Best Outdoor TV Antennas for Rural Areas To Buy In 2024

Alex Clarkson
Alex Clarkson

Putting up an tv antenna can be an excellent way to break your reliance on pay-TV or to even get a good signal in rural areas. Most rural areas in the USA have access to as many as 50 to 100 TV stations that broadcast free. 

The best part about such signals is that they shine well on your big screen. Yes, that’s right! Such signals are typically less compressed than cable or satellite signals. Thus, you can be sure that you will receive high quality signals or even better. Most, if not all, TV networks today now transmit such signals in high definition, and some areas are also preparing for the unveiling of the ATSC 3.0 signal. Once complete, such a signal would allow you to watch 4K signals with a simple outdoor TV antenna. 

More so, since free over the air TV includes various popular shows in the US, you will never miss out. The best outdoor TV antennas for rural areas should be able to pick up ABC, NBC, PBS, Fox, and more. Imagine, month to month TV viewing – minus the hassles of having to pay-TV bills regularly. 

Before you buy a TV antenna, there are a few critical factors for you to consider. They include:

Outdoor TV Antenna Buying Guide

What Type of Cable Do I Need for A TV Antenna?

The connection from your tv antenna is as important as the antenna itself. The best type would be a high-quality coaxial cable, which delivers high quality signals. The coax cable features a center wire, which transports signals and is also surrounded by a plastic insulator. Furthermore, it also features an outer braid, which will protect the center cable from issues such as interference. An outer sheath is also included to help protect the cable from elements such as dirt and dust.

If you are moving to a rural area, you can use an existing coaxial cable for the satellite connection. However, ensure the cable is compatible with the TV.

Find Out What’s Available in Your Area

Another critical factor to consider is to find out the available channels in your geography. If you live in a rural area, then you are likely to access common channels such as ABC, NBC, CBS, and Fox. You can use websites such as TV Fool and AntennaWeb to provide customized information on the channels that are available in your area. Both sites use your address to come up with a list of channels close to you, and the city from where the channels are broadcasted.

TV Fool tends to be a higher quality tool. It can produce a polar graph and color-coded compilations of channels that are available in your location. Furthermore, the tool can even classify the channels in VHF and UHF categories to make things easy. You will be able to quickly determine which channels will be available with a specific tv antenna type 

Choose the Right Type for Your Geography

Once you determine the channels available, then its time to go for a tv antenna. You will have to choose between two key factors. The first is that you have to determine the type of tv antenna which is best for your needs. Evaluate the geographic plot available at TV fool to come up with useful information.

The best choice is to settle for an omnidirectional antenna, especially if there are several networks in your area. This choice means that you will easily access several channels from each direction, but the quality might not be high. The omnidirectional tv antenna is easy to install, and there are no issues associated with bandwidth or the need for regular adjustments.

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Indoor Vs. Outdoor

Indoor TV Antenna

These types are only suitable if you live in urban areas, where large-signal TV towers are close by, or if you perhaps don’t have access to the roof. It’s an excellent option for people who live in urban apartments, where installing an antenna would not be feasible.

The indoor TV antennas are small and are often placed close to the television set itself. That said, these models support VHF stations only, which is a limiting factor. Another issue when using such antennas is that obstacles such as wood, metal, and various types of building material can compromise the signal.

Outdoor TV Antennas

Using outdoor tv antennas is an excellent recommendation for people who want to enjoy a quality signal in rural areas. Usually, these types of tb antennas tend to be large, and are simple to install on a roof. More so, these types tend to have large surface areas, which means that they can easily pick up strong signals.

Due to the sizes and location, most outdoor antennas perform better when compared to the indoor types. The outdoor types, also outperform the indoor antennas, especially when installed at the correct position.

Benefits of Outdoor Antennas

Here are the several benefits of setting up outdoor tv antennas:

  • Crystal clear quality – the quality distributed over outdoor TV antennas tends to be better than most indoor antennas. Placing the antenna outdoors improves the signal reception and also enhances the quality of the image received.
  • High-frequency level – the next benefit of outdoor antennas is that they are capable of handling high frequencies. Being able to handle high frequencies means the antenna can access several signals and free to air channels. 
  • Free TV channels – with an outdoor antenna, you will no longer have to pay monthly bills if you want to catch up with your favorite TV shows. This can be a convenient solution, especially if you live in rural areas, where the signals tend to be weak. 

