10 Best Microfiber Towels to Buy in 2024

Alex Clarkson
Alex Clarkson

Sometimes, the inevitable spills of coffee or soups, or even food remnant in your car are not always easy to clean. You may have to wait for the local car wash, or perhaps get home to find a clean cloth to clean any such form of dirt. However, there is a newer and much more efficient way to clean surfaces and dirt from your hands like never before. These are the best microfiber towels, which are perfect for maintaining optimal hygiene.

Unlike the conventional cleaning cloth or towel, a microfiber towel is quite unique. Just as the name implies, it’s a cleaning solution with small channels and angles of fabric, which makes it ideal for cleaning surfaces. More so, most high-end towel brands are durable and offer longevity benefits. We have developed this guide to help you choose a suitable brand for your needs:

Top 10 Best Microfiber Towels Review

VibraWipe Microfiber Cloths | Cleaning Cloths | Dust Cloths | Kitchen Dish Cloths

VibraWipe Microfiber Cleaning Cloth...
  • MAKE A CLEAN SWEEP of household chores with ultra-absorbent microfiber cloths by...
  • 8-PACK SET includes blue color and use these versatile microfiber towels as dish...

Maintaining hygiene has never been this easy. Why? Well, the VibraWipe Microfiber cloth makes up for an excellent addition to your cleaning regimen. Unlike most microfiber cloths, this brand is made using high quality material, perfect for tackling household cleaning. Furthermore, the cleaning cloth will last for a long duration before requiring any replacement. Made using polyester and polyamide, the cleaning cloth is ideal for use in various surfaces.

Even more, the cleaning cloth is highly absorbent and steak free, to make it ideal for cleaning different types of surfaces. You can use it for various cleaning jobs including in your kitchen, like a dishrag, drying cloth and more. It’s safe to use on all hard surfaces, whether wet or dry. The ultra-fine and densely bundled microscopic fibres form a cleaning surface, which is 40 times better than cotton fibre.

You will also appreciate the softer, finer and unique material, which can absorb well over five times its weight in liquid. The unique split fibre manufacturing process will create pockets in the fibres. Thus, the towel can hold dust, dirt, grime and more. The enhanced structure of the towel, has a strong overlock stitched hem, to prevent any unravelling issues. Its is also available in 4 colours, so you can colour code for different cleaning tasks, or perhaps choose from other colour variations.

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The Good

  • Absorbent and lint-free towel material
  • Eco Friendly material for chemical-free use
  • Can last for over 300 machine washes
  • Split fibre manufacturing process

The Bad

  • Could be available in many finishes

Eco-Fused Microfiber Cleaning Cloths – 12 Pack – for Cleaning Glasses, Spectacles

Eco-Fused Microfiber Cleaning Cloths -...
  • HIGH QUALITY MICROFIBER CLOTHS ⭆ The pack includes 5 black, 5 grey cloths 6 x...
  • PERFECT for DELICATE SURFACES ⭆ These soft cloths are a perfect choice to wipe...

Realize what you have been missing when cleaning when you have the Eco Fused Microfiber cleaning cloth. This high-quality cloth is perfect for wiping for types of surfaces including LCDs, smartphones, camera lenses, glasses and more. Even more, the materials are small enough to fit in your purse and are available with a little hand carry bag. You will also be pleased that this unit offers scratch-free cleaning, such that you can clean without any damaging marks or scratches.

Whether you are using a cleaning solution or water, it does not matter with the Eco-Fused Cleaning product. The results are always the same – and that is you get a clean surface, within half the time you are used to cleaning.

The best part about the Eco Fused Microfiber cleaning cloth is that it offers longevity. Yes, that`s right. This cleaning cloth offers more 10x more durability than the conventional cleaning product. You will also appreciate the durable structure of the microfiber that is suitable for cleaning delicate surfaces such as glass.

The Good

  • High quality microfiber cloths for surfaces
  • Suitable for delicate surfaces including LCDs and tablets
  • Small enough to fit in your purse or backpack
  • Scratch-free cleaning and durable towel

The Bad

  • Takes a while to dry out effectively

Editor’s Choice

Skoy Eco-friendly Cleaning Cloth (4-Pack: Assorted Colors), 1 EA

Skoy Cloth - 4 Pack - Eco-Friendly...
  • Multi-use cloth
  • Made of cotton and cellulose

Discover the excellence of the Skoy Eco-Friendly Cleaning cloth, which is perfect for cleaning various types of surfaces. Made using wood and cotton, this microfiber cleaning cloth is a reliable addition to hygiene regimen. It is a multi-use cloth, which you can use for various types of cleaning applications. You will also find it convenient to use, all thanks to the cotton and cellulose material construction. A single cloth of Skoy Eco-Friendly cloth will replace over 15 rolls of paper towels to make it convenient for your needs.

