10 Best Hunting Slingshot You Can Buy Online

Alex Clarkson
Alex Clarkson

A slingshot is perhaps one of the oldest hunting tools in the world, and its to see why. It has gone by many names in the past, including bean shooter, flip, ging, and more. 

During the modern times, handheld slingshots have not necessarily been associated with the correct activities, which are usually mischief or vandalism. 

That said, this stealthy projectile flinger has a broad range of uses, such as for hunting. The best hunting slingshot depends on the use of robust elastic materials to function. As such, it was produced around the same era as vulcanized rubber – which is the “sling” aspect in a slingshot.

That said, this tool is about 170 years old, but the concepts behind its use are still the same. Yes, that’s right!

A “sling” was one of the most popular projectile weapons for hunting for close to two centuries now. It’s easy to see why even the great Homer mentioned them in “The Iliad Troy” and the legendary weapon David used to defeat Goliath. It’s an excellent DIY survival tool, which you can use effectively for hunting applications.

Top 10 Hunting Slingshot You Can Buy in 2024

BASUNE Solid Wooden Slingshot Toys with Classic Construction Hunting Slingshot 

BASUNE Solid Wooden Slingshot Toys with...
  • Solid wood handle is comfortable and easy to hold for both kids and adults
  • High quality rubber bands with faux-leather pocket for holding ammunition, which...

The BASUNE solid wooden slingshot is also another excellent addition to your regimen. Why? Well, this slingshot boats of all the unique features you need to become the perfect marksman. For instance, it features a solid wood handle, which is comfortable and easy to hold. Such a unique design makes this slingshot suitable for both adults and kids to use.

Before you buy a hunting slingshot, it’s good to evaluate the construction of the rubber. Why? Because it determines your ability to produce the correct draw force when you want to hit your targets. It even comes with high-quality rubber bands and a faux leather pocket. You can use the pocket to hold ammunition, and it will provide a strong drawing force each time. Thanks to the unique solid plug, you are sure of slingshot with quality security functions.

As one of the best slingshots on the market, this unit is durable and will ensure many years of reliable hunting performance. With such a unique set of features, its no wonder why this tool is perfect for attention training, entertainment, hunting, and more. 

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The Good

  • Has a solid wood handle which is comfortable and easy to hold
  • High-quality rubber bands made using faux leather 

The Bad

  • Could use a much more appealing finish

Tongtu Stainless Steel Shooting Slingshot with 2 Rubber Bands 50 Slingshot 

Tongtu Stainless Steel Shooting...
  • [Easy to assemble] Easy to install and carry, suitable for slingshot shooting...
  • [Mechanical sight] There are two mechanical sights. The medium to long distance...

Exceptional and convenient. These are just a few key terms you can use to describe the Tongtu Stainless Steel shooting slingshot. Designed to be easy to assemble, this unit is suitable for shooting enthusiasts and beginners. It comes with two mechanical insights. To be specific, the medium to long-distance observation of up to 50M makes this unit convenient to use. You can even combine it with a five pinpointing for improved accuracy when shooting a target.

Thanks to the ergonomic steel handle with a wooden handguard, you are sure of optimal friction for the ideal feel. It’s also an excellent tool for long term tool, and it has stainless steel technology, which will prevent rusting issues. 

Designed to be portable and easy to use, it’s the perfect resource for both DIY and advanced slingshot uses. The Tongtu brand has also done well to ensure it has an appealing finish to make it a stand out addition to your hunting regimen. It’s also easy to learn, operate and replace the rubber and sighting device. The unique and high-quality finish on this unit means that you can even give it as a gift to your friend.

The Good

  • Ease to assemble and carry around
  • Comes with two mechanical sights with 5 pinpointing
  • Has an ergonomic handle and is easy to learn
  • Robust rubber elasticity and adjustable mechanical aiming

The Bad

  • Replacing the rubber when damaged is not easy 

Daisy B52 Slingshot 

Daisy B52 Slingshot
  • Extra Wide Fork
  • Flexible Wrist Support Provides Steady

With the Daisy B52 hunting slingshot, you have a powerful and reliable way to hit your targets. This unit has a molded sure-grip handle and solid steel frame for the ultimate performance. The surgical grade tubing and durable release pouch will provide all the power you need. The F16 slingshot is suitable for adults and those over the age of 16 years.