8 Best Outdoor TV Antennas for Rural Areas To Buy In ​2024

AmazonBasics Indoor Flat TV Antenna – 35-Mile Range

AmazonBasics Indoor Flat TV Antenna -...
  • Channel reception will vary depending on what's being broadcast in your area,...
  • If the antenna does not work satisfactorily in your area/home, you can return...

If you are living in areas with weak signals, it’s time to get a good tv antenna. The Amazonbasics indoor flat tv antenna is an excellent recommendation for your entertainment needs and one of the best outdoor tv antennas for rural areas. It has an exceptional 35-mile range to receive channels such as ABC, NBC, PBS, and more. Even more, the tv antenna features a reversible design black or white sides to match your interior décor. You can also pain the antenna over to provide a more personal touch. 

You will also be pleased to know that this antenna can support 1080 HD, and it comes with a 10-foot coaxial cable. Besides that, the multi-directional design means that no pointing is required when you set up the aerial. It is also compact and easy to mount, thus making it ideal for modern and spacious homes. This way, you can use it in an RV, dorm rooms, workshops, studios, and more.

There is nothing better than a reliable tv antenna, which takes up a small space and is also powerful. This is why the Amazonbasics brand has made this unit both compact and fully functional at the same time. It’s a powerful antenna that can deliver 1080p HD content on any TV. With this unit, you can watch your favourite shows – minus the hassles of messy cords and ballooning costs.

The Good

  • Exceptional 35-mile range from broadcast tower
  • Reversible design with black or white sides to match your home décor
  • Can support 1080 HD and comes with 10-foot coax cable
  • Multi-directional design and no pointing required

The Bad

  • Takes some time to install correctly
  • Could use better-placed coax port

Runners Up

2024 [New Version] HDTV Antenna – 1byone 360° Omni-Directional Reception

[New Version] HDTV Antenna - 1byone...
  • ✅ 360 ° OMNI-DIRECTIONAL RECEPTION - Receive signal from all directions, no...
  • ✅ UP TO 150+ MILES RANGE and WATCH WHAT YOU WANT - This 150 mile range hdtv...

Enjoying a good TV signal reception is still possible even if you live in rural areas. This is why we recommend the 1byone Omnidirectional reception tv antenna as a good place for you to start. It’s a compact unit that can receive signals from all directions, and there is no need to rotate or control the remote. More so, the signal receiver also has a unique sensing system that will provide enhanced VHF signal reception results.

With an exceptional 150-mile range, this unit lets you watch high definition broadcast channels free. This way, you will enjoy clearer pictures and access to several broadcast TV signals. Getting this outdoor tv antenna also means that you can watch various channels, including ABC, CBS, Fox, and more. Using this antenna, you will gain access to several local TV channels, and without a monthly programming bill. You will enjoy weather, sitcoms, kids, sports programming, and more. 

The weather-resistant and durable design mean that you can enjoy excellent signal quality regardless of the weather conditions.

The Good

  • 360 Omni direction reception quality
  • Can provide a range coverage of up to 150 miles
  • Offers access to several free HD channels
  • Weather-resistant and durable antenna construction

The Bad

  • Lacks a proper wall mounting system
  • Could use LED for ease of use

Editor`s Choice

pingbingding HDTV Antenna Amplified Digital Outdoor Antenna

pingbingding HDTV Antenna Amplified...
  • 150 Miles Long Range and Dual TV Outputs --Full HDTV support 720p, 1080i, 1080p,...
  • Snap-On Installation--Snap On Elements no tools required. Comes with an...

Realize what you have been missing in entertainment by getting the pingbingding HDTV antenna for your needs. With an exceptional 150-mile range, this antenna is perfect if you want to enjoy access to a vast array of entertainment channels and also have the best outdoor tv antennas for rural areas. More so, this antenna features a unique snap-on installation component, which means that you don’t require any tools to use it. The pingbingding antenna also comes with a wireless remote controller, that also has a 360-degree motor rotor. This way, moving the tv antenna around becomes way much more convenient.

On top of that, the inclusion of an inbuilt super high gain and low noise amplifier ensures high quality sound results. The antenna is also designed to respond to various signal ranges, along with a wide beam angle to eliminate the need for adjusting the aerial each time. 

