The 7 Best Macbook Pro Vertical Stands: Space-Savers for Your Small Office Setup

Alex Clarkson
Alex Clarkson

If you’ve ever spent multiple hours hunched over your Macbook Pro, then you’re probably familiar with the feeling of cramped shoulders and strained eyes. The Macbook Pro is a sleek, powerful and sophisticated laptop, particularly the latest models that come with a beautiful touch bar. However, using it can be a chore if you’re forced to view the screen from odd angles or readjust your posture to fund a usable position.

This is why most people now prefer to elevate their Macbook Pros using vertical stands. Apart from elevating your laptop, the best Macbook Pro vertical stand allows you to adjust your posture appropriately, which makes for a relaxing and comfortable computing experience.

When looking for a Macbook Pro stand, you should find one that raises the laptop to eye level. This helps to prevent your back and neck from slumping into a hunched posture. Another aspect to consider is ventilation; the laptop stand should provide proper ventilation so that it draws heat away and extends the life of your laptop in the process.

Below find the best Macbook Pro Vertical Stands:

1. Roost Laptop Stand

Roost Laptop Stand – Adjustable and...
481 Reviews
Roost Laptop Stand – Adjustable and...
  • MADE IN AMERICA – This strong laptop stand holds nearly all weights of laptops...
  • INCREDIBLY LIGHTWEIGHT PORTABLE LAPTOP STAND – A compact and lighter design is...

If you’re in the market for a stable stand that can support the weight of any laptop, the Roost Laptop Stand is an excellent choice. Any laptop with a thickness of 0.75 inches or less will fit on this stand perfectly. This applies to both PCs and MacBooks.

And the good thing about Roost stand is that it’s completely collapsible. This makes it easy to carry around; hence, ideal for on-the-go computing tasks.

Moreover, this laptop stand allows for height adjustment, providing you 6 to 12 inches of lift. This is an important aspect to consider given that the top of your monitor should always be level with your eyes to help you get a proper viewing.

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2. Twelve South Bookarc for MacBook

Twelve South BookArc for MacBook |...
421 Reviews
Twelve South BookArc for MacBook |...
  • Designed exclusively for MacBooks, the sleek, low-profile design of BookArc...
  • Connect a widescreen external monitor along with your favorite keyboard + mouse,...

If your main concern is saving space on your office desk, the Bookarc Vertical Stand by Twelve South is a real game-changer. Designed specifically for MacBooks, this stand sports a sleek and low-profile design that cradles your laptop.

This space-saver raises your laptop, making it less susceptible to spills and dirt. Plus, it comes in a beautiful aluminum design that blends nicely with your décor.

The Bookarc Vertical Stand also allows you to connect your MacBoook to a much wider screen. This means that you can work from your laptop then view the results on a full-size display. Apple calls this technology the closed clamshell mode.

Another exceptional attribute you’ll come across is the cable-catch feature. The purpose of this is to keep your cables in place; hence prevent them from falling once disconnected.

3. Nulaxy Laptop Stand Compatible with Macbook Pro

Nulaxy Laptop Stand, Ergonomic...
263 Reviews
Nulaxy Laptop Stand, Ergonomic...
  • 【Wide Compatibility】: This laptop stand is compatible with all laptops...
  • 【Ergonomic Design】: The computer laptop stand is adjustable in laptop height...

Overall, the high-performance Nulaxy is the best laptop stand for Macbook Pro. Designed with an aluminum body, this laptop stand makes your desk look great while also elevating your laptop to the ideal angle for good ergonomics. In fact, you can adjust the angle and height of this stand to your preferred position.

For maximum cooling, Nulaxy laptop stand has a ventilator scoop. We also like that it has a durable aluminum construction to hold your laptop steadily. The stand is fitted with rubber pads, which protect your laptop from the occasional scratches.

4. Rain Design 10037 mTower Vertical Laptop Stand

Rain Design mTower Vertical Laptop Stand...
189 Reviews
Rain Design mTower Vertical Laptop Stand...
  • Vertical notebook stand saves desk space
  • Increases airflow around notebook to keep it cooler

If you own a Macbook, this sleek-designed mTower Vertical stand that suits all Macbooks is your go-top option. It comes in two color options: silver and space gray, and it’s made in a way that lets your laptop sit at the perfect ergonomic height.

This stand consists of a wide solid-piece aluminum body, which provides an incredibly stable base. The manufacturer also incorporated an elevated vent and aluminum, both of which serve as a large heat sink for cooling your Macbook. And thanks to the custom silicon inserts, the mTower is compatible with all MacBook models and notebooks.

