The 7 Best Front Pocket Wallets For Men: Stylish Wallets To Organize Your Essentials

Alex Clarkson
Alex Clarkson

[sc name=”Bosca Brown Leather Pocket Wallet”]Let’s be honest- that old back pocket wallet you’ve had since seventh grade needs a replacement. For years, you’ve stuffed and abused it with months-old movie-tickets, expired credit cards and receipts. But it’s time to move on, and there’s no better replacement than with a front pocket wallet.

Currently, there are countless brands showing off their classy, ultra-portable minimalist designs, which makes picking a new wallet rather difficult. Each brand is trying its best to upgrade and improve on the present designs. The best front pocket wallets now boast advanced technologies like radio-frequency identification (RFID), which prevents identity theft.

The Best Front Pockets for Men

What are the Best Front Pockets for Men?

If you’ve been planning to upgrade your wallet, these picks are the way to go. With these top-rated front pocket wallets, you will be carrying your money and cards in fine, minimal and functional styles.

1. Bosca Men’s Old Leather Front Pocket ID Wallet

Bosca Old Leather Collection - Front...
79 Reviews
Bosca Old Leather Collection - Front...
  • This Front Pocket Wallet is part of the Bosca® Old Leather Collection.
  • Classic and elegant, this Front Pocket Wallet creates a warm, welcoming, and...

Bosca leather front pocket wallet gives you the most value for your buck. It’s made of old leather, which gives it a vintage look. What’s more, the wallet is available in three different colors:black, cognac and dark brown.

Measuring four inches high and three inches wide, this wallet has an ID window and 3 card slots. It is also one of the few front pocket wallets with money clip.

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2. Magic Wallet Flap Boy Slim Front Pocket

Magic Wallet Flap Boy Slim Front Pocket...
125 Reviews
Magic Wallet Flap Boy Slim Front Pocket...
  • ★REDUCED TO THE ESSENTIALS. Put an end to large and bulky bilfold wallets. Our...
  • ★QUALITY: The Flap Boy Slim magic wallet is an elegant fashion statement,...

If you’re looking for a versatile wallet that can fit nicely in either your front or back pocket, the Magic Wallet by Jaimie Jacobs is an excellent option to consider. Contrary to other wallets on the market, this one has a very slim profile.

This is the kind of front pocket wallet that fits every style; whether you’re wearing a casual or formal outfit. Handmade in Europe, this wallet helps you make a bold statement. It’s made of premium-quality Italian leather. The manufacturer claims that their leather is vegetable-tanned, which means that they use only natural plants for the tanning process.

Furthermore, the wallet has RFID protection for added security. This way, you never have to worry about intruders accessing personal data from your ID and credit cards.

3. Front Pocket Wallet by Rogue Industries

Front Pocket Wallet by Rogue Industries...
257 Reviews
Front Pocket Wallet by Rogue Industries...
  • Classic Rogue Industries Genuine Top Grain Leather Wallet
  • Features a Full Size Banknote Divider, 3 Card Slots, and ID Pocket

Rogue Industries is known for making innovative leather goods that are built to last. Their latest offering of the Front Pocket Wallet, fits into your pockets perfectly. Made from 100% leather, this wallet consists of 3 cardholder slots, a full size banknote divider and an ID window.

Measuring 5” by 3.4” by 0.25”, this wallet can accommodate up to 6 credit cards. And the best part is, the wallet comes in a dozen leather options including alligator, bison and moose. Plus, it has RFID blocking technology.

4. RFID Blocking Slim Minimalist Front Pocket Wallet

Minimalist ID Outside (Slate Gray)
1,827 Reviews
Minimalist ID Outside (Slate Gray)
  • Minimalist 1.0 with 2 exterior pockets and 1 ID window for easy access.
  • SLIM, THIN, DISTINGUISHED: Handcrafted out the finest full grain distressed...

For the style-conscious, Bryker Hyde gives you a wide range of color options to choose for their front pocket wallet. This wallet is fabricated using the finest full grain leather, so you’ll enjoy showing it off to your friends and family.

It boasts an ultra-slim, compact design, making it convenient to keep in your front or back pocket. Moreover, this wallet offers you 8 card slots, 1 ID window and a money clip. The generous number of pockets makes it the perfect front pocket wallet for travel. You can put your currency bills and credit cards, and not worry about getting robbed thanks to the RFID blocking technology.

5. Balansea Front Pocket Wallet

BALANSEA Front Pocket Wallet Slim RFID...
56 Reviews
BALANSEA Front Pocket Wallet Slim RFID...
  • ✔ MINIMALIST, SLIM, CONVENIENT - BALANSEA slim wallets for men & women. SIZE -...
  • ✔ RFID BLOCKING TECHNOLOGY - Each wallet sleeve slot is protected with RFID...

You don’t have to spend a fortune getting yourself a new wallet. Balansea has provided a quality, front pocket wallet at a decent price. Available in black, blue, green and red colors, this wallet comes with RFID blocking technology.

The dimensions of this wallet are 4.3” by 3.1” by 0.2”, giving it a very slender profile. This minimalist wallet features 6 card slots and an extra compartment for storing coins, receipts and notes.

Balansea front pocket wallet is made exclusively from cowhide leather. This not only gives it a stylish look but maximum durability.  Plus, the manufacturer provides a three-year replacement warranty.

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What are Front Pocket Wallets?


Traditionally, men have always stashed their wallets in their back pockets. But this technique of carrying wallets is outdated. In fact, if you still carry your wallet in your back pocket, you’re also risking your health. How? Well, it will cause your back to become sore.

