Best LED Light Bar for Trucks and Cars

Alex Clarkson
Alex Clarkson

In comparison to the conventional incandescent or halogen bulbs, LED lights are not often common among vehicle owners. Most drivers often prefer to use the factory-installed lights, as they are tailor-made for driving on most roads. However, if you need better light such as for emergency or security purposes, then consider the best-LED light bar for trucks and cars. 

Unlike conventional lights, these types are designed to provide high levels of visibility. Plus, most brands make their lights to be energy efficient, and more. In this guide, we have outlined some useful information for you to consider when investing in LED lights. While we have the LED Light Bar Nilight 32 Inch 180W Spot Flood Combo LED, being the top pick in this list, there are various other recommended brands you should consider. 

First off, let us start with the key factors you have to consider before getting a good light.Let us get started

Buying Guide for the Best LED Light Bar for Trucks and Cars

When outfitting your F150 or Tesla truck with off-road lighting, you will be pleased to know that you are “spoilt for choice.” Yes, that’s right! It all boils down to your specific preferences and spending capacity. Even if most drivers prefer investing in aftermarket lights for off-road visibility, you can still use them at parties and camps. Therefore, whether you want to go off-roading or just excellent illumination, an LED light can do wonders. It can transform the aesthetics of your car and enhance its functionality. 

With several options available, with mounting patterns, light designs and bulb types, its good for you to make an informed decision.

A Brief Introduction to LED light bars

An LED light bar can serve various purposes including as a conventional light, or as a solution for those who operate utility cars. Some of the typical utility applications for LED light bars include patrols, rescue activities, construction, and more. Most brands stock a unique selection of lights, and you have to conduct adequate research before settling on a particular version.

LED bulbs provide various benefits when compared to most types of lighting fixtures. Thus, it’s easy to see why LED lights are typical for emergency and utility applications. Besides that, most brands today make their lights to be compact, discreet and more durable than most lighting fixtures. Why? Because a significant number of users, buy the lights for utility applications (just as we mentioned before). Even if LED lights might be costly, they are excellent when used the right way.

Factors to Consider when Buying an LED Light Bar

You have to consider various vital factors before investing in an LED light for your needs. Remember to assess the benefits and demerits associated with your chosen brands. Here are some crucial factors to consider:

The Size to Buy 

Lightbars are available in different lengths, and you can expect anything between 10 to 45 inches. Thus, ensure you determine the right size for your lighting needs. Usually, mini LED light bars are suitable for conventional lighting applications, while the full-size types are best for utility applications. When investing in a light bar, key factors to consider include the vehicle size, its functions and the output of power.

Beam Angle

There are various types of light beams, each being suitable for specific applications. Some types make up for both spot and flood lighting applications. The spot beams are ideal for driving in large areas at high speeds, while floodlights are suitable for stationary vehicles. If your needs are varied, a bar that provides both features might be an excellent solution.


When you invest in an LED light bar, ensure you go for one that is durable enough for longevity. Thus, the ideal light should be able to withstand exposure to elements in the environment such as dirt, dust and more. More so, it’s particularly important to have a durable light if you are involved in utility activities such as emergency first responders or security. Also, durable lights would be perfect if you have to engage in outdoor activities such as races in the desert or any harsh terrain.


It’s a term or metric used to refer to the strength of a given light. Usually, the ideal light is anything that provides between 5,000 to 7,000 lumens of light. Plus, the light should be able to illuminate at least 300m ahead in a straight line – perfect for emergency or safety applications. That said, you will also come across some lights that can provide lumen averages of up to 10,000 – perfect for lighting large areas.


The typical lifespan of a headlight would be between 30,000 to 60,000 hours of light when compared to the conventional halogen lights. Some high-end brands even incorporate their products with chips that can help improve the longevity of your lights. These include components such as cooling chips that help to reduce issues associated with overworking of lights. Also, consider going for lights that have heavy-duty designs, with the common brands using lights that are made using die-cast aluminum.


You must go for a light that is compatible with your type of truck or vehicle. Why? Because some LEDs are not powerful enough for large vehicles such as trucks. The colours produced by the light might also be a pivotal factor to consider. The intensity is measured in nanometers (Nm), while for that for white LEDs uses the Kelvin metric. 

