The 7 Best Mini Screwdriver Sets to Tackle Any DIY Project

Alex Clarkson
Alex Clarkson

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Did you know that ancient screw technology was used in operating wine and olive presses as opposed to connecting items? That’s right! For the first few centuries of human civilization, nails and bindings were the main tools used to secure materials together, not screws. It was not until the 1930s that the famous inventor, Henry Philips, made the now ubiquitous screw head. In the years that followed, the concept of screws was improved, and this led to the screws that you use today. Nowadays, these tools are used to join nearly all kinds of materials; from rubber to plastic and metals.

All this is great, so long as you have a nice set of mini screwdrivers nearby to help you work with this important piece of hardware. Sure, you can choose to buy the mini screwdrivers individually, but it’s more cost-effective when you buy a set. Whether you’re developing a passion for woodworking or simply need to hang a picture frame on your wall, the best mini screwdriver sets will make your projects so much easier.

What are the Best Mini Screwdriver Set?

A good mini screwdriver set is a must-have for every DIY enthusiast. This set should have a wide range of tools including narrow, fine and thick screwdriver heads. The screwdrivers should also be tough and durable so that they don’t end up breaking off in your hands or inside the appliance you’re trying to fix.

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1. ORIA Screwdriver Set

ORIA Precision Screwdriver Kit, 60 in 1...
1,866 Reviews
ORIA Precision Screwdriver Kit, 60 in 1...
  • 1. Multi-Magnetic Hand Tools : 60 in 1 Precision Screwdriver Set is Professional...
  • 2. Variety of Specialty Bits : With different kind of Screwdriver bits, which...

Looking for a screwdriver set that has all the tools you need for your DIY projects? The Oria 60-piece kit is your best option. This set includes 56 bits in different sizes, a flexible shaft extension, a 60 mm shaft extension and a 4 mm aluminum driver.

With all these pieces of equipment at your disposal, you’ll be able to repair any laptop, phone, game console and other electronics. The flexible shaft is very handy for stereo work. It can also be used to fix larger electronics, especially in situations where the screws are inaccessible.

What’s more, the driver included in this kit is of premium quality. It has a non-slip surface for a good grip and a ball bearing that is mounted at the swivel top for easy operation.

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2. Stanley 66-039 Jewelers Precision Screwdriver Set

Stanley 66-039 6-Piece Jewelers...
679 Reviews
Stanley 66-039 6-Piece Jewelers...
  • Swivel-head handles provide precision and reach
  • Hardened and tempered steel blades

Precision screwdrivers make it possible to work with small screws, often those used in small-sized electronics like jewelry and watches. The best all-round kit for such tasks is the Stanley 66-039 Precision Set that comes with six screwdrivers.

All the tools sport swivel-head handles that provide utmost precision and easy reach. More importantly, the plated shafts are fluted so as to provide a firm grip. And if you’d like to carry your tools wherever you go, the manufacturer has included a plastic storage case for easy portability.

3. Free Eagles Small Screwdriver Set

Small Screwdriver Set – 6 Mini...
7 Reviews
Small Screwdriver Set – 6 Mini...
  • THE PERFECT SOLUTION FOR ANY SMALL JOB: Designed for both professional and...

The Small Screwdriver Set by Free Eagles are one of the best in the industry; not just because of their ease of use but also their firm grip. Each screwdriver has a hardwood handle that makes it comfortable to hold and use. This way, you don’t need to worry about the screwdriver rolling off from your workbench.

The set consists of 6 miniature screwdrivers, which are perfect for any small tasks. They are great for both hobbyists and experts- whether you’re a gunsmith, mechanic or a woodworker. These screwdrivers are highly-durable. They will help you tackle damaged screw heads, surfaces and slots filled with junk. Thanks to their hollow ground flat tips, the screwdrivers cannot slip out easily from the screw slots.

4. Mini Cushion-Grip Screwdriver Set

Klein Tools 85484 Mini Slotted and...
54 Reviews
Klein Tools 85484 Mini Slotted and...
  • Includes one Phillips-tip, one keystone-tip and two cabinet-tip screwdrivers
  • Mini Cushion-Grip handles for superior comfort and grip

If you work in an electronic or any other trade that requires using screwdrivers, the Klein Tools 4-Piece set will come in handy. Included in the kit is one Phillips, two Keystone and one Cabinet-Tip screwdrivers. Each screwdriver boasts a precision-machined tip to provide exact fit.

The screwdrivers also come with Tip-Ident, which helps to determine the specific type of screwdriver and tip orientation suited for each job. If you’re still have doubts about the efficiency of the Klein Screwdriver Set, then consider this- it’s been tested to ensure it meets the ASME/ANSI standards.

5. EZARC Mini Precision Screwdriver Set

EZARC Precision Screwdriver Set, 57 in 1...
52 Reviews
EZARC Precision Screwdriver Set, 57 in 1...
  • 【Wide Applications】56pcs high-quality S2 screwdriver bits applicable to most...
  • 【Multi Use Bits】56 precision screwdriver bits include different sizes of...

