Best Double Din Head Unit Reviews

Alex Clarkson
Alex Clarkson

Let us be honest; many of us drivers can probably hear very little over the sound of car engines.

That said, there is no questioning the continuous hum of the exhaust and engine on long journeys can become exhausting. 

Thus, we have developed this guide to help you select a suitable replacement for your needs. Many years ago, double din units were exceptionally costly, with many of them lacking in features. More so, you generally spend more time trying to use it, especially due to the lack of touchscreen functions.

Technology is improving at a rapid rate, and head units are following suit. Whether you are after a feature to smarten up your car or a technology-packed equivalent, we have the right solution for your needs. Before you get a double din unit, its good to determine whether it’s compatible with your car, and your needs as well.

Yes, there are many types on the market, and with as many different features you should consider. Let’s get started:

Editors Choice 

Pioneer AVH-310EX 6.8″ Double DIN Touchscreen Display 

Pioneer FH-X730BS Double-Din In-Dash CD...
  • Built-In Bluetooth for Hands-Free Calling and Wireless Audio Streaming
  • Pioneer ARC App Compatible

A double din radio can be a great way to improve the functionality of your car. Thus, this is why the Pioneer AVH-310EX Double Din display is an excellent recommendation for your needs. The 6.8-inch touchscreen comes with an inbuilt Bluetooth technology, which supports hands free talking and streaming. Even more, this unit is also compatible with both iPhones and Android devices.

To make things more convenient, this unit has a 13-band graphic equalizer, and exceptional 3.5mm rear auxiliary input. You will also be pleased with the highly convenient 2V preamp outputs, for enhanced sound performance. The Double Din unit also features a dedicated backup camera input, which you can use to improve your safety when driving.

Also available with this unit is a rear RC video output port, which you can use to connect to monitors and other devices. Plus, the rear RCA/audio and video input is suitable for connecting video accessories such as game consoles, cameras and more. As you would expect with all high touchscreen units, its also car waterproof and night vision camera provides high-resolution images.

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The Good

  • Compatible with android and apple devices
  • Comes with dynamic ports for ease of connectivity
  • Comes with inbuilt Bluetooth technology 
  • Has an AM/FM tuner with 15 presets

The Bad

  • Could use a more durable touchscreen interface 

Another Top Pick 

BOSS Audio Systems 850BRGB Car Stereo – Double Din  

BOSS Audio Systems 850BRGB Car Stereo -...
2,484 Reviews
BOSS Audio Systems 850BRGB Car Stereo -...
  • Bluetooth - Answer/make calls and be hands-free with no distractions. The...
  • Multi Color Illumination - Set the mood and make your car into your own...

The Boss Audio Systems 859BRGB car stereo double din unit will also take the functionality of your car to the next level. This unit comes with Bluetooth functions, which you can use to answer or make calls conveniently. Even more, it comes with an inbuilt microphone, which will pick up your voice and car speakers, while also letting you hear the person on the other side. You will even have the ability to control your music by using applications such as Pandora or Spotify.

You will also find this unit convenient to use to set the mood, and make your car an entertainment sanctuary. With well over 16 million colour combinations, you get the ability to set a different tone for each day of the week. For entertainment, this unit has you covered with several options. For instance, it lets you play music through your Bluetooth device or by using a USB port. Also, you can pop in a CD for more options. You can even tune into the AM/FM radio stations for up to date information on music and sports.

Thanks to the inbuilt and preset EQ, you will find it easy to choose from any preset EQ curves – perfect for different styles of music. Even more, the double din unit has a convenient ESP function, that will buffer the disc as it plays, and also store 5 seconds of music. If the disc has interruptions, the stored data will fill up for continuous entertainment. 

The Good

  • Comes with Bluetooth for making and answering calls
  • Has a unique multi-colour illumination
  • Let’s you play music through USB, CD or AM/FM.
  • Equipped with dynamic inputs, outputs and media playback functions

The Bad

  • N/A 

Also Consider 

Kenwood DPX503BT Double DIN Bluetooth CD AM/FM USB Car Audio Receiver 

No products found.

Realize what you have been missing in your car when you finally get the Kenwood DPX503BT Double Din Audio receiver. It comes with a large multi-line display, that has a full spectrum and variable illumination function for ease of use. Even more, the audio receiver comes with a front panel auxiliary input, and a convenient one wire iPod connection.

