11 Best Blow Off Valve Reviews & Buying Guide

Alex Clarkson
Alex Clarkson

A significant number of turbocharged cars can produce a powerful sound when shifting gears. It’s a sound that screams power, performance and efficiency. However, not many cars today come with these components, and this is why you have to modify. This can stop when you have the right blow off valve for your vehicle. Yes, that’s right, these might be excellent modifications for your car, but you also have to get the right ones for the best results. 

Based on our research, the RPM Powersports Maverick Turbo X3 BOV Blow Off Valve 120hp Models 2017-21 is a top pick. That said, there are various additional options and information in this guide for you to get started

Best Blow-off Valve from A Glance

Top pick

RPM Powersports Maverick Turbo X3 BOV Blow Off Valve  

Editor’s Choice

BPV/Bolt-On Blow Off Valve For Honda Civic 1.5L Turbo  

Best Value 

DNA Motoring PT-ZTL-8012-GD Blow-Off valve-BOV (Gold) 

Best for Longevity

RYANSTAR Adjustable Dual Port Turbo Dump Blow Off Valve 

Best Blow Off Valve: Buying Guide

A blow-off valve is the mechanism that produces the “whoosh noise” in the engine of your car. In most cases, it’s a modification and can also be available as a stock part. The device works by releasing air that is under high pressure into the atmosphere when you stop throttling to change gear. You will notice there is a decrease in velocity when shifting gears, and this is the problem that a BOV helps to solve.

How it Works

When the engine in your car produces high levels of RPM, lots of air tends to get into the engine, and the turbo helps to regulate this flow of air. If the throttle mechanism stays open, then air will travel through the system. However, when the system is under pressure, the air tries to travel back through the turbo structure. Here is where the BOV will come in, and it has the role of releasing the compressed air into the atmosphere. 

It’s a technique that helps improve the longevity of the turbo and the performance of the car. Plus, adding this accessory to the car helps produce the fantastic sound that most car enthusiasts appreciate. In some cases, BOV brands incorporate their blow off valves with unique mechanisms to help produce a quality sound. 

The right place to install the blow-off valve would be to mount it in the intake plumbing. It usually sits between the compressor for your turbocharger and the throttle plate. The role of the blow-off valve is to help release pressure from the turbocharger component of the engine. It also works to help the turbocharged engine to maintain high levels of torque, and for long durations. With such a mechanism, the drive will enjoy an improved boost level and ensuring power is delivered when required. 

In some cases, one might install a blow-off valve to help improve the sound and performance of the engine. Usually, such a mechanism produces a hissing sound and enhances the sound of the exhaust pipe. Yes, some drivers are only interested in this component because of the unique sound that it can produce. Some aftermarket brands even have unique customization procedures to help enhance the quality of sound produced.

Benefits and Drawbacks of A Draw valve

When it helps to blow off pressure from the engine, it lets the turbocharger spin, even when the throttle is not in active use. For instance, when the driver shifts gears and does not use the throttle pedal, the BOV takes over at such a point. It helps ensure it still spins through the use of the high velocity in the air, and to deliver optimal power.

 The benefit of this blow-off pressure is that it helps to release pressure, which will improve engine performance as well. Even if using a BOV has many benefits, there are some few “DRAWBACKS” that you have to consider.

For instance, aside from the loud noise, these units can produce, the air that circulates through the blow has to be controlled the right way. Failing to do so means that the heated air travels back to the engine, and this can compromise performance. 

Installing a blow-off valve in some cars might compromise the balance of components, and have adverse effects on the lag time for gears. If the valve fails to handle the pressure as required, it could lead to secondary engine damage.

Remember that a good valve kit averages at over $70. That said if you were looking to get just one of these units, consider getting a cheaper alternative. It’s a mechanism that works to adjust air pressure to produce a unique sound, other than the type produced by the engine.

Benefits of a Blow-off Valve

Can release high pressure from the engine – in some cases, the air in the engine accumulates in the intake, and it can have adverse effects. For instance, the high pressure can cause a compression surge in the engine, which comes out as a bad sound. With a blow-off valve, releasing this pressure becomes convenient.

Compliments the turbocharger functions. Setting up a BOV is the next step when you want to set up a turbocharger in your car. It’s a mechanism that helps ensure the turbo system functions efficiently, and also enhances the quality of the engine performance. 

