Best Corner Makeup Vanity Table for Your Bedroom

Alex Clarkson
Alex Clarkson

When applying makeup, every girl’s a princess. And every princess needs a makeup vanity table that’s deserving of her beauty and grace.

A bathroom countertop and mirror can work magic when applying makeup, but a makeup vanity can do wonders. Comfort is key, and corner makeup vanities play a considerable role in creating a relaxed and inspirational environment for your morning makeup routines.

Continue reading this article to discover what are the best corner makeup vanity tables on the market and what features they have. We also included a miniature buyer’s guide to help you with selecting a purchasing a makeup table.

Here’s our picks of the most distinctive corner makeup vanity tables on this list

Our top pick

Vanity Beauty Station,Large Tri-Folding...

ENSTVER Vanity Beauty Station

  • Great value
  • Good materials
  • Lots of storage


Most space-saving

Giantex Vanity Set with Mirror and 4...

Giantex Vanity Table Set

  • A good amount of storage
  • Minute dimensions
  • Detachable top


Most affordable

Roundhill Furniture Sanlo White Wooden...

Roundhill Furniture Sanlo 

  • Good design
  • Tri-fold mirror
  • A good amount of storage


Best corner makeup vanity tables:

Mecor Makeup Vanity Table

Mecor Vanity Table Oval Mirror,Makeup...
  • ✿Vanity Set-Makeup table SOLD BY MecorDirect ,5 storage drawers,oval rotating...
  • ✿Makeup Vanity/Mirror-The mirror can be 360° spinning and adjusted to your...

If you’re a fan of vintage-styled bedroom furniture, you’ll love this makeup vanity piece. A beautiful design, good-quality materials, and ample storage are what make this piece of the best makeup vanities on the market.

This beautifully constructed piece features a pine wood frame with MDF countertop and panels, making it impressively beautiful and functional at the same time. Pinewood provides the piece with its natural stiffness and shock resistance, while the MDF offers moisture resistance and a smoother surface finish.

Mecor Makeup Vanity is a three-piece set featuring the main table, a detachable 360° rotating mirror, and a cushioned stool. The main table, with the mirror removed, can serve as a writing desk, and measures 31.5“ x 30“ x 15.7“. Its large table surface and three drawers provide enough storage for all your makeup essentials.

The detachable mirror and its frame are approx. twenty-two inches high, with two drawers providing additional storage space. The mirror itself is oval, capable of 360° rotation, and completely adjustable to your preference. For added comfort, the stool is cushioned with a quality sponge, and measures approx. eighteen inches high, with a weight capacity of 250lbs.

The Mecor Makeup Vanity Table is one of the best corner makeup vanities since it perfectly fits in a small space and provides the right amount of storage.

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The Good

  • Sturdy, durable construction
  • Good materials
  • Storage

The Bad

  • Some users reported inadequate packaging

VASALGE Vanity Table and Cushioned Stool Set

VASAGLE Vanity Table Set with Round...
  • STYLISH MODERN DESIGN: Round mirror and elegant appearance in white, easily...
  • SLIDING DRAWERS: 2 large pre-assembled drawers with slide rail, which ensure...

Besides a beautiful-looking mirror, the Vasalge Vanity Set comes with a beautiful stool, allowing you to apply your makeup while seated. This vanity piece is one of the best corner makeup vanities for a smaller space, due to its minuteness, and a good amount of storage it offers.

You get a modern makeup vanity table of simple design, with a round mirror that provides an unobstructed reflection of your face. The counter surface measures 31 ½ inches long, by 16 inches wide, which offers more than enough surface space for hairbrushes, and other essentials. The entire construction is made of MDF wood, which provides moisture resistance, and allows easy cleaning. 

For additional storage, this makeup vanity table has two large drawers, which are spacious enough for all your makeup and accessories. The rounded mirror is large enough for a full reflection of your space, though it doesn’t feature any light bulbs that might illuminate your face. If you consider a lack of lighting as a deal-breaker, you can order this piece with the bulbs pre-installed.