The unique illumination will take your entertainment experience to the next level. It’s a function that responds even when you adjust the volume or trigger the features of the car. 

This function makes it easy for the radio station to transmit free form and textual information, such as station slogans or titles of the song. When a music file is compressed, some frequencies will get lost, primarily if it’s encoded with a low bit rate. The supreme technology is a unique audio compensation function, that will compensate for such a loss in sound quality. Thus, you can be able to play music at low bit rates, or audio quality equivalent to music recorded at higher bit rates. 

It’s a tool which can register as many as five Bluetooth compatible phones. You can even use it to download individual phone books for them, making it a highly convenient addition to your entertainment regimen. To make things easier, this unit is available with a remote control for ease of use. 

The Good

  • Equipped with a large multi-line display with variable illumination
  • Comes with a front-line auxiliary input and USB
  • HD and satellite radio ready
  • Comes with two 3V pre-amp outputs 

The Bad

  • The ports are not well-positioned for connectivity 

Pioneer FH-S700BS Double-DIN In-Dash CD/AM/FM Built-in Bluetooth 

No products found.

When you have the right entertainment resources in your car, driving becomes a breeze. Thus, this is why the Pioneer FH-S700BS double din unit is also a good recommendation for your needs. This unit lets you get more control of your music and your sound, all thanks to the convenient ARC app. Even more, the unique dual phone connection makes it easy to switch between playlists during road trips.

The remote-controlled radio also makes it easy to adjust the functions of the radio to suit your needs. The Bluetooth ready function lets you answer and make calls without any distractions. More so, the unique and in-built microphone ensures you pick up your voice, and the speakers make it easy to hear the person on the other side. Besides that, this unit lets you play and control music by using apps such as Spotify or pandora.

You will be pleased to know that this unit supports USB flash drive files of as much as 32GB in size, for music playback. Even more, you will enjoy playback on units without monitors, music, photo and video playback conveniently. You can also use this unit to charge USB devices, all thanks to the convenient USB port. Plus, you can change up the sound style, all thanks to the in-built preset EQ and the unique multi-colour illumination options. 

The Good

  • Dual phone connection to make it easy to switch playlists
  • Supports Bluetooth connectivity for convenience
  • Multi-color combination makes it easy to set the mood of your car
  • Available with an auxiliary port for ease of connectivity 

The Bad

  • The microphone port is not well positioned 

Double Din Android Car Stereo – Corehan Android 9 with 7 inch Touch Screen 

Double Din Android Car Stereo - Corehan...
  • ✔ CUSTOMIZED SYSTEM for PERFECT CAR DRIVING. New update, based on Android 9...
  • ✔ THE MULTIMEDIA CENTER ON YOUR CAR.The The Android car stereo is equipped...

Improve the value and functionality of your car when you have the Corehan Android 9 with 7-inch touch screen double din unit. It comes with an in-built Bluetooth, which you can use to connect it to your phone. Thus, you can enjoy easy connectivity to the double din and access to the internet. More so, it also supports Wi-Fi, so you have flexible options for your needs. The makers of this Corehan unit have also done well to include convenient steering wheel controls. You can use them to adjust the volume, system settings and more. 

As a regular digital system user, you will be pleased to know that it also supports the downloading of apps. The radio also supports convenient connection to Ios and android devices. Thanks to the convenient pre-installed APP, you sync the picture and sound on the phone screen to this unit without data transfer. 

You will also find it easy to share music and videos at any moment, and through several channels. Thanks to the dual USB ports, you can connect as many as two 64GB USB drives. 

It can also let you operate two programs on the screen at the same time. Yes, you can listen to music, and still browse the content in your flash drive.

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The Good

  • The stereo supports steering wheel controls
  • Has a rear camera input and GPS modules
  • Supports Bluetooth calling to make driving safe
  • Also supports micro SD cards and Wi-Fi 

The Bad

  • Only supports up to 64GB flashcards and SD cards 

Boss Audio Systems BVB9351RC Car DVD Player – Double Din 

Boss Audio Systems BVB9351RC Car DVD...
1,150 Reviews
Boss Audio Systems BVB9351RC Car DVD...
  • BLUETOOTH: Answer calls with just one push of a button. Make calls and be...
  • MEDIA PAYBACK: Watch your choice of videos through the DVD player, play music...