As you would expect with a high-performance slingshot, this unit is exceptionally ergonomic and contoured. For this reason, you will find it convenient to fit comfortably in your hands for the best shooting and marksmanship results. On top of that, the slingshot is exceptionally durable, thereby ensuring several years of reliable performance in hitting your targets. 

It’s a reliable tool that provides all the support you need for optimal power and accuracy. Thanks to the molded sure-grip handle and solid steel frame, you are sure of a highly comfortable tool each time. It even has a flexible wrist support, that offers steady and stable support when hitting targets.

The Good

  • Stable support that can fold away
  • Made using surgical grade tubing
  • Has a rugged release pouch for convenience
  • The molded sure-grip handle makes it comfortable 

The Bad

  • N/A 

COOY Slingshot, Wrist Sling Rocket Professional Hunting Slingshot 

COOY Slingshot,Wrist Sling Rocket...
  • POWERFUL -- Made by 6 rubber bands, the power is stronger than the other...
  • MWTAL BOBY AND WRIST Support FRAME DESIGN -- The design makes the ejection base...

Impress people with your marksmanship skills when you have the COOY Slingshot Professional Hunting Slingshot. Made using six rubber bands, this unit offers optimal power, and is more robust than most ordinary slingshots. The unique design of this unit makes the ejection base much more stable for hitting targets. Even more, the steady handle and wrist support frame will provide the ideal levels of ejection intensity.

Plus, you will be pleased with the ergonomic design, which makes the grip handle exceptionally comfortable and easy to use. Plus, with the removable small flashlight design, you will be able to find the target even in poorly lit conditions. It will quickly and accurately hit the target each time.

As one of the best hunting slingshots on the market, this unit is ideal for eye and attention training. You will even find it easy to use for entertainment, competition, and hunting purposes. The entire set is available with several other unique components, including a rubber band, hard clay balls, steel ammo, and professional equipment. Thanks to the high hardness alloy frame, you are sure of a slingshot which provides optimal longevity. 

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The Good

  • Made using six rubber bands for optimal accuracy
  • Steady handle and ejection base
  • Has a removable flashlight design
  • Suitable for eye and attention training 

The Bad

  • Could have a better wrist balance for users with heavy hands

Easimgo Professional Slingshot Set, Y Shot Hunting Slingshot for Adults 

Easimgo Professional Slingshot Set, Y...
  • PROFESSIONAL SLINGSHOT: Y shot slingshots with high velocity, accurate and...
  • REMINDS YOU OF YOUR CHILDHOOD: You will back to unforgettable childhood memory...

When you have the Easimgo Professional Slingshot set, you have a robust and reliable method for hitting the target each time. It’s Y shot slingshot, with high velocity, accuracy, and optimal power. Yes, that’s right! Hitting the target has never been easier than when you have this unit with you.

It comes with a magnetic leather hold structure, which you can use to hold ammo sturdily and easily. Yes, this hunting slingshot is reliable for hunting in many ways. The unique and traditional design will be enough to take you back to your childhood memories when you had lots of fun.

Also, made using heavily constructed and durable material, you have a slingshot which offers longevity. It’s also molded to fit well in your hand for the best marksmanship results. Plus, the adjustable wrist brace design makes the ejection base highly stable. With a unique and ergonomic grip handle, you are sure of a comfortable and straightforward to use slingshot. 

While this slingshot is an excellent tool for entertainment, it’s also ideal for eye and attention training; the entire set is available with many components to make your shooting abilities much more effective. These include rubber bands, steel ammo, screw keys, and more. 

The Good

  • Y slingshot with high velocity and powerful shooting 
  • Available with rubber bands and steel ammo
  • Ergonomic handle grip is comfortable in the hands
  • High tension rubber bands hits targets 

The Bad

  • N/A

RCZZSUWE Slingshot, Professional Hunting Shooting Slingshots with Ammo 

RCZZSUWE Slingshot, Professional Hunting...
  • [PROFESSIONAL SLINGSHOT]--Stainless steel slingshot with 1mm thick flat bands...
  • [SHOOTING Slingshot]--Equipped with stainless steel sight. Effectively help...

