The 7 Best Magic Kits That Will Blow Your Toddlers’ Minds Away

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We all get amused by a crazy card trick or a sleight of hand. But there’s something about magic that makes it even more appealing to the young generation- so much so that they start using sticks as wands and begging to have their own white rabbits. If your toddler is intent on becoming an expert magician, you should consider getting him his own magic kit.

With one of the best magic kits, you can help kick start your child’s journey to stardom as well as teach them a thing or two about magic.

Good magic sets are ones that are fun and make superb stocking fillers. But if your child has displayed some serious enthusiasm for magic, you’ll want to get a magic kit that does more than this. Ideally, the magic kit ought to have the best magic tricks possible. It should also impart some knowledge regarding the basic principles of magic.

Below find the best Magic Kits:

1. Magic Makers Ultimate Magic Trick Kit

Magic Makers Ultimate Magic Trick Kit...
21 Reviews
Magic Makers Ultimate Magic Trick Kit...
  • THE ULTIMATE MAGIC EXPERIENCE: For anyone interested in taking their magic to...
  • MAGICAL ONLINE LEARNING INCLUDED: We wanted to enhance your magic experience by...

Parties get awkward quite fast, especially when there’s zero source of entertainment. But, you can now entertain your guests by learning a dozen magic tricks using the Ultimate Magic Kit.

This kit helps you to learn so many tricks, you’ll find it difficult choosing which one to showcase. It includes an automatic card deck, sponge balls, DVD, floatation devices, crazy cube, thumb tip and 6-inch silk.

Better yet, the kit includes a link to online learning tutorials. These videos contain step-by-step instructions on how to pull off every magic trick.

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2. Fantasma Magic Trick Learning Kit

Some magic tricks can be performed by anyone. But there are those uncommon tricks that are harder to pull off and are more amusing.

Fantasma Magic Learning Kit enables you to become a master magician capable of performing the most unusual and simple tricks. In total, you’ll be able to learn 150 different tricks. The variety of things you can learn using this kit makes it suitable for both kids and adults.

Some parents are usually worried of getting their kids magic kits because of the materials they are made of. But with Fantasma, you don’t have to be concerned as it’s been thoroughly tested and found to conform to US and International testing standards.

3. Criss Angel Ultimate Magic Kit Black

Criss Angel Ultimate Magic Kit Black...
245 Reviews
Criss Angel Ultimate Magic Kit Black...
  • Criss Angel MINDFREAK Ultimate Magic Kit - Amaze your friends and family with...
  • Includes props for performing more than 550 magic tricks, like Money Printer or...

If you’re looking for a magic kit suitable for kids, pre-teens, teens and adults, the Criss Angel Ultimate is one that does not disappoint. Inspired by one of the world’s greatest magicians- Christopher Nicholas- this kit has props to perform over 550 magic tricks.

A key benefit of this magic kit is that it comes with comprehensive step-by-step instructions on how to perform these tricks. There’s even a DVD, which makes the learning more practical and easier.

4. Marvin’s Magic Amazing Magic Tricks

Marvin's Magic Amazing Magic Tricks (Box...
19 Reviews
Marvin's Magic Amazing Magic Tricks (Box...
  • An amazing selection of 225 easy-to-perform magic tricks with clearly...
  • A great choice for any budding magician.

Designed for kids age 10 -12 or more, the Marvin’s Magic Kit is another one worth considering. This magical set offers an incredible selection of 225 easy-to-learn magic tricks, which are clearly demonstrated in a booklet.

The Marvin’s magic kit with cards has other props such as magic cards, magic cups, the magician’s wand as well as a spiked coin. If your toddler is showing interest in magic, this magic kit beginner can help him or her learn the basics.

5. Onyx Edition Playset with 200 Tricks

Thames & Kosmos Magic: Onyx Edition...
91 Reviews
Thames & Kosmos Magic: Onyx Edition...
  • Master 200 tricks and illusions to amaze your audience
  • Solid metal rings miraculously link up and unlink

Since its foundation back in 2001, Thames & Kosmos has been creating an extensive and entertaining range of magic kits. Their latest offering- the Onyx Edition Playset- allows your budding magician to learn up to 200 tricks.

The best thing about this kit is that it’s presented in such a way that helps your child perform very persuasive and convincing tricks. The Onyx Edition is best suited for kids age 8 – 10. A majority of the kit’s illusions are familiar to those who have experience with magic. They include card tricks, disappearing and reappearing coins and more.

