7 Best Key Finders: The Easiest Way to Find Your Missing Keys

Alex Clarkson
Alex Clarkson
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You were sure that you left your car keys on the countertop, and now you can’t seem to find them anywhere. You end up spending the next 1 hour frantically searching all around the house. Eventually, you find them on top of your fridge, but by then you’re already late for work.

Misplacing keys happens to the best of us. Even the most organized people get distracted sometimes and put their keys in places where they don’t usually put them, resulting in those panic-stricken moments.

Luckily, it’s now easy to keep track of your keys. With the best key finders, you can determine where you keys are; hence, save a significant amount of time, and more importantly, enjoy some piece of mind.

What’s the Best Key Finder?

Electronic finders come in different flavors, and although they all perform the same role, some function better than others. We tested various models based on the maximum range, weight, type of battery and technology. Based on our research, these are the key finders that really stood out.

Shop for the best Key Finders on the market today:

1. Esky Item Tracker

Key Finder, Esky 80dB RF Item Locator...
424 Reviews
Key Finder, Esky 80dB RF Item Locator...
  • 【Portable Design】: With only 0.18 inches thick, these 6 receivers can be...
  • 【Loud 80db Beep】: Finding your items is simple. Just follow the sound! Once...

The Esky Locator gives you a smart and colorful way of keeping track of your keys, pet or wallet. It’s a simple remote-like RF device with six color buttons, each one corresponding to six attachable key finders.

To find any of the electronic locators, all you need to do is press the color coded button on the remote. The receiver will then beep or ring, leading you to the misplaced item.

A significant advantage of the Esky Item Tracker is that its radio frequency extends to up to 30 meters. Plus, it can penetrate through walls, leather and cushion.

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2. Key Finder Tile Pro with Replaceable Battery

Tile Inc, Pro Black, Bluetooth Tracker...
1,938 Reviews
Tile Inc, Pro Black, Bluetooth Tracker...
  • Ring your things: Use your smartphone to make your tile Pro ring when it’s...
  • Find your phone: Can't find your phone? Simply double press the tile button on...

Even though Tile is considered one of the leading makers of Bluetooth trackers, there was one major flaw with their inventions, namely, they lacked replaceable batteries. But with their latest release: the Tile Pro, they have addressed this problem by incorporating a replaceable battery.

This enables you to pop in a standard watch battery when the original one runs out. Apart from the convenience of the battery, the Tile Pro also sports an ultra-slim design making it more portable than other electronic locators.

Other incredible features that make Tile Pro a worthy investment include a loud alarm, excellent Bluetooth range of up to 300 feet and the Active Community Find feature that lets other Tile users help you find your lost item.

In addition to the tracker, you also get a hook for purse, 7 CR2032 batteries, a user manual and a warranty card.

3. Nut3 Smart Key Finder Alarm Reminder

Nutale Nut3 Key Finder Locator (Pack of...
425 Reviews
Nutale Nut3 Key Finder Locator (Pack of...
  • FIND IT WITH NUT: Key finder, wallet finder and even pet finder, Nut3 key finder...
  • LOST PHONE? FIND IT WITH NUT3: Just like you use your smartphone to make Nut...

If you’re looking for a stylish electronic finder, the Nut3 is your best bet. It’s a pebble-shaped gadget that comes in different packs and colors. You can buy 1, 2 or 4-pack, which are available in all white, white and green or multicolor options.

Design aside, the Nut3 is a very reliable tracker that offers six functions. These are: smart anti-loss, lost & found network, left phone alert, one touch find, find your phone and group sharing. These features ensure that you never misplace your keys again.

When it comes to Bluetooth capability, the range differs depending on whether you’re using it indoors or outdoors. In an open space, the range is 30 to 50 meters but indoors, the distance is 10 to 30 meters.

4. H+LUX Key Finder Smart Tracker

Key Finder Smart Tracker, H+LUX Phone...
190 Reviews
Key Finder Smart Tracker, H+LUX Phone...
  • Item Finder: Bluetooth Key Finder Locator is a great convenience in searching or...
  • Smart Anti-Lost Alarm: Use your smartphone with our Nut App to track your...