5. OMOTON Desktop Aluminum MacBook Stand

Vertical Laptop Stand [Adjustable Size],...
450 Reviews
Vertical Laptop Stand [Adjustable Size],...
  • Optimize Desktop Space - Cradle your MacBook / Notebook up vertically and get...
  • Adjustable Size - Adjustable width can match most types of laptop or notebooks's...

If you’re on a shoestring budget, the Omoton Macbook pro holder vertical is an inexpensive option to consider. Not only is it cheap but it also does an excellent job of lifting your laptop a couple of inches above your desk for cooling purposes.

This vertical laptop stand has an adjustable width ranging from 0.55inches to 2.71 inches. This is a welcome feature as it means the stand matches most kinds of laptop or notebooks’ thickness.

Another thing you’ll notice about this stand is the exquisite workmanship that goes into its construction. The stand is made using anodized aluminum alloy, which makes for a durable and stable product. And that’s not all; aluminum alloy is also resistant to scratches.

Plus, the stand has a wide base to ensure your Macbook never falls down. There’s also a non-slip silicone mat covered around the groove, which further prevents your laptop or other device from scratches.

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6. Bestand Aluminum Cooling Computer Stand

Laptop Stand - Bestand Aluminum Cooling...
243 Reviews
Laptop Stand - Bestand Aluminum Cooling...
  • This laptop stand accommodates 11"-16" laptops, such as MacBook Air, MacBook Pro...
  • Premium Quality Aluminum panel acts as a heat sink to cool laptop.

Have you been looking for a high-end laptop stand? If you have, the feature-packed Bestand Cooling Computer Stand is your best bet. It has a ton of elements that you won’t find in other Macbook Pro stands. But for these extra features, you’ll have to shell out a little more money.

For starters, this laptop stand is available in so many shades of grey and silver; so, you’re sure to find one that meets your taste. Secondly, Bestand comes with an aluminum panel that acts as a heat sink for cooling your laptop. Plus, it’s designed to raise your Macbook Pro screen height to eye level.

But the one thing that really sets this computer stand from the pack is the addition of a cable-management ring. The ring helps to keep all your cables neatly-organized; thus, ensuring your desk is clutter-free.

7. LOCA Aluminium Desktop Stand

Vertical Laptop Stand, LOCA Aluminium...
24 Reviews
Vertical Laptop Stand, LOCA Aluminium...
  • Cradle your MacBook in an efficient, space-saving stand to free up valuable real...
  • Combine with Apple’s "closed-clamshell mode”, connect a widescreen external...

If you’ve been looking to buy a versatile stand that can accommodate different laptop models, then the Aluminum Desktop Stand by Loca will come in handy. According to the manufacturer, this stand can be used with MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, Dell XPS series, Asus Zenbook U series and Lenovo YOGA 4 Pro series.

Made from aluminum, this laptop stand also helps to free up space on your workstation. Since it holds your laptop vertically, it takes up very little space on your desk.

Macbook Pro Vertical Stands Buying Guide

Meaning of a Laptop Stand


A laptop stand will go down in history as one of the best inventions in the computing world. But what exactly is it? Well, this is a fixture that elevates the position of your laptop’s screen to eye-level. It also gives the screen that ergonomic tilt so that you don’t strain your wrists as you type. Many laptop stands also come with ventilators, which prevent overheating.

Who Should (or Shouldn’t) Invest in a Laptop Stand?

Buying a stand specifically for your MacBook Pro sounds like a brilliant idea. But how exactly do you determine whether making such an investment is necessary? Here are a few reasons that justify buying a Macbook Pro stand:

  • If your laptop is overheating because of placing it on a table for a prolonged period
  • If you’re starting to experience paint in your shoulder and back because of improper posture when using your Macbook Pro
  • Your workstation seems to be always cluttered and you need more storage space

Purchasing a Macbook Pro vertical stand is a must if you want to address any one of the concerns mentioned above.

But if the only time you use your laptop is during transit, whereby you have no flat surface to place it on, then you might not need the vertical stand that much.

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Essential Features to Look For when Buying a Laptop Stand



When the phrase ‘laptop stand’ is mentioned, most people envision flat surfaces where you can rest your computer. But did you know that there are also vertical laptop stands, which are a better option for those trying to save some desk space. Before rushing to the store to get a stand, think about your needs, and determine the design of laptop stand that offers more convenience.