6. Jim Stott’s ‘Ultimate Money Magic Kit’

Jim Stott’s 'Ultimate Money Magic Kit,...
25 Reviews
Jim Stott’s 'Ultimate Money Magic Kit,...
  • GREAT FOR ALL MAGICIANS: This magical box has tons of astonishing, money-related...
  • ENTERTAIN ALL AGES: These new magic tricks are impressive to all ages, from...

For individuals looking to buy a magic kit professional, the Jim Stott’s ‘Ultimate Money Magic Kit’ is your best bet. This magical set comes with every prop you need to keep your family and friends entertained on a game night. In fact, this kit is recommended as one of the best for adults.

The Jim Stott’s magic kit gives buyers access to a secret site where they can view tutorial videos. Another plus of this kit is the fact it provides versatile tricks. You’ll be able to master some of the tricks within a short time. However, some will require a lot of practice to perfect them.

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7. MasterMagic Magic Kit

MasterMagic Magic Kit - Easy Magic...
149 Reviews
MasterMagic Magic Kit - Easy Magic...
  • Looking for a Magic Kit for your child or grandchild? This Magic Set is perfect...
  • With over 350 easy to learn Magic Tricks, this kit has enough material to put...

If your 5-year old toddler beginning to show an increased interest in magic? If he is, the MasterMagic kit is designed specifically for kids ages 5 to 14. It has more than 350 magic tricks, most of which are easy for kids to learn.

Like the Jim Stott’s, this kit also gives users access to a website where they can watch instructional videos on how to perform each trick. Furthermore, this kit includes high-quality, safe and child-friendly props that your toddler can use.

Magic Kits Buying Guide

The Benefits of Learning Magic


Are there any benefits to learning magic? Even though most people regard magic as just another form of entertainment, there are numerous benefits of learning and performing this art. Here are some of the perks you stand to gain by learning magic.

Rediscover the joy of learning

Have you ever wished that you had the ability to read people’s minds? Well, reading a magic book is one way to uncover the secrets behind this art. And as you discover these secrets, there’s a high likelihood that you’ll get hooked to the psychology of magic- the sophistication of its stagecraft, possible business opportunities and more. Even if you’ve never had a passion for reading, give a magic book a try. Odds are, you won’t put it down until you’ve read every page.

Develop fine and gross motor skills

If there’s one misconception that people believe in is the fact that magicians’ hands seem to move quicker than the eyes. But the truth is, performing magic requires a great deal of coordination and control. This can be seen through the works of the Project Magic, a nonprofit organization. Established by one of the most famous illusionists, David Copperfield, this company teaches how magic can be used in improving an individual’s dexterity, coordination, balance and range of motion.

Building self-discipline

If you practice enough, you’ll notice that your skills are progressing. Start by mastering a few tricks, script a few of your own, stage them, then practice constantly. Upon perfecting your tricks, pick a fitting costume then rehearse the trick by incorporating all the elements. When you perform it successfully, the best reward is getting to see your audience astonished and then applauding you. If you can adhere to this disciplined approach of learning, there’s no telling what you can achieve within the next few years.

Boosting self-confidence

When an individual manages to perform a certain trick successfully, not only does he generate positive attention but he also feels proud of his achievement. Put simply; perfecting magic tricks and being able to perform them boosts one’s self-confidence.

Improving Interpersonal Skills

The entire process of learning, perfecting and performing magic tricks helps one to develop his or her social and emotional skills. For instance, if your trick requires you to say a few words of use gestures, you get to improve your verbal and nonverbal communication.

These facts can be backed by a recent study performed by Richard Wiseman, a psychologist. According to his study, he found out that students taught magic turned out to have greater self-confidence than a control group of students who were only taught social and health sciences. And the good thing is that the individual whose interpersonal skills are improved, translates this to real-life situations. Put simply; magic is a significant asset both inside and outside of class.

Stimulating curiosity and innovation

For magicians to remain relevant in a world that is quickly becoming dominated by technology, they have had to work hard and be creative when it comes to their tricks and presentations. Prior to the invention of robots and computers, magicians were already engaged in making self-controlled machines. If you’ve ever had the thought of, “What if…” or contemplated about ways of making the impossible possible, then you’ve already started thinking like the greatest magicians.