Hitting the target is all about owning the right resources. Thus, this is why we recommend the RCZZSUWE slingshot, which provides a host of unique benefits for both novices and advanced users. For instance, the stainless-steel slingshot has 1mm thick flat bands that provide optimal strength when in use. You will even be pleased with the quick-change flat rubber bands, which make this unit highly convenient to use. 

Thanks to the lighter frame, you are sure you can use this slingshot for long durations without fatigue. Even more, the slingshot has a stainless-steel sight mechanism, which will improve your ability to hit the target each time. It will effectively help beginners’ practice and shoot the target each time.

The wooden slingshot is polished using professional techniques, which make it ideal for long term use. By changing the different flat rubbers to adapt to different scenes, you can even use it to chase small animals that invade your courtyard. You will also be pleased with the unique recurve bow design to make your shooting experience comfortable each time. 

The Good

  • Stainless steel slingshot with 1mm thick flat bands
  • Has a stainless steel slight for beginners
  • Comes with a sleek wood as a handle 
  • Comes with flat bands and a mechanical sight 

The Bad

  • The sleek wood handle is prone to scratching and high impact forces

Lodonc Slingshot, Professional SlingShots Set 

The Lodonc Slingshot is sturdy and practical – perfect for hitting targets each time. The slingshot is well made, thereby ensuring optimal power and high velocity. It has a high-quality stainless steel integrated structure, which makes it sturdy and durable at the same time. The recurved design solid handles fit perfectly and are also comfortable in the hands. It’s a non-slip and excellent tool for hitting targets like a pro!

Furthermore, the slingshot was designed to be compact and lightweight when in use. Thanks to the beautiful and practical storage box, you will find it easy to store the slingshot safely after use. It’s a powerful slingshot – perfect for hunting anywhere and anytime. 

Designed to be easy to set up and use, this unit is the perfect addition to your outdoor regimen. It even features a sighting device, which will make it easy to hit the target each time. The four high precision stainless mechanical sights are suitable for people who have changing grasping habits. More so, the triple aiming points will make it easy for beginner users to correct gestures.

Plus, the color fiber makes aiming targets easier than ever before. It even comes with a sliding sight, which you can adjust to adapt to different distances, and to hit the target more precisely. 

The Good

  • High-quality stainless-steel integrated structure
  • Anti-ball ammo impact design
  • Has a recurve design with solid wood that handles perfectly
  • Has a non-slip grip and excellent ergonomics 

The Bad

  • N/A

Wrist Rocket Slingshot, Metal Slingshot Professional Hunting Slingshot 

Wrist Rocket,Metal Slingshot...
56 Reviews
Wrist Rocket,Metal Slingshot...
  • ❶【Convenience】 Easy operation, quick installation and portable size. It...
  • ❷【Profession】Unique detachable design with 5 removable aim points and 1...

Become a better marksman when you have the Wrist Rocket Slingshot with you. This unit is easy to operate and offers quick installation benefits. You will even be pleased to know that it will pass through the security check at the airport. With five removable aim points, this unit is highly convenient for shooting targets with a unique detachable design. The two mechanical sights have distance ranges that average between 5M-50M. 

The material on this slingshot also has 304 stainless steel, which is highly fashionable and cool for your friends to use. The comfortable handle and ergonomic design make this slingshot suitable for various unique applications. It will sit comfortably in your hands even after several hours of use. While it has a heavy duty design, it’s also exceptionally portable – perfect for storing in small packages and spaces. 

With such a unique combination of features, it’s easy to see why this unit is ideal for eye and attention training. 

The Good

  • Easy to operate and portable tool design
  • Has a detachable design with five removable aim points
  • Made using 304 stainless steel for longevity
  • Comfortable handle and ergonomic design for ease of use

The Bad

  • N/A

KAINOKAI Hunting Slingshot, Heavy Duty Wrist Rocket Slingshot Sling Shot 

KAINOKAI Hunting Slingshot,Heavy Duty...
  • Point 1---This is a Professional Hunting Tool, More power, accurate and high...
  • Point 2---Top anti-rust stainless-steel; High-tension rubber band; Top leather...

With the KAINOKAI Hunting Slingshot, you have a professional hunting tool that provides optimal power and accuracy. The slingshot comes with a magnetic leather structure, which will keep the slingshot ammo well. More so, the ergonomic handle grip makes this unit comfortable and convenient to use. 