The rating of the light is directly proportional to the light it can produce. A significant number of headlights can produce bright colours of between 3,500 to 6,000 Kelvin. You can use them to illuminate considerable distances ahead of you as you move around – perfect for navigating the dense darkness.

Light Pattern

The typical light patterns you will come across include:

  • Spotlights – these types will provide a focused beam of light, which are perfect for eliminating far distances ahead of the truck. Plus, these types are often ultra-bright, but can still be used to illuminate small areas as well. The typical applications for spotlights include racing and agriculture.
  • Driving lights – these types are designed to complement the high beams, by illuminating spaces further and broader than the conventional car headlights. Also, these lights are ideal for applications such as trail riding, and to provide enhanced visibility.
  • Fog lights – these are the types you can install under the headlights and can project an outstanding light ahead. Plus, these lights are not prone to issues such as the rain, dust, fog or more. You can use them along with the primary lights to provide improved illumination.
  • Floodlights – the floodlights are ideal for illuminating large areas and are perfect for use in short distances. Also, they are excellent when used as work lights or back up lights such as for large fields.

Best Pick

LED Light Bar Nilight 32 Inch 180W Spot Flood Combo LED 

LED Light Bar Nilight 32 Inch 180W Spot...
  • HIGH BRIGHTNESS: Powerful 180W LED light bar, high-quality Led chips and clear...
  • COMBO BEAM, CLEAR VIEW: Appropriate combination of spot beam and flood beam for...

Powerful, clear and straightforward. These are just some of the few right words you can use to describe the Nilight LED light bar. These lights are powerful, and they feature a 180W LED light bar, which is super bright. The light even comes with high-quality chips and a clear PC lens, which is excellent for illuminating large spaces.

You will be pleased with the unique combination of the spot and flood beam, which provide widespread illumination benefits. Thanks to the unique side mounting bracket, you will find it easy to mount this light bar on your chosen surface. More so, it even has a quakeproof design, which makes it stable even as you travel through harsh terrains. 

Weather is not an issue when you have the IP67 waterproof lights. These units are waterproof for up to 3.3 feet of water, and also ensures excellent dustproof benefits. Made using die-cast aluminium, these cables are exceptionally durable – perfect for longevity. With its high-quality heat conduction silicone and the new aluminium housing, this unit provides exceptional cooling effects.

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The Good

  • Comes with a powerful 180W LED light bar
  • Has a sturdy bracket and quakeproof design
  • Offers an exceptional IP67 waterproof rating

The Bad

  • The bolts are threaded into aluminium so they are SUPER easy to strip

Editors Pick

Nilight 20Inch 126W Flood Combo Road Light Bar 2PCS 18w 4Inch Spot LED 

Nilight - ZH002 20Inch 126W Spot Flood...
  • Super bright beam: High intensity 3W LED chips and clear PC lens, super bright...
  • Combo beam, clear view: 126w-appropriate combination of spot beam and flood beam...

The Nilight 20inch Road light is a durable and outstanding performer. It’s easy to see why, and lets us look at some of the reasons below. 

The light comes with a 3W high intensity LED chips, that are super bright, and can dispel darkness. As such, you are sure that your trip is safe each time. Thanks to the unique combo beam, you have a powerful light – perfect for various applications. The light features a 126w combination of a spot and flood beam, which offers better light that you would get with most LEDs.

Also, thanks to the adjustable mounting bracket, you will find it easy to adjust this light to 45 degrees. Therefore, you will find it easy to change the direction of the light beam. It’s a powerful light that comes with an excellent 16WG wire gauge rating. Thus, you can use it to connect a light bar that has a rating of 180W or less.

The relay on this unit features high quality and conductive pins. These are perfect for ensuring the circuit and lighting are safe from power issues. Equipped with three sets of light output, you can connect three lights for convenience. 

The Good

  • Comes with three high intensity LED chips and a clear PC lens
  • Has a 126w combination of spot and flood beam
  • The adjustable mounting bracket is easy to adjust to 45 degrees
  • Equipped with a high-quality wire for optimal conductivity

The Bad

  • Installation is a hassle

Also Consider

Nilight 26Inch Triple Row Lights 297W 29700LM Flood Spot Combo Beam Bar 

Nilight 26Inch Triple Row Lights 297W...
  • SUPER BRIGHTNESS: Combo beam with triple row and nest reflector cup design in...
  • UPGRADING REFLECTOR CUP: The broad reflective plate on both sides allows...