Opening doors

Magic is an example of an art that has a wide array of applications. Take doctors for instance: they often have to use tricks to get some of their patients calm down or lure them to take medication. Similarly, entrepreneurs employ magic at tradeshows to distinguish their businesses from the crowd. Teachers have also used magic to engage their students or to demonstrate certain concepts.

Best Magic Kits – Buyer’s Guide

When purchasing a magic kit, pay closer attention to these three aspects:


If you’ve tried shopping for magic sets, then you’ve probably noticed that magic-gamessome of them are designed for kids, and others for adults. When buying one for your kids, check whether it has props as they make magic performances more interactive and thrilling. This level of interaction means that your toddler will remain engaged and entertained for longer.

Also, buying magic kits with props makes the tricks that your toddler performs way more interesting for parents. As a guardian or parent, the genuine surprise that you express when your child performs a trick makes them more confident in their skills.

But ensuring that the magic kits have props is just half the battle. You also need to assess the durability of these props. A majority of manufacturers use plastic and other inexpensive materials when making these props. The drawback of using such materials is that it makes the props vulnerable to breaking, particularly if they’re being handled by aggressive toddlers. For optimal durability, go for props made of wood.


Another consideration to make when purchasing a magic kit for your toddler is the number of tricks he’ll be able to perform with it. Unfortunately, many manufacturers do not incorporate a huge number of tricks, causing your child to become disinterested within a short amount of time. With more tricks, your toddler will remain engaged round-the-clock.

Another aspect you need to think of is the level of difficulty. Very young toddlers may not have all the information and knowledge they need to be able to pull off advanced tricks. In a nutshell, you should check whether the magic kit is age appropriate for your kid. If he has just started learning the basics, go for a beginner magic kit.


Magic tricks can be a sophisticated concept to learn- even for adults. For that reason, it’s crucial that the magic kit you buy for your child to be accompanied by clear instructions. The words need not be too technical. Instead, they should consist of simple and easy-to-understand vocabulary.

Better yet, you can pick a magic kit that has an instructional DVD. With a video clip, your child can observe and learn exactly how the trick is performed, step-by-step.

Age of the amateur magician

As stated earlier, one of the things to account for when buying a magic kit is the age of the potential magician. This applies to both kids and adults. The reason for this is that manufacturers of these kits also take age into consideration when creating these magic kits. Plus, they target a specific level of difficulty. Magic sets meant for toddlers will consist of simple items such as crayons, puzzles or a disappearing box. Some also come with hat or animated characters designed in eye-catching patterns and graphics.

In contrast, magic sets meant for teens and adults will have more advanced items. Their designs are also a bit more serious, and this helps to create a mystic or mysterious setting rather than the light-hearted feel for smaller kids.

 Skill level

Apart from age, also take the skill level of the magician into account. If you’re buying the kit for your magician friend who’s been practicing tricks since their childhood, then choose a kit that offers more challenging tricks. These advanced kits ought to be labeled correctly to avoid misidentification. Essentially, these kits offer sophisticated tricks like levitation and psychic predictions. But if you’re purchasing a kit for a beginner, then look for the ones labeled “first magic kit”.


Currently, we have different kinds of magic kits, some of which have been inspired by world-renowned magicians. These include:

 Card trick kits- these are probably the most popular kinds of magic tricks. Keep in mind that some card tricks require exceptional decks of cards, which one has to buy separately so as to make the most of the trick.

Classic tricks- when the word ‘magic’ is mentioned, many people envision top hats, rabbits and magic wands. Some traditional magic kits do incorporate some of these items, especially stuffed rabbits and other animals. The important thing here is to ensure that the magic set comes with an instruction booklet on how to perform these classic illusions.

Professional-level kits- for individuals who already have a bit of experience performing magic tricks, the basic beginner magic kits won’t cut it. Instead, this group of people should go for kits with more challenging tricks. Such kits are often inspired by top magicians like the Jim Stott magic kit.

Educational magic- magic is more than an art; it’s more than a form of entertainment. Magic also serves as an educational tool. It can be used to teach and boost different skillsets including social interaction, motor skills and manual dexterity.

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Wrap Up

Different magic kits will contain a wide range of items. To get the most out of your magic kit, it should have three main things: a booklet or instructional manual, props and tricks. Depending on the recommended age, the props can be simple items such as handkerchiefs and crayons or more advanced items like linking rings or slipknot ropes. Regardless of the kit you buy, ensure that it’s age-appropriate for the intended magician and that it suits his skill level.

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