Best License Plate Frame To Buy In 2024

Alex Clarkson
Alex Clarkson

What happens when you want a convenient way to install a number plate on your car? Did your number plate recently fall off, or do you perhaps want a convenient way to improve the way your number plate looks? Well, it’s best when you go for the right options because the registration plates on your car must be clear and visible at all times. Therefore, we recommend the best license plate frame buying guide as an excellent place for you to start.

Unlike the conventional license plate frames you will find on your new cars, these plate frames are designed to be easy to install and be durable as well. Also, they have unique finishes that won’t scratch or compromise the paint finish on your car. However, before you can shop for such an addition to your vehicle, it’s best if you can make a good decision.

For this reason, we have prepared this comprehensive guide to help you make an informed decision. Let’s get started:

How to Buy the Best License Plate Frame

Below is a guide including all the crucial factors and features that you should look for when buying a license plate frame.

Check the Mounting Style

Usually, most license plates require 2 to 4 mounting holes. The number of holes might also vary in relation to the brand, vehicle make, and more. Thus, check your vehicle first before investing in a suitable license plate frame for your needs. There are many different mounting styles, for as many different types of cars. Consider the ones that can accept different types of screw driver designs and sizes, to make them easy to install.

For Durable Frame Material

The back of your car is an extremely harsh setting, and your license plate frames get exposed to the sun, snow, salt, debris, and more. These are all components that can compromise the paint and trim in your car. Also, the stainless-steel license plate frames are more durable than chrome or plastic, and they also complement the trim of your vehicle. Even more, carbon fiber is also excellent and suitable for performance vehicles.

You may have to skip the chrome plated and plastic license plate, due to their poor quality structures. These inexpensive options might seem attractive at first, but they are often quick to break down from exposure to elements.

Also, stainless steel is available in various finishes, which are sometimes similar to chrome materials, and without issues such as chipping.

Prevent License Plate Vibration and Paint Damage

Premium license plate frames, such as those you would from a dealership, often come with high-end features for ease of installation. For instance, you can expect to find purpose-built spaces, which create a barrier between the vehicle and the license plate. Even more, the barrier helps to protect the paint on your vehicle and also reduces the effects of vibration.

Pick Your Frame Style

Before you settle for a specific license plate frame style, ensure that you consult with a local DMV. There are many laws that relate to the state name, and the state motto, in relation to your specific location. Furthermore, you also need to consider the location of the tags to ensure they are not obstructed when in use.

Common license plate frame styles include:


This type adds a unique trim on your vehicle, and will not obstruct the registration tags. Also, these types are compliant with DMV regulations in all 50 states in the USA.

Semi Wide Bottom

The semi wide bottom gets its name from the 8-inch wide nameplate. It has corner cutouts, which allow you to display the registration tag.

Wide Bottom

The bottom of these license plate  frames runs the full 12 inches across, thus making them ideal for use in states that don’t have lower registration tags or low license plate messages.

Choose the Correct Frame Finish to Suit Your Trim

Whether you want a license plate frame that stands out, or you just want a subtle finishing touch, there are many suitable finishes out there for your needs. Remember that the finish is only as good as the quality of the base frame material you install it to – usually stainless steel or an aluminum alloy.

Upgrade your Mounting Hardware

The type of fasteners you need for your vehicle will vary based on various factors. These might include the vehicle make and model, but its best to go for stainless steel hardware whenever you can. This is because steel is durable and resistant to elements such as dust or corrosion.

If you are not sure which fasters will suit your vehicle, then consider going for the universal stainless-steel kit, which comes with the most popular screw styles.

The Finishing Touches

Stainless steel hardware is appealing on its own, but if you have unappealing hardware that you would like to cover, then consider investing in hider caps. Also, you can go for the stainless-steel security caps, which you can install using special tools to prevent license plate frame theft.

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Best License Plate Frame Features

There are some tell tale signs that you are getting the best value for your money in a license plate frame. We have narrowed down this list to the following aspects:

  • Weatherproof material – you want to go a license plate frame that is made using industrial grade or premium material. The range of materials in this category is extensive and might include silicone or metal. More so, such materials are perfect because they will never tarnish, ice over or lose their shape
  • Street legal designs – you want a license plate frame that does not cause obstruction to your tags, or else you might get in trouble. You need a frame with zero plate obstructions and zero sticker obstructions
  • Color options – some car owners prefer lincese plate frames in different colors to complement their cars. Thus, go for a license plate frame, which is suitable for the brand of your vehicle.
  • Design structure – you want to go for a flawless license plate frame. It should have even edges and surfaces, which won’t scratch your car. Also, check for cheap or ticky tacky screw or parts, that will look unsightly
  • Industry standards – some high-end brands make their license plate frames using materials such as silicone. It’s excellent because it won’t rust, and won’t lose its shape when under pressure.

