rose. The unique formula and ingredient mixture of this Natural Bath Bomb set ensures that you will enjoy an outstanding experience with each bath. Thus, the bath bombs will provide a fantastic visual impression, even as you place them in the water.

Perhaps the most important factor to consider when buying bath bombs should be the ingredients. Why? Well, because they contribute towards the ability of the bath bombs to clear your rejuvenate and clear your skin of complications. These natural materials provide longevity over issues such as overexposure to the air.

For this reason, you are sure of a bath bomb set that solves the issues that other chemical-based bath bombs can bring. The RAW materials have also passed FDA certification, and all the materials are natural, organic and will provide low pigment adhesion. Plus, it won’t harm the structure of your tub because the ingredients are all soluble in water.

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The Good

  • Available in size different colors
  • Incorporated with essential oils for a soothing experience
  • Comes with the latest ingredient ration and formula
  • Made using natural materials that have a lower activity level 

The Bad

  • N/A 

Surprise Bath Bomb Gift Set! 12 Large Kids Bath Bombs with Toys Inside

Relax and enjoy your free time when you have the Surprise Bath Bomb Gift Set. This unit offers a relaxing, refreshing, and multilayered explosion of color for the ideal bath experience. It’s available in multi-colored bath bombs, that can also make up for an excellent surprise for close acquaintances. The unique design of the bath bombs makes them easy and convenient to use to make things better. 

You will also benefit highly from the products that Paraben and Sulfate free. The ingredients are also enriched with natural and skin-loving ingredients for the best bath experience. Plus, the bath fizzies will leave the skin hydrated and moisturized – for the best results each time. Thanks to the unique combination of essential oils, including shea butter, salts, and various other natural products – you have a unique product in your hands. 

Yes, being able to consider the ingredients of your chosen bath bomb set is an important factor to consider. It’s nothing short of what you can expect when you have the surprise bomb gift set, which works well for all skin types. 

Using this set of bath bombs is also easy. You just fill the bathtub with some warm water, unwrap and drop it in the tub. It will start fizzing and deliver an explosion of fragrance, color, butters, oils, and salts.

The Good

  • Paraben and sulfate-free bath bombs
  • Has essential oils, shea butter, and various natural products
  • Easy to use and filled with fragrances

The Bad

  • Could use a better storage mechanism 

Aofmee Bath Bombs, 7 Pcs Fizzies Spa Kit Perfect for Moisturizing Skin 

Exquisite, fragrant, and unique. These are just some of the few benefits you can expect when using the Aofmee Bath bombs set. This unit features seven uniquely handcrafted bath bombs, with each weighing 2.5 oz size. The unique ingredient makeup of this bathbomb set ensures a relaxing and rejuvenating experience with each session. 

It’s a bathroom set that will ensure a unique bathing experience. They are simple to use, because you just place them in the water, and watch as it fizzes out essential oils and more. Thus, you are sure of a soothing and spa-level experience, all thanks to a natural, as well as a colorful bath. The good thing about using this bath bomb set is that it offers longevity, and it won’t affect your skin or even your bathtub. 

It’s a bath bomb set that will cleanse, deodorize, and repair your skin. As such, you will enjoy healthy and younger-looking skin. Regular usage of this bathbomb set also promotes your overall skin health and relieves tension as well.

The Good

  • Comes in 7 scents and colors
  • Has a 2.5-inch oz diameter
  • Suitable for cleaning and deodorizing the skin

The Bad

  • N/A 

Homasy Bath Bombs, 12 Pcs Bath Bomb Gift Set with Natural Essential Oils 

Homasy Bath Bombs, 12 Pcs Bath Bomb Gift...
  • ♥12PCS BATHE BOMBS GIFT SET♥ Homasy bath bombs gift set comes with 12...
  • ♥FIZZY BATH♥ Unlike other bath bombs, Homasy bath bombs create rich bubbles,...

Have you ever used bath bombs before? Well, we highly recommend the Homasy Bath Bombs, which are available in 12 different scents. These include grapefruit, rose, chamomile, orange, lavender, and more. The homasy bath bombs will create rich bubbles, that will bring you a fragrant bathing experience. Also, the 12 piece bath bombs are available in unique colors, and with long-lasting fragrances. 

With this bath bomb set, you won’t have to free up time or pay a fortune for a luxury bath. You just have to use a set of these bath bombs, which are highly convenient to use. The bathbombs have unique ingredient make ups which include natural oils, shea butter, sea salt and more. These rich oils will hydrate the skin and maintain elasticity levels. It also features nutrient rich salt, which can relieve skin health issues and more. They have also added some citric acid, which is a good skin detoxification agent, and the shea butter has moisturizing effects.

If you have kids, they will love the amazing colors and fun that these bathbombs can bring to a shower session. Yes, that’s right! It’s more than just a convenient way to complement your shower, because they bring fun and promote skin health. 

The bath bombs are packed in an exquisite package, each that has different scents and smells. They won’t leave any residue on your tub, or even after skin use. You will enjoy soft, moisturized, and fragrant skin after bathing. 

