The 7 Best Electric Can Openers: Essential Kitchen Tools for Easy Meal Prep

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Alex Clarkson
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Throughout history, humans have been coming up with ingenious ways of opening tinned foods and metal cans. From the traditional army recruits’ favorite- the bayonet- to the more readily available penknife. But if you want a more advanced and safer gadget that gives you a quick access to your coffee beans, try an electric can opener.

These openers come in different designs; some are suitable for kitchen countertops while others can be mounted under cabinet. The best electric can openers are easy to operate and require minimal effort. For some people, these openers are not just a luxury but a necessity. If you suffer from arthritis and dexterity issues or carpal tunnel syndrome, an electric can opener can be a handy device.

What are the Best Electric Can Openers?

A good electric can opener doesn’t have to be sophisticated or filled with fancy features. The most important thing is that it gives you an easy, reliable and safe way of opening cans of all sizes. It also shouldn’t slip as you open the can. And, it should be capable of cutting through the lid cleanly.

Below find the best Electric Can Openers:

1. Kitchen Mama Electric Can Opener

Do you always struggle to open food cans? If you do, Kitchen Mama electric can opener can help. With a single press of a button, you’ll be able to open your cans effortlessly. Simply attach the opener to the tin, press and wait for the gadget to get into action.

Another thing you’ll love about Kitchen Mama is that it’s very compact. Thus, you don’t have to worry about the opener taking up too much space on your countertop.

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2. Proctor-Silex 75224F Power Opener Can Opener

Proctor Silex Power Electric Automatic...
1,113 Reviews
Proctor Silex Power Electric Automatic...
  • EASILY AND EFFICIENTLY OPENS CANS. Designed with quality in mind to efficiently...
  • TWIST-OFF CUTTING LEVER: The cutting lever on the automatic can opener twists...

With Proctor Silex, you can save time preparing your meals by opening canned foods in a quicker and more efficient manner.

This can opener is designed for the toughest job, meaning it will be able to open any can you throw at it. Better yet, its cutting lever is strategically positioned for easy removal and cleanup. Also worth mentioning is that this can opener comes in a beautiful white plastic, which will blend perfectly with your kitchen appliances.

3. Hamilton Beach 76607 Smooth Touch Can Opener

Hamilton Beach Smooth Touch Electric...
1,388 Reviews
Hamilton Beach Smooth Touch Electric...
  • Eliminates Sharp Lid Edges: This Electric Can Opener Cuts Cans Along the Side...
  • Opens Pop Top and Regular Cans: No Need to Struggle With or Handle Sharp Pop Top...

This heavyweight opener from Hamilton Beach is a top seller in its category for several reasons. For one, it offers an unparalleled performance and two, it’s an electric can opener with no sharp edges. It boasts a side cutting system, which ensures smooth edges; and it has an ergonomic lever that requires very little effort to operate

Available in a beautiful black and chrome finish, this can opener is designed to open standard size cans including pop-tops. Furthermore, the manufacturer has incorporated a slot where you can keep kitchen scissors or other small-sized appliances.

4. Electric Can Opener, Sokos 3in1 can opener

If you’re looking for a multi-functional tool that can do a lot more than just opening lids, the Sokos 3-in-1 electric opener is your best bet. This gadget combines an electric can opener, a knife sharpener and a bottle opener, all under one unit. It’s also decently-priced. So for the price of one electric can opener, you’ll be getting two extra kitchen electronics.

Another good thing about Sokos 3-in-1 is that it doesn’t leave sharp edges, which can cut you as you take off the lid. This makes the opener a suitable tool for those with arthritis, hand pain or those who can’t engage in manual labor.

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5. Electric Can Opener for Seniors, Arthritis

Electric Can Opener, Restaurant can...
17 Reviews
Electric Can Opener, Restaurant can...
  • Operating Mode: Easily Place the can opener on the can;Press the button to turn...
  • One Button Design: Ideal gift for Kids,Elderly or anyone suffering RSI or...

Handheld electric can openers are quickly gaining popularity because of their space-saving and portability benefits. If you prefer ahandheld electric can openerto a freestanding model, look no further than the Electric Can Opener by geyumaoyi.

This opener has one of the easiest working mechanisms. Just place your can opener on the tin, press the button and wait for it to work its magic. With this simple one touch design, the can opener is an excellent choice for seniors, kids and even those suffering from arthritis. This opener uses 4 AA batteries. However, these are not included in the package so you’ll have to buy them separately.

On the brighter side, the can opener consists of a plastic construction; hence, lightweight. It also has a streamlined design that makes it comfortable to hold.

6. Can Opener Elec W/Knife Sharp

Oster 003147000000 Can Opener, Tall,...
31 Reviews
Oster 003147000000 Can Opener, Tall,...
  • Brand New in box. The product ships with all relevant accessories

One misconception that people have is that all freestanding can openers are bulky and they take up a lot of counter space. But this is not the case with the Oster electric can opener with knife sharpener, which weighs just 2.7 pounds. This lightweight design makes the opener a great fit for cases where you have to open multiple cans.