​9 Best License Plate Frames Reviews

DFDM National Stainless Steel License Plate Frame

DFDM National Stainless Steel License...
  • RUST & FADE FREE LUXORY POLISHED STEEL: This kit aggressively resists rust,...
  • LEGAL UNIVERSAL FIT: These frames fit all makes and models for both U.S and...

When you need a frame replacement for license plate frames, you should go for the best option. Thus, this is why the DFDM national stainless-steel license plate frame is perfect for your needs. This unit will aggressively resist rust and exposure to heavy-duty chemicals. It has a highly polished mirror-like steel appearance, which makes an ideal addition to your car. More so, the kit is rust-resistant and will not degrade when exposed to elements such as zinc oxide.

These license plate framse can fit all trucks, including trucks, RVs, trailers, and more. Most license plate brands tend to include chrome filmed plastic on their products. Some even include lesser quality aluminum frames. As a result, they never last through the high UV summer and salty winters. For this reason, this unit is made using quality stainless steel, which offers longevity.

Plus, the 4-hole standard style design means that this unit is easy to install on your chosen car. The smooth finish on the edges of this plate frame won’t scratch or compromise the finish of your vehicle.

The Good

  • Rust and fade-free luxury polished steel
  • Has a gorgeous and sleek finish
  • Four hole standard design

The Bad

  • Stains easily when exposed to dust
  • The holes are too large for some cars

Ohuhu Matte Aluminum License Plate Frame with Black Screw Caps

Ohuhu Matte Aluminum License Plate Frame...
  • For U.S. license plate: This Black License Frame size is 6-3/8" x 12-1/4"
  • Strong & rust-free Plate Frame - Crafted with high quality aluminum, but NOT...

With Ohuhu Matte Aluminum license plate frames, you have an excellent addition to your vehicle. It’s a strong plate frame that will ensure many years of functionality. Made using rust-free and robust material, this plate offers longevity, against exposure to the elements. It’s even simple to install to your existing plate frame, thanks to the included fasteners and screws included.

Owning an easy to install license plate frame is a great way to improve the value and functionality of your car. While this unit is easy to install, it won’t cause any scratches or dent the finish on the plate section. Furthermore, the plate has finished, and ergonomic edges, which won’t be safe and suitable for your paint finish. If you are worried about your plate blocking the registration tags, then you will be pleased with the unique design and finish on this unit.

As one of the best plate frames on the market, this unit even has a powder-coated finish, which ensures its durable for your needs. The plate also comes with unique drainage holes, for when it gets exposed to weather or even snow.

The Good

  • Made using high quality aluminum
  • 2 drainage holes for convenience
  • Simple installation using the existing fasteners
  • Powder-coated black matte finish

The Bad

  • Available in only one finish

2 Pack Luxury Handcrafted Bling License Plate Frame

2 Pack Luxury Handcrafted Bling White...
  • TRUE COLOR – Over 1000 hand embedded SS20 clear Rhinestone maximize light...
  • CORROSION FREE & SCRATCH FREE - Made of high quality stainless steel with edge...

The 2 Pack Luxury Bling License plate frame is also an excellent addition to your car. It has all the unique features; you would wish for in a durable license plate. For instance, it comes with clear Rhinestone material, which optimizes light refraction, and also adds a touch of luxury to your car. All the stones are made using Rhinestone, where precision meets color.

Made using high quality stainless steel and edge processing techniques, these plate frames ensure years of reliable performance. It is also rust-free, strong, and lightweight, thus making it ideal for use on cars. The 2nd generation frame also has a ground edge that prevents any scratches on your vehicle during the installation process.

Designed not to block all registration tags in all four corners, this license plate frame is indeed suitable for most types of cars. It is also easy to install, and it comes with extra long mounting screws, which you can set up in a few minutes.