The Skoy cloth is an excellent, absorbent and biodegradable multi-use cleaning cloth. You can use it in your kitchen, bathroom and office. Even more, the cloth is durable and can provide well over five weeks of reliable cleaning performance. The best part about using this cloth is that it provides an absorption factor which is well over 15 x its weight.

Imagine being able to use well over ten sheets of good quality paper towels to clean a surface – this is the feeling you can expect when using this microfiber cleaning cloth. It also dries fast, so it never becomes a breeding ground for bacteria. The makers of this microfiber towel have also done well to ensure its machine washable for your convenience.

The Good

  • Made using wood and cotton for optimal durability
  • A single cloth can replace well over 15 rolls of paper towels
  • 100% biodegradable material for cleaning surfaces
  • Microwavable to prevent a breeding ground for bacteria

The Bad

  • N/A

50 Pack – SimpleHouseware Microfiber Cleaning Cloth (12″ x 16″)

50 Pack - SimpleHouseware Microfiber...
  • Super soft & non-abrasive microfiber cloths prevent scratching surfaces, paints,...
  • Holds 8 Times its weight in liquid. and dries fast

Clean like a professional when you have the Simple houseware microfiber cleaning cloth. This unit is super soft and non-abrasive, to make it ideal for cleaning various types of surfaces, coats, paints and more.

Furthermore, the cleaning cloth can hold eight times its weight in liquid, and it also cleans up fast. The unique dimensions of this cleaning cloth also make it ideal for various types of cleaning jobs and surfaces. Made using nylon and polyester material, you have a reliable cleaning cloth that will last for many days.

There is nothing better than a cleaning towel which offers optimal convenience. Thus, this is why the SimpleHouseware Microfiber cleaning cloth is suitable for your needs. It works well for cleaning most surfaces, regardless of whether it’s a delicate such as glass. Made to be super absorbent, this cleaning cloth picks up liquids quickly, and is highly efficient for various applications.

Once you are done using the cloth, you will find it convenient to clean, mainly because its machine washable as well. Plus, the makers of this unit have done well to ensure it’s available in many finishes, to make it easy to choose one for styling.

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The Good

  • Super soft and non-abrasive microfiber cleaning cloth prevents scratching
  • Holds eight times its weight in liquid and dries fast
  • Suitable for various types of cleaning jobs
  • Incredibly soft and non-abrasive microfiber cloths

The Bad

  • Not ideal for use on abrasive surfaces

Healsell Microfiber Towels for Cars, Car Drying Towel

Healsell Microfiber Towels for Cars, Car...
  • 【PROFESSIONAL-GRADE】Each microfiber towels is an impressive 1200 gsm in...
  • 【SUPERIOR ABSORPTION CAPATITY】Featuring super-soft and ultra-absorbent...

Keeping clean is easy when you have the Healsell Microfiber Towels for Cars and more. The Healsell Microfiber Towels for cars has an impressive 1200gsm in microfiber density. Thus, the material on this unit is extra thick and plush, to make it ideal for use on various surfaces. Even more, the material is suitable for applying detailing, drying windows, and working on numerous types of painted areas. The best part about using this towel is that its won’t compromise the finish or paint on your surfaces at all.

The towels are made using non-abrasive and premium grade 1200 gsm double-layer microfiber, ideal for use on various surfaces. The cloth is suitable for buffing, polishing, scrubbing and more. It won’t leave any scratches on your paintwork, and it also delivers smooth cleaning results. Not only is this material suitable for automotive applications, but it even ideal for use when cleaning dishes, mirrors, windows and more.

The best about using these towels is that they are machine washable, for your convenience. They are also made using high-density materials, which makes them ideal for repeated use, and can be washed severally. The microfiber material won’t shrink or fade, thus offering optimal longevity benefits.

The Good

  • 1200 gms microfiber density suitable for most surfaces
  • Ultra-absorbent fabric dual-sided 16 square feet Plush Microfiber
  • Multi-functional microfiber towel ideal for cleaning different surfaces
  • High-density microfiber material for longevity

The Bad

  • Not ideal for over repeated use

Rainleaf Microfiber Towel Perfect Travel & Sports &Beach Towel

Rainleaf Microfiber Towel,Blue,24 X 48...
  • FAST DRYING - much comfortable for next use & convenient to pack. SUPER...
  • SKIN FRIENDLY - remarkable soft suede like feel on your skin and face.SUPER...

