Best Corner Bathroom Vanity For Small Spaces

Alex Clarkson
Alex Clarkson

Besides the kitchen or the living room, the bathroom is one of the most important rooms in your house. It’s the first place you visit after leaving your bed, and it’s the very room in which you get yourself ready to face the day. In the evening, you use the bathroom again to relax and take your mind off things while preparing for bed.

So, you want your bathroom to look good and perform well, and the right kind of bathroom vanity can achieve both. A bathroom vanity is a centerpiece of the bathroom, which is why it’s so important.

For those unfamiliar, a bathroom vanity is often a combination of a bathroom sink, and surrounding storage, most often, a cabinet. They come in a variety of different styles, like minimalist, traditional, or just about any other furnishing style.

You can also expect a variety of colors, but more importantly, the material. You can expect all sorts of materials, like wood, stone, laminate, acrylic, tempered glass, and many others. But one variety is the most important – the size of the vanity.

When choosing a bathroom vanity, you need to consider the size of the bathroom, since you want a piece that’s in proportion. And in this article, we’ll talk about some of the best corner bathroom vanities presently on the market, in the hope of helping you choose the right one.

Here are our top three picks of the best corner bathroom vanity pieces:

Best corner bathroom vanity

Benton Collection Antique White Bay-View...

Benton Collection Bayview Corner Sink Vanity

  • Beautif​​​​ul
  • Plenty of storage
  • Designed for small space


The Runner Up

eclife 24' Bathroom Vanity and Sink...

eclife 24“ Bathroom Vanity and Sink combo

  • Changeable sink
  • Good materials
  • Good design


Most space-efficient

Fresca Bath FVN5082WH Coda Modern Corner...

Fresca Coda 14” Corner Vanity

  • Space-efficient
  • Included hardware
  • Optional medical cabinet


​Top 8 Corner Bathroom Vanity For Small Spaces

eclife 24“ Bathroom Vanity and Sink combo

eclife 24" Bathroom Vanity and Sink...
  • ✔WATER SAVE: 1.5 GPM faucet aerator help to save 30% water; 3/8'' Connector...
  • ✔ECO-FRIENDLY: MDF eco-friendly material used to make vanity more durable and...

The modern and stylish design of this 24-inch bathroom vanity is among the best bathroom vanities since it fits perfectly with small bathroom decor. It’s made from environmentally friendly materials, featuring wooden countertop and storage, with a tempered glass sink and a mirror. 

The countertop and storage are made of 0.6” thick medium-density fiberboard, with a smooth surface that makes it easy to clean and maintain. It measures 32” x 24” x 20” (H x W x D), which makes it suitable for smaller bathrooms. Despite its small dimensions, the unit features a two-door cabinet, and two separate and convenient drawers, providing enough storage for all the necessary bathroom essentials.

Though it typically ships out with a turquoise square tempered glass sink, the eclife offers a variety of other sinks for this unit. The sink features a 1.5 GPM faucet, pop-up drain, and meets all the necessary EPA requirements. Also, the unit features a 27” x 20” mirror.

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The Good

  • Modern design
  • Variety of sink designs
  • Good materials

The Bad

  • Assembly required

Walcut 60” Bathroom Vanity with Double Sink and Mirror Combo

Walcut 60Inch Black Bathroom Vanity and...
  • 【LARGE STORAGE & EASY TO CLEAN】plenty of storage space and tempered glass...
  • 【HIGH MATERIAL】 MDF Wood Cabinet + Tempered Glass Vessel Sink +...

If you’re looking for top-quality bathroom vanity with complete double sets, then Walcut bathroom vanity’s worth looking into. With it, you’ll get a double cabinet, with two sinks and two mirrors – perfect for morning bathroom mayhem.

The cabinets are made of MDF and feature two-door cabinet storage and two drawers each. They each measure 30″ x 24″ x 21.3″ (H x W x D), with a tempered top glass, which is approx. 0.5″ thick. Each cabinet features a blue tempered glass vessel sink, with an accompanying faucet, and mirror.