Realize what you have been missing during your night drives when you finally get the Nilight 26-inch triple row lights. These lights come with a combo beam and nest reflector design to make them highly convenient to use. Furthermore, the lights are available with a reflective plate on either side, to provide multi-angle refraction.

You will find it easy to adjust the mounting bracket, to ensure the light sits at the correct position and in relation to the structure of your car. Even more, the lights have a unique design which makes them durable against changing weather patterns. To be specific, the lights feature an excellent IP67 waterproof rating and die-cast housing. 

Thanks to the unique tri row design, you are sure of a light with more chips than the traditional light bars. Also, the super bright combo beam provides optimal lighting – even when travelling through harsh or changing terrains. 

The outstanding design of the PC lens will improve the longevity of this light by making it an anti-scratch unit. Also, the unique craftsmanship of this unit means that you can enjoy well over 50,000 hours of reliable lighting. 

The Good

  • Comes with a combo beam and nest reflector for efficiency
  • Has a broad reflective plate on each side for optimal light
  • Equipped with an adjustable mounting bracket for ease of use

The Bad

  • Could use a much more durable finish

LED Light Bar Kit, Autofeel OSRAM Chips 52 Inch 

LED Light Bar Kit, Autofeel OSRAM Chips...
  • 【Dual Mode Light】 Adopt OSRAM LED chips. It can be used as a daytime driving...
  • 【Bright and Wide View】Spot & Flood combo beam, super bright beam keeps you...

When you have the Autofeel OSRAM LED lights, you have a set of robust and reliable additions to your specific lighting applications. The special OSRAM chips mean that you can use this unit as a daytime driving light.

Furthermore, the light comes with a spot and flood combo beam to ensure the light provides the best visibility levels. It’s also a heavy-duty light because it offers waterproof and dustproof benefits. Thus, you are sure you can drive in the rain or dust, safely without damaging the lights. Designed to provide excellent electrical conductivity, high temperature and melting resistance, its easy to see why these LED lights are reliable.

Even more, the spot beam is an excellent mid-light size choice for visual effects when driving. The light bar also comes with an arched cover, that makes it more robust and you can use on large cars such as harvesters.

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The Good

  • Equipped with OSRAM LED chips which can function during the day
  • Comes with a unique spot and flood combo beam
  • Has an exceptional IP68 waterproof and dustproof rating
  • Adjustable in various angles to make it easy to adjust the beam direction

The Bad

  • Warms up significantly

AMBOTHER 5-Function 48″/49″ Truck Tailgate Side Bed Light Strip Bar 

AMBOTHER 5-Function 48"/49" Truck...
  • Super bright: 72-leds Korean 3528smd-led chip, Red x 48 LEDs/white x 24 LEDs,...
  • 5-Function: tail lights-- all Red LEDs light up; rear left turn signal -- left...

Make your driving experiences way more convenient when you have a good pair of lights such as the AMBOTHER 5 function light. The super bright light features 72 LEDs, that will get the attention of drunks and texters behind you! 

To be specific, the AMBOTHER 5 function lights for the brakes, turn signals, tail lights and more. Made using high-quality rubber material, these lights can withstand issues such as exposure to the rain or snow. Plus, they are easy to install and mount by using products such as an automotive adhesive. The lights are also compatible with a 48″/49″ length strip bar that fits in the dead space.

As one of the best lighting accessories on the market, these lights are easy to use and ensure low power consumption. They even come with a durable and flexible strip to make them convenient to set up on your chosen surface. 

The Good

  • Comes with 72 super-bright LEDs
  • Has five function lights for excellent light quality
  • Made using high-quality rubber and IP67 material
  • Easy to install and mount using automotive adhesive 

The Bad

  • N/A

AutoFeel LED Light Bar 2PCS 7 Inch 60W LED 

AutoFeel LED Light Bar 2PCS 7 Inch 60W...
  • MULTIi-ANGLE BEAM FOCUSING:Middle 170° flood light surrounded by dual row...
  • INCREDIBLE BRIGHTNESS: Superior-quality 3030 Led Chips with high light...