The Good

  • True color Rhinestone material maximized light refraction
  • Corrosion-free and scratch-free design
  • Easy to install and available with matching screws
  • Ground edge prevents any scratches to your vehicle

The Bad

  • N/A

Aujen Silicone License Plate Frame, 2 PCS License Plate Holder

Aujen Silicone License Plate Frame, 2...
  • ⭐FOR U.S. LISCENSE PLATE - Aujen License Plate Frames use high quality...
  • ⭐RUST-PROOF. RATTLE-PROOF. WEATHER-PROOF. - Made from industrial-grade...

When you want to install a new license plate frame, its good to get the right resources. Thus, this is why Aujen Silicone License plate frames are an excellent recommendation for your needs. Made using high quality silicone materials, the license plate frame is resistant to issues such as rusting and damaging. It is even made using black materials, which are durable than most plastic structures. On top of that, the plate features industrial-grade silicone, which helps prevent any issues such as rattles or scratches.

As one of the best plate license frames on the market, this unit not only improves the functionality of your car, but it also lets you do so with style. Why? Well, it’s all thanks to the sleek and appealing finish on the plate frame, which makes it stand out.

The license plate frame even features three drainage holes, which will release water. Thanks to the black matte material, you are sure of a plate that won’t discolor or suffer from the effects of rust. You will also be pleased to know that all the components on this license plate are designed to be 100% street legal. It has no stickers or obstructions that may affect your view, or lead to issues with the authorities.

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The Good

  • Made using high quality steel and silicone materials
  • Soft and flexible prevents any scratches on your car
  • Has three drainage holes to release water
  • The black matte frame will not rust

The Bad

  • N/A

License Plate Frame,2PCS Silicone License Plate Frame

License Plate Frame,2PCS Silicone...
  • 【2 pcs U.S.license plate & 100% Street Legal】2PCS Silicone License Frame...
  • [ High quality of Silicon TPU]: Our License Plate Frames with high elasticity...

Equip your car with the License plate frame, which is easy to install and durable. This license plate has no stickers that can cause obstruction, and it also offers longevity. Made using high quality silicone TPU material, the frame is durable and will resist cracking or fading. Even more, the plates are anti-rattle, heat, and cold-resistant, for enhanced durability. They won’t lose shape under pressure or even when bent.

On top of that, these license plate frames have a one opening design and updated R-angle design, to make it convenient to use. Thus, it makes up for the perfect frame fit to your car. You just have to push the license plate from the opening side, and you don’t need any strength to keep the four sides flat. You also won’t have to worry about the sharp license plate scratching your fingers, the paint on your car.

These license plate frames even feature three holes and two sides for easy installation. These holes also help to discharge rainwater, even when you insert the plate frame reverse. The soft-touch surface treatment on the plate makes it more durable and softer. The entire set is available four sets of screws and bolts for your convenience.

The Good

  • Made using high quality silicon TPU material
  • One side opening and updated R angle design
  • Four-sided bevel strong edge
  • Available with installation gear

The Bad

  • Available in one finish
  • Might take a few minutes to install

Rightcar Solutions Flawless Silicone License Plate Frame

License Plate Frame,2PCS Silicone...
  • 【2 pcs U.S.license plate & 100% Street Legal】2PCS Silicone License Frame...
  • [ High quality of Silicon TPU]: Our License Plate Frames with high elasticity...

Rustproof, 100% street legal, and six juicy color options. These are just some of the key benefits when you get the Rightcar solutions flawless plate frame. Made using industrial grade premium material, this plate frame offers years of longevity. More so, it is also resistant to deformation, rust, water, and ice. The frame also features a unique drainage hole, that will release water. The plate will never tarnish, ice over or lose its shape, no matter how cold the weather gets.

Even more, the plate is 100% street legal, and it does not have any plate or sticker obstruction issues. The patented design features even edges and surfaces, which is the perfect fit for any standard-issue plate. Available in 6 juicy, solid color options, this plate frame is beautiful like you wouldn’t believe. The plate is the perfect solution for any discerning car owner, and it gives your car a better look.

You will also appreciate the fact that these license plate frames are made using industrial-grade materials. The frames are silicone, not metal, meaning that they won’t rust. On top of that, they melt at 392°F or crack at -76°F, which are temperatures that don’t occur easily outdoors.