The Rainleaf Microfiber Tower is perfect for sports, travel and more. The towel is capable of repeat use in a short time, and it also dries fast. The makers of this paper towel set have done well to ensure it has beautiful colour, which is ideal for multiple use daily. Developed to skin-friendly, the remarkable soft sued feel like on your skin is exceptional. The surface is also super absorbent and will absorb more than five times water its weight.

Not only is this towel effective for cleaning surfaces, but the appealing finish also makes it a stylish addition to your cleaning regimen.

The Microfiber towel is also ultra-compact and lightweight, thereby making it easy to carry around. It even features a convenient hang snap loop, which makes it practical to hang anywhere. With all these features, this paper towel is reliable for various applications. You will find it easy to use at the beach, when travelling, camping or even swimming.

The Good

  • Fast drying and beautiful coloured microfiber towel
  • Has a skin-friendly feel on the skin
  • Comes with super absorbent material
  • Ultra-compact and lightweight microfiber material

The Bad

  • The material could dry faster for convenience

AmazonBasics Blue and Yellow Microfiber Cleaning Cloth, 24-Pack

AmazonBasics Blue and Yellow Microfiber...
  • Ultra soft, non-abrasive microfiber cloths will not scratch paints, coats or...
  • Cleans with or without chemical cleaners, leaves lint and streak free results

You will find it easy to maintain hygiene during your daily activities when you have the right resources. Thus, this is why we also recommend the Amazon Basics Microfiber cleaning cloth. This cloth features ultra-soft and nonabrasive material, which won’t scratch your pains, surfaces or other coats.

Furthermore, the cleaning cloth cleans without having to use chemical cleaners, leaving lint, and it ensures streak-free results. Maintaining hygiene is easy when you have the right resources and are also able to make good decisions. Fortunately, with products such as the Amazonbasics microfiber cleaning cloth, you will enjoy all these convenient benefits and more. Plus, the sturdy microfiber cloth absorbs more than eight times its weight.

The best part about using this cloth is that you can rinse and reuse the towels for well over 100 times. Remember that when choosing a microfiber cloth for your needs, also remember to evaluate the quality of material in your preferred resources. Thus, a vital component of a good microfiber cloth is the quality of the material. Therefore, this microfiber cloth features polyester and polyamide material, which is perfect for cleaning various types of surfaces.

The Good

  • Ultra-soft and non-abrasive microfiber cloth
  • Cleans with chemical cleaners and leaves streak-free results
  • Absorbs eight times its weight
  • Ease to rise and reuse 100`s of times

The Bad

  • N/A

Chemical Guys MIC35103 Happy Ending Edgeless Microfiber Towel

Chemical Guys MIC35103 Happy Ending...
  • Ultimate high quality microfiber towel that is safe on all automotive surfaces
  • Seamless construction for seamless perfection

Improve your overall hygiene by getting the Chemical Guys MIC35103 Microfiber towel. This unit features high quality material, which makes it safe to use on various types of automotive surfaces. Even more, the seamless construction of the towel makes it ideal for protecting the quality of your surfaces. The Chemical Guys MIC35103 microfiber towel is also ultra-delicate, and it offers exceptional longevity benefits.

Less friction means that there are fewer chances of getting scratches or swirls, which might occur due to incorrect rubbing. Thanks to the insulating benefits of this microfiber towel, you will drastically control the likelihood of scratching or damaging your paintwork. The Towels are made using premium blended and ultra-soft material for easy and convenient cleaning. The fluffy piles of soft microfiber, work well to trap harmful dust and dirt particles, while also protecting the paintwork.

You will also find it easy to use the Microfiber towel together with a waterless substance, to remove dirt and grime from surfaces. The microfiber has an exceptional surface area, and each strand will capture any missed bits of dirt and grime. Thanks to the unique laser-cut edgeless design, you are sure of a towel which removes any hard surface from the towel.

The Good

  • Ultra-soft and sturdy cleaning material
  • Laser-cut edgeless design
  • Machine washable material is durable

The Bad

  • Could have a large surface area for ease of cleaning

Microfiber Quick Dry Travel Towel, XL 30×60″ – Comes With Fast Dry Hand Towel by micro-miracle

Microfiber Quick Dry Towel for Home Gym,...
  • So LIGHTWEIGHT and COMPACT with BONUS carry bag: Don’t carry bulky and heavy...
  • SUPER ABSORBENT through new advanced microfiber fabric which absorbs 7 to 9...

The Micromiracle Microfiber towel is also an excellent recommendation for cleaning surface. This towel is compact, but perfect for cleaning large stains efficiently. Even more, the material on this microfiber towel is super absorbent and can take up more than nine times its weight in moisture. Regardless of how wet the towel gets, it dries out in no time and is way more efficient than cotton. Never be worried about putting a dry towel in your bag. Why? Because the Micro Miracle Towel is made using exclusive nylon for optimal longevity.

