5 Best Lipo Battery Charger To Buy In 2024

Alex Clarkson
Alex Clarkson

There is no doubt that Lipo charging done correctly will improve the longevity of your battery parks. More importantly, using this type of charge will significantly reduce the chances of catching fire during operation.

Several electronic devices have lithium batteries these days, including smartphones, cameras, flashlights, and more. Thus, you have Lipos almost everywhere you go, and these are important for the longevity of your devices. 

There’s no question that LiPo battery charging done properly will increase the life and performance of your battery packs tremendously. But more importantly, you will drastically decrease the chances of a fire. If Lipos are everywhere, then why do some say it’s dangerous, and yet we never get explosions everywhere? 

Well, the answer is simple. Each of these tools features are specially designed to charge the lipo batteries that it’s available with.

However, that’s not the same situation when it comes to an enthusiast like us. The chargers need to have different settings and for different batteries. Thus, this allows the user to tamper with settings, and this can easily damage your cells. 

Thus, even if owning a good lipo charger is beneficial, ensure you practice caution at all times. We have identified some useful information to get you started.

How to Buy the Best Lipo Battery Charger

Battery Charging Rules

You need to practice safety when using a lipo battery charger. The common tips to consider include: 

  • Never leave the battery unattended. Ensure that you check the battery regularly, to see if it warms up excessively. If this is the case, then stop the charging process immediately, and get expert help for the problem.
  • Never charge a damaged battery. Avoid charging a cell if it’s swollen or has any other notable signs of damage
  • Always charge the battery at 1C or less – most lipo chargers you use let you set a specific charging rate. While most lipo batteries can support as much as 5C, it’s better to charge at 1C or less. Thus, the chemicals in the battery will gain energy slower, which ensures the battery stays stable.
  • Try charging the lipo batteries in a fire or weatherproof location. This helps to provide an extra layer of protection for your cells.
  • Ensure that you set the correct number of cells and the battery type on your charge. This level should match the cell count in the battery, and is suitable when using the advanced chargers.

Factors to Consider When Buying A Lipo Charger 

There are a few key factors to consider when you want to get a high-end lipo charger. They include

Balance Charging

Most lipo chargers have a feature that allows them to engage in balance charging. It’s a process that will check the voltage level of each cell in the battery. It’s a crucial feature that will monitor the power in the cells, thus helping to identify when either of the cells degrades in performance. Any such degradation in performance can easily lead to fires or even damage your charger. Fortunately, all chargers are available with this feature.

Cell Compatibility

When buying a lipo charger, consider the type of lipo batteries that this unit can support. Some cheap lipo chargers can only support 2S or 3S lipos. That said, the high-end chargers can support a full range, including 1S to 6S. Some brands are even capable of charging more than one LiPo simultaneously. 

Charging Current

Most lipo charger batteries have a specific maximum charging rate, which is often indicated as 1C, 2C, and more. That said, some charges specific the charge rate in Amps. Thus, some find it difficult to differentiate between these two values. There are some particular formulas you can use to convert the battery C charge rate to Amps. You have to multiply the battery capacity by the C Rating. So, if you have a 2,00mAh battery with a charge rate of 1C, the maximum charge rate is 2.0Ah x 1 = 2A.

Power Output

All lipo batteries have a specific power output level, which you classify in watts, and often averages at 100W. This number depicts the amount of power the charger can deliver to your battery. Generally, the larger the charger wattage, the faster it can charge your battery. The wattage of a charge comes from the current and voltage metrics. Thus, if you maintain a consistent current level, you might require more power with a high voltage level. Therefore, having more power is better, especially when you have large lipo batteries. A good example would be when you want to charge a 2S 2100mAh battery at 1C, we will need to use 12.6V x 2.1A = 25.72W.

Power Supply

Some battery brands feature an in-built power supply, so everything is very convenient. That said if the battery does not feature a power supply, ensure that the one you get matches the rating specifications of your charger. Also, ensure that it comes with a suitable connector for quality power.

That said, the most crucial factor is to ensure that the power supply has the correct power rating. Thus, if you are using a 50W charger, ensure that your supplier can deliver at least 50W of the power to the charger.