Improves the sound of your ride. Installing a BOV does well to enhance the sound produced by the engine. Some BOVs come with an exit vent, which has the same shape as a trumpet. Why? It helps to make a much louder and powerful sound. Usually, the sound comes off as a “whistling or whoosh” sound.

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Types of Blow Off Valves

There are two common types of blow-off valves you will find in the market. Depending on your spending capacity and type of car, consider the few common types:


Commonly referred to as an adjustable BOV, the hybrid BOV is responsible for solving the issues associated with using vented BOVs. It works by venting some air into the atmosphere and recirculating it back through to the intake system. Plus, the boost pressure will no longer require you to start from zero, because it helps maintain some of the pressure from the engine. It’s a technique that helps stop any lag issues when you want to change the gears. Such a BOV is only suitable when you experience a mass airflow sensor in the engine of your car.


The vented types work to release air into the air and are also simple to set up. Plus, some also feature a trumpet at the exit vent, which has the role of enhancing the hissing sound quality produced. That said, the conventional BOVs release pressure into the air, and this might lead to slight compromises in the turbocharger performance.

Key Features

Build Quality

The build quality and construction of a blow-off valve are vital in its longevity and performance levels. Plus, the ideal types are made using materials such as billet aluminum frames, that have anodized aluminum pistons. You may have to keep away from valves that are made using plastic or any other poor-quality material.

Sound Quality

While blow off valves will improve the quality of sound produced by your engine, you should also consider that the sound changes in relation to the valve structure. If you like the soft hissing sounds produced from engines, then consider installing a blow-off valve. Regardless of the option you consider, ensure you go for one that will produce the right noise rating.

Other Considerations 

  • Compatibility – various universal BOVs are available on the market, but ensure you conduct adequate research to ensure it is suitable for your car. To avoid settling on the wrong option, consider investing in the right models and the custom types for your car type, vehicle and model. 
  • Ease of installation – you will never go wrong when investing in a product that is available with installation kits for convenience. Remember to check the blow-off valve kit for installation information for and compatibility with your car. 
  • CBV vs BOV – being able to install a BOV in the engine of your car depends on various factors such as the type of engine. Some engines are available with a compressor bypass valve (CBV), which will change the direction of pressurized air in the engine. Check the user manual or with a professional mechanic for information on the process.


The installation process is simple, depending on your car type, and the engine performance levels. However, if you are still a novice with your DIY skills, consult with a professional blow off valve service.

Below are some steps to consider before setting up a blow-off valve:

Remember to disconnect the battery before installing the blow-off valve. Even if you can still install the valve with the battery in the car, practicing caution is always a good idea.

Getting an auto repair manual is essential as well. However, you can also use excellent resources such as this YouTube Video by Mighty Car Mods.

Installing a blow-off valve is also simple, and it relates to factors such as the type of car and your spending capacity. Remember to consider these factors before you start shopping for the ideal for your vehicle. 

If your car features a mass airflow sensor, you may have to perform additional adjustments to your engine. Some aftermarket ECU units are easy to install and consider consulting with your mechanic for advice.

Remember that installing any aftermarket mechanism such as blow-off valves in your car may compromise the warranty. Thus, keep track of this aspect. 

Blow off valves will work best when you install them in cars that have stock turbos and parts. Plus, also keep track of aspects such as engine bog, that tends to occur between gears. 

If you plan on setting it up DIY, ensure you keep track of the specifics of your car, to ensure you have the right part for the job. 

Top 11 Blow Off Valve Reviews 2024

RPM Powersports Maverick Turbo X3 BOV Blow Off Valve  

The RPM Powersports Maverick Turbo X3 BOV blow off valve makes up for an excellent addition to your driving regimen. It’s a heavy-duty unit that will last you for many years, and it’s perfect for various types of turbo automobiles.

The valve set is available with an installation kit and instructional manual, which makes it highly convenient to set up. Even more, the unique design of the blow-off valve means that you will experience improved throttle response, while also enhancing turbo life. 

Since you are sure you have a reliable Blow Off Valve, you will be pleased with the exceptional sound that this unit can provide. Its offers the same high-end performance as the intercooler kits available from the brand. 

You should also know that the 120hp turbo X3 needs a specific type of BOV kit to run as required. Since these systems don’t feature an intercooler, they often come with stock charge tubes for enhanced performance. The good thing is that they are available with a detailed instructional manual to make them highly convenient to use. 

