7 Best DisplayPort Cables: The Next Generation Video Connectors for Gaming PCs

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Alex Clarkson
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Most displays come with multiple video ports on their rear, and establishing the right one to connect to your PC doesn’t always boil down to their prices. Do a thorough research and you’ll find yourself lost in the specifications, models and other hardware trivia.

Fortunately, there’s a one piece of hardware that reigns supreme amongst all other options, and that is the DisplayPort cable. Whether you want to connect your graphics card to your monitor or laptop to monitor, this gadget will prove useful. It has superb bandwidth and support for advanced refresh features like G-Sync and FreeSync. To take advantage of the high speed, bi-directional data transfer and more, consider investing in the best DisplayPort cables.

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What’s the Best DisplayPort Cable?

If you’re planning to get a display port interface, it helps to know a few things. For starters, determine the size of cord you want to use, the quality of images, bandwidth and clarity of sound.

Shop for the best displayport cable on the market today:

1. AmazonBasics DisplayPort to DisplayPort Cable

Amazon Basics DisplayPort to DisplayPort...
765 Reviews
Amazon Basics DisplayPort to DisplayPort...
  • IN THE BOX: (1) 6 foot DisplayPort to DisplayPort cable for transmitting HD...
  • DYNAMIC USE: Ideal for video streaming, gaming, or extending a workstation

This dp to dp transfer interface is typically what you’d expect from the AmazonBasics brand. More specifically, it’s a well-built and highly-reliable cord that works seamlessly. Just plug it in and it will start transferring digital data.

But the key highlight of the AmazonBasics is the blend of a quality construction with a reasonable cord length. This particular connector is 6 feet, but you can also choose from 3, 10, 15 and 25 feet. Also, once you measure the adapter end of the cord, you’ll notice that the height of each adapter is about 0.4 inches.

Every bit of the cabling has been made extra thick. You’ll also love how the bare copper conductors are protected with multiple layers of braided foil. Furthermore, at every end there’s a gold-plated connection head, which is perfect for making repeated contact and protecting your plugs against corrosion.

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2. Cable Matters 8K DisplayPort to DisplayPort Cable

Cable Matters 8K DisplayPort to...
121 Reviews
Cable Matters 8K DisplayPort to...
  • DISPLAYPORT cable 1.4 feature support for high-bandwidth HBR3, 32.4 Gbps...
  • VIDEO RESOLUTION support up to 8K (7680x4320) including 5K (5120x2880 @ 60Hz),...

If you’re using the latest monitors and PCs that are dp-enabled, this DisplayPort 1.4 cable will make an excellent addition.

It enables you to expand your workstation by adding another monitor; you can connect the most recent 8K and 5K monitors. The provision of connectors coated in gold, bare copper conductors as well as foil and braid shielding guarantees you top-notch cable performance with exceptional picture and sound quality.

3. ivanky DisplayPort Cable Connector

DisplayPort Cable, ivanky 10ft DP Cable...
1,232 Reviews
DisplayPort Cable, ivanky 10ft DP Cable...
  • iVanky DisplayPort Cable is good for video streaming or gaming. 2K@165Hz refresh...
  • Molding in one technology effectively prevents cracking. Multiple shielding, 24K...

If you’re interested in buying a really long dp cord, the ivanky, which is about 10 feet is a fantastic option. Of course, there are other things you’ll like about this connector other than its length.

These include the connectors that are gold-plated, the slim aluminum alloy shell and quality nylon braided housing. And even though the connectors are latch-free, they remain securely attached. Besides, they help to minimize the risk of breaking the port on your $500+ graphics card.

As per the instructions given by the manufacturer, the ivanky can support DP, DP++ and DisplayPort++. It also delivers 2K at 165 Hz, 4K ultra HD and 1080P Full HD.

4. KabelDirekt 8K DP to DP

KabelDirekt – 8K DisplayPort cable...
114 Reviews
KabelDirekt – 8K DisplayPort cable...
  • MAXIMUM PERFORMANCE: Supports your system with up to 32.4Gbit/s, ideal for...
  • HIGH END RESOLUTIONS: 8K @ 60 Hz, 4K @ 120 Hz, UWQHD @ 144 Hz, WQHD @165 Hz,...

The KabelDirekt 8K is designed with professional gamers in mind. For starters, it delivers one of up to 4000 pixels of image quality with a refresh rate of 120 Hz. This way, you can enjoy playing the most recent games with unparalleled resolution.

