7 Best Longboard Bearings You Can Buy In 2024

Alex Clarkson
Alex Clarkson

Ever felt the cool breeze hitting your face as you ride your skateboard around the park? Or have you ever felt the fun in having a good time popping out tricks with your friends during your free time? Well, it’s because you have an excellent longboard – and it’s about time you treat like it deserves.

We shall be focusing on the best longboard bearings in this guide. Yes, that’s right. Skateboarding is not only about fun – but you also have to learn how to care for your board. To make things convenient for you, we have also outlined various other key factors you have to take into perspective.

Let us dive right into it:

Factors to Consider When Buying Longboards

Bearings are the round metal structures that you can set up the wheels in your car. Regardless of the wheel dimensions, all bearings have the same size. They are mostly sized in millimetres (mm). Plus, they are often available in sets of eight, because each wheel on the board runs with a pair of bearings. Use this guide to learn more about bearings:

Best Skateboard Bearing from A Glance

Top pick

Oldboy Chrome Skateboard Bearings 

Also A Top Pick

XiKe 608-2RS Skateboard Bearings  

Best Durable

Zealous Bearings ABEC 9 8mm Axle Longboards   

Best for Ease of Use

RADECKAL Black Mamba ABEC 9 Skateboard Bearings  

How to Choose the Best Long Board Bearings

First things first! 

These are accessories that often feature a total of 5 components. Usually, these components vary, so you can optimize the bearings to suit your riding needs. They might include ball retainers, closures, bearing balls and more. The role each part has to play can have a significant impact on the performance and usability of the bike. Facets such as the speed, durability, price and more, and often the key factors to consider. Use the information in the guide below to help:

Skateboard Bearing Parts

All skateboard bearings are made using a few similar components. The common ones include:

  • Seven or six balls
  • Shields
  • The outer race
  • The inner race
  • A ball cage

Every bearing on the market has a unique design, and you have to consider this aspect. That said, these variations won’t have a significant impact on the price, especially when it’s not a ceramic or six ball. Factors such as the brand of the bearing and the quality are vital. Why? Because you want a durable bearing that has excellent load capacities.


The ceramic types are the most common. Usually, the ceramic material used would be silicon nitride ceramic. Why? It’s because it’s the hardest of the common bearing types. Plus, the ceramic material is often just a ball. However, the races usually consist of stainless steel, which gives the term hybrid. 

More so, the ceramics are manufactured using a special powder, which undergoes special hardening procedures. That said, the central section of the ball won’t experience the same process. Using the right balance in the hardening process is key in maintaining the functionality of longboard bearings.

Remember the ceramic is not often durable, and won’t accommodate the same load as when you use steel. Thus, this can easily compromise your skateboarding performance. Based on our research, high-quality stainless-steel bearings, provide the same speeds as when you have a ceramic bearing.

Ceramic Bearing Races

The balls that sit in the bearing are the only types that classify as the real ceramics. The exterior and interior races are often made using steel. However, the ceramic balls tend to be durable, especially against issues such as rusting. More so, these are issues that can easily compromise the functionality of the bearings. The surfaces of most races can get in touch with most balls, which can also have negative effects on the ceramic balls.

What Does “ABEC” Rating Mean?

The ABEC rating is a metric used to measure the tolerance of a bearing. Usually, the organization responsible for regulating ABEC rating would be the Annular Bearing Engineering Committee. Tolerance in such a case refers to how the components in a bearing can be used. If the parts of the bearing fit the right way, you can be sure of smoother and efficient bearing performance.

However, a higher ABEC rating does not mean a bearing will operate faster. The ratings are just one of the key aspects of a bearing. The other elements to consider include the type of lubricant, strength of components and the expected weight placed on the bearing.

A good example would be when you have bearings where the components for smooth movement. If the bearing carries a larger load than its weight capacity, the bearing might fail to perform as required. The bearing won’t perform as effective when it carries a 400-pound rider than a 200-pound rider. Plus, a steel bearing is much more efficient than the plastic types. 

How Does this Impact Skateboarding? A small piece of dirt in your bearing can easily compromise its ABEC rating. When investing in a skateboard, go for one that is durable and able to withstand exposure to the elements.

Removing Skateboard Bearings from Skateboard Wheels

Removing bearings from your longboard is a simple procedure once you get the hang of it. We researched on the commonly used techniques, which you can use. They include:

First Technique 

If you want to reuse the bearings from your skateboard, use a bearing puller to avoid causing damage to its internal components. Plus, ensure you don’t get to the bearing shield during the process. You may have to get a hold of the edges of the bearing with your tool. Plus, you also have to clean the bearings, and we have information for this step below.

Second Technique

If you don’t have a bearing puller with you, there is another excellent approach you can use, and this through your hands. Remember that it’s a DIY technique, and you practice caution for the best results. It’s best to use this technique if you want to replace the bearings. 