Equip your car with the exceptional Boss Audio Systems BVB9351RC, which will instantly take the functionality of your vehicle to the next level. It’s a convenient unit which you can use to answer calls with just one push of a button. You will be able to use this unit to make hands-free calls, and with no distractions in the process.

Furthermore, with the Boss Audio Systems BVB9351RC, you can watch your choice of videos through the DVD player. You can even play music through the Bluetooth device, pop in a CD or use the convenient USB ports. Plus, the radio also lets you tune into AM/FM radio stations, for up to date information on entertainment.

You can even use this unit to connect the included rearview camera and reverse safely. It also features a convenient steering interface, that lets you leverage the existing functions on your steering wheel. The radio enables you to use front, rear and subwoofer outputs to connect your speakers. The video outputs let you connect several screens for the ideal viewing performance. 

On top of that, the BVB9351RC comes with 80 watts x 4 max power speakers, which are perfect for entertainment. Equipped with a high-performance equalizer, this unit lets you customize the way you want to balance your music. The best part is that you control all these features by using a convenient wireless remote control. 

The Good

  • Comes with a convenient Bluetooth function
  • Has an auxiliary input compatible with smartphones
  • Available with a highly convenient wireless remote control

The Bad

  • N/A 

Hikity 10.1 Inch Android Car Stereo with GPS Double Din Car Radio 

Hikity 10.1 Inch Android Car Stereo with...
  • 【2 Din Car Stereo】 main screen size: 250(W)*145(H)mm. With metal sheet fixed...
  • 【Bluetooth & FM Radio】Bluetooth with A2DP, support hands free call, phone...

When you want to enjoy convenient entertainment, consider useful resources such as the Hikity 10.1 inch android car stereo. The radio boasts of all the unique features you need to drive without distractions, and still stay entertained. This unit comes with a tempered glass mirror, with a unique double USB adapter input for your convenience. It also features a car FM Bluetooth receiver, with as many as 30 preset stations, which you can use to search for channels.

As you would expect with all the high-performance double din units on the market, this unit also comes with a reliable Bluetooth system. You can use the system to connect the radio to your phone, and enjoy benefits such as the connectivity to the internet. 

Thanks to the in-built Wi-Fi and GPS navigation, you will enjoy top-notch internet connectivity. The upgraded dual system mirror link means that you will find it easy to connect this unit to your android or apple phone. More so, the radio features a rear view camera input, which you can use to view videos on the MP5 screen when reversing.

The Good

  • Comes with a 2.5D tempered glass mirror and double USB adapter
  • Has a car FM Bluetooth receiver with 30 preset stations
  • Available with inbuilt Wi-Fi and GPS navigation

The Bad

  • Has a slow bootup time 

Dual Electronics 7″ Double Din Mechless Digital Media Receiver 

Entertainment will no longer be an issue when you have the Dual Electronics Mechless Digital Media Receiver. The radio comes with an exceptional 7icnh LCD, which does well to indicate the functions of the radio. You can use it to view song titles, customize connectivity, and more. The screen has an exceptional 800 x 400 resolution, which is way more than what you would expect with a conventional radio.

The radio is also simple to install, and the system user interface is highly convenient as well. You will be pleased with the exceptional Apple Carplay and Android Auto functions, which let you connect to your chosen device conveniently. Similar to all the high-end double din units in the market, this unit also enables you to enjoy high-performance Bluetooth connectivity. 

Thanks to the direct USB control function, you will find it easy to connect your devices for music storage and transfer. To make things better, this unit also features a rear A/V input, which you will find convenient for your entertainment needs. The radio also boots up fast, and it can accommodate several Bluetooth devices at the same time. You will even be pleased to know that with this radio, you can connect to the internet and stream radio or mp3 content. 

The Good

  • 7-inch radio with 800 x 400 display 
  • Comes with inbuilt Bluetooth for music handsfree streaming
  • Equipped with apple car play and android auto functions
  • Direct USB control for iPhone and iPods 

The Bad

  • N/A

Jensen CMR270 7 inch LED Digital Media Touch Screen Double Din Car Stereo. 