Furthermore, the manufacturer has incorporated a locking mechanism that holds the connector securely in place. The mylar/aluminum foiling, which makes up the whole casing of the connectors helps to provide maximum shielding and stability.

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5. StarTech DP 1.4 Cable for Monitor

StarTech.com 9.8 ft DisplayPort 1.4...
9 Reviews
StarTech.com 9.8 ft DisplayPort 1.4...
  • ULTIMATE 8K PERFORMANCE This DisplayPort 1 4 cable connects your DisplayPort...
  • THOROUGHLY TESTED & VESA CERTIFIED This DP 1 4 cable is VESA certified to ensure...

With the StarTech 1.4 cord, you can connect either your laptop or desktop to an ultra HD 8K monitor, projector or television. This connecting device is the ultimate link that your audio video setups need.

Whether you want to deliver an enriched presentation or create eye-grabbing visuals, this VESA-certified connector is your best bet. It’s been tested thoroughly to ensure that it meets all specifications for display port 1.4 cables.

6. CABLETIME Gold Plated DP to DP Cord

DisplayPort to DisplayPort Cable...
12 Reviews
DisplayPort to DisplayPort Cable...
  • CABLETIME DP to DP cable can easily connect a DisplayPort DP equipped computer...
  • Digital Audio and Video over a Single Connection at up to 4K Resolutions at...

This connecting gadget by CableTime is another worthy addition to your arsenal of electronics. With it, you can easily expand your workstation by adding another monitor or show high-quality presentations using projectors.

To guarantee superior performance, this cord comes with copper bare conductors, and double shielding. The resolution that’s supported by the Cabletime are up to 4K*2K, and they include 3840*2160, 2560*1600, 2560*1440, 1920*1200 and1080P.

And if it fails to function as advertised, there’s no need to worry as this 1.2v Male to Male Cable comes with a limited lifetime warranty.

7. Club3D CAC-2068 Cable for Gaming

Club3D VESA Certified CAC-2068...
225 Reviews
Club3D VESA Certified CAC-2068...
  • DisplayPort 1. 4 cable feature support for high-bandwidth HBR3, 32. 4 Gaps...
  • Support highest possible resolutions, 8K( 7680x4320 @ 60Hz), 5K( 5120x2880 at...

Have you been searching for the perfect cable you can use to connect your graphic cards to a G Sync 165 Hz or 144 Hz monitor? If you have, you should consider the Club3D CAC- 2068.

Not only does it support the highest resolutions, but also the high bandwidth HBR3. Moreover, it certified by VESA so you have guarantee that you’re investing in a durable cord. Plus, it’s backwards-compatible with the Display Port 1.3, 1.2 and 1.1. It also comes with a 2-year warranty.

DisplayPort Cables Buying Guide

DisplayPort Cable: Essential Things to Know


Different Kinds of DisplayPort Cables

Unlike the HDMI cable which is available in different versions, there are only two types of DisplayPort cable. In fact, they are distinguished based on their sizes: the full-sized one or Macro model and the Mini DisplayPort, which was invented by Apple. The latter resembles the Thunderbolt.

Apart from size, it’s also important to note that the DisplayPort (DP) cable has 20 pins.

Picture Quality and Resolution

The DP cable was designed to support extremely high data rates. More specifically, it supports a video resolution of 3840 * 2160 pixels with a refresh rate of 60 Hz. And the good thing, the cable compatible works with 3D videos as well.

When it comes to the digital data transmission, it can handle 17.28 Gbps with the potential to double this rate to 32.4 Gbps.

On the flipside, a Display Port cord is not designed to carry Ethernet data. What’s more, the standard models are not equipped with audio return channel. To make up for these shortcomings, the manufacturer designs the display port cable in such way that it’s able to support multiple video outputs.


The HDMI and Display Port cables are not that different when it comes to their audio capabilities. Both can support about eight digital audio channels of 24 bit audio and 192 kHz sampling rate.


Using a passive cable of 2 meters or less, the display port can deliver sharp image quality of 4000 pixels. If you decide to work with longer ones of up to 15 meters in length, you’ll have to settle for lower resolution of only 1080p. If you want a happy medium, then use a 5-meter long cable delivering 2560 * 1600 pixels.

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Recommended Features when Purchasing a DisplayPort Cable

Flexibility – People don’t just buy transfer interfaces out of pure whim; they buy them to serve specific purposes. As such, it’s important to consider its application before making any payments. Where will you be using the display port cable? Is it flexible enough to serve multiple functions? If you want to be able to take on with you wherever you go, is it light enough to carry around?