The first step is to detach the nut securing the axle. Then, pull the wheel and shields in the axle section. Then turn over the board, and let the trucks sit facing upwards. You will have to slip the wheel on to the tip section of the axle, and it should sit midway through to the first bearing. Then, with a small amount of force, press it down using the inner section of the palm, and let the wheel come off the bearing. 

Replacing Longboard Bearings 

Removing bearings is a simple process when you have the right tools. Start by removing the bearing and wheels using the techniques above. Once you remove the wheels and bearings, install them on the axle. Install the wheel on the top section and press it down to the wheel to set it in the correct position. You can repeat the bearing insertion process for the remaining section. 

Cleaning and Lubricating Your Bearings

For those of us who skate on a budget, being able to clean bearings will enhance their longevity and performance. Plus, it also helps ensure the wheels perform in top condition. Start by pulling out the bearing by using the correct technique. Then, clean up all the dirt on all bearings, and place them in a jar. Once you are through, cover the jar and let them sit for a few minutes in the cleaning solution. Follow these directions for the type of product you want to use.

After they are through soaking, clean each bearing and apply some lubricant. Avoid using WD40 lubricant, because it can compromise the bearings. Then, remove the shield on the bearing, and place the metal ones in some acetone solution. Allow them to soak in the solution for a few minutes.

Check on the bearings after a few minutes, and remove them from the solution. Then, let them dry in the sun. Once its complete, apply some lubricant to each of them. Then, replace the rubber shields, and reinstall the bearings on your longboard.

Top 7 Skateboard Bearing Reviews 2024

Oldboy Chrome Skateboard Bearings 

Oldboy Chrome Skateboard Bearings for...
  • HEAVY METAL: Set of 8 Chrome Steel Bearings for skateboards and longboards. Fits...
  • TEMPERED STEEL: Each bearing is made with 7 super hard steel balls inside a...

The Oldboy Heavy Metal bearings are perfect for improving the performance of longboards and skateboards. The bearings can fit in scooters, and inline skates, thereby making them excellent for mobility purposes. Each bearing features seven super hard steel balls that sit inside a nylon cage. The balls that sit in the cage will guarantee years of durability.

You will the instant difference when you set these up on your board. They are also less prone to issues such as dust and dirt, which are the leading issues affecting longboards today. 

With these bearings in your skateboard, you are sure of a long and smooth ride. You can even use them to replace any bearings that are worn out, to maximize your skating experience. The Oldboy bearings are packed in a special box, to ensure the ideal vibrations. 

Thanks to the high-quality shield, you will find it easy to clean the bearings. You won’t even have to pry open the shield when you want to clean it or add some lubricant. 

The Good

  • Set of 8 chrome steel bearings that fit most boards
  • Comes with seven super hard steel balls
  • The nylon cage offers longevity

The Bad

  • N/A

Also A Top Pick

XiKe 608-2RS Skateboard Bearings 

XiKe 16 Pcs 608-2RS Skateboard Bearings...
  • ✔ Fits - Designed and Manufactured for Skateboard Applications.
  • ✔ Advantage - Rotating Smooth and High Speed, Low Noise and Durable.

Realize what the missing “key” in your skateboarding regimen when you finally get the XiKE 16pc skateboard bearings. They have a dynamic design that is suitable for most longboard and skateboard types. The benefit of these longboards is that they rotate smoothly and provide high speed for the best performance. The other good thing is that it won’t produce lots of noise, and they are exceptionally durable.

Remember to check the seal quality before choosing a specific bearing type. You want one that offers a snug fit, without compromising the movement of the bearing. Equipped with a special seal, this unit will provide the grip required to ride like a true skateboarder.

The Good

  • Can rotate smooth and accommodates high speeds 
  • Has a unique seal to help prevent the entry of impurities
  • Easy to clean and disassemble

The Bad

  • Not suitable for small longboards

Best Durable

Zealous Bearings ABEC 9 8mm Axle Longboards  

Zealous Bearings for Skateboards and...
  • Precision 8mm axle holes
  • 0.5mm built in speedrings

You can enjoy high-level fun when you have the Zealous Bearings for Skateboards. These bearings come with precision 8mm axle holes, which make them simple and convenient to install. Plus, the unique 0.5mm inbuilt speed rings, let you enjoy enhanced performance. Dirt and debris are issues that can compromise the bearings on your board. Thus these zealous bearings feature green seals for optimal movement.

The Zealous brand has also done well to lube these bearings with Archoil Nanoceramic grease. The good thing about this grease is that you can use it to fill the deformations and asperities that exist in the bearing. Such deformations can lead to friction and overheating, which can harden the non-ceramic structure. Plus, the micro coating is over five times harder than most alloys and has a unique molecular bond with different types of metal.

With such a unique bearing structure, you are sure of exceptional levels of friction. The grease is also unique because it’s not prone to washouts from water, and also helps eliminate corrosion in the interior section. 