If you’re looking for more variety than the Klein Tools 4-Piece has to offer, then what you need is the 57-in-1 Ezarc Precision Set. And the good thing, all these screwdrivers are available at a very decent price. This mini screwdriver set is ideal for repairing your computer, eyeglasses, watches and handheld gadgets.

Each screwdriver has an aluminum magnetic handle, which has a rotatable swivel top. These features make the screw heads more effective, comfortable and convenient to use. There’s also a magnetic bits-holder to keep all the bits well organized.

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6. Vproof Portable Screwdriver Set

No products found.

Some buyers focus on the number of tools included in a screwdriver kit. While some go for 45 in 1 mini screwdriver set, others choose one that just a few screwdrivers. But for others, the number of screwdrivers is not as important as kit’s portability. If you belong to the latter group, then the Ezarc Mini Screwdriver Set is for you.

This set comes with 22-in-1 screwdrivers that are well-organized in an ABS storage box. This storage unit is lightweight and portable, making it a convenient option for those who travel a lot.

The 20 screw heads can be used to fix a ton of things; you can use it for glasses, iPhone, laptops and more. What’s more, the screwdrivers are fitted with magnetic tips to provide even more convenience when working with delicate equipment. The storage box also comes with 4 strong magnets to keep the screw heads secure.

7. Tradespro 836593 Mini Pick and Driver Set

Tradespro 836593 Mini Pick and Driver...
1 Reviews
Tradespro 836593 Mini Pick and Driver...
  • Package Length: 1.12"
  • Made using the highest quality standards

Another mini screwdriver set with case is the Tradespro 836593. Tradespro Tools is a well renowned company that is admired for the efforts it puts in designing, manufacturing and marketing high-quality tools.

Its latest offering is the 8-piece Mini Screwdriver set that does exactly what it’s designed to do. It’s a handy tool to use when you want to fix your mobile devices, gaming consoles, kids’ toys and more. Plus, it’s cheaper than most screwdriver kits on the market.

Mini Screwdriver Sets Buying Guide

How to Use Mini Screwdriver Sets


If you work with jewelry or electronics frequently- whether it’s a hobby or your line of work – then you understand just how important it is to have a miniature screwdriver set. Even if you don’t work with electronics, it won’t take you long to realize that these tools come in handy. The next time you find yourself replacing a battery or repairing an appliance in your kitchen, you will wish that you had invested in a mini screwdriver set.

A quality miniature screwdriver set helps you tackle simple repairs that you encounter in your daily life- assembling your toddler’s toy, replacing the bulb in your lantern or even fiddling with your gadgets such as a cellphone or laptop. But before you rush to the store to buy one of these sets, think about the specific tools that you’re likely to use for home projects.

For instance, if you only plan to use that diminutive Phillips head screwdriver to remove the batteries in your remote control or use the flatheads to fasten loose screws on picture frames, then a basic, cheap screwdriver kit will do. The majority of screws incorporated in small-sized items like toys and radios can easily be tackled with basic screwdriver set. This kit usually comes with a couple of screwdrivers (about half a dozen) with bits in two or three size options.

In contrast, if you expect to use the screwdriver set for more diverse jobs, then choose one that has more versatile screwdrivers. This way, you’ll be able to use the screwdriver for watches, eyeglasses, jewelry just to mention a few.

Essentially, the screwdrivers ought to have hardened reinforced tips so that they can withstand tougher jobs. Small-sized screwdriver bits have a tendency to break when subjected to great impact, and this can compromise their functions. Not to mention, increase the risk of damaging the appliance or piece of equipment that you’re repairing.

Examine the screwdrivers closely and ensure that they still have their shapes. Using a screwdriver that has lost its shape is detrimental. You may end up stripping the screw’s head; thus, leaving it stuck or damaged to the extent that it cannot be re-inserted. When checking the mini screwdriver set, check whether its tools are heat-treated as this makes them more durable. If they’re not pre-heated, they should be made of strong materials like titanium or tungsten carbide.

But for the devoted worker or hobbyist, who spends the better part of his days interacting with this handy tool, then it’s advisable that you invest in a screwdriver with different tips. Also, be sure to use screwdrivers made of quality materials. If you handle delicate electronics, a magnetic screwdriver is the best option. With such gadgets, simply dropping a screw could result in a damaged circuit or resistor.

Other aspects you’ll want to consider are the shape and design of the screwdriver, especially if you plan to swap the bits on your screwdriver at some point. Some screwdrivers even come with rotating caps, which ensure smooth and consistent twisting movements. Other models telescope outward so as to provide the user with additional reach. Factors like these can be very crucial for professionals in certain trades. Should you want t a screwdriver that gives you ample control, look for one with a static design, that is, non-detachable head and one solid handle.

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What to Look For When Buying a Mini Screwdriver Set


When shopping for a mini screwdriver set, there are two main features you should focus on. One is the structure or build of the screwdriver itself and two, the kit as a whole.