It’s the perfect replacement for your annual cable tv, especially if you want to watch digital TV content. You can now access 4k high definition content, without the high costs associated with satellite TVs. The antenna also features motorized functionality, whereby you can adjust the antenna 360 degrees, by using a remote control.

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The Good

  • 150 miles long range and dual TV outputs
  • Can provide full HDTV support for entertainment
  • Snap-on installation with no tools required
  • Comes with wireless remote controller

The Bad

  • N/A

Other Top Contenders

Lava HD8008 Omnidirectional Outdoor TV Antenna HD TV

LAVA HD8008 Omnidirectional 360 Degree...
  • Sold by Digihitech Exclusive. Package includes, 1x HD8008 Antenna, 1x Free...
  • Omnidirectional characteristics, receiving reception from multiple directions...

You can still enjoy high quality entertainment regardless of your location. This is why we also recommend the LAVA HD8008 Omnidirectional TV Antenna for your needs. This unit has omnidirectional characteristics, whereby you can adjust to multiple directions without any significant adjustments. Even more, this tv antenna comes with an inbuilt dipole, to provide exceptional UHF and VHF band signal reception results.

The LAVA brand has also made things better thanks to the reception distance of well over 40 to 80 miles. The antenna also comes with a shield to help reduce the amount of interference in signal quality. On top of that, the built-in high gain and low noise amplifier also does well to improve the quality of your sound production regimen. You can even rotate the mounting pole 60 degrees to provide high quality reception and signals.

You will also appreciate the anti UV coating and waterproof design, which helps improve the longevity of the antenna. It also comes with a 360-degree Omni direction reception, which is suitable for both VHF and UHF connectivity purposes. The adjustable angle and base pivot make it convenient to use the tv antenna. The entire set is available with wall mounts and brackets, which are excellent accessories for mounting antenna.

The Good

  • 360-degree rotatable design for convenience
  • 40-80-mile reception distance
  • Inbuilt dipole for exceptional UHF and VHF signal reception
  • Anti UV coating and waterproof design

The Bad

  • Anti UV coating is not durable enough
  • Heavy than most small antennas

HDTV Antenna,130+ Miles Long Range Indoor Digital TV Antennas

HDTV Antenna,130+ Miles Long Range...
  • ✅【New & Free Channels ! 】:Never pay hugely expensive cable or satellite...
  • ✅【High Performance Reception】:The NEW 2020 Version Built-in antenna...

Discover the excellence of using the HDTV antenna, which provides an exceptional signal quality range. This unit makes up for the perfect way for you to watch sitcoms, sports programs, and more with ease. Using this TV antenna, you can watch your favorite local channels, including CBD, NBC, PBS, and more. It comes with an in-built antenna amplifier, which will boost the quality of the TV antenna signal.

On top of that, the TV antenna has a unique stripe pattern that will optimize signal quality even in bad weather. Thus, you have an HDTV antenna, which can pick up signals from well over 130 miles in range and it’s also one best outdoor TV antennas for rural areas. More so, the inclusion of 2 switchable amplifier modes, lets you customize the functionality of the antenna to suit your needs. Set up is also simple, all thanks to the straightforward and straightforward to use TV antenna controls. 

The makers of this TV antenna have also done well to incorporate with an extra-long coaxial cable. This way, you will find it easy to position the antenna in your house for the best quality signal. Designed to slim, soft, and lightweight, you can easily place this antenna almost anywhere. It even comes with moisture and lightning protection to help improve the longevity of the TV antenna.

The Good

  • High-performance reception with a 130-mile range
  • Two switchable amplifier modes
  • Extra-long 16.5 ft coaxial cable
  • Slim, soft and lightweight antenna design

The Bad

  • Coaxial cable is not well placed
  • Performing maintenance on internal components is not easy

McDuory TV Outdoor Yagi Antenna with Long-Range Reception Capacity

McDuory TV Outdoor Yagi Antenna with...
  • LONG RANGE Yagi Outdoor Antenna - Supports 1080i HDTV broadcasts for...
  • Receive and Optimizing UHF/VHF Signals -- Full HDTV support 720p, 1080i, 1080p,...

The Mcduory TV outdoor antenna is also an excellent recommendation for your entertainment needs. It’s the perfect antenna to use even in areas with low signal quality. The features on this unit make it a highly dynamic and powerful tool for signal purposes. For instance, this antenna can support 1080i HDTV broadcasts, thus ensuring high quality signal quality each time. With this antenna, you will enjoy an exceptional 150-mile total range, for both UHF and VHF signals.