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The Process of Charging a Battery

While each charger brand has its unique features, this guide goes in-depth into some of the common ones. If you want adequate information, check the documentation available with the charger. Some chargers are simple to use, and you just have to connect them to start charging automatically. 

Usually, the steps involved in charging a battery include:

  • Plugin the charge and balance leads between the battery and charger
  • Choose the correct LiPo balance charge mode on your charger
  • Choose the correct cell count voltage and charge rate, with 1C being the most recommended
  • Then, start the charging process and ensure you never leave the machine unobserved

Best Lipo Battery Charger Under 50$

EYESKY LiPo Charger 1S-6S Digital Battery Balance Discharger

EYESKY LiPo Charger 1S-6S Digital...
  • BATTERY VARIETY CHARGING: Have the EYESKY ECB6 balance charger/discharger and...
  • BONUS ACCESSORIES: The AC balance charger comes with octopus multi-charging...

Thanks to Eyesky Lipo Charger, you can now charge your devices with peace of mind. This unit comes with a unique multi charging harness, that is compatible with various types of devices. More so, you can use the charge on different popular options, including the 6v, 7.2v, 9.6v, 12v batteries, and more. Yes, that’s right, this unit can handle multiple voltages. Thus, it eliminates the need for owning several charges for your RC or airsoft batteries. 

Even more, the EYESKY Lipo chargers are also capable of multiple functions. You can use it as a regular digital balance charger, and it also features Li-Ion and Lipo balancing features. Designed to be easy to read, you can view all charging statuses and settings on the convenient LCD screen on this unit. The manufacturer of this unit has also done well to ensure that it’s available with several accessories to make it easy to use. For instance, you can expect to see a harness, alligator clips, fireproof bags, and more. 

It’s normal for a charger to warm up during the discharging process. However, this charger features special heat protection functions to ensure you can charge for several hours without issues.

The Good

  • Comes with several accessories such as harness
  • Suitable for various types of batteries
  • Easy to read the charging statuses on LCD screens
  • Offers several charging ranges and levels

The Bad

  • LCD is not bright enough
  • Could use a heavy-duty construction

Best Lipo Battery Charger Under 100$

HTRC LiPo Charger Dual 1-6S Balance Battery Discharger Duo 

HTRC LiPo Charger Dual 1-6S Balance...
  • ★ [DUAL CHARGER] Dual Battery Charger can simultaneously charge two different...

The HTRC Lipo charger is a highly practical addition to your regimen. Why? Well, this unit comes with a host of unique features to make it easy to charge your devices. For instance, the charger is available with a dual battery charger, which you can use to power as many as two batteries at the same time. Even more, the HTRC Lipo Charge brand has done well to incorporate this unit with various unique features.

For instance, this unit can memorize as many as 20 data storage spaces, thus making it highly convenient. This way, you never need to set the specific battery value while charging or discharging the battery again. The makers of this unit have also done well to include various other features on this unit. These include a DC Cable, Pin Cord, Crocodile Clip, and more.

While this charger is compact, it can deliver high quality power and is compatible with various types of devices. The charger even can store the memory settings of specific tools to make things convenient.

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The Good

  • The dual battery charger can charge two devices at the same time
  • Heavy-duty charger design is durable
  • Easy to set up and high-quality LEDs
  • Durable Lipo Charger design

The Bad

  • Takes a lot of time to set up
  • The clip accessory is not durable

LiPo Charger, Battery Balance Charger Discharger 150W 10A AC/DC

LiPo Charger,Battery Balance Charger...
88 Reviews
LiPo Charger,Battery Balance Charger...
  • [Universal Voltage Compatibility]- the battery balance charger support...
  • [Multiple Functions]: Compare to a regular digital balance charger,C150 Battery...

Charge your favorite devices with when you have the Lipo Charger Battery Balance Charger. This unit is compatible with various types of popular options, including the common smart batteries. More so, the C150 battery charger also comes with several other unique features. For instance, it features Li-On, and Lipo Balance charging features, which you won’t find on most charge brands today. On top of that, the charger also features 

The charger has many different functions, including data storage, battery meter, NiMH cyclic charging, and more. You can even set the charge and discharge voltage of the battery to suit your specific needs. As one of the best battery chargers we have on this list, you will also appreciate that it comes with an in-built fan for convenience. 