The Vasalge vanity table ships out with an accompanying stool that’s made of rubberwood (the same as the legs of the table), and features a removable cushion. Though the stool feels solid, we didn’t test out its weight capacity.

Overall, this Vasalge Makeup Vanity Table Set will most certainly give your morning routine a touch of uniqueness, with all the essentials at hand.

The Good

  • Elegant design
  • Comes in different colors
  • Solid build

The Bad

  • Can be smelly, though the scent fades away

Mecor Makeup Vanity Table Set with four drawers 

Mecor Vanity Table Set ,Makeup Table...
  • VANITY TABLE:Wood dressing table, 4 storage drawers, oval rotating mirror,a...
  • VANITY SET w/MIRROR:The mirror can be 360 degree spinning and adjusted to your...

This is another Mecor makeup vanity table that deserves its rightful place among the best corner vanities, due to its outstanding beauty, versatility and build quality. As the previous Mecor product on our list, this piece also features an oval mirror, several drawers, and a wooden stool.

This entire piece measures 56 inches high, approx. 30 inches long, and only 15.75 inches wide, making it perfect for a small bedroom corner. It’s crafted perfectly, using a combination of several wood-based materials. The legs and the framework are made of pinewood, which provides stiffness to the entire piece, with the surfaces and panels made of 0.5” thick MDF.

A large tabletop surface, along with four drawers, will provide you with just enough space to store your jewelry and cosmetics. Besides being spacious, the drawers are also beautifully detailed, featuring flower handles made of carved wood.

The oval-shaped mirror is mounted on an adjustable frame and can be detached from the tabletop, turning it into a writing desk. You can rotate the mirror 360° along its horizontal axis, allowing you to adjust it according to your preference.

The accompanying wooden stool also features flowers made of carved wood, like those on the drawers. It’s made of pinewood, and provides a comfortable sitting surface, thanks to the high-quality sponge cushion.

Overall, we quite liked this corner makeup vanity piece, as it’s neatly designed, perfectly sized, versatile, and functional. If you’re looking for a makeup vanity table, take a closer look at this model.

The Good

  • Elegant design
  • Beautiful details
  • A good amount of storage space

The Bad

  • Some complaints about the packaging

Giantex Vanity Table Set

A graceful, glamorous, and elegant makeup vanity table is something that every girl dreams about, and wishes. This set comes equipped with a mirror, stool, and four drawers for additional storage. But there’s more to this makeup vanity piece, than just pretty looks, and functional storage.

This is an incredibly versatile piece, considering its size. The overall measurements are 53.5” x 29.5” x 16”, which makes it suitable for any smaller bedroom. Still, despite its small size, the Giantex provides the right amount of storage, but we’ll get to that later. 

The frame of this bedroom makeup furniture is made of pinewood, which gives the piece its sturdiness. Countertop, other surfaces, and drawers are made from medium-density fiberboard, which is incredibly resistant to moisture, creaking, and twisting.

Besides being a functional makeup table, with the right amount of storage, this piece can also serve as a writing desk. You only need to remove the top with the mirror, turning your makeup table into a work desk.

The mirror is placed inside a curvy frame, giving it a unique look. You can rotate it 360° while trying to find the perfect angle for your makeup. For this article, we reviewed a bigger vanity table, which has four drawers. There is a smaller (53.5″ x 20″ x 12″) version of this vanity piece, in case your space is limited.

Whichever size you choose, this is a well-built vanity set that’s uniquely elegant and very easy to maintain.

The Good

  • Good storage
  • Good-quality materials
  • The detachable top frame (mirror)
  • Two sizes

The Bad

  • The smaller vanity set is too small for adults

Roundhill Furniture Sanlo makeup vanity set

Roundhill Furniture Sanlo White Wooden...
  • Durable wood construction with white finish. Set include vanity, mirror, and...
  • 3-pane beveled mirror and four vanity box drawers. Brushed nickel hardware

Sanlo is a classical piece of bedroom makeup vanity, with a modern twist, and a considerable amount of storage. Aesthetically, it features smooth and sleek lines, with elegantly curved Cabriole legs, making it one of the prettiest makeup vanity tables.