H+LUX is the perfect gift for that friend who always seems to forget their keys. This smart tracker is made of aluminum alloy and polycarbonate, and utilizes Bluetooth technology to locate your belongings. Its maximum range indoors is 20 meters and 50 meters outdoors.

A key highlight of the H+LUX tracker is that it works in conjunction with an app. With the help of the app, you can establish the last place where it was even if it’s disconnected from your phone.

Moreover, the smart tracker has one of the best batteries. This one lasts up to one year and it can easily be replaced with another CR2032 button cell. Also, this tracker is compatible with both Apple iOS and Android operating systems.

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5. Wonbo Anti-Lost Bluetooth Tracking Locator

Key Finder, Wonbo Anti-Lost Bluetooth...
23 Reviews
Key Finder, Wonbo Anti-Lost Bluetooth...
  • ♬Smart Anti-lost Tag Key Tracker: --- No more playing hide and seek with your...
  • ♬Six Functions In One Key Finder: --- One Touch Find / Find Your Items / Smart...

Providing ample piece of mind, the Wonbo Anti-Lost Locator is another great choice. It’s designed with a hole that allows you to hook a range of items such as keys, smartphones, cameras, wallets, passports and even laptops. You can even attach it to your pet’s collar.

One of the best features of the Wonbo Tracker is that it uses a bidirectional mechanism. Simply put; you can use your phone to locate the key finder and you can also ring the tracker to locate your cellphone.

Like H+LUX tracker, this one can also be used to find items that are out of range. The locator works with app for phones, which records the last place where your phone lost connection with the item.

What’s more, the Wonbo Tracking device comes in seven colors. It also comes with one-month money back guarantee and a one-year warranty.

6. KeyRinger Key Finder Pair

Key Finder Pair, Indisputably The...
630 Reviews
Key Finder Pair, Indisputably The...
  • Loud, extremely durable, operates up to 300 feet, and battery lasts up to 18...
  • Includes two KeyRingers – either KeyRinger calls the other

If you prefer an audible receiver type of locator, the Key Finder Pair by KeyRinger is the best choice. Essentially, the two electronic locators communicate with each other, allowing you to use one to find the other.

With this pair of trackers, you’ll be able to locate your items regardless of where they are in the house. This is made possible by the gadgets’ 300-feet range and high decibel level. When we tested them, they recorded an astounding 85 dB at only six feet. And if you suffer from hearing impairment, you can use the flashing light feature.

Better yet, these electronic locators are simple and straightforward. They come paired to one another straight out of the box. This means that you don’t need to download any app or perform any programming to use them. They’re also highly durable, showing no dent or scratches when dropped.

7. Whew Wireless RF Tracker

Whew Key Finder, Wireless Key Tracker...
138 Reviews
Whew Key Finder, Wireless Key Tracker...
  • ❤Makes Life Easier for Those Who Usually Forget Keys and Stuff: Many of us had...
  • ❤No APP to Install, Just Press a Button and There It Is: The item finder is...

Another electronic tracker that is considerably loud is the Whew Wireless RF device. As its name suggests, it uses radio frequency technology so you don’t have to struggle looking for and installing any apps.

Just press a button on the device and then follow the beeping sound to locate your items. The beeping sound is 80 dB, which is difficult to miss.

This tracker comes with six receivers, allowing you to attach six items. The radio signal range is 100 feet in open space and 85 feet in areas that have walls in between.

This device is also equipped with reliable CR2032 batteries that last twice as long as the conventional ones. In addition, the manufacturer offers a 1-year warranty and lifetime customer support.

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Key Finders Buying Guide

Meaning of a Key Finder

best-key-findersAlso known as an electronic finder or key locator, a key finder is a tiny and discreet gadget that makes it easy to locate misplaced items, to which it’s been attached. The primary reason for developing this piece of tech was to reduce the worry and stress that comes from losing items.

Most electronic finders are designed to beep or flash a LED light once you’re in close proximity. These capabilities make the whole process of finding items less stressful. What’s more, modern electronic finders now have a wider global community feature. The purpose of this is to help any device -that’s in close proximity to your misplaced item- to pick up and transmit an alert.

