The 7 Best Chair Mats for Carpets: Extend the Life of Your Carpets with These Chair Mats

Alex Clarkson
Alex Clarkson
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What makes up a perfect workspace? Well, an ergonomic chair and desk are the bare necessities. But, there are other items that you can invest in to make it even more productivity-inspiring. One specific item that we recommend is a chair mat. Chair mats are an important investment because they protect your floors and carpets from constant wear and tear that may be caused by your chair’s caster wheels.

This is not the only benefit though. Chair mats make it easy to roll chairs, and this reduces repetitive strain injury. If you think that workers don’t move their office chairs that much, then you’re wrong. One study found that the average worker moves his office chair about 300 times in a work day. This means that the tiniest movement can cause significant damage on your legs or back. So regardless of whether you work in an office or from home, you should consider purchasing the best chair mat for carpet.

What are the Best Chair Mats for Carpets?

The ideal chair mats are those that are specifically designed for your carpet. Some desk mats are meant to be used on floors while others are only meant to be used on carpets. If you have a carpet around your workspace, then go for the latter. You’ll also need to consider other factors like the size of your work area. This way, you won’t end up buying a chair mat that is too big.

Below find the best chairs mats for carpets:

1. Lorell Tempered Glass Chair Mat

Lorell Tempered Glass Chair Mat, 36'
275 Reviews
Lorell Tempered Glass Chair Mat, 36"
  • Scratch-resistant material ensures long-lasting smoothness
  • Durable construction supports up to 1, 000 lb.

At first glance, many consumers think that glass mats are very delicate. But in reality, these are one of the most long-lasting carpet chair mats you can get. The Lorell glass mat is a good case in point. It’s made from tempered glass, which is one of the toughest types of glass available.

In fact, this chair mat is so durable that it can support weights of up to 1000 lbs. Another factor that contributes to this durability is its scratch-resistant surface. This enables it to maintain a smooth texture throughout.

The Lorell chair mat is also easy to clean and can be installed on any type of floor.

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2. Casa pura Office Chair Mats

casa pura Office Chair Mats for Low Pile...
16 Reviews
casa pura Office Chair Mats for Low Pile...
  • RELIABLE OFFICE MAT: Strong and sturdy our polypropylene office chair mat is...
  • CHAIR FLOOR PROTECTORS: These chair mats for carpeted floors were specifically...

This chic, minimal chair mat by casa pura will help you add some elegance to your home office. Made from polypropylene material, this mat as sturdy as they come. It’s very resilient so you won’t have to worry about it cracking or splitting over time. It’s also resistant to stains; hence, one of the easiest to clean.

The 30” by 48” carpet mat was designed with your posture in mind. The upper surface of the mat is textured, and this allows your chair to move freely. This way, you can adjust the position of your office chair as many times as you want to prevent leg fatigue.

Another benefit of the casa pura office chair mat is that it comes any color you can think of. It’s available in green, brown, light blue, dark blue, yellow, red and many others.

In addition, the mat is studded on the underside to prevent slippage. This also helps to prevent the wear and tear on the carpet as well as on your floors.

3. Cleartex XXL General Office Mat

Floortex Polycarbonate XXL Office Mat...
260 Reviews
Floortex Polycarbonate XXL Office Mat...
  • Extra-large Rectangular floor protection mat - prevents wear of carpeted...
  • Chair wheels will not sink into a polycarbonate mat under correct use

The Cleartex Office Mat by Floortex is the best on the market. One of the reasons why it ranks top is because of its strength and durability. Made of polycarbonate material, this mat does not let the chair wheels sink onto its surface. Polycarbonate is an incredibly tough material that’s not susceptible to cracking, curling or discoloring.

This extra-rectangular chair mat measures 60” by 79”. True to its name, this office mat is transparent, so it allows your floor to show through. Cleartex also has an easy glide surface for reducing leg fatigue.

If this office mat doesn’t live up to its expectations, Floortex designs these mats using a ton of other materials such as durable PVC and recycled materials. You will also find a glass chair mat for carpet.

4. Desk Chair Mat for Carpet

Starcounters Office Chair Mat for...
925 Reviews
Starcounters Office Chair Mat for...
  • ✅ HEAVY DUTY- NON TOXIC ODOR - LASTS FOR YEARS! tested to withstand 90 000...
  • ✅ NO MORE SLIPPING, SLIDING AND FRUSTRATION! Many mats don’t have enough...

Ordinary floor mats have a tendency to dent, crack and slide around, making it impossible to maneuver your office chair. As a result, the 42” by 36” Desk Chair Mat by Starcounters was engineered to overcome these hurdles. Fabricated from tough and durable polycarbonate, this chair mat carpet protector is able to resist all kinds of damage.