So, you’ll receive two cabinets, two sinks, two faucets, and two mirrors. But that’s not all since the set includes a middle cabinet that is measuring 30” x 12” x 21.3”, and features three additional drawers. Of course, all the mounting hardware is included.

Modern design and good-quality materials are what make this set one of the best bathroom vanities on the market. Its qualities will make your bathroom time much more enjoyable.

The Good

  • Good quality materials
  • Double set
  • Easy to maintain
  • Comes with appropriate mounting hardware

The Bad

  • Not suitable for smaller bathrooms

Benton Collection Thomasville 24” Corner Bathroom Sink

24” Benton Collection Thomasville Blue...
  • Fully assembled by the manufacturer, with counter top & sinks pre-installed
  • Countertop: Black Granite (One Piece Genuine)

A genuine white marble top, a sturdy body, and plenty of storage space make this piece one of the top corner bathroom vanity combinations.

This cottage-styled corner bathroom vanity piece is ideal for those seeking a functional model, within reasonable measures of a space-saving piece. Though it only measures 35″ x 24″ x 24″, this model offers plenty of storage space. It features a double-door cabinet with two shelves that can fit towels, as well as other essentials you deem necessary.

The entire body is made of solid wood with CARB Ph2 Certified panels. The countertop is made of one-piece, genuine white marble, which is really easy to clean and maintain. It ships with an 8-inch wide, pre-drilled faucet hole, and two additional 8-inch holes for the faucet handles.

Benton Thomasville uses an oval-shaped white porcelain sink, that’s pre-mounted. Actually, the entire piece comes pre-assembled by the manufacturer, saving you the hassle of having to assemble it yourself.

Unfortunately, the faucet sells separately, and you’ll have to install one yourself. But, if you purchase the faucet directly from the manufacturer, they offer to install the faucet during the assembly of your corner bathroom vanity. 

The Good

  • Looks beautiful
  • High-quality materials
  • Lots of storage space

The Bad

  • Faucet sells separately

Benton Collection Bayview Corner Sink Vanity

Benton Collection Antique White Bay-View...
  • Antqiue White Bay-view Corner bathroom sink vanity Model BC030W-AW
  • Fully assembled crystal white marble counter top (genuine marble) White under...

Another piece from the Benton, this beautiful, antique-styled Bayview Collection corner sink, truly deserves to be among the top corner bathroom vanity pieces. But this corner cabinet and sink combo isn’t only about antique beauty; it’s also about functionality.

Benton uses a lot of high-quality materials in their pieces, and Bayview corner sink is no exception. The body is made of sturdy wood, with carefully handcrafted details, and an antique white color finish. This double-door cabinet provides enough storage room for towels, a hairdryer, or some other bathroom essential. 

It also has a one-piece white marble countertop that’s pre-cut and pre-drilled for the sink and faucet to fit in. Though white, the marble might naturally have some slight discolorations, pores, or veins, which make this piece exceptionally delightful.

The sink is white porcelain that comes pre-mounted, along with the p-trap drainage cap. Unfortunately, though the piece ships out pre-assembled, it comes without a faucet, which is sold separately. The company, however, pre-drills three 8-inch holes in the marble for a faucet and handles.

It’s space-friendly size, high-quality build, and beautiful design will most certainly complement any small bathroom.

The Good

  • Beautiful design
  • Specially designed for smaller bathrooms
  • Provides the right amount of storage space
  • High-quality materials

The Bad

  • Faucets sold separately

Renovator’s Supply Corner Bathroom Vanity Sink

Corner Wall Mount Bathroom Vanity Sink...
  • Corner Wall Mount Vanity Sink With Dark Oak Cabinet
  • 22-3/4" H x 16-1/2" W x 12" Along Wall

Usually, smaller bathrooms are harder to design and equip due to the lack of space. But, with a proper bathroom vanity, and furniture, nothing’s impossible. That’s why the Renovator’s Supply came up with one of the best corner bathroom vanity solutions ever.

