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Alex Clarkson
Alex Clarkson

In some cases, you have several workstations for computers that you want to control, to achieve a goal. Maybe you are working on a new software program, gaming or perhaps working on graphic design projects. However, shifting in-between machines can be a form of physical stress added on your already ballooning workload. More so, buying several tools such as keyboards, a mouse and more can be costly. 

To make things, you will benefit when you have one of the best KVM switch brands for your needs.

What is KVM Switch?

KVM is an acronym for Keyboard Video Mouse. It’s a switch, which lets you achieve more control of more than a computer, with a single mouse, keyboard and monitor. There are many benefits associated with being able to connect your computer in this manner. It lets you manage and access several computers or servers from a single source. While investing in the best switch can be a challenge, there are some key factors you should consider for your convenience. 

Being able to get products from reliable brands is the best recommendation for your needs. But, before you can get the best product for your needs, you need to conduct adequate research and make an informed decision. Below is a list of some of the best KVM Switches we have available for you to consider:

KVM Switch Number of users?

When choosing a KVM switch, it’s good to consider the number of users you want to access the system at the same time. Multi-user KVM switches are available, which can handle several numbers of users and hardware devices. More so, there are several KVMs, with mouse switching systems that can allow several administrators, to control a large number of services.

KVM Switch Video Type

A KVM switch can support various types of Analog and Digital Connector mechanisms. The video support relates to the kind of switch, with most types being able to support DVI, HDMI and DP all at the same time. Others may only support VGA, while others are easily suitable for switching between various types of video.

KVM Switch Multi-Monitor

Single or multi-monitor KVM switches are available in myriad configurations and settings. These make it easy to switch between different monitor sources, and also makes monitor use convenient. Some high-end KVM switch brands let you cascade for as many as seven monitor applications.

KVM Switch Resolution and Performance

There is nothing better than when you can work on your IT projects in full HD. Thus, ensure you evaluate the resolution level of your chosen KV switch. Usually, this level varies by device, with some ranking as 4K UHD at 60Hz locally or when used through IP. If you have high-resolution needs, consider using analog switches, because they guarantee the best resolution levels for such applications.

KVM Switch Support for audio and USB Support

Some brands have done well to extend the functionality of their KVM switches by including audio support mechanisms. The audio support is also convenient, especially when you want to stream audiovisual content from your machine.

You will also find the peripheral hub ports on KVM switches convenient to use and connect your devices. These include devices such as graphic tablets, jog shuttles, 3D explorers, wireless keyboards and more. You can even enjoy the benefits of Virtual USB media, in IP KVM switches, which also lets you connect USB devices into your chosen sources.

Digital vs. front-end IP KVM Switch Solutions

If you want to use the KVM Switch over IP remote web access to your equipment from any location in the world, then there are several suitable options for your needs. You can consider the simple digital applications, or go for the front-end IP solutions. Furthermore, a pure digital implementation consists of many functions including a video, mouse switches, digital keyboard and more. This network-based technique makes it easy for administrators to access the programming code connected servers at bios level. More so, the front-end IP products are placed at the console of any available analog switches and will allow remote users to access an existing KVM switch.

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4 Best KVM Switch Reviews

CKLau 4Kx2K Ultra HD 4 Port HDMI Cables KVM Switch Control 4 Computers

CKLau 4Kx2K Ultra HD 4 Port HDMI Cables...
  • 4 in 1 out HDMI USB Switch: one USB keyboard & mouse console controls up to 4...
  • Max resolution up to 4K x 2K @30Hz. Compatible 3840x2160@30Hz, 1080P, 1080P 3D,...

Controlling your networked computers has never been this easy. Why? Well, the CKLa 4Kx2K Ultra HD KVM switch makes up for a convenient addition to your computing regimen. It’s a 4 in 1 out HDMI USB switch, which you can use to control as many as four computers. It even features an audio and microphone output, to make it easy to provide added functionality. Designed to support a large criterion of resolutions, you have a dynamic switch which is ideal for your needs.

The makers of this KVM switch have also done well to include an audio and microphone output port to make this unit easy to use. These KVM switchs even feature 4kits and 5 FT KVM cables, that have a wire remote push button to make things highly convenient. The CKLau can also support outstanding resolution levels of between 3840×2160@30Hz, to make it ideal for delivering vibrant and crisp content. 

This best KVM switch also offers support for Apple Keyboards, which makes it ideal for use in intensive projects. You can switch the mouse or keyboard independently, thus making it suitable for switching between different devices when working.

The Good

  • 4 in 1 out HDMI USB switch
  • Max resolution support of up to 4k x 3k
  • Comes with a touch screen and drive free design
  • Heavy-duty KVM switch design for longevity

The Bad

  • Warms up when used for long durations
  • Slow boot up times for this KVM switch

TESmart HDMI 4K Ultra HD 4×1 HDMI KVM Switch  

TESmart HDMI 4K Ultra HD 4x1 HDMI KVM...
  • [4K@60Hz Ultra HD 4K Brings you Better Definition and Clarity, Makes Images that...
  • [Premium and Compact Design HDMI KVM Switch] Multiple cooling,anodic oxidation...