The Good

  • Rustproof and industrial-grade premium material
  • Comes with drainage holes that release water
  • The plates will never tarnish, ice over or loose shape
  • Unique proprietary design and even edges

The Bad

  • Somewhat heavy in size
  • Could use large screw installation ports

Lord Eagle License Plate Frame, 2 Pack Rhinestone License Plate Frames

Are you finding it had to install a new plate on your car? Well, we highly recommend the Lord Eagle License plate frame as an excellent recommendation for your needs. This license plat frames feature over 1050 pcs of 5mm size rhinestones around the entire plate frame. These license plate frames sparkle in the light as you drive, and you will be pleased with its appearance. Even more, the plate frame is precision set, and the tightly glued rhinestones will never fall off.

Made using sturdy and high-quality material, this plate frame also improves the market value of your car. The makers of this unit have also done well to ensure that it’s nicely packaged. This way, you have a premium gift box, which you can use to surprise your families and friends during Christmas. The inner packaging is also made using felt material, which ensures the license plate stays appealing for years to come.

Packaged nicely in a premium gift box, to surprise your friends and families when Christmas is coming. With inner packaging made of felt material, your value license plate frames will never get hurt.

The Good

  • Features of 1050 pcs of 5mm size rhinestones
  • Sleek plate frame finish complements the look of your car
  • Available with a unique and elegant packaging
  • Comes with screws and fasteners for ease of installation

The Bad

  • Could use drainage holes for rainwater
  • The plate edges are not smooth enough

H C Hippo Creation 2 Pack Handcrafted License Plate Frame

H C Hippo Creation 2 Pack Handcrafted...
  • 2 PACK US & CANADA STANDARD FIT - Designed to fit all standard 12.25"x6.25"...
  • PREMIUM QUALITY - Made of high quality stainless steel, guaranteed rust free,...

Get the H C Hippo Creation 2 pack handcrafted license plate frames and enjoy the convenience of a durable addition to your car. Designed to suit all the conventional license plate structures, this unit is easy to set up using screws and screw drive. The entire set comes with two frames for both front and back sections. Made using high quality stainless steel, you are sure of a plate that is rust free and strong. The frame even features six rows of black crystals and seven rows at the bottom for an improved appeal.

Plus, the license plate frame is handcrafted, and the sleek finish is all thanks to the unique creative process involved in making this unit. While this plate frame is compact, it is durable and ensures years of reliable performance for your needs.

There is nothing better than when you have a durable plate frame that also complements the appeal of your car. Thus, this is why the H C Hippo Creation 2 Plate Frame is an excellent recommendation for your needs. This plate is not only durable, but the sleek stainless-steel finish will improve the value of your car.

These license plate frames are also easy to install, and it comes with convenient mounting screws for ease of installation. The anti-theft caps help to keep the plate safe and secure.

The Good

  • Made using high quality stainless steel
  • Black glass crystal with shiny bling
  • Easy to install and comes with mounting screws
  • Anti-theft caps to keep the plate safe and secure

The Bad

  • N/A

SunplusTrade License Plate Frame Black

SunplusTrade License Plate Frame Black...
  • New 2 Holes Slim Style Design Black License Plate Frame. Will Not Block State...
  • For standard U.S. License Plate: License Plate Frame Size 6-5/16" x...

This list would not have been complete without the Sunplus Licence Plate frame. This unit is durable and easy to install to make it ideal for installation in your car. It has a new slim style design, that takes up a small space on the license plate section of your vehicle. Made using lightweight and high quality aluminum, this license plate will provide years of reliable performance.

On top of that, the rust-free and robust structure will resist exposure to elements such as dust and water. The makers of these license plate frames have also done well to ensure that it won’t block state tags so that you can use it in almost any US state without issues.

There is nothing better than when you buy car components that come with the correct installation mechanisms. Thus, this is why  SunplusTrade Licence Plate Frames comes with four screw caps, four self-tapping screws, four washers, and a screwdriver. The powder-coated matte black finish is not only durable but also a sleek and appealing addition to your car.

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The Good

  • New and slim style design
  • Durable and rust-free made using aluminum
  • Easy installation and is available with four screw caps
  • Powder-coated matte black finish

The Bad

  • The screw caps are not rust free
  • Could use smoother edges


The components you have installed on your car can convey a strong message about you and the way you care for personal items. You can start by owning the best license plate frames, as a great way to improve the quality and value of your car. It’s even an excellent solution for those who want to stay in line with state regulations in regards to registration plates for vehicles. When buying a plate frame, consider factors such as the material, ease of installation, and compatibility with your car.

Once you have this information, you can go ahead and pick the proper brand for your needs. Get a good plate frame and instantly improve the performance of the car.

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