Whenever you sit on your wallet, you are creating an imbalance which interferes with your pelvis and hips and it also strains your hip joint and lower back. Ultimately, this will result in a compression of the sciatic nerve; thus causing you debilitating pain. If you’re still hell-bent on putting your wallet in the back pocket, then consider this- even medical professionals warn against this habit.

The rise of front pocket wallets

If you cannot carry your wallet in the back pocket, the most obvious place to put it is your front pocket. Unfortunately, the traditional wallets are way too thick and bulky to fit in the front pocket. Even if they fit, you will feel very uncomfortable. It is for this reason that manufacturers are now making front pocket wallets.

Apart from their health benefits, front pocket wallets also enhance safety. It’s much harder for one to pickpocket your wallet from the front pocket than it is when it’s in your back pocket. Furthermore, many of these manufacturers are also incorporating RFID tech into front pocket wallets for increased protection.

Types of front pocket wallets


Slim front pocket wallets: pocket wallets should be designed in such a way that they provide easy accessibility. To achieve this, most wallets feature a slim profile, helping them fit snugly in one’s pocket while also providing ready access.

Metal front pocket wallets:

Another feature you will notice in some front pocket wallets is a metal plate. The purpose of these metallic plates is to keep the contents of the wallet secure. The Trayvax Original is one such wallet, boasting a blend of anodized aluminum and cold-rolled steel.

Leather front pocket wallets:

a majority of the traditional wallets are made of leather. But brands have found a way to improve on this design. A good example is Trayvax Element. Not only does this wallet have a slim design but it also uses top-grain oil-tanned leather to give it a more sophisticated look.

RFID-blocking front pocket wallets:

These wallets are equipped with RFID protection. The Trayvax Armored Summit is a good example of the RFID front pocket wallet. Essentially, this wallet is fitted with a steel plate both on the front and back sides; hence, protecting its contents from RFID-skimming thieves.

Overall, any of these front pocket wallets is an excellent choice. They are not bulky like the traditional versions, and they have added security.

Reasons to carry out front pocket wallet

A front pocket is more comfortable

If you’ve tried carrying your wallet in your back pocket, then you have an idea of how bulky they can get. It feels even more uncomfortable when you have to sit down. Luckily, the current front pocket wallets feature very slim designs. Ideally, these wallets are designed to fit the circular cut of your front pocket. This means that you can sit comfortably without being forced to take your wallet out.

Looks better

Putting your wallet in the back pocket is not the most stylish way to carry it, especially if you’re rocking your skinny jeans or some slim fit pants. The asymmetry just doesn’t look good. Front pocket wallets, on the other hand, look pretty chic. With the front pocket wallets, you’re guaranteed that no odd shapes or patterns on your pocket will ruin your look.

Won’t destroy your jeans

If you’re wearing your favorite pair of jeans and are carrying a wallet in your back pocket, the wallet is likely to wear out your denim. In contrast, a front pocket wallet doesn’t put any weight on your pocket so it won’t ruin your outfit.

Offers convenience

When you carry your wallet in your back pocket, you always have to remove it before sitting down. You can sit down without worrying about a thing.

Provides added security

Your back pocket is the first place that thieves reach for when they’re trying to rob you. But if they try to access your front pocket, you will certainly notice.

Doesn’t hurt your back

Sitting on your wallet all day long is not good for your back. There’s a high probability the misalignment of your posture is exerting a lot of pressure on your sciatic nerve. With time, this will lead to back pain. To prevent this, all you have to do is find a good front pocket wallet that meets your needs.

Front pocket wallets are RFID-blocking

Front pocket wallets provide two-fold security. For one, they make it harder for thieves to access and secondly, they have RFID blocking capability. The latter helps to prevent thieves from accessing personal details electronically. With RFID-blocking tech, no one will be able to access financial details through your credit card.

Are unique

These wallets look nothing close to the traditional wallets you buy in stores. They have exceptional designs that make them stand out.

Are designed to last

If you’re looking for a wallet that will last a long time, your best bet is the front pocket wallet. Most of them are made using high-quality leather, which will stand the test of time.

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How to Choose the Best Front Pocket Wallet


A good number of the wallets in our review are made using leather. The reason for this is that leather is a lightweight and durable material. Also, leather has a soft texture, making it convenient for storing credit cards without damaging them. However, you can choose from a range of other materials. Some manufacturers even provide vegan substitutes for leather.


The size of your front pocket wallet is another feature to keep in mind. If you don’t want to carry a bulky wallet around, then you should opt for a small-sized one. To a great extent, the size of the wallet will depend on its thickness.

Color Options

This refers to the variety of colors that the wallet comes in. Some brands provide a range of dyed leather options, making it easy to find one that matches your style. All in all, you can pick whichever color you want.

Money Clip

Does the front pocket wallet you’re about to purchase have a money clip? Ideally, this is a solid clip found on the exterior. It makes it more convenient to access your money without having to dig through your wallet.

ID Window

The ID window is a compartment used for storing ID cards, driver’s license among others. Some front pocket wallets even have a thumb glide portion, enabling you to access your cards without any struggle.

RFID Blocking

To be able to make payments using your credit card, this card employs RFID waves, which transmit the required personal information. The RFID-blocking technology ensures that no other individual can access this information using a mobile scanner.

The Bottom Line

Every man needs a wallet. Not only do wallets provide a safe place to store money, but they also help you stay organized. If you’re looking to purchase a new wallet, we recommend going for the front pocket wallet. Unlike traditional wallets, these ones are lightweight and fit nicely in tour front pocket. They also minimize the chance of theft thanks to the incorporation of RFID blocking technology.

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