The Good

  • Come with precision 8mm axle holes
  • Equipped with 0.5mm inbuilt speedrings
  • The green rubber seals help keep dirt and debris out

The Bad

  • Not easy to set up in longboards

Best for Ease of Use

RADECKAL Black Mamba ABEC 9 Skateboard Bearings 

RADECKAL Black Mamba ABEC 9 Skateboard...
  • SMOOTH AND FAST PRE LUBRICATED BEARINGS: Mamba Abec 9 Bearings contain a super...

Skating has never been this smooth. The RADECKAL Black Mamba ABEC 9 Skateboard lets you enjoy skating like a pro. It features a set of 8 high-performance bearings that you can use on different terrains. It’s a high precision and high-speed bearing that you can use to reach top speeds when moving through different terrains.

The quality of lube is important when you want to choose a bearing. Why? It’s because the lube determines the efficiency and performance you can expect from this accessory. The bearings also contain high-quality lube, that will improve the quality of ride each time. 

The Good

  • A set of 8 high speed and high-performance ABEC 9 bearings
  • Easy to set up and install on most boards
  • Heavy duty bearings for longevity

The Bad

  • N/A

KVENI Ceramic Skateboard Bearings 

KVENI Ceramic Skateboard Bearings,...
  • 1.HIGH QUALITY AND SMOOTH:Our skateboard bearing is made of high quality...
  • 2.PRECISION FITMENT :The ball bearing size is 608s and measures 22mm (outer...

Discover the excellence of the KVENI Ceramic Skateboard bearings, which are high quality and high-performance solutions. It’s good to skate the right way, and you need the right resources to make you the perfect skater. 

This unit comes with large bearings that are made using ceramic and can fit most wheels on the skating market. The unique scope of application also makes them ideal for mini cruisers, longboards, trikes, inline skates, fidget spinners and more.

The bearings are easy to disassemble and clean, thus making them safe from various types of debris. These include rocks, dust, dirt and water. The pre-lubricated design helps improve the performance of the bearings for top performance. 

The Good

  • Made using high-quality chromium steel material
  • Designed to suit a large scope of application
  • Easy to clean and disassemble the bearings

The Bad

  • Prone to dirt

Heady Shake Pro Longboard Bearings 

Heady Shake Pro Longboard Bearings...
  • SMARTER ALL-IN-ONE DESIGN – These skateboard bearings feature built-in spacers...
  • SAY GOODBYE TO FRICTION – Offering ultra-low friction, these bearings for...

Become a better skateboarder when you have the Heady Shake Pro Longboard bearing. The bearing comes with an in-built spacer and speed washers, which make wheel changes easy. Plus, the unique design offers ultra-low friction performance, for high speed and precision spinning. Even more, the bearing is suitable for various applications including freeriding, downhill skating and dancing. 

With this bearing set, you can easily maximize your skating potential, all thanks to the eight premium and in-built steel care. Thanks to its near-frictionless surface, these bearings are perfect for use in different types of environment. They are also pre-lubricated to provide precision speed and performance.

Thanks to their high-performance designs, these bearings ensure a more controlled ride. The entire set is available with four spacers and a waterproof sticker to make things convenient.

The Good

  • Comes with inbuilt spaces and speed washer for ease of use
  • Offers ultra-low friction and smooth surface precision
  • Suitable for various types of boards

The Bad

  • N/A

Redsia Skateboard Bearings  

Redsia Skateboard Bearings ABEC 11...
  • ✅ 608-2RS BEARINGS ABEC 11 PRECISION: 8 pack skateboard bearings with a 8mm...
  • ✅ 608 BEARINGS are made for an 8mm axle. Come with a set of 4 spacers and 8...

Enjoy improved longboard performance when you have the Redsia Skateboard bearings. These bearings feature high-quality steel inner and outer races, for the ultimate performance when riding. The premium-grade balls and nylon ball retainer also help to provide a snug fit. The bearings are available with a set of 4 spacers and eight-speed washers. These accessories have the role of keeping your bearings in the right condition.

The seals are available with two detachable rubber shields, which you can use to ensure the seal is safe from contamination. Furthermore, the non-contact seals are easy to remove, for ease of lubrication and maintenance. It’s the most popular size, and it can fit various types of longboards. 

The Good

  • Premium grade balls with high-quality races
  • Available in a set of 4 spacers and eight-speed washers
  • Offers double-shielded protection

The Bad

  • The seals on this unit could be more durable

Best Longboard Bearings: Final Thoughts

Being able to maintain the performance of your skateboard is important if you want to become a better rider. We have been looking at some of the best longboard bearing in this guide. Skateboards feature rotating parts, and it’s convenient if you learn all there is about them. Thus, when it comes to replacing the bearings on your board, you have to be savvy, especially when its DIY. The good thing is that replacing these components is easy, and so is choosing the right type. 

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