The set includes a tabletop bench with two drawers, a 3-pane beveled mirror with two additional drawers, and an upholstered stool, with elegant floral patterns.

This vanity set is made entirely of hardwood and engineered wood, providing it with enough stability, while allowing for easy cleaning and maintenance. For the additional feeling of elegance, the manufacturer finished this piece with a hand-applied antique white finish.

Roundhill Sanlo comes with a 3-pane mirror, featuring foldable and adjustable side mirror panels, allowing you an unobstructed reflection of yourself, from multiple angles. It also allows you to fold the mirror for safety issues.

The entire piece measures 55.1″ x 31.5″ x 15.75″, with an accompanying stool that measures 18.90″ x 15.75″ x 11.80″. It’s not exactly storage-friendly; this corner makeup vanity will nicely fit into any average-sized bedroom.

In the end, the beautiful and functional design of the Roundhill Sanlo will make your mourning makeup routines much more pleasant.

The Good

  • Fits any bedroom décor
  • Four drawers and a top shelf
  • Tri-fold mirror

The Bad

  • Not for small bedrooms

Bewishome Vanity Table Set

BEWISHOME Vanity Table Set with Mirror &...
  • ELEGANT AND FUNCTIONAL DESIGN: Simple and elegant design with 360°pivoting...
  • MATERIAL: E1 grade environmental MDF, solid wooden table & bench legs, foam with...

If you’re in the market for a functional and elegant makeup for your special girls, might we suggest a Bewishome Vanity table set? It features a removable top with a 360° pivoting mirror, unparalleled storage space, environment-friendly materials, and a beautiful design.

This astonishingly beautiful piece is made of environmental-friendly MDF (grade E1), with legs and framing made of solid wood. With that said, this makeup table ships out partially assembled, so some additional assembly is required, like attaching the legs and assembling and attaching the mirror. Of course, it comes in black, the color of elegance, but you can always opt for a white or espresso colored piece. 

The Bewishome set comes equipped with a 360° pivoting mirror, that measures 19.7” x 15.35”, mounted on the removable top. With the mirror top removed, this makeup vanity table can serve as a writing or work desk, with the right amount of workspace.

The table and the removable mirror frame feature a total of 5 drawers, decorated with beautiful crystal handles. Along with three separate compartments on the movable frame, and two DIY dividers in the drawers, you’ll be able to store and organize all the essentials.

Bewishome vanity is perfectly sized for smaller space, measuring 53.5″ x 31.5″ x 15.8″ when fully assembled. It’s a nicely designed and decorated piece, and we’re quite confident that your daughter or your wife will love it.

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The Good

  • Large rectangular mirror
  • Durable construction
  • Versatile

The Bad

  • Uncomprehensive instructions

ENSTVER Vanity Beauty Station

Vanity Beauty Station,Large Tri-Folding...
  • 【IMPRESSIVE QUALITY & FUNCTIONAL DESIGN】– Made of hard wood and E1 grade...
  • 【7 ORGANIZATION DRAWERS】– The beauty and makeup vanity set has 7 drawers...

The beauty of the ENSTVER makeup vanity station will inspire you, and give you positive motivation when applying your makeup. Thanks to its design and functionality, this piece is among the top corner makeup vanities.

This makeup vanity features a simple, classic design with Victorian details, Cabriole legs, and smooth, round edges that give it a softer appearance. To further enhance the feeling of effortless elegance, this vanity table is available in highly-polished rich black, or espresso finish.

But looks aren’t everything, especially with this makeup vanity. The ENSTVER beauty station is a model of functionality, featuring seven drawers, a tri-fold mirror with necklace hooks, and a desktop storage slot. The tri-fold mirror does its job beautifully, reflecting different views of your face and hair. Closing the two side mirrors exposes the necklace hooks attached to the frame, where you can hang all your jewelry.

