7 Best Pool Fences to Keep Your Swimming Areas Safe

Alex Clarkson
Alex Clarkson
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Adding a pool to your property is an excellent way to increase its value. It’s also a beacon of fun and entertainment for you and your family, especially during summer. But where there’s loads of fun, there’s also a risk of danger with a swimming pool.

The World Health Organization estimates that drowning is one of the leading causes of unintended deaths globally, and this takes up about 7% of all injury-related deaths. On the same note, children, males and persons with unrestricted access to water have the highest risk of drowning.

For ultimate safety, it’s important that you consider fencing your pool. Apart from keeping pets and people, it’s also a requirement by law in some states. Besides, installing one of the best pool fences can help you save a few bucks on homeowner’s insurance.

What’s the Best Pool Fence?

There are many types of pools fences available ranging from those made of aluminum panels to the latest in glass panel designs. To determine which type meets your needs, consider the ease of installing, cost, privacy and durability.

So here my list of The 7 Best Pool Fences.

1. Pool Fence DIY Self-Closing Gate Kit

Pool Fence DIY by Life Saver...
116 Reviews
Pool Fence DIY by Life Saver...
  • Easy-to-install, do-it-yourself gate kit for use with the Pool Fence DIY safety...
  • 2-foot walk-through opening and recommend height of 4 feet. 4' Tall X 36" Wide

If you’re a DIY enthusiast, you will enjoy installing the Life Saver pool fencing. It consists of powder-coated aluminum stock, double-truss uprights, and mesh frame.

The combination of mesh and aluminum in its construction makes it a very reliable type of enclosure. In fact, the mesh boasts industrial strength with a rating of 270 pounds per square inch.

There’s also a magnetic gate latch with self-closing hinges, which is designed specifically to secure the gate around your swimming pools.

2. Giantex In-Ground Swimming Pool Barrier

Giantex 4'x48' In-Ground Swimming Pool...
25 Reviews
Giantex 4'x48' In-Ground Swimming Pool...
  • 【 Last Long Using】Be Made Of Lightweight And Strong Aluminum Foot Tube, This...
  • 【Pool Safety Fence】Our In-Ground Swimming Pool Safety Fence Is Designed...

For homeowners with in-ground swimming pools, the Giantex pool barrier is an excellent option. Made of lightweight aluminum material, it will prevent children and pets from accessing the pools for as long as you want.

Furthermore, the Giantex is very easy to install and remove. When not in use, you can roll it into a compact size and store it away. It’s climb-resistant and comes with a set of hardware and instructions on how to use it.

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3. Sentry Safety Pool Fence Visiguard

Sentry Safety Pool Fence Visiguard is...
15 Reviews
Sentry Safety Pool Fence Visiguard is...
  • Includes pre-assembled 4' tall and 12' wide sections of pool fencing with 5 rust...
  • Poles are constructed of a stainless steel core, a pvc insert and a powder...

The Visguard constitutes 4-inch tall and 12-inch wide sections that are already pre-assembled for an easy installation. This pool fencing also comes with 5 rust-resistant poles alongside child safety mesh frame that is spaced every 3 inches.

The poles are made using stainless steel for maximum durability. Also included in the package are deck sleeves, deck caps, hook & eye as well as a manual. The one thing that has not been included is a rotary hammer drill and a shaft masonry bit- both of which are needed for the installation process.

4. Pool Fence DIY by Life Saver Fencing Section Kit

Pool Fence DIY by Life Saver Pool Fence,...
213 Reviews
Pool Fence DIY by Life Saver Pool Fence,...
  • Easy-to-install, do-it-yourself fencing kit helps keep children safe from...
  • Industrial-strength mesh fence can be easily removed when no children are...

This type of pool fence barrier by Life Saver will help to keep your children safe from accidental drowning, It’s easy to install; hence, makes for a good do-it-yourself project for the weekend.

The Life Saver pool fencing is made up of mesh frame, which has the recommended height of 4 feet, and 5 poles with half-an-inch stainless steel pin.

Another perk of this enclosure system is that it comes with a corrosion-resistant latching system. This latch does not have sharp hooks or edges; thus, minimizing the risk of injury during the installation. Moreover, the fencing is backed by a limited lifetime warranty.

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5. Water Warden Pools Safety Fence

WaterWarden WWF200 4’ x 12, Black –...
47 Reviews
WaterWarden WWF200 4’ x 12, Black –...
  • POOL SAFETY FENCE – Using a WaterWarden Pool Fence is a great way to protect...
  • STRONG & DURABLE – WaterWarden Inground Pool Safety Fences are UL-Certified...