Essential Factors to Consider when Buying a Key Finder

Bluetooth Capability – Generally, electronic finders use either one of three technologies: Bluetooth, radio signal or audible receiver. Each option has its fair share of merits and drawbacks. However, Bluetooth key locators offer the best solution.

The way this mechanism works is: the user remotely connects the key finder to a compatible device such as a smartphone. This way, the tracker stays in near constant communication with your device. The advantage of this approach is that it isn’t taxing on your phone’s battery life or the locator’s.

The downside is that you have to rely on your smartphone all the time. Ideally, if you don’t have your phone with you, then you won’t be able to find your keys either.

Alert System – The modern electronic finders come equipped with some form of alert system. They can 1) generate a distinct sound like a beep or tone or 2) illuminate. The purpose of this alert system is to guide the user towards the misplaced item.

If the electronic locator has sound capability, then you should check whether it’s loud enough for you to hear. If you can’t hear the alarm ringing or the beeping, you won’t be able to narrow down your search.

On the other hand, if it has illumination capability, then check the type of light used. The best is LED light as its bright enough, reliable and long-lasting.

Range – This is one of the most crucial aspects of a tracker. After all, it wouldn’t make sense to have this device if it can’t provide enough of a range to actually help you locate your missing keys. The industry standard is about 100 feet, but some more advanced models provide a range far beyond this. On the other end of the spectrum, there are some trackers that fall short of this benchmark.

Thus, it’s always important to check the Bluetooth range before deciding to buy a particular key finder.

Design – Even though it’s not as important as Bluetooth range, choosing a particular design helps to narrow down your electronic locator options. Here, you’ll want to pay close attention to the shape and how easy or hard it is to insert a new battery.

Durability – An electronic locator should be made of sturdy materials that can withstand a range of elements. Whether it is spills, dirt, snow or impact, a high-quality model will be able to function regardless of the surrounding conditions.

Size – The size of the electronic locator is also vital. You shouldn’t get one that is too big to carry on your keyring. Similarly, it shouldn’t be too small that it risks getting misplaced or falling from your keyring.

Impermeability – Another feature worth noting entails impermeability. Essentially, the device should have a water-resistant finish so that it’s able to transmit an alert even when it comes into contact with water. This way, you can find your keys even if they’re sitting at the bottom of your aquarium.

Battery Life – The last thing you should take into account is the battery life of the electronic finder. How long does the rechargeable battery last? After all, you’d not want the battery to run low when you need it the most.

Why You Should Consider a Key Finder Smartphone App

While most electronic locators only utilize Bluetooth technology, some are used in conjunction with a phone application to increase their functionality.

For instance, such key finders have a two-way working mechanism. That means that you can use your phone to find the keyring and you can also use the electronic locator to find your smartphone. For any individual who frequently loses their smartphone in a couch cushion, this feature comes in handy.

Furthermore, electronic locators used with applications also tend to have a wider range. Unlike those that rely on radio frequencies or audible options, an app can notify the user of the last known position of the finder- even though that position is not in range anymore.

How to Attach the Receiver to Your Keys

Most of these tracking devices have small circular openings, where you can attach keyrings. If you don’t usually attach your keys to a keyring, you should consider doing that so that it’s easier to hook it to the tracker.

Can Bluetooth-enabled Electronic Locators Be Used to Share Location?

Yes, they can. If your tracking device uses Bluetooth, then it can be used to share your location. As such, you should go through the privacy policy of the company you’re purchasing the key finder from. Read all their regulations and find out how you can reduce the risk of your location details falling into the wrong hands.

One approach you can use is to secure your Bluetooth connection. Configure it in such a manner that prevents unauthorized access by anyone who doesn’t have a password. If you’re still not confident about the privacy of your details, you can choose the tracking devices that use radio frequencies instead of Bluetooth.

Wrap Up

With the modern world, most urban dwellings, cars and offices are accessed using keys. Thus, it can be very stressful and inconvenient if you lose your set of keys. Electronic finders were invented to make it easier to locate your misplaced keys wherever they are.


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