What’s more, this chair mat has a good grip so it holds firmly onto the carpet. Also, the mat boasts a thickness of 1/8 inches; thus, creating a smooth surface where the chair wheels slide easily. If you’re still not convinced about the effectiveness of this chair mat, then consider this- the manufacturer backs it with a 5-year warranty. So if you encounter any problems, just contact the brand and they’ll be happy to help. Keep in mind that this mat is not meant to be placed on hard flooring or hardwood surfaces.

5. Heavy Duty Carpet Chair Mat

Heavy Duty Carpet Chair Mat...
2,179 Reviews
Heavy Duty Carpet Chair Mat...
  • “NEW” – After a lot of research and testing we have updated our “NEW”...
  • HEAVY DUTY - Thickest chair mat available in the market measures at 1/8 of an...

This is an ultra-durable chair mat that is not only functional but also beautiful. Since it’s transparent, it allows the elegance of your carpet or floor to shine through. And that’s not all; the mat has a studded underside to keep it firmly in place.

Like most chair mats, this one is also made of polycarbonate material. Furthermore, it has a thickness of 1/8 inches, creating a firm surface to prevent the chair wheels from leaving indentations on your floor. Lastly, the mat has a lip extending beyond your working area to protect the floor from the desk.

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6. Marvelux Polycarbonate Lipped Chair Mat

Marvelux 36' x 48' Heavy Duty...
922 Reviews
Marvelux 36" x 48" Heavy Duty...
  • HIGH IMPACT STRENGTH FOR ERGONOMIC GLIDING - Durable polycarbonate chair mat...

Have you been shopping for a chair mat that can reduce leg fatigue? Look no further than the Marvelux chair mat for carpet with lip. This mat has an ergonomic design consisting of a smooth glide surface to facilitate easy movement without causing any strain on your back and legs.

In addition, the studded back on this chair mat keeps it in place without damaging your carpet or underlay. It’s also highly-transparent, meaning the beauty of your office carpet is going to remain visible while still being protected.

7. Chair Mat for Carpets

Chair Mat for Carpets | Low/Medium Pile...
699 Reviews
Chair Mat for Carpets | Low/Medium Pile...
  • THICK & STURDY: Made from long life polypropylene, these chair mats are thick...
  • EFFECTIVE GRIP: Studded underside holds the mat firmly in place on carpet floors...

If you’re looking for a small-sized mat, the 30” * 48” Chair Mat by Office Marshal is an excellent option. It’s constructed using polypropylene material, making it thick and sturdy but also pliable so that it prevents cracking.

This mat has a studded underside to prevent it from sliding. However, this mat is only compatible with low to medium pile carpets.

On the brighter side, the chair mat is indoor and environmental friendly. It does not contain BPA, phthalate and other toxic materials that can harm the environment. And, it does not emit any unpleasant smells.

Chair Mats For Carpets Buying Guide

An Introduction into Chair Mats


Although protecting your floor surface is not something that most people consider when setting up their work stations, it is one that should not be neglected. A chair mat is a type of mat designed specifically to protect your carpet or floor from wear and tear. This mat creates a barrier so that the wheels and castors on your office chair don’t come into direct contact with the floor. What’s more, this mat helps in distributing the weight on your chair more uniformly; hence minimizing damage. Chair mats can also make your office or work station look more aesthetically pleasing. But before we discuss more benefits, let’s first examine the applications of chair mats.

Applications for Chair Mats


What many office workers fail to realize is that their office chairs exert a considerable amount of stress on their flooring. Remember that your entire weight is supported by just five small wheels that move frequently on the floor in the course of the day.

As a result, this excess pressure can quickly ruin your carpet, even if it’s made of sturdy materials. The effects are worse for individuals who have wooden floor finish. The constant movement of your chair wheels can cause the wooden surface to tear up. As for vinyl floors, you will notice scoring and grooves on their surfaces.

Generally, swivel chairs are no good for your carpets and floors. If you don’t want to buy a carpet every few months or keep repairing your wooden floor, you should consider getting a chair mat.

The Main Kinds of Chair Mats


When you walk into most offices, you’re likely to find a carpet or carpet tiles. Now, the most suitable protection to use on these types of floor coverings are clear plastic chair mats.

You should be extra-careful when picking a chair mat for your carpet. Steer clear of overly cheap chair mats. Often, these kinds of mats are not durable; their edges deteriorate, creating fall hazards as you can easily trip over them.

