7 Best Car Escape Tool to Buy in 2024

Alex Clarkson
Alex Clarkson

Nowadays, modern cars have several safety features and functions, which are meant to make driving safe. However, accidents are inevitable, and you never know when you need a convenient tool to escape from your car. It may take a while before the emergency service arrives, and every time you are in an accident, each second counts.

There is no room for improvising when it comes to care safety. You need to make good decisions, and this includes investing in useful resources such as car escape tools.

Having a convenient car escape tool in the car can be convenient. You will find it easy to store in your glove box, center console, or even to your keychain. While there are many brands of car escape tools, we have made the selection process easier by identifying the critical factors for you to consider.

Top 7 Car Escape Tool Reviews

VicTsing Window Breaker Seatbelt Cutter, Portable Glass Breaker

VicTsing Window Breaker Seatbelt Cutter,...
  • Mini & Accessible Design: 2-1 Compact safety hammer seat belt cutter with...
  • Spring Loaded Window Punch: Window breaker takes 1 second to break car’s side...

Discover the excellence of the VicTsing Window Breaker car escape tool, which is both reliable and durable at the same time. This best car escape tool is compact and is easy to store anywhere in your car. Even more, it has a vivid yellow and red color matching, which catches your eyes during an emergency. The charger also has a spring-loaded window punch, which takes 1 second to break the side window in your car. Also, the high hardness and anti-deformation tungsten steelhead, provides a long lifespan, as compared to the conventional alloy head.

The effortless seatbelt cutting, lets you cut the seatbelt and escape your car quickly. On top of that, you will find it easy to pull the ring horizontally and take out the protective cover in case of an emergency.

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The Good

  • 2-1 compact safety hammer seat belt cutter
  • Spring-loaded window punch
  • Sharp stainless-steel blade cuts seatbelt easily
  • Case is made using durable PC material

The Bad

  • Could use improved tool ergonomics

GoDeCho 4 Pack Car Emergency Escape Window Breaker

GoDeCho 4 Pack Car Emergency Escape...
  • A essential vehicle safety kit. One end is a seat belt cutter for cutting...
  • Reflective tape on both side, Make it more visible, especially insufficient...

You are one step away from owning an entirely safe car. Why? We recommend the GoDeCho 4 Pack Car Emergency Escape Window Breaker tool as an excellent recommendation for your needs. It’s an essential vehicle safety kit, which is also easy to use. One end of the breaker is a seat belt cutter, and the other end is a reliable hammerhead window breaker. The window breaker features two hardened sharp and heavy carbon steel points.

Even more, the Window Breaker features a reflective tape on both sides, which makes it highly visible, especially in poor light. The escape tool is available in a set of 4 car hammers and mounting brackets for your convenience. It also has an anti-skid clear plastic handle, which makes it convenient to use. Each hammer weighs an average of 4.8oz, which makes it easy to swing when in use. Made using steel and ABS material, this car escape tool is perfect for various applications.

It even comes with a mounting bracket included for your convenience. The protective bracket included also provides secure storage, and you can store it in the center console or driver side pocket.

The Good

  • Anti-skid clear plastic handle averaging at 6.7 inches
  • Comes with a mounting bracket for convenient use
  • Has a reflective tape on both sides for visibility
  • Weighs 4.8oz to make it easy to swing

The Bad

  • Available only in one finish

Car Safety Hammer Set of 3 Emergency Window Glass Hammer Breaker by SINSEN

Car Safety Hammer Set of 3 Emergency...
  • 2-IN-1 Car Safety Tool - This life-saving multifunctional car safety hammer and...
  • Double solid cone head car glass breaker hammer is designed to break auto glass...

Take your car safety regimen to the next level with the Car Safety Hammer car escape tool by Sinsen. This life saving multifunctional tool is both durable and reliable for your car safety needs. It has a bright orange color, which makes it difficult to find in the dark, or even when you are in a state of panic. Even more, the tool features a double solid cone head, which is perfect for breaking through auto glass windows. The razor-sharp blade is made using durable steel for ease of use.

Never gamble with your safety of your passengers. If the car flips and crashes, there is a risk of getting trapped inside. Thus, this sturdy and dependable safety hammer is an essential resource for your needs – and you should always keep it in the vehicle.

Plus, the seat belt cutter is also mounted using a safe curved hook. Also, the razor-sharp blade easily slices through seatbelts and is perfect for various types of cutting. It’s a safety hammer which features a protective bracket for the cone head hammer, to make it perfect from all sides.