Measuring 4 ft. by 12 ft., the Water Warden is another great choice of pool barriers for swimming pools. It comes complete with hardware, a template for measuring, a manual and a free installation tutorial.

It can be removed easily during the off-season and re-installed when the need arises. That said, it’s important to note that the fencing comes with no drilling guide nor safety gate. So, if you a gate is an integral part of the enclosure, consider other options.

6. Vinyl Works 24-Inch White Economy

Vinyl Works 24- Inch White Economy Resin...
18 Reviews
Vinyl Works 24- Inch White Economy Resin...
  • Adds safety and style to any above ground steel wall pool
  • Constructed of durable resin with stainless steel hardware for secure...

If you’re looking for a type of pool barrier that will not only provide safety but also add some style, the Vinyl Works Economy is a perfect choice.

this fence is made from ultra-durable resin with stainless steel hardware for the most secure installation. Designed for above ground swimming pools, the barrier helps to minimize the risk of unauthorized access. All the fence sections have a length of 64.5 inches and can be cut to fit the specific area of your pool.

7. In Ground Safety Fence Removable Gate

In Ground Pool Safety Fence Removable...
  • Safety gate won't allow children, pets or toys to pass through
  • Climb-resistant surface inhibits people from going over the gate

Install another layer of protection around your swimming pools with the In-Ground Safety Pool Gate. Even though this shouldn’t replace adult supervision, it increases the level of security by preventing unauthorized access.

This swimming pool gate is designed to create a barrier all around the swimming pool’s edge. This way, no pets, children, handicap or senior persons can get across without your permission. It measures 36” in width by 48” in height and has a self-closing latch.

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Pool Fences Buying Guide

How to Buy the Best Pool Fence

Ease of Installing

best-pool-fencesMesh poool barriers are one of the easiest to install. Just determine the number of pool fence panels you’ll need and where you’ll place them.

But before installing, establish whether you want a permanent solution like a gate or a temporary one like a removable pool fence. If you want to make the pools completely inaccessible, then adding a gate is a mandatory.

If you opt for the mesh fence, here’s how you’ll install it. Start by cutting out a stick that corresponds to the distance of the panels you plan to buy. With this, it will be easier to determine the number of panels and figure out where your drilling holes will go.

Once you’ve measured everything correctly, create the drill holes using a drill. If you don’t have one, a masonry bit can also work. After drilling holes, the remaining part of the installation is quite easy as it involves slotting the pool fence and adding a gate if that’s what you prefer.

Gate Safety

Another factor you need not forget when picking an enclosure system is the level of safety it provides. After all, the whole reason of buying it is to keep the users safe. So don’t only consider its design and appearance but also its performance.

For starters, ensure that it’s tall enough to the extent that no kids or pets can climb over it. Two, the poles of this pool fencing should be well-spaced to provide ample strength and stability. Finally, the gate should have a quality lock to prevent access.


Without considering the poles, the child fence should be strong enough on its own. This is in case an intruder or animal tries to climb over it. A strong barrier will also be able to withstand any harsh environmental conditions that come along.

To ensure the fencing you’re buying is strong, check and test the material it’s made of. If you find that it’s bending or cracking, leave it and consider other options.

UV Resistance and Color

Other points to take into account are UV resistance and color of the fence. Remember that it will be exposed to the sun’s rays for a prolonged period of time, which is why it should be UV-resistant.

Now, color boils down to personal preferences. However, keep in mind that this will impact other factors. For instance, a black one absorbs more heat than a white one. Once you’ve considered heat-absorbance, check whether the color corresponds to your exterior décor. Does it blend well with the rest of the swimming area?

Is it Detachable or Fixed?

The majority of homeowners prefer removable pool fences. After all, they often look like fixed fencing. You can keep the barrier securely in place with the holes that you drill. This way, if you want it to stay there permanently then it won’t be an issue.

On the other hand, if you want one that can be installed during specific seasons, a detachable version is much better. While fixed fences look great, they don’t offer enough flexibility with regards to their removal.

Fencing Height

The unspoken rule of thumb here is: the taller the fences are, the better. The ideal height is at least 3 ft.

If you’re buying it to keep your toddler away, you have to consider the fact that they’re growing bigger every day. So instead of having to buy a fence every time they grow a foot tall, look for the tallest fencing you can find.