Jensen CMR270 7 inch LED Digital Media...
  • 7 INCH LED/LCD HIGH RESOLUTION TOUCH SCREEN – your large 7 inch LED multimedia...
  • SIRI / GOOGLE VOICE ASSIST BUTTON – with the touch of a button you have the...

The Jensen CMR270 is an excellent recommendation for your unique car entertainment needs. Why? Well, packed full of essential features for entertainment, this double din unit is the perfect companion when you have to drive around. With just the simple touch of a button, you will have the power to summon your favourite assistant. More so, you can even verbally speak your commands, such as play music, podcasts and more. 

There is nothing better than when you have a unit that is to connect to, especially when you have to do it wirelessly. Furthermore, the double din car stereo head unit will easily pair with several types of Bluetooth devices. Thus, you will find it easy to use to make and receive calls hands-free. With this radio, you have many options you can use to listen to your favourite music. You can either use an in-built CD player, USB port or MP3/WMA player. 

By just pressing the hot button at the front of the car stereo receiver, you will get instant access to google or Siri. To provide optimal control of your entertainment experience, this unit is available with a seven-band EQ preset. These include pop, jazz, rock, flat, classic, beat and more. Top performance does not end there when you have the Jensen CMR270 Double Din car stereo. For your expandability and convenience, this unit is available with several inputs and outputs. 

The Good

  • Comes with a sturdy 7-inch-high resolution touch screen
  • Equipped with Siri and Google voice assist for convenience
  • Has upgraded Bluetooth functions for ease of connection

The Bad

  • Could have a better Wi-Fi strength and connectivity range 

Binize Android 9.1 7 Inch HD Quad-Core 2 Din Car Stereo Radio 

Binize Android 9.1 7 Inch HD Quad-Core 2...
  • The Latest Android 9.1 operation system,Quad Core,DDR3 2GB RAM and 16GB flash...
  • Built-in WiFi module,online navigation,support online Google Maps...

Driving around in your car has never been this fun. Why? Well, the Binize Android 9.1 7-inch HD car radio is an excellent recommendation for your needs. This unit comes with a powerful QUAD Core processor, and 2GB RAM – perfect for accommodating your heavyweight applications. Even more, the high quality 7-inch capacitive touch screen with a high resolution 1024 x 600 is ideal for your entertainment needs. 

You will be pleased to know that it’s the same touchscreen as the one in your phone. The capacitive touchscreen has an electrostatic sensor and multi-touch function for your convenience. 

The same touch screen as your smartphone with 1024*600 screen resolution, which is the most clear and vivid radio screen ever. It’s a large and clear screen that ensures an exceptional viewing experience. Even more, the convenient inbuilt wi-fi module makes online navigation easy, and it also supports offline google maps navigation. Thanks to the easy to connect Wi-Fi hot spot from your phone, you will enjoy surfing the internet, and downloading your favourite apps.

The radio also comes with a steering wheel control function, that makes it easy to control the switching of songs. You can even change radio channels and adjust the volumes – all thanks to the buttons on your steering wheel. Thus, you have the convenience and safety required to maintain your hands on the steering wheel. 

The Good

  • Comes with the latest android 9.1 system
  • Equipped with a powerful quad-core processor and 2GB ram
  • Has a capacitive touchscreen that supports 1024 * 600 resolution levels
  • Has an in-built Bluetooth function and FM radio tuner

The Bad

  • The user interface is not user friendly

ATOTO A6 Double Din Android Car Navigation Stereo with Dual Bluetooth 

ATOTO A6 Double Din Android Car...
  • Developed from widely used and stable Android Marshmallow OS,deeply...
  • Factory Steering Wheel key Control (shorted for SWC,based on resistive signal...

Take your entertainment experience to the next level when you have the ATOTO A6 Double Din head unit. This unit comes with a factory steering wheel key control, which makes it easy to use when driving. It also supports Wi-Fi and comes with an in-built microphone for making or answering calls.

The makers of this unit have also done well to enhance the Bluetooth performance of this unit. How exactly is this possible? Well, the ATOTO A6 comes with what is referred to as dual Bluetooth. Unlike most Bluetooth that support just one function, this version also lets you connect to the internet. You will be pleased to know that the radio is available with google maps, to make navigation a breeze. 