The Good

  • 2 in 1 car safety tool is easy to use
  • Double solid cone head suitable for breaking glass windows
  • Comes with protective bracket for the cone head hammer

The Bad

  • Available in a single finish

Lifehammer Brand Safety Hammer – The Original Emergency Escape

Lifehammer Brand Safety Hammer - The...
  • THE ORIGINAL - The original safety hammer since 1982. Don’t settle for a cheap...
  • DOUBLE-SIDED - Hardened steel hammer-head for easily breaking non-laminated side...

LifeHammer is among some of the big names in the car safety tool industry. Thus, we also recommend the Lifehammer Brand Safety hammer, which takes your car safety to the next level. Should the power locks become disabled in the event of an accident, this unit features a double-sided steel hammerhead – which you can use to shatter the windows. Plus, the concealed razor-sharp blade also offers optimal cutting performance through your safety belts. The hammer also features a mounting bracket, made using touch ABS plastic for longevity.

The hammer is also made using hardened steel, which makes it easy to break non-laminated car windows. To make things better, the ultra-sharp knife slices through every seat belt, like a “knife through butter.”

Using an escape tool is the most convenient way to escape from a trapped car, and you should consider placing this unit in your vehicle. It’s suitable for various types of vehicles, including a bus, truck, car, and more. It sits stable in your hands, and will not slip when in use, which makes it easy to handle. The mounting base also prevents from the hammerhead from scratching something, and the hidden blade will reduce any instance of injury.

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The Good

  • Double-sided hardened steel hammerhead
  • Ultra-sharp knife slices through seat belts with ease
  • Comes with a mounting bracket for easy retrieval

The Bad

  • Somewhat small for some users

BlueSkyBos Value 2 Pack – Emergency Escape Tool Auto Car

BlueSkyBos Value 2 Pack - Emergency...
  • A must-have emergency lifesaving tool can make a huge difference between life...
  • Use it in case you are trapped in a vehicle that is sinking to water, rolling...

You never know when you will have a car emergency. Thus, this is why it would be useful to have escape tools such as the BlueSkyBos Emergency Escape Tool. This is a must have tool, which makes a significant difference between life and death. For this reason, you should have it available in every vehicle. You will find it easy to use, even when you are trapped in a car that is sinking in water.

If the windows fail during an emergency, we recommend that you use the double-sided and steel strike to break the window glass. Furthermore, if the seat belt is not easy to release, you will have to use a razor shape blade to cut through the seatbelt material. This essential tool is perfect for escaping when trapped in our car.

There is nothing better than when you have a compact but fully functional car safety tool for your needs. It’s a factor the BlueSkybos brand seemed to have considered when making this unit. Weighing in at 5 ounces, this unit fits easily into your glove box, door pocket, or centre console. A plastic holder is also included to make the tool easy to mount on surfaces. The inclusion of a high-quality hammer, which is proven to work, is also a reliable addition to your car safety needs.

The Good

  • Double-sided steel construction for breaking windows
  • Compact, lightweight and durable in structure
  • Excellent ergonomic fits in the hands comfortable

The Bad

  • The sharp blade side can easily case cuts

Ztylus Stinger Car Emergency Escape Tool

Ztylus Stinger Car Safety Emergency...
  • LIFE-SAVING: The Stinger Emergency Tool is the original design, patented...
  • BREAK AND ESCAPE: The spring-loaded glass breaker works easily and quickly to...

Life-saving, sharp, and easy to use. These are just some of the few right words you can use to describe the Ztylus Stinger Car Emergency Escape Tool. This unit is a useful gadget, which you should always have with you in the car. It comes with a spring-loaded mechanism, which works effortlessly to break your car window. More so, the spring-loaded design is way more efficient than a hammer. You just push the stinger down against the window, and it will release a tension force to the window.

The emergency tool features a razor-sharp blade, which is perfect for cutting your seatbelt. The multifunctional tool design also ensures the emergency tool is always in reach when you need it the most. It serves as an everyday tool, so if there is an emergency, you know that it’s still there with you.

The makers of these escape tools have also done well to include innovative features to make life easier. To be specific, this unit also doubles up as a dual USB port charge, which you can plug in your car charger for convenient charging. It also comes with intelligent circuit design, to help safeguard against short-circuiting, overheating, over-currents and over-charing.

The Good

  • Spring-loaded hammer mechanism
  • Multifunctional escape tool design
  • Unique innovation doubles as a charger port
  • The razor-sharp blade is durable

The Bad

  • The blade might require sharpening at some point

Swiss Safe 5-in-1 Car Safety Hammer (2-Pack), Emergency Escape Tool

Swiss Safe 5-in-1 Car Safety Hammer...
  • SAFETY HAMMER: Dual-headed safety hammer made with hardened Tungsten Steel to...
  • SEAT BELT CUTTER: Strong grip and sharp blade for easily cutting through a seat...