Screwdriver parts


When examining the screwdriver, the first thing you should check is the handle. Is it comfortable to hold for prolonged periods of time? Is it made of sturdy materials that can withstand battering and abuse? When it comes to material, steer clear of screwdrivers with hard plastic hexagonal shapes. Even though they’re fairly strong, they are not comfortable to hold. Go for ones made from modern materials as they are able to offer durability and comfort.


The second thing you should check is the shaft. It should be sturdy enough so that it doesn’t bend when force is applied. For a low-cost option, the screwdriver will likely have a steel wire shaft. However, there are advanced models that have chrome vanadium. The latter material is often preferred because though it can flex, it never breaks or bends.

Blades and tips

Just like the shaft, the blades and tips should also be tough. This way, they won’t break or lose their shape under torque load. If you’re ever tried to open a paint tin using a screwdriver that bent in the process, then you understand the significance of these features. The best screwdrivers are those equipped with hardened blades and tips.


For ease of use, some screwdrivers have magnetic tips. These tips are better at holding screws in place when you’re rotating the screwdriver.


Apart from the magnetic tip, another feature you’ll find in some screwdrivers is a pen-type clip, which attaches to your jacket pocket. This is an important factor to consider if you’re always using your screwdrivers on the go.


For safety purposes, you should also consider a mini screwdriver set insulated. The kinds of screwdrivers included in such kits have plastic or rubber sheaths over their shafts. The purpose of this sheath is to protect you from electric shock in case the screwdriver comes into contact with live hardware. Even though the handles on most screwdrivers are nonconductive, this is not enough guarantee that you won’t get an electric shock.

OSHA- the U.S. Occupational Safety and Health Administration- advises all individuals dealing with electricity of more than 50 volts to use insulated screwdrivers. The same applies for individuals working with hardware pieces that are likely to touch conductors or circuits. There are two main specifications for insulated screwdrivers- the 1926 and 1910.269. In addition to looking for these specifications, check whether the screwdrivers have a maximum safe voltage rating of at least 1000 volts.

Features in the Screwdriver Kit

One of the choices you’ll have to make when purchasing these kits is deciding between quantity and quality. Having a variety of screwdrivers is great for any buyer. But are all the screwdrivers made using high-quality materials? Always look for a mini screwdriver kit that strikes a good balance of the two aspects.


If you have a limited budget, your range is likely to be between six and eight screwdrivers. Since you will only be buying a few screwdrivers, ensure that they’re from a top brand. But keep in mind that most low-cost screwdriver kits don’t come with Torx screwdrivers. On the brighter side, these screwdrivers are rarely needed for simple repair jobs.


If you run an electronic repair shop or work in an industry that requires you to use screwdrivers most of the time, then quality is an important feature. Overall, the choice of quality depends on the specific needs of your trade. There are some tasks that require individuals to use only Torx screwdrivers or screwdrivers that have insulation. As such, you should narrow down on the applications to get a good screwdriver set for your needs. Alternatively, you can go for an all in one kit that offers all-round capability.

Different Ways of Removing Small Damaged Screws

Removing a damaged screw can be challenging, particularly if the screw in question is extremely tiny. If you are not careful, you may damage the screw as well as the device in which it is lodged.

Immediately you notice that the miniature screwdriver is not spinning the screw properly, you shouldn’t try and loosen the screw further. If you’re dealing with a tiny Phillips head screw, first try dislodging it using a flathead screwdriver. If this doesn’t work, apply some lubricant. This lubricant works particularly well in situations where the screw is set into metal threading. But ensure that the lubricant does not spill over and stain other items in your vicinity.

Another technique you can try, in addition to the lubricant, is adding more material into the head of the damaged screw. When adding material, focus more on the section where the screwdriver bit will enter. As for the material, you can use a strip of thin tape, steel wool or rubber.

If none of these solutions work, you might want to consider destroying the screw while it’s still in place. Sure, this might not feel right, but at this point, it’s your only alternative. Just look for a robust drill bit, which is capable of grinding up small-sized screws. For instance, you can use a titanium nitride-tipped bit. Alternatively, try sinking a bigger screw into the damaged hole, which resulted from the forced extraction methods you were trying earlier.

Additional Small-Sized Tools That Should Not Miss in Your Toolbox

If you hold your mini screwdriver set dear, then there are a couple of other tools that we recommend. Two other items that are worth investing in are a great work light and a magnifying tool. When performing those trivial repairs, you will need an excellent lighting fixture so that you’re able to see what you’re doing. This increases your chance of getting the repair done right the first time.

Also, having a good pair of needle nose pliers is a prudent idea. Advisably, the pliers should have fine, thin tips. You can use these pliers when placing small screws into position or when removing them from a tight spot. A majority of the needle nose pliers also come with inbuilt wire cutters, located in the lower half of their jaws.

One important thing to keep in mind is that small nails are not meant to be used with the full-sized hammers. Instead, you should invest in a miniature hammer like a track hammer. This way, you won’t end up damaging the small nails with your first strike.

The Bottom Line

As technology continues to progress and devices are designed in much smaller sizes, regular tools are turning out to be too big to use on some devices. This is where mini screwdriver sets come in; these handy gadgets will help you repair and make adjustments to your watch, laptop and other small-sized appliances.

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