You will also be pleased with the anti-rust stainless steel, which provides several years of reliable performance. The hunting slingshot comes with a convenient top leather wrapper, which will improve the tool’s longevity. Plus, the durable design with a die-casting aluminum alloy frame means that this tool is exceptionally durable.

The slingshot will catapult high and powerful, all thanks to the inclusion of three rubber bands. Comfort and ease of use are crucial factors to consider when you want to get the best slingshot. Thus, this is why the KAINOKAI Hunting slingshot is an excellent recommendation for your needs. It’s a highly ergonomic tool, which sits comfortably in your hands for the precise marksmanship. The entire set is available with different components, including rubber bands, an extra light bracket, a plastic gift box, and more. 

The Good

  • Provides power accuracy and high velocity
  • Has a top anti-rust stainless steel
  • Comes a convenient top leather wrapper 

The Bad

  • N/A

NOBONDO Strong Folding Wrist Rocket Slingshot 

NOBONDO Strong Folding Wrist Rocket...
  • POWERFUL: hunting slingshot with triple Strength rubber bands and ergonomic...
  • PRECISE SHOOTING: adjustable wrist brace and golden proportions slingshot makes...

The NOBONDO Strong Folding Wrist Slingshot, will provide triple strength, and ease of use each time. It’s a slingshot with an ergonomic molded and adjustable grip to make it comfortable – even when you hunt for long durations.

Furthermore, the adjustable wrist brace and golden proportions slingshot is crucial because it improves your accuracy levels. Thus, it does not matter whether you are a novice or advanced user when you have this slingshot, it’s always easy to use.

The all-metal material slingshot feature powerful rubber bands, which are ideal for field adventures, and various types of outdoor activities. It’s a high velocity and powerful tool for hunting applications. Plus, the slingshot features a magnetic leather structure that makes it easy to replenish bullets each time. 

The Good

  • Comes with triple-strength rubber bands
  • Adjustable wrist brace and golden proportions for ease of use
  • All metal construction with durable rubber construction
  • Concentrating your strength, make hunting slingshot more powerful

The Bad

  • Adjust the rubber strands requires skill

D&Q Slingshot High-Velocity Catapult Professional Sling Shot 

D&Q Slingshot High Velocity Catapult...
  • PROFESSIONAL DESIGN. It's an amazing sturdy little sling shot with good...
  • POWERFUL, HIGH VELOCITY SLINGSHOT. It shoots really far with real force. The...

Powerful, professional, and easy to use. These are just some of the few key terms you can use to describe the D&Q Slingshot. It’s an amazing and sturdy slingshot, with excellent construction. Its highly portable, whereby you can place it in your pocket for ease of storage. The D&Q slingshot can shoot real far, and with real force. It has a unique grip handle, which will cut nicely to fit in your hand. Moreover, the beautiful solid wood handle is comfortable and convenient to use each time.

Made using high-quality rubber bands and faux leather pockets, you are more than sure of a reliable solution for holding ammunition. Thus, you will enjoy a strong drawing force and excellent slingshot positioning. Whether you have massive or small hands, you will be pleased with the exceptional design aesthetics of this unit. While it may be durable and have a heavy-duty structure, it sits comfortably in your hands for optimal accuracy when shooting ammo!

The slingshot is easy to use for all skill types, and the convenient design ensures you hit targets with exceptional accuracy levels. It’s excellent for eye and attention training, without hassles such as the sound of a handgun. 

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The Good

  • Sturdy and heavy-duty construction
  • Comes with 10pc of velocity rubber bands
  • Ergonomic design and textured grip for ease of use 

The Bad

  • Not suitable for use with heavy ammo

How to Buy the Best Hunting Slingshot

Slingshot Hunting Ammo Choices

There are several types of slingshot ammo choices. You may have to avoid going for the oblong or uneven types. Picking up a rock and firing it from your slingshot is not always a safe choice. It may compromise your accuracy, which is dangerous in many ways. 