Here is where convenience meets functionality. Why? Well, the TESmart HDMI 4K Ultra HDMI KVM switch lets you enjoy optimal clarity and high definition content. It makes images that look lifelike, and it even features a top-grade image sensor. Even more, the TESmart HDMI 4K Ultra KVM switch boasts of several other unique features to take your connectivity experience to the next level.

For instance, this KVM switch comes with multiple cooling and an aluminium body, which ensures years of longevity. On top of that, the KVM switch can support several types of operating systems, including Mac OS and Windows.

By using the USB 2.0 hub ports on the KVM switch, you will find it easy to attach a host of tools. These include a printer, barcode scanner, USB drive and more, to the KVM switch. You can even control the switching process through various techniques, such as by using panel source selector buttons. This unit also comes with EDID emulators in the input ports, that ensures the PCs provide the correct display information. Therefore, it prevents display changes, even as you switch the input ports. 

 By using USB 2.0 hub ports on the KVM, you can even attach USB drive, printer, barcode scanner or other USB devices to the KVM. Switching can be controlled through variable methods, such as the front panel source selector buttons, IR signals and hotkeys on the keyboard. With EDID emulators in every input ports, keep PCs always have correct display information, prevent display settings changed while switching input ports. Support L/R audio output.

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The Good

  • Ultra HD 4K delivers quality and clear pictures
  • Equipped with top-grade image sensor
  • Multiple cooling and durable aluminum alloy body
  • Hotkey switch and can support several operating systems

The Bad

  • The switch could use better function indications
  • The finish on this unit is not durable

IOGEAR 2-Port HDMI Cable KVM Switch with Cables and Audio, GCS62HU

IOGEAR 2-Port HDMI Cable KVM Switch with...
  • Share 2 computers using one keyboard, Mouse, and HD monitor
  • Convenient switching by pushbutton, hotkeys, or 3-button wired USB mouse

You can still be able to connect and control several devices from a single location. Yes, that`s right. With useful tools such as the IOGEAR 2 Port HDMI cable, you have a reliable and robust solution for your entertainment needs. This unit provides effortless control over HD devices and computers, through a single USB keyboard. Furthermore, this Advanced HD KVMP will improve the efficiency of your work, and reduce the costs of having to buy extra equipment.

Whether you want to engage in high-end gaming, digital home entertainment, or even graphic design, this KVM switch is perfect for your needs. It also comes with IOGEAR DynaSync technology, which reads and remembers the parameters of the monitor. Therefore, it helps stop any delays that may occur in the video resolution, as you switch between different computers. For optimal convenience, the GCS62HU comes with USB 2.0 peripheral sharing function through the mouse port. 

You will find it easy to switch and access two computers, all thanks to the convenient push-button and hotkey combination on the keyboard. The latest in mouse port switching function on this unit, lets you change ports by just clicking the wheel on the mouse.

The Good

  • Convenient switching with push button and hotkeys
  • 1080P HD resolution and power on detection
  • Share computers with one keyboard mouse and HD monitor

The Bad

  • N/A

4 Port VGA KVM Switch with USB Hub Support Wireless

4 Port VGA KVM Switch with USB Hub...
  • USB powered design saves money and time,plug and play.
  • The high-quality new chipset,effectively reducing the computer crash, mouse and...

Realize what you have been missing in your computer set when you finally get the four-port VGA KVM switch. This KVM switch has a USB powered design, which will save money and time, thus making it a convenient addition to your desktop. It features a high-quality chipset, which will stop any issues such as computer crashes or stalling. You will also appreciate that this unit is a plug and play unit, and you don’t need an adaptor to use it. 

Also, this best KVM switch supports several operating systems, including Windows and Mac OS, with no additional equipment required. It also has a compact size, which makes it perfect for home and business settings. These KVM switch let you manage four computers with just one keyboard, monitor, mouse and speakers. 

The 4-port KVM switch also supports multiple operating systems, including Windows, Sun, and Mac. no additional equipment required. Its compact size makes it ideal for home and business environment.

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The Good

  • USB powered KVM switch saves time and money
  • High-quality new chipset reduces computer crashes
  • Plug and play, without the need for an adapter
  • Max Resolution Support 2048*1536 and high-quality output

The Bad

  • N/A


Owning the correct devices can make your digital work projects way much easier. Nowadays, you no longer have to struggle when it comes to managing several computers at the same time. With useful resources such as the best KVM switch, controlling your favorite devices is a simple process. These are powerful tools which are simple to set up – and the best part is that they let you control your device with ease.

You get to save on money for extra monitors, keyboards and more. This way, you improve your performance level significantly, while also having fun when working.

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