The towel is also perfect for fast dry and repeat use, thereby making it a convenient addition to your cleaning regimen. Developed to be luxuriously soft on the skin, this towel has a soft feel, that makes it suitable to use regularly. It’s one of the most dynamic cleaning solutions in the world. You can use it for drying dishes, polishing cloth, hair drying, as a neck towel and more.

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The Good

  • Made using exclusive microfiber nylon
  • Ease to clean and lightweight material
  • Dynamic towel design for convenience

The Bad

  • Could be much more durable on abrasive surface

How to Buy the Best Microfiber Towel

What is Microfiber and What is It Made Of?

Manufactured using a unique blend of polyamide and polyester fibers, microfiber towels are reliable and convenient cleaning tools.

Usually, it’s because microfiber comprises material, which is well over ten times finer than human hair. While the material might be compact, it’s also highly absorbent, which makes it ideal cleaning wet or dirty surfaces. Furthermore, microfiber is safe for use on most surfaces, including mirrors, electronics, windows and more.

Since they require a small amount of scrubbing to get surfaces clean, microfiber towels make cleaning a convenient process. When used with a cleaning product and some water, microfiber towels can collect and tertian dust, where other fabrics won’t be useful.

Furthermore, microfiber towels have different characteristics in terms of feel, price and quality. Before getting the best towel for your needs, look at some of the critical factors why microfiber is perfect for cleaning dirt.

  • Absorbent – if you take a look at microfiber under a microscope, you will notice several angles and channels, when compared to using materials such as cotton. These types tend to be smoother and are not as effective as microfiber towels.
  • Durable – used correctly, microfiber towels can literally “walk that extra mile.” For using single-use power towels or wet wipes, these types of towels can last for well over ten times than the conventional towel.
  • Effective – by design, microfiber towels are much more powerful than most products when cleaning surfaces. Also, they don’t require large amounts of cleaning solution to get the surfaces clean. Whether you are using a cleaning product, or just some water, microfiber towels are perfect for cleaning surfaces.

Tips to Consider When Buying Microfiber Towels

  • Look and feel can be deceptive – you will not be able to choose a microfiber product by just looking at it. You need some more information about the product, before you determine whether it’s suitable.
  • Colour has a significant impact – dark colours usually don’t feel as soft as the light colours. You can have towels that have the same fabric, and the dark towel might not feel the same as the light towel.
  • Edge binding makes a big difference – yes, it’s a process that helps improve towel safety. Towels that have heavy fabric or poor-quality fabric are likely to damage the paintwork on your car. Thus, check for the quality of the edge binding process.
  • Weave determines the best towel use – it’s true the polyamide has more absorbing power when compared to polyester. Thus, try and evaluate the quality of the microfiber towel before investing. Also, the weave and fiber treatment also determine the wicking ability of the material.

Using Microfiber Towels to Clean Your Car

Cleaning your car does not always have to be about going to the garage. Here are some tips for you to consider:

  • When washing the car, wet the microfiber, and then use it to clean the surface. During the drying step, you might have to wipe it using the towel, before moving to the wringing process. Then, repeat the cleaning procedure until the car is dry.
  • For detailing procedures, apply some detailing spray on the microfiber, and use it to clean the surface.
  • Ensure that you wipe the surface in one direction, and never in a back and forth motion. This helps to reduce issues such as scraping or scratching that might occur on the surface.
  • Always rinse the towel after a few strokes on your chosen surface to help remove contaminants and particles from the microfiber

Tips for Keeping Your Microfiber Towels in Good Condition

  • Made using durable polyester and polyamide materials, microfiber towels are perfect for cleaning different types of surfaces. However, with repeated use, they are likely to lose their durability and strength. Consider these tips when you want to use a microfiber towel:
  • Use some cold water when washing clothes to avoid issues such as shrinking. Also, consider your manufacturer’s specification for temperatures before cleaning the microfiber.
  • Never use fabric softeners to wash the towels. These might also damage the internal structure of the towel over time
  • Use clean water and some distilled white vinegar if need be


When it comes to cleaning surfaces or any form of dirt, the range of cleaning solutions available is diverse. In this guide, we have identified some of the best microfiber towels on the market for you to consider. Getting one of these towels will greatly improve your hygiene and the way through which you navigate the world. Yes, cleanliness is a crucial aspect of our day to day lives, and we must maintain at all times.

With a good microfiber towel, cleaning surfaces becomes convenient and easy. Get a good towel set, and start enjoying optimal hygiene when you need it the most.

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