You want an accurate shot, and small factors such as the ammo you choose are vital factors. Overall, there are four main options when it comes to slingshot ammo choices:

  • Steel – is ideal for hunting. Factors such as its size and weight all come into play. That said, it’s more costly than clay; it recommended for practice purposes.
  • Hard clay – the ideal type of ammo for target practice. More so, its also biodegradable, and environmentally safe. Furthermore, they also stay in your hard, unlike steel balls, because they dissolve in rainwater.
  • Glass – not recommended. Even if it may have a better weight than plastic, it has no benefit compared to using clay or steel. Steel is ideal for hunting, as when compared to clay and glass.
  • Lead – not recommended for steel instead.

Types of Animals You can Hunt with A Slingshot

You won’t be taking down elk or deer with a slingshot. Instead, slingshots are suitable for hunting small game. These may include rabbits, squirrels, birds, and more. You may also have to consider factors such as your needs and the physical structure of the slingshot.

Factors to Consider When Buying a Hunting Slingshot


Some slingshots are suitable for fun alone. No problem here! That said, they may not necessarily be ideal for hunting. Usually, the $2 slingshot you buy at a local store won’t be useful for a hunter. At the other end of the scale, some slingshots are only suitable for aesthetics and backyard plinking. 

Also, they tend to provide a little more power, but may have several unnecessary add ons such as flashlight holders. While these tacti-cool slingshots are entertaining, they are not suitable for putting meat on the table.


From a power perspective, several bands will provide more power and a more accurate shot. Ensure you settle for a slingshot that lets you replace the bands for repair, or to pull adjustments, perhaps. 

When deciding to choose between a traditional palm only slingshot, or an arm stabilized type, ensure you consider stability factors. The arm stabilized slingshot will provide much more power – perfect for hunting purposes.


When considering accuracy, ensure the slingshot is symmetrical, such that the weight of your hand distributes evenly over your hand. Some slingshots feature stabilizers on the front, which works as a counterweight. Such mechanisms will provide a more accurate shot. 

More so, go for a slingshot which has a wrist stabilizer. It’s a mechanism that will improve the distribution of power by transferring the weight of the pull to your arm. Such a unique design is better because it means you won’t have to rely on your hand solely. 


  • In most cases, the accuracy of a slingshot depends on various factors, such as the user. Thus, you may have to practice for a few weeks before you become an excellent marksman. Also, you can practice using moving or stationary targets at different distances outdoors.
  • Ensure you confirm that no one is within your sight, before you draw the slingshot. The ammunition can even dent a metal can with the right force. Such a force is enough to cause injury
  • Inspect the components of the slingshot before putting it into use. Also, replace any worn-out parts, and consider investing in new ones, if you have a rusty or bent frame.
  • Wear protective gear is possible when using slingshots. These include gloves, goggles, and anything useful for your needs.  
  • Never use a slingshot when you are under the influence of drugs. Plus, never shoot at any item you won’t want to damage or destroy.

Best Hunting Slingshot FAQ 

Q: Are slingshots legal?

A. While slingshots are legal in many states in the US, not all states permit such a tool. You may have to confirm with your state laws whether using such a tool is legal or not. More so, there might be some restrictions on where and how you can use the slingshot.

Q. What is the best hunting ammunition to use for my slingshot?

A. Many have different perspectives when it comes to using slingshots. That said, the ideal sizes for hunting ammunition would be between ½ or ⅜ steel spheres. The round shape of the spheres will let you achieve equal projectile force with each shot. Thus, you will effectively improve your accuracy based on muscle memory and performance. Furthermore, you will also find it easy to carry several metal spheres at the same time.

Q. Are Slingshots Safe?

A. A user will be safe if they are aware of the amount of drawing force the band can produce before snapping. It may rebound and hurt you or anyone close to you. Ensure you go for a well-made slingshot for optimal safety. Plus, any weapon is unsafe if you leave it in the wrong hands. Remember to place it away from small children and supervise its use when around kids. 


Whether it’s a feral cat, hunting wild birds, chasing squirrels, or just playing adventure, you need the right resources for the best result. The best hunting slingshot can serve you well when you get the right brand, with the features to match your marksmanship skills. Once you are through reading this guide, you will find it easy to choose a suitable slingshot for your needs. The ones we have on our list are safe, and you will even pass with them safely through the airport. Plus, they are also highly ergonomic, especially the NOBONDO Strong Folding Wrist Rocket Slingshot.

Remember that these powerful tools can easily dent a metal can, so you can imagine what it will do to human flesh. Thus, use a slingshot safely, and you will enjoy a fun experience each time. 

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