Instead, go for quality chair mats, most of which will have a semi-rigid tapering on the edges. The purpose of this is to create a smooth barrier between the mat and carpet. And, if you examine the underside of these mats, you will notice grids of short molded plastic studs. These ones provide an excellent grip; hence, preventing the mat from sliding when in use.


There are two main variations of the wood chair mat for carpet: laminate and bamboo. The laminate mat usually has a wood finish. It’s highly durable and works well for all kinds of floors. The laminate-based chair mat is often used to enhance the appearance of a room.

The second option you have is a bamboo chair mat. This one is made up of machined bamboo strips that are strung together and then rolled up. To top it off, the manufacturer then incorporates a high-quality stain. Just like the laminate, chair mat for carpet bamboo can be used with any type of floor.


Rubber chair mats are the least popular. This can be attributed to the advancement and popularity of alternative forms of material. However, they are still available on the market. The one thing you should brace yourself for is the limited color options as most of them come in a plain black color. If you have a completely different décor theme in your office, a black rubber mat might not be the best option. On the plus side, these mats have a thin profile so they are better at protecting hard floor surfaces such as wood and tiles.

Recommended Features When Buying a Floor Mat


Before buying a floor mat, consider the size of your workspace as well as the base of your office chair. The mat you choose should be big enough to cover the range of movement of your chair.


Considering how popular the concept of floor mats has become, it is not surprising that these mats come in a vast number of shapes. You will find mats that are circular, rectangular and square just to mention a few. If you glide your chair frequently, we recommend a big rectangular mat.

Type of Floor

Another aspect to account for when shopping for a mat is the specific flooring in your office. If you have a hard floor surface such as wood, vinyl or tile, then a smooth backed mat is the best option. But if you have a carpet, then choose a mat with grippers. When selecting this mat, ensure the gripper size corresponds to your carpet’s depth.

Most carpets have soft textures. For this reason, you should pick a thicker and sturdier mat, particularly if the carpet has a high pile. The increased thickness provides additional support while also preventing indentations.

Degree of use

If you’re buying a mat to place in a high traffic one, choose a thick carpet. So if you spend the better part of your week seated behind a desk, working, this kind of mat will serve you well. In contrast, a mat to be used in a less traffic area can be much thinner.

Office Decoration Tips to Inspire Your Team’s Best Work

It’s no secret that staying in a comfortable and welcoming atmosphere plays an important role in our mood and productivity. But did you also know that an elegant and beautifully decorated work space can affect the success of your company? In fact, the most successful businesses are those that balance comfort with a professional image. That said, here are a few tips on how to decorate your work station.

First off, ensure that your home office has good lighting. Whenever possible, ensure your employees’ cubicles have natural light, which can help to keep the workers motivated. If there are just a few windows in your office, then consider investing in light therapy lamps. These lighting fixtures imitate sunlight, and they are friendlier to your eyes than fluorescent bulbs are.

Apart from light, you can also improve the color themes in your work setting. We recommend painting the walls blue. Blue has this calming effect, so it will encourage your employees to remain focused and productive.

Also, buying an array of aesthetics for your office can be helpful. For instance, you can choose a specific décor for the breakroom and a different one for the conference room. When employees walk around and encounter the variety of ambiences, they will remain energized.

Another way to decorate your office is to incorporate a bit of nature. If you have ever gone for a nature walk, then you understand how the different sights and sounds can boost your energy and creativity. For obvious reasons, you can’t plant a garden in the middle of your office or install a field, but getting a quick glimpse of greenery can improve your attention span. Try putting up some plants on the windowsills. Alternatively, you can mount photos or pictures of natural landscapes on the walls.

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Wrap Up

Without a chair mat, your carpet can easily be ruined by your chair wheels and castors. Repairing this carpet is no small task; it will cost you time and money. Plus, if the damage is severe, you may have to replace it with a brand new carpet. Fortunately, you can prevent this by investing in a quality chair mat for carpet.


  1. I don’t want to have scratches on the floor so I’m looking to buy carpet chair mats. Your post is useful for me, I’ll choose a good product and will not cause any loss of aesthetics for my room.

  2. I need a new chair mat for my home office with a low pile carpet. After researching, I believe I need a polycarbonate mat with grippers/studs on the back. My minimum width is 32″; max 40″. Length is not important. I want a mat made in the USA with a thickness of at least .15″ and a lipped edge.

    I choose polycarbonate over vinyl because my weight plus the chair will aproach 300 lbs and I do not want to have dips in the mat. My biggest issue to avoid cracking in the polycarbonate is to have wheels that best distribute the weight. I have twin wheel plastic casters on my 5-leg chair. To avoic cracking, should I replace the casters with rummber wheels or is it inconsequential?

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