Ground Clearance

When it comes to ground clearance, it’s advisable to keep the distance between the ground and pool fence small. A mesh fencing is the best for creating this distance so that nothing gets across.


When installing the barrier, the weakest or most susceptible areas to damage occur at the connection points. Therefore, ensure that every connection is tight and solid so that there aren’t any sharp edges left that could cause harm.

Different Kinds of Pool Fences

Unless you’ve bought a pool fence before, you probably don’t know what kind of fencing you’ll find on the market. Well, here are the main types:

Wooden – This type of fencing will be perfect for a home that has a nature theme. However, wooden fencing is not durable and will need to be replaced every couple of years.

Mesh – If you have very young toddlers in your home, a mesh fence is the best option. They offer maximum protection and last longer than their wooden counterparts. Neither kids nor pets will be able to climb over the mesh or even crawl under it.

Steel – If your primary concern when purchasing a fence for your swimming area is privacy, a steel-made model is perfect for this role. However, this one requires a bit of maintenance to prevent rusting.

Glass – Another choice of material for the barrier around your swimming area is glass. Although it looks stylish, it has two main drawbacks. One, it’s the most expensive option and two, it does not provide any privacy. Also, glass fencing requires maintenance and is prone to breakage; hence, a hazard at your property.

Designs of Pool Fences

In addition to the type, you also have to decide the style of fencing you are going to install. The most common designs are:

Flat Top

This is the most popular style of fencing that you’ll find in homes. The flat top involves multiple vertical bars being joined by horizontal ones at the bottom and top.

Double Top

This style is fairly similar to the flat top. The only difference is that the double top has an extra horizontal bar added near the top section. Some homeowners also incorporate embellishments between the two bars.

Loop Top

With the loop top, there’s one long bar used to form two bars as opposed to having two distinct bar. The bar is usually made of metal and it’s curved to conform to the homeowner’s design.


The first three designs entail the use of hollow metal tube bars. However, the wire fences are different in that they consist of thick metal wire bars. The end-result is a more weather-resistant and long-lasting fencing.

Types of Materials used to Make Pool Fencing

Ornamental Aluminum

The aluminum used to make this kind of fencing has to be coated with powder to make it highly resistant to external elements. The good thing about this choice of material is that it requires very little maintenance. Also, it looks pretty chic and complements your exterior décor perfectly.

The drawback of an aluminum fence is that it does not provide privacy. So if you want an enclosure that blocks the view completely, you might want to choose another option.


Enclosure systems made of PVC offer two perks. One, they’re ultra-strong and two, they can be customized into different designs.

Given that PVC consists of heavy duty plastic, it’s able to resist most weather elements. However, it’s not as durable as aluminum. But there’s one area where PVC is more superior to aluminum and that is the fact that it offers privacy.


Wood has been used to make pool enclosures throughout history. It’s durable, versatile and can be made into different designs.

And while requires a great deal of maintenance, it’s one of the few fencing options that gives you variety in terms of appearance and design. Furthermore, it’s cheaper than the previous two choices.


Despite not being a very reliable option, mesh fences are also quite popular. They’re sturdy and they help homeowners to completely seal off their swimming areas.


These types of enclosure systems look beautiful and are very functional. But as mentioned earlier, they’re quite expensive.

If you want to keep the magnificent view of your yard without adding a bulky fence, glass is the best material to use.

Can I install the fence by myself?

Yes, there is no problem with turning the installation process into a DIY project. However, you should first familiarize yourself with the regulations related to pools’ enclosure systems. This way, you’ll know the correct distance to leave between the fence, pool and your home; plus, the right interval between the fencing poles.

These measurements are important as they determine how well-balanced the barrier is. So if you’re not handy with tools or are unable to find the regulations of pool fencing in your state, you can hire a professional.

Maintenance for Pool Fencing

After installing the barrier, the next step is to perform routine maintenance. Inspect it on a regular basis, ensuring that there aren’t any loose bars or panels. Also examine the self-latching and self-closing mechanisms to confirm that they’re working properly. A well-cared for fence should last anywhere from 5 to 10 years.

Key Takeaway

A swimming pool fence plays an important role in the grand swimming pool scheme. While the lighting fixtures, landscaping and other elements help to create the mood and personal style of the homeowner, it’s the swimming pool’s enclosure system that protects it all. Thus, it’s important to create a barrier around your swimming areas.

Source:Pool Fence – WikipediaInstalling A Pool Protection Fence System – YouTube


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