Discover the excellence of the AutoFeel LED Light Bar, which also makes up for an excellent addition to your driving regimen. The features of this light make it a standout performer in any car. For instance, the middle 170° flood sits close to a 30°concentrated spotlight, which offers exceptional light focus benefits. Also, for incredible brightness, this unit comes with excellent 3030 LED chips. You will also be pleased with the 6500k bright light, which can illuminate long distances ahead. 

Thanks to the 2835 chip flip technology, you have a reliable light that provides various benefits. It ensures excellent heat dissipation, low thermal resistance and ease of use. When investing in a good light, remember to consider aspects such as the material construction. Why? Because it plays a major role in the longevity of your chosen light. 

You want a light that can resist exposure to elements such as moisture, water, dust and more. Its nothing short of what you can expect from the AutoFeel LED light bar. Also, the durable diecast aluminum construction makes this light exceptionally durable. 

Installation is also a breeze all thanks to the fact that this unit comes with universal mounting brackets. These brackets are easy to mount to holes or openings, and you will find it easy to detach as well. 

The Good

  • Multi-angle and beam focusing light for efficiency
  • Comes with the excellent 2835 chip flip technology
  • Heavy-duty light bar design ensures longevity

The Bad

  • Could be easier to install

BEAMCORN Led Light Bar 4 Inch Led Pods 120W 

BEAMCORN Led Light Bar 4 Inch Led Pods...
  • 【SUPER BRIGHT】Beamcorn 4 inch led light bars, designed with triple row...
  • 【WATERPROOF】With durable die-cast aluminum housing, toughed glass and...

The BEAMCORD LED light bar also makes up for an excellent addition to your drive regimen, and it’s easy to see why. The light comes with 4-inch LED light bars that also have high-intensity chips. As such, you have a powerful light, that is super bright, and lets you see the forward trip as clearly as possible. Plus, the durable diecast aluminum diecast housing means that you have a unit that can last for a long time.

The aluminum die-casting shell provides a large dissipation area to make this unit perfect for various lighting applications. It even helps ensure the light bar won’t overheat when you use it for several hours. Designed to be simple to use, this light is a highly convenient addition to your driving regimen. 

Being able to adjust the position of your light should be an important priority. Why? Because adjusting the light ensures you can customize the light to suit specific applications. Thus, you can adjust the bar angle from 15-25 degrees on the mounting bracket – perfect for dynamic lighting purposes. 

The Good

  • Comes with 4-inch LED light bars for high-intensity light
  • Made using diecast aluminum material
  • Suitable for various application
  • Easy to adjust bracket 

The Bad

  • N/A

LED Light Bar, OEDRO 20Inch 200W 14210LM with Advanced10D Fish Eyes Lens 

LED Light Bar, OEDRO 20Inch 200W 14210LM...
  • Light Up Your Road: OEDRO 20 Inches LED light bars featuring the durable diecast...
  • Better Heat Dissipation: OEDRO 200W LED Light Bar is produced with more cooling...

Light up your road with the LED OEDRO Light Bar. This unit features a durable diecast aluminum body, which provides longevity and ease of use. More so, the light is an outstanding dual pure white light, to make it ideal for use off-road. Also, the premium quality LED chips provide bright lighting, and it can also illuminate far distances.

Since the OEDRO 200 light features several cooling pins, you can be sure of the best heat dissipation results. Plus, the diecast aluminum alloy housing means that you are assured of a waterproof and corrosion-resistant unit. You will also be pleased to know this light has an excellent IP68 waterproof rating and can ensure 50,000 hours of life. The adjustable brackets are perfect for night driving, and they are also simple to set up.

To adjust the direction of the light beam, this unit is easy to adjust up and down to 45 degrees. Also, you can easily slide the bolt right and left for convenient installation. Whether it’s through professional or DIY installation, this unit is always simple to set up. It sits stable on the surface, and can withstand exposure to elements such as dust and moisture.

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The Good

  • Made using a durable die-cast aluminium body
  • Has premium LED chips that provide a concentrated light flow
  • v

The Bad

  • N/A 

Best LED Light Bar for Trucks and Cars: Final Thoughts

Your car often features design components of high-quality engineering standards. However, we sometimes need modifications, such as for emergency or safety applications. Thus, this is where the best-LED light bar for trucks and cars comes in. When you have a set of lights on this list, you will find it easy to move through dark environments, and more. Aside from recommending some top LED brands for you to consider, we also have a comprehensive guide to help.

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