5 Best Led Light Therapy Devices for Home Use

From being confined into four walls of your dermatologists’ office or your favorite salon, LED Light Treatment has now become a staple in almost everyone’s skincare regime. And, with a few brands offering at-home LED light treatment devices that claim to deliver promising outcomes, they have gained even more popularity. But are they safe in the hands of untrained people?

What is LED Light Treatment?

Light Emitting Diode (LED) Light Treatment is gaining immense fame in dermatologists’ offices and homes. By using the varying LED frequencies, this skincare method purportedly helps in treating skin-related issues such as:

  • Acne
  • Dermatitis
  • Dull skin
  • Eczema
  • Psoriasis
  • Signs of aging
  • Sun damage
  • Rosacea
  • Scarring
  • Wound healing
  • Other inflammatory skin conditions

Various wavelengths of light in LED lights, like blue and red, infiltrate the skin at different depths. The penetration helps in triggering natural cycles of the skin that helps in speeding up the healing process or help in rejuvenating the skin. 

A lot of you might be wondering if the color of the lights makes any difference, or is it just some gimmick to fool people? Honestly, no, it is not any gimmick. The color of the lights played a huge difference and is meant to treat different skin-related issues. 

Let us discuss them in detail.

Why Blue Light?

As per the experts, the emissions from Blue LED Lights help in reducing the activity of the small oil-producing glands, also known as sebaceous glands. And, as there is a reduction in oil-producing glands’ activity, blue LED lights help in improving acne. Blue light also helps reduce skin inflammation caused by acne as it kills the bacteria, which leads to inflammation. 

Also, it helps in boosting up the healing process of third-degree burns.

Why Red Light?

Red LEDs can improve signs of aging as well as scarring. It can do so by targeting fibroblasts, which are skin cells responsible for the production of collagen. Collagen is a basically a kind of protein which is endowed in the skin and other connective tissues. It plays a significant role in the skin healing cycle. Also, as we grow, our body produces less and less collagen that causes the skin to age. Moreover, red lights also help in reducing inflammation.

How to Use A LED Light Therapy Device?

The use of LED light therapy can be carried out in a professional office or at home with a home device.

During a professional treatment, the dermatologist can ask the person to lie down under LED lights, or they can use an LED wand on the skin. The session lasts for about 20 minutes each, and up to 10 sessions may be needed to see some robust results. After that, a person may need to get some maintenance sessions on a regular basis. 

Whereas home LED, light therapy devices are much more convenient as well. They do not require any kind of appointment or whatever. You give your skin the pampering it needs while chilling at home. Now, doesn’t it sound wonderful?

Given below are the steps you ought to follow when you are using an at-home LED light therapy device:

Step 1: Start off with cleaning your face with a gentle cleanser and pat dry. 

Step 2: Apply some moisturizer, serum, toner, or facial oil of your choice. 

Step 3: Once you are done prepping your skin, now place the LED mask on your face. Turn it on and choose a light that your skin requires. And, keep it on for at least 15 to 20 minutes. 

Step 4: Once you are done, simply take off the mask and wipe it clean using some alcohol wipes or a clean cloth. 

Voila, you are all done.

Top 5 Led Light Therapy Devices for Home Use

By now, a lot of you might be wondering about What are the Best At-Home LED Light Therapy Devices? Or, we bet it is right now on your search history. Right?

Anyway, to ease you up, we have got you a list of the Top Five LED Light Therapy Devices For Home Use.

FOREO UFO Smart Mask Treatment:

best handheld led light therapy device

Uncover brilliant skin in merely 90 seconds with the FOREO UFO Smart Mask. This skincare tool fuses the essence of everyones’ favorite Korean Beauty Regime relics along with state-of-art technology. This quick and result-driven skincare treatment fuses LED light treatment, and along with Hyper-Infusion Technology to actuate the UFO microfiber sheet masks, guaranteeing your skin assimilates the treatment as effectively and deeply as could really be expected. 

This LED therapy device has varied functions, such as a warming thermo-therapy feature that tenderly heats the skin and opens pores to permit the active ingredients to enter deep into the skin.

The other function promotes cryo-therapy. It cools off your skin. The other function promotes cryo-therapy. It gives a cooling effect instantly to revive and stimulate the skin while diminishing puffiness, lessening the presence of pores, and lifts the skin. The T-Sonic pulsations make your skin feel smoother and give a brighter-looking and a radiant skin.

Pros Of FOREO UFO Smart Mask Treatment

  • The device is easy to use.
  • The product is proven to deliver extraordinary results.
  • The FOREO UFO Smart Mask Treatment addresses multiple skin concerns.
  • The red, blue, and green lights to work on different skin-related issues.
  • It shows results in under 90 seconds.
  • The FOREO UFO Smart Mask is 100% waterproof.
  • Also, it is USB chargeable.