Apart from its light weight, this opener is fitted with a Power Pierce cutting unit that cuts very cleanly. Other features we like about this opener include the inbuilt knife sharpener and a convenient storage section for the cord. It also has an auto stop control, which shuts off the unit once the can is opened.

7. Cuisinart CCO-50BKN Deluxe Electric Can Opener

Cuisinart CCO-50BKN Deluxe Electric Can...
3,198 Reviews
Cuisinart CCO-50BKN Deluxe Electric Can...
  • Sturdy base prevents sliding or tipping
  • Opens any size can

Many homeowners assume that all electric can openers are pricey. But the CCO-50BKNDeluxe can opener by Cuisinart is here to prove them wrong. It’s the cheapest can opener in our review, yet it offers an equally astounding performance as other high-end models.

The Cuisinart can opener is available in a black color, which will blend nicely with the rest of your kitchen appliances. Plus, it’s equipped with a precision Power Cut blade to provide smooth edges and thus, enhance the user’s safety. Another thing we like about this freestanding can opener is the ultra-wide base, which boosts its stability. Moreover, it has a magnetic lid holder to prevent the opener from falling into your tinned food.

Electric Can Opener Buying Guide

What Is an Electric Can Opener?


It’s one of the most vital kitchen appliances, and its primarily role is to help in opening cans and lids. With a manual can opener, one has to apply some effort when opening these containers. An electric can opener works differently by providing an automatic process to achieve the same. If you’re looking to purchase one of these handy devices, there are a couple of features you should look for. For one, the electric can opener ought to have a lid magnet, which helps to keep it in position once you’ve opened the can.

Secondly, the best electric can opener is one fitted with a stainless steel blade. Not only is stainless steel one of the most durable materials but it’s also rust-resistant. Finally, a good electric can opener is one that has the ideal size. This way, you can use it to open cans of any size.

Since their creation in the 1900s, electric can openers have become a favorite gadget for many homeowners. Even though they’re pricier than their manual counterparts, they do provide an extent of reliability that you wouldn’t get from any other tool.

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How Does an Electric Can Opener Work?

At its core, an electric can opener operates on the same principle of a manual can opener. The only difference is that the electric can opener does all the work for you. It makes opening tins such an easy process, enabling you to access your tuna, veggies and fruits within seconds. However, this can opener has to be connected to an electrical outlet to work. One thing you’ll notice about an electric can opener is that it has a lever at the top front. To use this opener, push this lever in a downward direction and wait for your can to be opened. Once you lift the lever, the opener will instantly stop opening the can.

Beneath this lever is a cutting blade. To open your tin, just place the lip of your can beneath this blade and then push the lever down. The electric can opener has other tiny components within it, which get into action you push the lever down. These parts are responsible for turning the small gear under the cutting blade as well as rotating the can. As the can spins around, the blade is cutting the lid all the way round. Remember the lid magnet we mentioned earlier? Well, once the lid has been cut off, this lid magnet holds the opener in place so as to prevent it from falling into the can. When the can is completely open, all you have to do is lift the lever, then remove the can opener. Take care when removing the lid as the sharp edges can cut you.

Different Types of Electric Can Openers

If you’re anything like me, you always turn to the Internet first when shopping for a particular product. Now, if you try shopping for an electric can opener, you’ll notice that they come in different variations. The most common types of electric can openers you will find are:

Countertop openers

The name says it all; this is a can opener that you can attach to your countertop. For it to work, all you need to do is to place your tin under its cutting blade, then press down on the lever.

Handheld and cordless openers

Some drawbacks of electric can openers is the fact that they are bulky and need to placed on a flat surface like a countertop so that they can work effectively. But if you don’t want to struggle with either one of these issues, you should go for the handheld cordless electric opener. They offer a similar level of portability as the manual models. Plus, they provide the effortless mechanism of opening cans; thus, giving you the best of both worlds.

Under-the-cabinet openers

This is an electric can opener that remains permanently attached to the section under your kitchen cabinet. They provide convenience in that they’re always available when you need to use them. And they also take up very little space.

Side-cutting can openers

It’s an advanced type of electric can opener, and by far, the safest one on the market. Rather than cutting the can from the top, the side cutting openercuts it from below the lid, resulting in smoother edges. This in turn, minimizes the likelihood of a user getting cut from the otherwise, sharp edges. For this reason, side-cutting openers are the most recommended for handicappedand persons with hand problems.

Why You Should Opt For an Electric Opener Instead Of a Regular One


One of the challenges of using a regular can opener is that you have to be so careful, and thus, spend a long time opening the can. You have to start by positioning the can correctly, and then peel it open. Even though your can will eventually open, there are easier ways to do this.

With an electric can opener, you can open your can within seconds. They are definitely more expensive than regular can openers, but this is not surprising considering the level of convenience they provide.

Daily Care

Another plus of electric can openers is that they’re easier to clean than regular ones. Most electric can openers consist of detachable blades. This means that you can remove the cutting blade and clean the opener on its own.