Longevity – The second point you should prioritize is durability. Invest in a durable video & audio transfer interface and you won’t have to keep purchasing another every couple of weeks.

But just how do you determine whether it’s durable? Easy! Simply check the material that it’s covered in. Ideally, it should be plated with a tough and corrosion-resistant material. For the best outcome, go for a cable gold plated model.

Cost – Although this is a no-brainer, it’s still worth pointing out. Often, you’ll find that higher quality transfer connectors cost more than their lower-quality counterparts. This does not necessarily mean that every low-priced DisplayPort connector cable is of poor quality. It’s possible to get a medium range one that still functions well. However, if you can afford to, buy the pricier high-quality models.

Design – A good connecting cable is one that sports an efficient design. Efficient in the sense that it renders itself easy to use. As mentioned earlier, determine whether you’ll want to take the connecting device on the go. If this is the case, then it should have a compact design so that it fits easily in your purse or backpack.

How to choose to the Best DisplayPort Cable

With a DisplayPort, it’s much easier to establish the type of connector needed. Essentially, the cord is meant to work with devices that have displayport source such as PCs, laptops or a DisplayPort monitor. This means that the connector you purchase will be compatible with just about any DisplayPort systems and displays that were released some five years ago.

They’re also compatible with newer and more recent systems including those that support video streaming with resolutions of up to 4K at a refresh rate of 60 Hz.

DP connectors can also be used between PCs and multi-stream hubs or between the daisy-chainable multiple streaming monitors. This comes in handy as you won’t have to get a unique type of cord that can support the features of a display port.

But there’s one exception, and this has to do with the Reduced Bit Rate (RBR) cords. These cables are designed to support resolution of up to 1080p. The best application for the RBR is in projector installations.

As long as the connector has not been described as RBR, it’s safe to consider it as a display port model which means it can tackle all display port configurations.

One of the things that customers struggle with is establishing the difference between the DisplayPort 1.1 and DisplayPort 1.2 versions. The truth is, these two are not that different. The dp 1.1 can perform and support the same functions that can be tackled using dp 1.2, including ultra HD and multiple streaming features.

Simply put; all standard connectors are designed to support RBR, HBR (high bit rate), and HBR2 which in turn deliver 4K at 60 Hz, or at least foyr 1080p displays.

A lot of retailers advertise pricey connecting interfaces claiming that they’re able to deliver better image quality. Often, this is not true.

As is the case with USBs and Ethernet, this transfer interface utilizes packetized data to transmit digital display and audio. This means that you either get all the digital information or nothing. There is no in-between or “better” images just because the cables are pricier.

What remains true is that low-quality connectors can result in data errors or an interference with the video or audio data. Here are a couple of tips to help you avoid buying such gadgets:

First off, consider the type of connector located on either end of the transfer interface. There are two main kinds of connectors. The first, which has the same size as a USB connector, is mainly used to DP-enabled pc monitors.

The second type is often used with the display port output that you see on notebook PCs. It’s known as the mini display port, and it’s currently being used for Thunderbolt as well. In fact, you can now connect any dp-enabled monitor to a thunderbolt source. This provides support for connections such as Dual-Mode DisplayPort to HDMI, DP to DVI adaptors and DP to VGA adaptors.

In addition to determining the type of connector, you should also figure out the right length of the cord that you’ll need. Most of them are 1 to 3 meters long.

When purchasing this transfer interface, it’s important that you avoid low-quality models. You won’t get any value for your money if you invest in these cheap cables. For the best outcome, we recommend purchasing from a reputable brand. Or better yet, get one that is certified.

Not too long ago, VESA got several complains about display port connectors that ended up not functioning as they ought to. The one common denominator from these cases is that the interfaces were either not certified or had been purchased from companies that made inferior products.

We can’t stress enough how crucial it is to buy a display port connecting interface that is VESA-certified. If you’re still on the fence about buying these high-quality connectors (which are often pricier than the conventional dp cables) then consider these, those cheap non-certified ones can even damage your laptop or monitor. So not only will you have to replace the connector but also your PC!

Wrap Up

Display Ports are one of the most popular connection cables used with display electronic devices. Although HDMI ones are more popular, the display port models offer significant advantages over them. For instance, the display port cords provide higher bandwidth needed in high speed gaming monitors. But before you buy one of these connectors, check whether it’s certified by VESA. This way, you’re certain that it’s been tested and proven to be functional and reliable.

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