Cons Of FOREO UFO Smart Mask Treatment

  • The FOREO UFO Smart Mask needs to be Connected with the Phone.
  • The Maintenance can be a bit tricky when it comes to this device.

MZ Skin Light-Therapy Golden Facial Treatment Device:

red light therapy at home

LED Light Therapy has been used frequently in salons and by dermatologists for a long time. But now, with the MZ Skin Light Therapy Golden Facial Treatment, people have been making the most of this luxe LED Light Therapy Treatment while sitting at home. What a luxury, indeed. This mask uses five different types of LED lights to address different skin concerns.

Pros Of MZ Skin Light-Therapy Golden Facial Treatment Device

  • 5 color treatment modes.
  • It also boosts the blood circulation in the skin while promoting collagen synthesis.
  • It speeds the healing process and also reduces inflammation.
  • The product has proven to reduce hyperpigmentation.
  • The MZ Skin Light Therapy Golden Facial Treatment helps in evening the skin tone.
  • The mask comes with a remote control that helps in adjusting the intensity of light.

Cons Of MZ Skin Light-Therapy Golden Facial Treatment Device

  • The mask is weird; hence, you cannot move when you use this LED Mask.
  • The product is heavy comparatively heavier than other LED Masks available in the market.

Dennis Gross Spectralite Faceware Pro

light therapy mask

The Dr. Dennis Gross SpectraLite FaceWare Pro is a reusable face mask consisting of 100 red lights and 62 blue lights that work in coordination with each other to assist you with accomplishing wonderful, healthy, and breakout-free skin. This device will help you with accomplishing clear and healthy skin within ten weeks. Use it along with your regular skincare routine and get that young and glowy skin you have wanted for a long now. 

The Dr. Dennis Gross SpectraLite FaceWare Pro comes with three treatment settings intended to treat various skin issues. It incorporates low to strong red light treatment, skin inflammation battling blue light treatment, anti-aging, and skin break-out battling red and blue light treatment. These three treatment settings make this the ideal device you can use as your skincare needs to change as per your skin’s need.

Pros Of Dennis Gross Spectralite Faceware Pro

  • The Dr. Dennis Gross Spectralite Faceware Pro Mask delivers extraordinary results on the skin when used consistently.
  • It is also pretty easy to use.
  • The treatment hardly requires three minutes which makes it much more easier for you to include in your beauty regime, particularly if you have a very tight schedule.

Cons Of Dennis Gross Spectralite Faceware Pro

  • The product is too pricey and might not fit in everyone’s budget.
  • The straps of the mask might fall off at times.

reVive Light Therapy Lip Care Device:

light therapy for acne

ReVive Light Therapy Lip Care uses red LED lights to help with boosting the blood circulation. Therefore it ends up helping your skin in diminishing the presence of fine lines or sagging. And with a constant use of the Revive Light Therapy Lip care device, your lips have a plush pout, and the device boosts the natural collagen along with the elastin that helps you with a lush pout and juicy lips.

Pros Of reVive Light Therapy Lip Care Device

  • It helps in enhancing the lip color.
  • The reVive Light Therapy Lip Care Device helps in reducing smile lines or wrinkles on the lips.
  • The device helps in giving a fuller appearance to the lips and makes them plumper.
  • It also aids in promoting the blood circulation along with boosting the natural collagen production and elastin.
  • Lastly, it is a painless treatment.

Cons Of reVive Light Therapy Lip Care Device

  • The product does not give immediate results. One must maintain consistency in order to see some robust results.

The Light Salon Boost LED Décolletage Bib

light therapy for skin

Curated to be used along with the Décolletage Mask, the Boost Bib is the ideal companion to rejuvenate, hydrate, and support the neck, chest, upper, mid, and lower back and shoulders. The Red 633 nm and Near-Infrared 830 nm Light is portable, has changeable straps, and is easy to use. This device helps decrease pain, eases up the tension, reduces inflammation,, and helps even the skin tone.

Pros Of The Light Salon Boost LED Décolletage Bib

  • The device works well for all skin types
  • It is an FDA-cleared technology, which makes it safe for use.
  • The Red 633nm light targets inflammation and levels of skin tone.
  • Near-infrared 830nm light infiltrates the deeper layers of your epidermis to make sure that any serums or creams you use have the best possible impact.
  • The device also comes with a storage bag and three power adaptors.

Cons Of The Light Salon Boost LED Décolletage Bib

  • None whatsoever.

We hope this helps you to pick an LED Light Therapy that does wonders for your skin.

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