When cleaning, use a clean damp cloth or cotton swab to wipe down the surface of the can opener. Be careful not to get the electric motor moist or wet. Overall, electric gadgets are easier to clean and maintain. Plus, they yield better results.

Opening Cans in Volume

Depending on the occasion, you might have to open five or more cans at once. Now if you have a regular can opener, you’ll spend quite some time opening these cans. But if you want to save time, you should invest in an electric can opener which can through the lids of those cans within a few minutes. These types of openers will also save you energy.

The Things You Should Know Before Buying an Electric Can Opener

How Frequently You Are Going to Use the Canned Food

This is one of the main aspects to consider when buying an electric can opener. If you usually use canned food on a daily basis, then you should pick a can opener that provides optimal comfort and efficiency. But if you don’t consume canned food that often, then you can compromise on a couple of features and go for a cheaper model.

Free-Standing vs. Handheld

Handheld electric can openers are preferred by many because they offer convenience in terms of portability and they take up little space. But it’s hard to shake off the feeling that operating a can opener by hand, makes the whole concept of an electric can opener seem obsolete. Freestanding electric openers are more comfortable to use and more efficient.

Overall Ease of Use

As already stated, freestanding electric openers are more comfortable to use than the handheld models. But these freestanding openers don’t work the same. Some of them are pretty easy to operate while others are a bit difficult. Also, some of them have controls while others don’t. There’s also the issue of fitting the container into the bearing and a ton of other things. Before investing in any can opener, test it and see how easy it is to use. It’s also a good idea to read the fine print or additional instructions given by the manufacturer.


Durability has everything to do with the materials used in making a specific can opener. Since electric can openers are kitchen tools that you will use from time to time, you can expect them to fall a couple of times in their lifespan. To ensure they last a long time, go for can openers made of durable materials. This way, you’re guaranteed that your electric can opener will withstand a few falls.


Freestanding electric can openers take up more space than their handheld counterparts. This is not unusual, considering that they’re used to open cans of all sizes. But versatility does not always have to mean bulkiness. That said, you should buy an electric can opener that strikes a good balance between these two aspects. It should be big enough for large cans or differently-sized cans. But it should also have a slim profile to reduce its overall weight and make it portable.

The Type of Cans You are Going to Use

You should also account for the fact that cans are available in different variations. Some of them come with very unique shapes. Others consist of aluminum material, which is not easy to cut. If you go for cheap, poorly-designed electric can openers, they won’t manage to open such cans. Check whether the can opener you’re purchasing is capable of opening different kinds of cans.

The Ease of Maintenance

As with any other household product, proper maintenance is the key to making an appliance last long. When it comes to electric can openers, poor maintenance will not only cause them to break but it will also impact the quality of the canned food. By this we’re referring to the cutting blades, which can rust if they’re not maintained well.

For proper maintenance, we recommend going for electric can openers that are easy to dismantle. This way, you can access each part of the opener and clean it thoroughly.

Noise and Stability

Nearly all home appliances generate some level of unpleasant noise. Even if you’re willing to tolerate the tiny noise that can openers make, you shouldn’t have to tolerate to constant roaring each time you want to open a can. Therefore, you should go for openers that operate silently.

How to Use an Electric Can Opener

  • Start by placing your electric can opener on a flat, stable surface such as a table or countertop. If you bought a countertop electric opener, then you don’t have to look for a flat surface.
  • Different can openers are designed to work in different ways. Some require that you rotate the handle while others require that the handle be lifted. Regardless of the working mechanism, this step serves to separate two key elements- the sharp cutting blade and a serrated metal disc that rotates the can.
  • The next step involves placing your can strategically on the serrated metal disc. This disc is usually mounted on the opener in a horizontal position. When placing your can, ensure that its lip rests on the disc’s top section. This will allow the disc to spin; hence open the can.
  • Next, press down or rotate the opener’s handle. Doing so causes the disc to puncture; thus, cutting through the lid.
  • When opening the can, ensure you press down on the handle fully, to activate its working mechanism. Once it’s open, raise or spin the lever to release the can, then use the can as desired.

Maintenance and Cleaning

As mentioned earlier, conducting proper maintenance can ensure that your electric can opener lasts long. Overtime, you’ll notice that paper, metal shavings and food particles are accumulating on the turning gear and blade. It’s important to clean your opener to prevent this buildup.

But before you start cleaning, ensure the opener is not plugged to an outlet. Also, pay more attention when cleaning the blades to avoid cutting yourself. Check whether the lever is detachable as this can give you easier access to the gear and blade.

Wrap Up

Can openers are a necessary tool to have in your kitchen. But sometimes, regular can openers are difficult to operate, particularly for individuals who suffer from arthritis or have achy hands because of a given medical condition. Electric can openers were invented to overcome these challenges. By providing an automated process to open tinned foods and metal cans, these openers make it easy for everyone. But before purchasing any electric can opener, consider its ease of use and maintenance, the size and noise level.

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