Take your over car safety regimen to the next level when you have the Swiss 5 in 1 Car Safety Hammer. This unit features a dual-headed design with hardened tungsten steel, which you can use to break car windows. Even more, the seat belt cutter offers a strong grip, and the blade is sharp for easily cutting through the seat belt. More so, the hammer also offers all in one safety, thereby making it highly convenient to use. The multifunctional tool includes a pointed spike, protective cap, seatbelt cutter, and head hammer.

The integrated seatbelt cutter features a razor-sharp blade, which is recessed inside for optimal safety. Plus, the protective cap on spike offers optimal protection and will protect the vehicle from any form of damage. Also, the ultra-hardened tungsten steel spike focuses and doubles the swinging force to a single point of contact on the glass, for the best performance.

The reverse side features a solid flat hammer, for additional swing mass and to use as a window basher. Furthermore, the contoured grip and heavy-duty construction mean that the hammers are ready to use in any situation. These include situations where you are cramped for space or even if you hands are wet.

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The Good

  • Dual headed safety hammer with hardened tungsten steel
  • Swiss safe quality for optimal performance
  • Multifunctional 5 in 1 car safety tool

The Bad

  • N/A

How to Buy the Best Car Escape Tool?

Benefits of a Car Escape Tool

  • Saves lives – in the likelihood of an accident and you get trapped inside the car, it may take a while before emergency services arrive. Most car escape tools have extra features such as sharp blades to help you get out during emergencies.
  • Create a safe driving experience. Every minute lost counts when an accident occurs. You will need a tool to break the window or even cut through a seatbelt.
  • Easy to store. Car escape tools are usually compact and ergonomic tools that are easy to carry around. You can even place one on your keychain for convenience.

Types of Car Escape Tools

Seatbelt Cutters

Seatbelts are part of car safety, and during accidents, they can become difficult to remove. Thus, a good seat belt cutter should have a sharp blade, which you can use to cut through the fabric of the seatbelt. Also, the blades are usually concealed for safety purposes. Other seatbelt cutters are available with protective materials, while others have serrated blades.

Glass Breakers

Once a vehicle submerges into the water, or it perhaps overturns, it becomes too difficult to open doors and windows. If this is the case, then a glass breaker will be beneficial. Usually, the breakers have a sharply pointed mechanism, which will break through the glass easily. There are two main types in this category. These are the manual and spring assisted glass breakers.

Top Brands


This company has been in the business car and safety products for well over two decades. Started in 1998, the company has its primary operations in the USA. Also, it’s responsible for the manufacturing and distribution of car automotive safety tools in over 40 countries all over the world.


Ztylus is also an industry leader when it comes to producing useful car escape tools. Aside from car escape tools, they also provide camera accessories. They are also famous for their diverse range of car escape products.


Founded in 1996, Swiss+Tech is famous for manufacturing a host of unique products. These include assemblies, minor repairs, keyring tools, and more. The other common product categories they have available include technology accessories and large hand tools.

Key Features

Sharp Blade

You need a sharp blade which you will use to cut the seatbelt on your car, in the likelihood of an accident. Usually, it’s referred to as a seatbelt cutter, which features a sharp razor blade to cut through most of the dense material used to make seatbelts. Also, check the construction and design of the blade to determine whether it’s suitable for your needs.

LED Flashlight

There is nothing better than a multifunctional tool. Thus, you will benefit when you have an LED flashlight, which you can use to illuminate dark areas. Its also an excellent safety tool in the likelihood of a traumatic accident, where you will likely lose some items.

Glass Breaker

Furthermore, a car escape tool should also feature a glass breaker for your convenience. You never know when you will get trapped inside, all thanks to an unbreakable window. Usually, the car escape tool features a spring-assisted mechanism to make it easy through the window.

Weight and Design Ergonomics

The tool should also be compact in size to make it easy to store and move around. Moreover, the small size of the tool should be matched with unbeatable ergonomics as well. Ergonomic, for such a tool, involves the way it fits in your hand for optimal impact. This way, you have a convenient and powerful tool to use for your safety needs.


You never want to improvise with car safety. You must make informed decisions at all times. Perhaps the most significant recommendation for your needs would be to start with the best car escape tool. It’s a compact and convenient tool, which you will find easy to use in the likelihood of a car accident. We have identified some of the top brands, along with some key features for you to consider. Equip your car with one of these escape tools and instantly take your car safety regimen to the next level.

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