The Good

  • Contains 12 different accents
  • he fragrance smells sweet and gentle
  • Has rich oils and salts for the skin

The Bad

  • Takes a few minutes to produce the correct result

Bath Bombs Ultra Gift Set By NATURAL SPA 

Bath Bombs Ultra Lux Gift Set - 6 XXL...
  • Handmade , all natural, vegan and organic. Comparable to Other Bath Bomb in...
  • With essential oil - Our essential oil bath bombs set feature natural,...

Handmade, all-natural, vegan, and organic. These are just some of the few right words you can use to describe the Bath Bombs Gift Set by Natural Spa. With essential oil, these bath bombs will provide rejuvenating, healing, and natural experience each time. The ingredients in these bath bombs include sunflower oils, shea butter, cocoa butter, and Vitamin E for smooth, glowing skin. 

To make things better, the unique design of these bath bombs makes them the perfect gift for different people. These include moms, women, teen girls, kids, and men. When it comes to sizing your bath bombs, ensure you make the correct decisions each time. Thus, this is why the extra-large size of each bomb is greater than most other bolls. As such, you will enjoy a longer-lasting cleaning effect.

The large bath bombs will diffuse over a longer period than in the seconds it takes for others to dissolve. You will be pleased to know that these bath bombs are of high quality and ensure longevity.

The Good

  • Handmade and all-natural ingredients
  • Comes with essential oils for natural and rejuvenating skin
  • Perfect gifts for moms, kids and more 

The Bad

  • It takes a few minutes to produce the correct results

Homasy Bath Bombs, 12 Pcs Bath Bomb Gift Set with Natural Essential Oils 

Homasy Bath Bombs, 12 Pcs Bath Bomb Gift...
  • ♥12PCS BATHE BOMBS GIFT SET♥ Homasy bath bombs gift set comes with 12...
  • ♥FIZZY BATH♥ Unlike other bath bombs, Homasy bath bombs create rich bubbles,...

With the Homasy Bath Bomb set, you have the perfect way to relax and enjoy your free time. Why? Well, these bath bombs comprise the ideal combination of ingredients for your shower experience. These include grapefruit, rose, chamomile, orange, lavender, grape, and more. These bathbombs are powerful and can produce rich bubbles when in water. Thus, you will enjoy a fragrant and unique bath experience each time.

Available as a set of 12 bathbombs, you are sure of a reliable supply of fun and skin nourishment for an entire week. The fragrances have a sweet and gentle scent. Most importantly, you will be pleased to know that the color won’t stain your skin or the bathtub after use. 

Plus, Homasy bath bombs are handmade using natural and organic ingredients. These include sea salt, shea butter, and essential oils. The essential oils will hydrate and keep your skin elastic. The nutrient-rich sea salt is ideal for all kinds of skin and enhances your complexion. Also, citric acid will purify your skin, while shea butter has a moisturizing side effect. 

After a long hard day at work, you can enjoy a fragrant filled bath with this set, and set all you problems aside. You can also be sure of a room filling fragrance to keep your skin smooth, hydrated and nourished.

The Good

  • Comes in 12 different scents
  • Made using handmade and skin-friendly product
  • Crafted using botanical products 

The Bad

  • N/A 

Joanne Arden Organics Vegan Bath Bomb Kit, 20 Count. Large Moisturizing Bath Bombs 

Joanne Arden Organics Vegan Bath Bomb...
  • SUPERIOR QUALITY - Natures garden to your bath. NO toxic ingredients. Discover...
  • DARE TO COMPARE Arden Bombs to any other on the market! MOST POPULAR GIFT IDEA...

The Joanne Arden Organics Vegan Bath Bomb Kit is also an excellent recommendation for your needs. It does not contain any toxic ingredients, and it’s also vegan and gluten-free. The kit contains as many as 20 unique ingredients that will take your senses to only a place you can imagine. Plus, bath bombs are more than just a way to take your bath experience to the next level. Yes, that’s right! They also make up for excellent Christmas gifts, Valentine’s day, teacher appreciation, and more. 

Each bath bomb features a delightful mix of beautiful colors. They are all exceptionally packaged in gift boxes that are made using recycled materials. Using them is easy, because you place them in your batch, and watch as it fizzles and with attractive colors.

When you open the box, you will come across a wonderful blend of aromatic fragrances that will excite your senses. You can even plop a bath bomb in your bath as you enjoy its therapeutic benefits.

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The Good

  • Non-toxic, vegan and gluten-free bath product
  • Available in high-quality storage boxes for convenience
  • Comes with as many as 20 unique ingredients

The Bad

  • Some users don’t like the scent 


Taking a good bath can be an excellent way to relax and enjoy spending some free time. If you want to enjoy a good bath experience each time, it’s good to have the best resources. Thus, this is why this guide has been all about the best bath bombs. These things contain organic ingredients that are good for your skin and will also make you feel good. Yes, that’s right! There is a reason why these things have gained popularity over the past few years. Aside from complementing your bathing experience, they also make up for excellent gifts for close acquaintances. 

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