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The Good

  • Comes with detailed instructions and manual
  • Designed to improve the throttle response levels
  • Available with detailed instruction kit for convenience

The Bad

  • N/A

Runners Up

Turbosmart TS-0203-1223 Kompact 34 mm Plumb Back Universal Fit Blow Off Valve 

Turbosmart TS-0203-1223 Kompact 34 mm...
  • More versatility, higher performance
  • OEM type fitment

Improve the performance of your car significantly when you have the Turbosmart TS-0203-1223 Plumb Back Off valve. The valve is exceptionally versatile and is perfect for improving the overall performance of your vehicle.

It’s an excellent OEM type fitment, which is easy to set up and install. The unique design of the valve also means that you are sure of a superior flow of air, each time when pressing down on the throttle. Plus, the Turbosmart brand has done well to ensure the valve provides an excellent flow of air when driving. Whether it’s for racing or DIY purposes, this best blow-off valve is perfect for your car.

The Good

  • Designed to provide versatility and improved performance
  • Offers excellent structural integrity even when used in boost
  • Designed to fit most cars and for ease of installation

The Bad

  • Not easy to clean

Editor’s Choice

BPV/Bolt-On Blow Off Valve For Honda Civic 1.5L Turbo  

BPV/Bolt-On Blow Off Valve For Honda...
  • Great Compatibility — Works on Honda Civic 1.5L Turbo 2016~2019 CVT...
  • Superior Quality — Advanced precision machined out of aircraft grade billet...

Superior, easy to install and reliable. These are just some of the few benefits you can expect when you have the BPV/Bolt-On Blow off valve. It’s an excellent valve that you can use on various types of vehicles, including the six-speed types. The valve is exceptional and will provide you with smooth power delivery and an impressive sound.

You will also be pleased with the high-quality construction of the blow-off valve. It’s made using precision-machined aircraft aluminium and a read coating. Thus, you are sure of durability and outstanding anti-corrosion benefits. Equipped with high-quality internal brass pistons, this unit can withstand high-pressure levels of up to 75PSI. 

The good thing is the 100% recirculating structure ensures longevity. The unique spring pre-load will determine the pressure differential required across the piston. As such, it makes up for an excellent way to release the pressurized intake charge levels. With such a high-performance blow-off valve, you are sure of improved car performance.

As one of the best blow-off valves on the markets, this unit will decrease the lag between shifts for an exceptional boost level. It’s also easy to install, and there is no tune-up required for the entire process. 

The Good

  • Suitable for various types of cars
  • Made using aircraft grade billet aluminum
  • Helps reduce the lag in between shifts and holds boosts much better

The Bad

  • You may have to remove the boost restrictor pill

Also Remember 

DNA Motoring PT-ZTL-8012-GD Blow-Off valve-BOV (Gold) 

DNA Motoring PT-ZTL-8012-GD Blow-Off...
  • 2 Bolt Mounting Design
  • Holds Up to 30 PSI Boost Pressure

Make your car perform better when you have the DNA Motoring PZ-ZTL-8012 Blow off valve that is perfect for different types of automobiles. The valve comes with a unique two-bolt mounting design for ease of installation.

When you close the throttle rapidly, the airflow reduces, which leads to instability in the flow and even fluctuations in the pressure levels. Plus, the surge will finally cause thrust bearing failure, which is associated with excessive pressure on the blow-off valve.

These are valves that feature a unique combination of manifold pressure signal and spring force, perfect for detecting when you close the throttle. Thus, you are free from such mechanical issues when you have the DNA Monitoring PT-ZTL-8012 Blow off valve. 

The Good

  • Has a 2-bolt mounting design for ease of installation
  • Can hold up to 30 PSI boost pressure levels
  • The billet aluminium body is durable and offers longevity
  • The dual spring system provides excellent response levels

The Bad

  • Not suitable for large engines

ECCPP Turbo Blow Off Valve Fit for UNIVERSAL TYPE-RS 

ECCPP Turbo Blow Off Valve Fit for...
  • FITMENT - Blow off valve UNIVERSAL TYPE-RS
  • FUNCTION - The purpose of the blow off valve is to protect the throttle and...

Take the performance of your car to the next level by installing the ECCPP Turbo Blow Off Valve Kit. It’s a valve kit, that has all the unique design values you need in a robust and reliable valve for your needs. For instance, the role of the valve is to ensure the throttle and turbine are safe from damage. Thus, this lets the turbo maintain the ideal speed and acceleration levels, especially during high-performance races.

Remember that the ideal blow off valve is durable and easy to set up. It’s a description nothing short of what you can expect when you have the ECCPP Turbo Blow off valve. The makers of this unit have also done well to ensure it is compatible with most engine types and brands you will find on the market. 