On top of that, the top part of the vanity features four small drawers and a desktop slot for smaller essentials. Of course, the top section is detachable, meaning that you can remove the tri-fold mirror entirely, turning this makeup vanity into a work desk.

The table features three larger drawers, of which the center one has several dividers you can use for organizing your essentials. All the drawers are padded with soft flannel, including the ones on the mirror frame, to protect your jewelry and makeup.

With such lovely features, the ENSTVER is ideal for your bedroom corner. It’s a little bulky for a small space, but it’s highly functional, provides a great deal of storage, and comes with an accompanying matching stool.

The Good

  • Great value for money
  • More than enough storage space
  • Made of hardwood and E1 MDF

The Bad

  • Bulky

CHARMAID Vanity Set with Tri-Folding Mirror

CHARMAID Vanity Set with Tri-Folding...
  • 【180° Tri-Folding Mirror】The makeup table equipped with a tri-folding...
  • 【Adequate Storage Capacity】1 large table top and 4 organization drawers can...

CHARMAID pride themselves on the creation of exquisite and glamorous jewelry cabinets and makeup vanity sets and this particular set is not an exception. It’s good-looking and traditionally styled, making it a reasonable choice for any bedroom. 

The entire vanity measures 58.3 x 35.4 x 15.7 inches, which should fit into almost any corner of any bedroom. It features a large tabletop surface with four drawers that provide a reasonable amount of storage for cosmetics, accessories, and other beauty products.

For ensuring stability, firmness, and increased load capacity, the frames and legs of the table and the stool are made of 100% solid wood. Other parts of this vanity, like the tabletop and the drawers, are made from eco-friendly MDF.

The part that really stands out is the tri-fold mirror, with two sides folding up to 180°. Movable sides can help you focus more light during your morning routine, or view your makeup from different angles. With both mirrors closed, all mirror surfaces are effectively prevented from reflecting the light, but also from accumulating dust.

In conclusion, the CHARMAID makeup vanity set features a simple yet modern design and functional storage. It’s an excellent gift for a lady that’s close to your heart.

The Good

  • Good materials.
  • Foldable mirrors
  • Easily customizable

The Bad

  • A top part can’t be secured to the table

A short buyer’s guide

To aid you in choosing the best possible product, we compiled a brief buyer’s guide in which we’ll discuss various aspects of makeup vanities. Choosing the right product is paramount since the right makeup vanity set has the power to make your process of applying makeup much more pleasurable.  


Depending on how you styled your bedroom, you should choose a vanity that matches that design. Purchase a vanity that easily matches your curtains, wall, bed, and bed-side table, so that it can blend more easily.  Classic design pieces are better suited for larger bedrooms, as they’re usually more substantial and provide more storage space. On the other hand, modern or contemporary pieces are smaller, with more feminine and curvy lines. They’re perfect for smaller bedrooms, though they provide limited storage when compared to classic-styled pieces. Most makeup vanities have a smooth finish, usually in black or white. However, if you’re looking for something neutral, we suggest going with natural wood colors, as they blend smoothly with any type of décor.


Bigger is usually the better, but that’s not always the case. Makeup vanities come in different sizes, and you should buy one that matches the size of your bedroom. The larger room can comfortably accommodate a larger vanity, but if your space is limited, you should opt for a smaller, more compact makeup vanity piece.

When choosing a vanity of small dimensions, make sure that the piece is proportionate, A disproportionate piece will look out of place in your bedroom.

Functionality and storage

Besides being aesthetically pleasing, a makeup vanity has to be functional and provide enough space for your cosmetic products. If you only need a few makeup products, a piece with fewer storage options will satisfy all your needs.

However, if you have several types of beauty products, accessories, and several jewelry pieces, you’ll need all the storage you can get. If that’s the case, you should opt for a makeup vanity piece that is both functional and provides the right amount of storage space.

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Getting a corner makeup vanity is a dream come true for any lady, whether it’s your wife or your daughter. Purchasing a makeup vanity of high-quality doesn’t always have to be pricey, as there are affordable yet distinctive pieces you can choose from.

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