This piece is specially designed for smaller bathrooms, as it’s wall-mounted and fits in the corner of your bathroom. Despite being small in size, this bathroom vanity cabinet and sink combo allows you to store some towels or other smaller bathroom essentials.

The single-door cabinet is made of wood, with a dark oak finish. We honestly feel that it provides the right amount of storage space, given its dimensions. The unit measures 22 ¾ inches high, 16 ½ inches across, and 12 inches wide along the wall. The internal storage is divided by a single shelf for organizing purposes.

Due to its narrowness, and the weight of the sink, this corner bathroom vanity should be wall-mounted, to avoid tipping it over. The high-quality vitreous chine sink has a stain-free and scratch-resistant finish to protect the surface. Of course, the faucet and the drain are included in the purchase.

Still, you should know that the entire product ships out as a kit, and assembly is required. The drain and faucet are included in the package; however, the P-trap is sold separately. That said, this is still one of the best bathroom vanity combos for small bathrooms.

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The Good

  • Fits into smaller bathrooms
  • Well designed
  • Includes all the hardware

The Bad

  • None, considering its size and price range

eclife 16” Bathroom Vanity and Sink Combo

eclife Bathroom Vanity W/Sink Combo...
  • ❤WATER SAVE: 1.5 GPM faucet aerator help to save 30% water; 3/8'' Water supply...
  • ❤ECO-FRIENDLY: MDF Eco-Friendly material used to make vanity more durable and...

One would think that this is a children-sized bathroom vanity since it’s only 20-inches high. But, don’t be fooled by its height, this is one of the best wall-mounted bathroom vanity combos on the market.

With a body made of ½” MDF, a durable and sturdy fiberboard material, this bathroom vanity is incredibly easy to clean and maintain. It’ 20” x 16” x 10” single door cabinet, which unsurprisingly offers very little storage space, considering its size. Still, it does allow a towel or two to be stored, along with some other items.

The sink is made from stone powder and resin combination that’s wear-resistant and pretty straightforward to clean. It comes with a 1.5 GPM faucet aerator that saves approx. 30% water, and all the appropriate hardware, tubes, and pipes.

Keep in mind that the product ships out as a kit, which means that some assembly is required. The assembly process is pretty straightforward, requiring little to no technical expertise.

Despite its 20″ in height, this unit is designed to be wall-mounted, meaning that its height is somewhat adjustable. It’s a small bathroom vanity intended for bathrooms with limited space.

The Good

  • Perfect for small bathrooms
  • Included faucet and accompanying hardware
  • Adjustable P-bend

The Bad

  • No instructions provided with the product

eclife 24” Modern Bathroom Vanity and Sink Combo

eclife 24'' Bathroom Vanity and Sink...
  • ✔WATER SAVE: 1.5 GPM faucet aerator will help to save 30% water; 3/8''...
  • ✔ECO-FRIENDLY: MDF eco-friendly material used to make vanity more durable and...

If you’re looking for a best bathroom vanity piece that offers the right amount of storage space, you’re looking in the right direction. This 24” bathroom vanity with the sink included offers a double-door cabinet, with two separate draws for storing all your favorite bathroom essentials.

The cabinet, along with the double-door and both drawers are made of high-quality, ½” thick MDF material, which is durable and sturdy. It’s also water-resistant and allows for easy maintenance and cleaning.

On top of the MDF cabinet is a 16″ tempered glass square sink that features a scratch and stain-resistant surface. The sink is changeable so that you can replace it with a different shape or color, like a brown oval sink or white square one. It comes equipped with a faucet that has a 1.5 gallon-pre-minute flow rate, and 30% aerator that will help you save water.

This product ships out unassembled, but all the necessary parts, hardware, and instruction manuals are included in the package. All the handles are made of zinc alloy, while the hinges and sliding mechanisms feature 304 stainless steel for increased durability and anti-corrosive capabilities.