The valve also has a unique design that helps to reduce failures and offers trouble-free performance each time. It’s also quick and easy to install, thereby making it ideal for DIY installation techniques. Designed to be suitable for various types of vehicles, you are sure this blow-off valve will provide the perfect fit. It is ideal for the Audi A3, Porsche Bi-Turbo, Seat Leon, Passat, Polo and more.  

The Good

  • Helps protect the throttle and turbine mechanism
  • Offers secure and efficient performance
  • Can reduce engine failures and is easy to install

The Bad

  • N/A

XtremeAmazing Universal Adjustable Car Turbo Dump Blow Off Wastegate Valve 

XtremeAmazing Universal Adjustable Car...
  • Aluminum construction, black anodisation
  • External Diameter: 25mm

The Xtreme Amazing Universal Adjustable Blow off valve is also an excellent recommendation for your car modification needs. The construction of this unit and all its unique components make it a stand outperform when it comes to engine power.

Remember that the ideal engine components are made using excellent materials. Thus, the Xtreme Amazing Blow off valve makes up for a reliable addition to the performance of your car. Created using high-quality aluminum that has black anodization, this unit will provide several years of reliable performance. The external diameter is also 25mm, which makes the blow-off valve perfect for various types of cars.

Thanks to the unique design of the valve, you are sure of improved throttle response and a better clamping load level. As such, the car will maintain the ideal boost pressure levels and produce a unique sound that will make your vehicle the envy of other drivers.

The Good

  • Has a heavy-duty aluminum construction
  • The valve will provide quick throttle responses and better clamping loads
  • Suitable for different types of vehicles 

The Bad

  • Should be able to handle high levels of PSI

Universal 50mm Blow Off Valve BOV Dump Valve Kit 

Universal 50mm Blow Off Valve BOV Dump...
  • The body and all internal components are CNC-machined from 6061 aluminum alloy....
  • An aluminum weld base mounting provided with each unit. Color anodized aluminum...

When you have the Universal 50mm blow-off valve kit, you have a more than reliable addition to your car mechanics regimen. The blow of valve has durable internal components that are made using 6061 aluminum alloy for longevity. The valve can hold outstanding pressure levels of well over 35PSI for the best performance. 

Plus, the blow-off valve comes with aluminum welded base mounting, that makes it easy to set up. The unique colour of the anodized aluminum also makes up for excellent aesthetics. As one of the best blow-off valve markets on the market, this unit works well with both super and turbocharged engines.

The dual spring system provides promoted responses and offers tremendous boost pressures. When you want to install a component in your car, it’s vital that you go for a heavy-duty unit. Thus, this is why the Universal 50mm blow-off valve will impress you. The valve is durable and ensures you will enjoy many years of reliable performance. The good thing is that it’s compatible with most types of small cars, and is easy to install.

The Good

  • Comes with an aluminum welded base
  • Can hold up to 35PSI of boost pressure
  • The dual spring system provides excellent response rates
  • Suitable for universal applications and is easy to use

The Bad

  • N/A

Evolution PowerSports RZR XP Turbo Blow Off Valve Kit BOV 

Evolution PowerSports RZR XP Turbo Blow...
  • Direct replacement for the OEM Polaris plastic valve
  • Tested to 500+ horsepower

Realize what you have been missing in the performance of your car when you have the Evolution Powersports RZR XP Blow off valve kit. It’s an excellent replacement for the OEM Polaris plastic valve types, and it’s also easy to set up. The makers of this unit have tested to support well over 500+ horsepower levels.

It also comes with a billet anodized aluminum construction that comes with seals to withstand high-temperature levels. Also, the valve kit won’t stick like the conventional OEM valve you will find on the market. The excellent sound that this unit can provide is outstanding and is similar to the conventional “turbo” sound.

Equipped with a prefilter, is safe from issues such as dirt and sand. The high-temperature seal o-rings and custom spring rates are compatible with the intense demands onf this high performance engine. With all these high-quality features, this unit qualifies as a high precision part for high-performance vehicles.

The valve also does well to direct air to the atmosphere, to produce the exceptional sound that most drivers prefer. 