Another aspect to consider when shopping for a stand is how you use your computer. For instance, if you’re in the habit of placing too much pressure on the keyboard as you type, then the laptop stand you buy should be sturdy. On the other hand, if you type lightly, then you can opt for a stand that is fairly sturdy, and within your budget.

Ease of Carrying

Some people only use their computers from their home offices or workplace settings. But others have to take their laptops with them because of the nature of their work. If you use your laptop on the go, you’ll need to find a portable Macbook Pro stand. We recommend folding macbook stand as it is compact and light; thus easy to carry around.


Different stands are designed for computers of different sizes. Therefore, the first thing you should establish is the size of your Macbook Pro. With these dimensions, you can then proceed to shop for a stand that accommodates your laptop’s size. For instance, if your laptop is 13 inches, go for a Macbook pro 13 inch vertical stand.

Even though most of these stands have adjustable widths and heights, some of them lack this adjustability. Some stands even have distinct shaped frames designed for specific screen models.


It is no secret that Macbook Pros are ridiculously expensive. This is not surprising considering the ton of advanced features these computers offer. So when buying a stand, keep in mind that the product you buy will be supporting one of your most prized possessions- the Macbook Pro.

It’s crucial that you check the quality of the stand. Is it made of quality materials? What is its weight limit? The quality of the stand relies on its ability to serve its function, all while living up to the manufacturer’s claim.

Ease of Use

Like with other forms of technology, computer stands were designed to make our lives easier. That said, the stand you purchase should be easy to use in terms of installing and portability. Ideally, the stand should be incredibly simple to install (if it requires any kind of installation), and one that can be moved about with ease.


You shouldn’t make your purchasing decision based solely on the brand of laptop stands. However, it pays to research the manufacturer’s reputation and line of other products. When doing your research, pay more attention to the features of the specific stand you’re planning to purchase as opposed to the brand’s whole range of products.


Obviously, it’s not possible to test every Macbook Pro vertical stand on the market. So for the most part, you’ll have to rely on consumer reviews to help you narrow down your options. These reviews are important because they are provided by customers who have already bought and used the stands you’re considering buying.


When researching the best Macbook Pro stands, we tried to review a range of stands that are affordable without compromising on their functionality. We understand that every consumer has a specific budget, so we provided options that are versatile enough by including both high-end and cheap vertical stands.

Why You Should Buy a Laptop Stand

Laptops have risen in popularity, especially in modern workspaces. The hardware and software found in the present laptops is more advanced than that of traditional PCs. Plus, laptops confer several benefits such as flexibility to work from anywhere, increased speed, and ease of use.

Although these advantages are great, using these laptops for extended periods of time can take a toll on one’s health. Luckily, you can overcome this hurdle by investing in a quality laptop stand. Here are the main benefits of using laptop stands:

Comfortable to use

Some people do 20 to 30 keystrokes per minute for about 8 hours or more, every day! This means you spend a significant amount of your time typing. If you fall in this category, then the best way to use your laptop is when it’s at eye-level. At this position, our eyes will be looking straight ahead and your elbow will be straight and bent at the right 90-degree angle.

Better ergonomics

Ergonomics are an important aspect as they determine just how comfortable it is to use your laptop. A laptop stand provides better ergonomics; and subsequently, reduces the risk of repetitive stress injury. By elevating your laptop to eye-level, a laptop stand prevents you from straining your neck and back.


As mentioned earlier, most laptop stands allow users to adjust the height, distance from the body and angle.

There are hundreds of people who suffer from computer vision syndrome and eye strain. If you suffer from any one of these conditions, a laptop stand is all you need to improve your computing experience. You don’t need to computer glasses and other unnecessary accessories.

Improved Airflow

A common problem that computer users face is when their laptops overheat. This is brought about by an inability of air to flow, to eliminate the excess heat. Luckily, most laptop stands are fitted with some form of ventilation system to keep your devices cool during use. Some stands even have built-in fans.

Helps in decluttering

If your desk is always cluttered, one space-organizer unit that can help is a laptop stand. The vertical stands reduce desk clutter by occupying only a small amount of space. Plus, they come in a variety of designs, making your workstation look neat, organized and elegant.

The Bottom Line

If you own a Macbook Pro, a vertical stand can help you use this gadget more efficiently and productively. This fixture elevates your computer to eye-level, so that you don’t strain your neck or back when working. Besides, Macbook Pro vertical stands also help you to optimize space and to keep your desk organized.

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