Overall, this is an impressive bathroom vanity, that’s both functional and pretty. And it comes equipped with a 27” x 20” mirror, which adds an extra benefit to this already excellent vanity piece.

The Good

  • Good, quality materials
  • Changeable sink
  • Good dimensions
  • Hardware and instructions included

The Bad

  • The drain could be a bit better

Fresca Coda 14” Corner Vanity

Kenroy Home Classic Floor Lamp ,59.5...
  • RETRO MODERN STYLE: Featuring a classic art-deco inspired look with a modern...
  • EASY REACH DUAL PULL CHAINS: regardless of how this floor lamp is positioned in...

Fresca Coda is one of the best vanities for a small bathroom since it’s a perfect space-saver when it comes to size.   

It measures 34″ x 14″ x 14″, so it’s incredibly space-saving while being functional at the same time. The cabinet is made of white painted MDF material, with an acrylic countertop that acts as a sink with an overflow. It provides a surprising amount of space, considering how space-efficient the Coda is.

Inner storage is divided by a shelf, allowing you to store several towels, along with some hair products, for example, on the other shelf. The acrylic sink with overflow, unfortunately, comes without a faucet, though you can choose one of many faucets the manufacturer has to offer. 

However, they do provide you with all the necessary installation hardware, including the P-trap, and a pop-up drain. But as long as a faucet goes, only a single, pre-drilled hole.

Fresca Coda has another exciting option, and that’s a medical cabinet, which is a stand-alone part of the collection. And though it matches perfectly with the vanity, the medicine cabinet is sold separately.

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The Good

  • Incredibly space-efficient
  • Good materials
  • Has an optional medical cabinet
  • Comes with an appropriate hardware

The Bad

  • No faucet included

Buyer’s Guide

We comprised this miniature buyer’s guide to help you better choose a corner vanity that’s best suited to your needs and your living space. In this guide, you’ll learn what to look for in a corner bathroom vanity, in terms of size, materials, and other details.

Style and Materials

The first problem you might encounter when choosing a bathroom vanity is the decorative style. Vanities are available in many different styles, including antique, modern, contemporary, minimalist, French provincial, and much more.

A modern-looking marble top vanity can create a sense of luxury, while the French provincial design and country-styled bathrooms go together like wine and cheese. A bathroom vanity should be a centerpiece of your bathroom, so besides style, you should also pay attention to the colors and materials.

The bathroom is the wettest zone of the house, and furnishing must be made from water-resistant materials. The body is usually made from water-resistant of moisture resistant materials, like wood, MDF, and laminates. Countertops can be made of wood, or wood-like materials, or granite, marble, acrylic, and various laminates, featuring different colors and patterns to better match the bathroom décor.


When picking out a bathroom vanity, the first thing you need to consider is the size of the bathroom itself. You want a vanity that suits the size of your bathroom; otherwise, it might look out of place. Putting a large vanity into a small bathroom might overwhelm the space, making it difficult to open and close storage doors and drawers.

On the other hand, placing a small vanity piece into a large bathroom simply looks inappropriate. It also raises the question of functional storage, since smaller have less storage space to offer. Larger vanity pieces usually provide more storage space.

Functionality and storage

Some bathroom vanities come with a single sink or a double sink. Double sink vanity pieces are more substantial and inconvenient for smaller space. But they are great if there are two of you getting ready at the same time. Double sinks also provide an incredible amount of storage.

Single sink vanities are more convenient for smaller space, but they provide less functional storage. Some pieces are so compact that they offer no storage space whatsoever.


In the end, you should choose the corner bathroom vanity that best suits your bathroom space, and your needs. Choosing an oversized piece may overwhelm your bathroom space, but a smaller piece will provide no functional storage.

Also, it would help if you chose a vanity with the right combination of water and moisture-resistant material. Adhering to the advice given in this buyer’s guide will help you select a piece that best suits your needs.

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