Thanks to the inclusion of GPS navigation, you will find it easy to navigate around with this unit. It also lets you download offline map data for specific areas, especially if it has low internet coverage. More so, the radio also supports phone mirroring and casting functions. It has an easy connect app pre-installed, and it also supports the latest Ios and android devices.

The double din unit also features an inbuilt FM/AM radio tuner, with RDS displays for your convenience. Furthermore, the screen is also of high quality, and supports resolutions of 1024 * 600. It’s a capacitive touchscreen, which means it always easy to use. 

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The Good

  • Comes with inbuilt GPS navigation functions
  • Allows for convenient phone mirroring and casting
  • Has an in-built microphone and ultra-external Wi-Fi antenna
  • Can support up to 256GB of hard drive storage

The Bad

  • Could use better buttons for when the touchscreen fails
  • Takes a lot of time to install correctly

Best Double Din Head Unit Buy Guide

Single Din or Double DIN Radio

To determine whether you would require a 2 DIN car stereo, you have to measure the faceplate on the current unit in your car. Usually, if it averages at about 7 inches long and 2 inches tall, then it classifies as a single DIN unit. Thus, you may have to replace it with another double din unit. 

That said, if the radio measures about 7 inches long and 4 inches tall, then it’s a double-DIN unit. Therefore, you can install another double din radio, or perhaps consider the single din unit that comes with an installation set. 

What to Look for In the Best Double Din Head Unit 

The exceptional number of aftermarket units on the market is staggering, and several new models come out each year. Thus, you have to research before making an informed decision. To help you select the best double din head unit, consider the following questions:

  1. What head units will fit in your car? 

  2. Is quality or budget more critical?

  3. What are your needs when it comes to installing such an accessory?

  4. How do you plan to use the stereo? 

  5. What are some of the main features of the best double din head unit? 

By the time you have answers to these questions, and learnt about the crucial features it comes with, you will find it easy to shop for a suitable brand.

Remember that every driver or automobile user has different needs, and you need to take such factors into perspective. While there are several head units available on the market that won’t break the bank, you may have to loosen the purse strings if you want high-end features.

Features of the Best Double Din Unit for Entertainment 

Here are some of the key features that you should consider when you want to buy the best double din head unit:

  • HD radio – it’s a crucial feature you should consider, especially since AM/FM radio has become largely ineffective. If you like to listen to the radio as you drive around, ensure that you go for a radio that supports HD radio. 
  • Internet radio is also another excellent feature to consider, and its especially useful if you love listening to content from all around the world. That said, this feature requires connectivity. Thus, you may have to be around a powerful Wi-Fi signal or perhaps connect to it through Bluetooth functions. Also, you can consider using your mobile hotspot to create a simple internet connection.
  • Flash drives and SD cards – flash drives are also an excellent way to keep track of your music collection as you drive around. You can also use SD cards instead of flash drives. Remember to consider the maximum storage capacity of your chosen double din unit. Also, check the positioning of the port to make it easy to connect your flash drive to the machine.

Other Great Features of the Best Double Din Unit 

Music is excellent, but you should never discard the other remaining features you need for entertainment purposes. If you answered “yes” to the questions mentioned above, then remember to consider the following as well: 

  • Bluetooth – is fast becoming an industry standard and vital feature to consider. If you want to be able to connect your phone with a smartphone or wireless device, ensure it supports Bluetooth
  • App control – is a cutting edge function that makes it easy to control your double din through Bluetooth. An example would be Pandora Internet Radio app control, which makes it easy to control the radio. 
  • GPS navigation is not necessarily important when it comes to double din units. That said, it can be highly convenient if you have to move around. If budget is not a significant factor, then consider a unit that comes with an in-built touchscreen GPS function.
  • Internal storage – is an essential function in double din units, and it makes it easy to convert stereo into a digital jukebox. 
  • Expandability – you need a USB jack or SD card slot, which is an excellent solution for listening to digital music in your head unit. This is a feature several OEM infotainment system are starting to consider.


When it comes to enjoying the best of entertainment in your car its best if you go for the right options. In this guide, we have for you the best double din head unit you can consider on the market. When you have one of these in your car, its value goes up higher, and driving also becomes a highly convenient experience. More so, using these units is also safe and simple, because you can even control them through your smartphone.

Some high-end brands have even done well to include Wi-Fi and Bluetooth functions. With all these unique features, it’s to see why you get one of these units installed in your car. 

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