The 5 Best EDC Keychains: Organization and Practicality at Your Disposal

Alex Clarkson
Alex Clarkson

[sc name=”Northwall Carabiner Keychain”]As your EveryDay Carry(EDC) accessories begin to outgrow your pockets, you might have to find another storage area that can accommodate these items. One such item that can hold some of your EDC gear is a keychain.

But keep in mind that adding too many things on your keychain can weigh you down significantly throughout your daily routine. When adding pocket-sized tools to your keychain, go for items that are highly effective, light and ones that occupy very little space.

On the bright side, keychains can be used for more than just carrying small items. With the best EDC keychains, you can tighten those last few screws on the Thanksgiving gifts, open a package or even pop open your next wine bottle.

The Best EDC Keychains

What are the Best EDC Keychains?

When it comes to choosing your EDC keychain, the criterion is pretty straightforward. You’ll want a keychain that has a lightweight design, reliable and one that fits nicely in your pocket.

1. Northwall Carabiner Keychain

If you’re looking for a keychain that serves numerous functions, the 12-in-1 Northwall Carabiner is your best bet. Essentially, this keychain packs 12 tools in one unit. These include a 7 wrenches, flat head, carabiner bottle opener, hex bit driver, can opener, screwdriver, and key loop.

This keychain boasts a titanium construction that makes it look stylish. As such, it makes an excellent gift to friends and family. Should the keychain fail to live up to your expectations, the manufacturer offers one-month money-back guarantee.

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2. Smart Key Organizer Keychain

The Smart Keychain may not have as many functions as our top pick, but it’s one of the best key edc keychain organizer on the market. It can accommodate at least 10 keys or other small-sized tools, and it can be used as a key fob holder.  By holding your keys together, this keychain prevents that jingling sound that emanates when you organize your keys poorly.

Another feature that sets this keychain apart is its build. It’s made exclusively from vegetable tanned leather, which gives it a classy look. The leather also helps it to age beautifully. What’s more, this keychain has a slim profile that fits perfectly in any pocket.

3. Keyport Pivot Key Organizer

Keyport is not your typical EveryDay Carry keychain; it’s partially a Swiss Army knife and partially a key holder. With this tool, you won’t have to carry your bulky keychain any more as it will consolidate all your essential items into one chic EDC multi-tool.

In total, this key organizer can accommodate up to 9 keys. And it’s fairly to assemble. But what makes Keyport stand out is its advanced locking mechanism. A common challenge with key organizers is that they loosen with time. When this happens, it becomes difficult to use your keys. Keyport has eliminate this problem by giving a locking mechanism, which prevents unintended loosening.

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4. TI-EDC Titanium Keychain Carabiner Clip

This tool not only serves as a keychain but also as a carabiner clip. The TI-EDC keychain clip is made using quality titanium alloy TC4, which is light but still durable. Another perk of this material is that it’s rust-resistant, another factor that adds to its reliability.

Moreover, this keychain features a unique quick release mechanism that makes it very easy to use. All you need to do is clip it to attach your keys then hook it to your pocket. Since it weighs a measly 0.26 oz., you might not even feel its weight.

5. EDC Keychain Spinning Top

The EDC is another keychain worth considering for several reasons. For one, it’s ideal for your everyday carry whether as a keychain fob or toy. Secondly, if you want to kill time, this keychain can serve as a distraction as well as provide relief from the daily stresses of life. This is made possible by the inclusion of a spinning top. Most users report that they can spin the top in just 2 or 3 minutes.

Crafted from stainless steel, this keychain is sure to last a while. It’s very sturdy and thanks to the textured shaft, it also provides excellent grip when spinning.

Meaning of a Keychain


Also known as a keyring, this is a tiny chain that is constructed using metal or plastic. It’s mainly used to join or consolidate small-sized items. The length of a keychain makes it possible to use it more easily than if the items were connected directly to a keyring. Some keychains allow either one or both ends to revolve freely; hence preventing the keychain from becoming tangled when in use.

A keychain is also used as a connection point between one’s keyring and their belt. This explains why key chain rings are often used by personnel who handle a ton of keys. These include professionals like security guards, janitors, retail store owners and prison officers. With keychains, these individuals can ensure that all keys remain attached to each other to minimize the risk of misplacing.

The Importance of Keychains


What benefits do keychains offer against that you wouldn’t get from similar promotional items? Well, whether you like them or not, keychains are a necessary EDC evil. They help you keep small items like keys in a safe and neat way.

Furthermore, keychains make superb gifts for friends and colleagues. You can even have them customized by incorporating a name or message. Even if you don’t plan to give them out as gifts, keychains that have your names imprinted on them serve as your trademark.

A Brief History about Keychains

Keychains have actually been in existence for centuries. They have been used by many communities the world over. The only recent concept surrounding this invention is the use of keychains as promotional items. In fact, this is a development that sprung in the 1950’s and 60’s. If you consider their functional and promotional capabilities, it is clear that keychains are here to stay!

What are the Different Kinds of Keychains?


Keychains come in different styles and designs. Some are made of metal while others are made of plastic. Here are the main types of keychains:

Metallic keychains

If you’re looking for a high-end and elegant-looking keychain, then you should go for one made of metal. The best thing about metal keychains is that you can have them laser engraved with your name or brand, which can help them stand out. Laser engraved messages remain fresh as new even after one has used the keychain for a long time.

Leather keychains

Are you interested in a classic gift item, which also expresses your corporate identity? If you are, there’s no better option than a leather-made everyday carry keychain. Leather keychains not only look stylish, but they also last quite ling.

Novelty keychains

A distinct feature of novelty keychains is that they’re available in a wide range of shapes and patterns. You can find keychains shapes as animals, others that are sport-themed and more. Novelty keychains are sure to grab the attention of anyone who spots them.

Plastic keychains

Plastic keychains are the cheapest options. So if you want to produce a ton of keychains for your clients and not have to spend a fortune, plastic keychains are your go-to option. Apart from being inexpensive, plastic keychains can be made in different colors. This gives them a casual vibe and fun profile, making them ideal for concerts, fashion brands and sporting events.

Flashlight keychains

As mentioned earlier, some keychains serve numerous uses. Flashlight keychains can also be used to illuminate spaces. Do you need a keychain that lights up when you have to open your car door in the dark? Then a flashlight keychain will come in handy.

Essential Points to Consider when Building a Keychain

Before making your own keychain, you should determine the specific items you intend to add onto it. Will it be capable of accommodating a ton of keys at once? Or will you use it for other functions? Keep these factors in mind when building a custom keychain:


The utility aspect has everything to do with how you’ll use your keychain. Will you use it to carry your keys only? Or will it also serve as a back-up cutting tool? The best keychains are ones that can be used for an array of functions. So, ensure you incorporate as many uses as you can to create the ultimate EDC multi-tool keychain.


Another feature you’ll want to keep in mind is the weight of the material you’ll use to make your keychain. Aluminum and titanium are the best options since they are lightweight. Nonetheless, you can also opt for copper or brass if you’ll be making heavy-duty keychains. But remember that lighter materials like aluminum, are likely to be cheaper.


This will depend on the amount of gear you want the keychain to accommodate. Keep the size of your keychain to a minimum so that it fits comfortably in your pockets.

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The Bottom Line

Most people have to carry around a bunch of keys- keys to their homes, workplaces, their parents’ house and more. Keeping these keys organized and safe can be tricky. If you’re not careful, you may end up misplacing them. To prevent this, you should consider investing in a quality EveryDay Carry keychain.

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