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The Good

  • Has an anodized aluminum construction with high temperature
  • Comes with a prefilter for optimal performance
  • Can support well over 500+ horsepower levels

The Bad

  • Not durable enough for race performances

 RYANSTAR Adjustable Dual Port Turbo Dump Blow Off Valve 

RYANSTAR Adjustable Dual Port Turbo Dump...
  • 【Dual port】 Dual port blow off valve vents both to the atmosphere and back...
  • 【Fitment】Fit for 1.8 T and 2.7 T Volkswagen and Audi turbo engines 1998-2005...

When you have the RYANSTAR Adjustable dual-port blow-off valve, you have a robust and reliable addition to the mechanics of your car. Why? It’s because this blow-off valve provides the performance you would not necessarily get with a conventional blow valve.

For instance, the dual-port blow valve features excellent vents, which will provide ventilation for improved performance. The vents are directed to the atmosphere and the air intake, such that you also get an excellent sound from the engine. The good thing is that it’s a structure that won’t compromise the performance of your car`s engine.

Since it comes with an easy-to-adjust valve, you are sure that setting this unit up is convenient, especially if your DIY skills are good. Also, the dual-port valve is easy to configure to provide the right ventilation qualities. The easy to install design features a direct bolt-on, and there is no need to cut holes or weld. Thanks to the compact design, this unit is portable and ideal for upgrading from your conventional blow-off valve. 

The Good

  • Comes with convenient dual-port blow off valves
  • Suitable for 1.8 T and 2.7T engines
  • Has an adjustable valve which is easy to adjust

The Bad

  • N/A

Blow off Valve Kit CNC Aluminum Alloy Turbo Blow Off Valve 

Blow off Valve Kit, Universal 25mm/1inch...
  • ☆【CNC Aluminum Alloy】: This blow off valve adopts high quality CNC billet...
  • ☆【Excellent Performance】: This blow off turbo valve adopts excellent...

The Blow off Valve Kit Alloy Blow Off valve has several unique features to make it a useful addition to your mechanical regimen. Made using CNC aluminum alloy, this unit is durable and resistant to issues such as corrosion. The valve is durable, and not prone to damage complications – thereby guaranteeing longevity.

Furthermore, the valve has undergone a unique manufacturing procedure, which makes it ideal for producing an excellent sound, and improving engine performance. Also, the unique dimensions of the valve mean that your car will have an improved reaction time in the turbine. Thus, the extra boost of air is directed into the air, and then to the engine pipe. It’s a unique process that can provide an excellent performance boost.

Best of all, you will find it easy to adjust the valve, which improves the spring pressure levels. The top fitting has a hose, which makes the system easy to set up and install in your modern vehicle. The good thing is that the entire kit is easy to maintain by using your DIY skills. 

The Good

  • Made using CNC aluminum alloy for corrosion resistance
  • Has undergone an excellent manufacturing process for quality sound
  • Easy to operate and adjust using DIY tools

The Bad

  • Finding replacement parts is not easy

Neeknn 50mm Universal V-Band Blow Off Valve Dump Valve BOV 

Neeknn 50mm Universal V-Band Blow Off...
  • CNC Machined Billet Aluminum Body
  • Universal Application, Great for All Turbo and Intercooler Upgrade

Enjoy improved performance and sound quality from your car when you have the Neeknn 50mm universal V band blow off valve. Made using CNC machined billet aluminum, this valve guarantees high-quality sound and performance each time. Yes, that`s right! Material construction is a crucial factor to consider when you want to invest in blow-off valves for your modern car. 

It is suitable for various applications, including as a turbo and intercooler upgrade. Even more, the high-quality diaphragm and short stroke design does well to improve the response levels provided by the valve. To make things better, the dual spring system offers excellent response rates and delivers high boost pressure levels.

The valve works reliably to relieve pressure from the engine, and to help stop the turbo compressor from going into surge. It’s a complication that affects various high-performance cars, and this is why you need an excellent BOV to help stop this issue. The valve will also improve the sound produced by your vehicle, thus letting you take on long trips or even races with an outstanding engine sound.

The Good

  • The CNC aluminum body is durable
  • The short-stroke will improve the response levels
  • Dual spring system offers excellent response and high boost pressure
  • Can accommodate as much as 35PSI boost pressure levels 

The Bad

  • The installation kit is not easy to use

Best Blow Off Valve: Final Thoughts

Maintaining the performance of your car should be an essential priority, and we have this guide to help you. A BOV valve is a mechanism you can install in any vehicle, and it helps improve the performance as well. It does this by enhancing the flow of air, and throttle performance, so you never lose speed. Therefore, the best blow-off valve is an excellent way to improve the performance of any modern car. The good 

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