An outdoor tv antenna is only as useful as it is simple to set up. This is why the makers of this unit have done well to include individual mount ports that make this unit convenient to set up. Once installed, it sits stable on the surface and can provide several years of reliable signal quality for your TV. 

On top of that, the reliable tv antenna also comes pre-assembled, thus making it simple to set up. The weather-resistant design means that this unit can withstand exposure to rain or even dust. The antenna has a stain-resistant and durable finish, which makes it perfect for placement outdoors. The makers of this unit have also done well to ensure that its compatible with the many types of TV system coax cables available.

The Good

  • 150-mile total range antenna for outdoor purposes
  • Let’s you receive and optimize UHF and VHF signals
  • Easy installation and comes pre-assembled
  • Weather-resistant design with durable construction

The Bad

  • N/A

Dual-Omni-Directional Outdoor TV Antenna

Dual-Omni-Directional Outdoor TV Antenna...
  • Extra large antenna diameter - 15 inches long diameter ensures large signal...
  • Say goodbye to endless adjustment - 360° Omni-directional reception for...

Make entertainment in your rural area much more convenient with the Dual Omnidirectional Outdoor TV antenna. This extra-large tv antenna has a diameter of 15 inches, which ensures a large signal reception range and high-quality pictures. Even more, with this unit, you can easily say goodbye to endless adjustments. Why? Because the antenna features a 360-degree Omni direction reception for weak or moderate signal areas. 

The inclusion of ANTOP exclusive SMARTPASS technology provides optimal signal balance between short- and long-range distances. Furthermore, the antenna also has an inbuilt 4G LTE filter that will block 3G and 4G wireless signals. This way, you can use the tv antenna close to your smartphones or smartphone tower, without any compromise in the quality of the signal. The high gain reception technology is also shielded to reduce any instances of interference to the signal. 

It also has a UV coated and weather-resistant exterior design, combined with anti-interference technology. Thus, you have an antenna that optimizes the signal quality to deliver clear pictures and exceptional channel capacity. Installation is also easy because this unit comes with several mounting accessories for your convenience.

The Good

  • 15 inches long diameter for the best signal range
  • 360 degrees omnidirectional reception
  • Shields against signal interference
  • Durable exterior and weather-resistant design

The Bad

  • Somewhat heavy for some users
  • Could use a much more durable mounting system

TV Antenna – RCA Outdoor Yagi Satellite HD Antenna

TV Antenna - RCA Outdoor Yagi Satellite...
  • Enjoy top-rated HDTV network programming on channels like CBS, NBC, FOX, ABC and...
  • Receives TV broadcasts including 4K, 8K and 1080 HDTV for highest-quality...

Enjoy high quality TV reception with the RCA outdoor Yagi Satellite. This antenna is also available with an RCA Signal Finder App to make it convenient for your needs. Furthermore, it can also support 1080i HDTV broadcasts for high quality picture and sound delivery. With an exceptional 150-mile range, this unit is the perfect solution for those who live in rural areas. 

Even more, it has a durable design, which can withstand harsh outdoor conditions, while also being appealing at the same time. This unit will also provide superior reception results, even when it’s mounted on the attic.

This innovative RCA amplified tv antenna can support both network and local television, while also providing full HD content. Made to deliver quality reception even in challenging environments, this advanced antenna with SmartBoostTM can outperform any antennas that you have come across. The RCA brand has also made things convenient by ensuring that this unit comes preassembled, and with durable mounts to match.

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The Good

  • Can support 1080i HDTV broadcasts for high quality pictures
  • 150-mile total distance range
  • Durable construction can withstand changing weather
  • Easy lock fold-out UHF reflector

The Bad

  • Takes time to set up this unit
  • Could use a better finish for visibility in the dark

Final Verdict

Whether you are moving around in an RV, or you plain simply live in a rural area, you can still enjoy access to entertainment channels. With the best outdoor TV antennas for rural areas, you are sure of gaining access to the top channels, regardless of your distance from the watchtower. No more monthly bills or hassles with signals when you have one of these TV antennas . 

Outdoor Tv antennas are perfect if you want to enjoy high quality signals conveniently, especially for those in remote areas.

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