The battery charger features individual cell and voltage balancing features to make it convenient for your needs. You can even use the Smart Battery I, II, III, which are highly advantageous features.

The Good

  • Capable of fast charging and has a battery meter
  • Smart protection with a low input voltage limit
  • 20 memory data firmware update
  • Inbuilt cooling fan for convenience

The Bad

  • N/A

Best Lipo Battery Charger ​Above 100$

Venom Pro Duo LiPo Battery Charger | 80W X2 AC DC 7A NiMH LiHV LiPo Balance Charger

Venom Pro Duo LiPo Battery Charger | 80W...
  • NOT YOUR AVERAGE BATTERY CHARGER | This isn’t your ordinary charger, it is a...
  • BALANCE CHARGES ALL TYPES OF BATTERIES | The Venom Pro is a multi-chemistry...

Enjoy the best of charging and power supply resources when you have the Venom Pro Duo Lipo Battery Charger. This is not your ordinary charger, because it has a host of unique features to make life easier. For instance, it is easy to operate and comes fully loaded with features that you can use to balance specific cells. More so, this battery charger also comes complete with a charger, thus making it highly convenient for your power supply needs.

To make things better, this best battery charger can also balance various types of batteries. You can use it on many adapter types including Deans, EC3, EC5, JST, and more. Weighing in at less than 2lbs, and with an integrated carry handle, this unit is easy to transport to where you need adequate power. 

For ease of use and quick, safe charging, the makers have included two independent charging circuits. These include the 80 watts each circuit, which can provide a total of 160watts of power. Thus, you can reach a safe voltage level, thus allowing you to charge batteries several times without challenges.

A good lipo charger should some with excellent additional features to make it convenient for your needs. The functions in this unit include charge, balance charge, fast charge, storage charge, and more. With the dynamic memory functions on this unit, you can save as many as five battery profiles for rapid recall.

The Good

  • Multi chemistry battery charger suitable for different batteries
  • Easy to use and quick, safe balancing benefits
  • Two independent charging circuits
  • Comes with ergonomic carry handle

The Bad

  • Takes some time to customize the settings
  • Could use improved charging port designs

Best Lipo Battery Charger Overall

Venom Pro Duo LiPo Battery Charger | 80W X2 AC DC 7A NiMH LiHV LiPo Balance Charger 

Venom Pro Duo LiPo Battery Charger | 80W...
  • NOT YOUR AVERAGE BATTERY CHARGER | This isn’t your ordinary charger, it is a...
  • BALANCE CHARGES ALL TYPES OF BATTERIES | The Venom Pro is a multi-chemistry...

With the Venom Pro Duo Lipo Battery Charger, you have a robust and reliable addition to your power supply regimen. This next evolution charger features several unique functions to make charging your devices easy. For instance, it has a monolithic vertical stance, which helps to save valuable bench space, all thanks to two complete charging circuits. Each circuit has a dedicated 80W integrated power supply, in a footprint, that is equal to most single charger models.

The Venom Pro Duo Lipo Battery Charger is indeed a cut above the rest when it comes to charging your favorite devices. It’s easy to operate and comes fully loaded with all the features you need to charge individual cells. Charging and balancing your RC batteries has never been this easy. More so, the charge even comes complete with a charger and unique charge leads.

The many functions on this charge include fast charge, storage charge, discharge, cycling, and more. You can even save as many as five battery profiles for rapid recall. It also features an input voltage of 100v-240v, to make it easy to use on the go or in the field.

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The Good

  • Easy to operate and comes fully loaded with features
  • Multi chemistry charger suitable for LiPO, Lihv and Lithium Iron
  • Easy to use, quick and safe balancing
  • Loaded with advanced functions

The Bad

  • Motor warms up when used for several hours
  • Could use improved metric readings which are small


When it comes to using a Lipo charger, you have to be more cautious than when you would use a conventional laptop or smartphone charger. The benefits of using the best lipo charger correctly are endless, and we have also made things easier? Why? Well, we have identified specific brands for you to consider, among some of the critical features of Lipo chargers for you to consider.

Equipped with the best charger, you are sure you can charge your devices conveniently and enjoy high quality power.

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