The 7 Best Projection Clocks: Chic, Modern and Functional Timepieces That Will Transform Your Home

Alex Clarkson
Alex Clarkson

Some individuals have internal cocks that wake them up at a specific time each morning. Others have to use up to three alarm clocks to get them up while others wake up in the middle of the night wondering what time it is. Regardless of the category you belong to, odds are that you have a difficult time reading those tiny digits on your alarm clock, watch or smartphone whenever you wake up. This is where projection alarm clocks come in handy. Designed to display time and date on your ceiling or wall, projection clocks are one of the greatest timepieces ever invented.

These clocks have become a sought-after commodity by homeowners, and for good reasons. For one, they offer convenience since all one has to do is to look at their ceiling to know what time it is. Two, they offer unparalleled accuracy, particularly because of their SelfSet technology. To reap these and more benefits, all you have to do is choose one of the best projection clocks on the market.

Below find the best Projection Clocks:

1. Mesqool Projection Alarm Clock

Mesqool Projection Alarm Clock for...
2,752 Reviews
Mesqool Projection Alarm Clock for...
  • ☆180° ADJUSTABLE ANGLE & ULTRA-CLEAR PROJECTION---The 180-degree swivel...

If you prefer to wake up to your favorite radio station rather than an annoying alarm, Mesqool Projection Clock is a fantastic option.

Thanks to the inbuilt AM/FM radio, you can choose from 20 different radio stations. The AM frequency is 520 – 1710 Khz while the FM frequency is 87.5 – 108 MHz.

Another aspect that sets Mesqool from the pack is its projection mechanism. More specifically, this clock boasts 180-degree swivel projection to your walls or ceilings. This way, you’re guaranteed of getting a clear, unobstructed view of the time.

Even if you don’t project the time on your ceiling, you can still view it from the clock’s 7-inch display. The display is fitted with white LED light, making it easy to read from a distance. Moreover, you can choose between different levels of brightness.

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2. Dr. Prepare Projection Alarm Clock

Dr. Prepare Projection Alarm Clock for...
100 Reviews
Dr. Prepare Projection Alarm Clock for...
  • 【LARGE & COLORFUL LCD SCREEN】Comes with a large colorful backlit LCD screen,...
  • 【ADJUSTABLE PROJECTION】Projects time and temperature onto ceiling or walls...

If you’re looking for a multifunctional digital clock, Dr. Prepare model fits that bill perfectly. Not only does it project the time but also the temperature, humidity in your room and more. This way, you can keep tabs on the readings; hence, ensure that your family’s living conditions are optimal.

What’s more, this clock consists of a big backlit LCD screen with adjustable settings for brightness. If it’s too bright, you can activate the off mode or go for medium brightness.

Dr. Prepare is also one of the few projection clocks that comes with dual alarms. So if you have to wake up earlier than your partner, you can set two different alarms. To add to that, you can configure the alarms to ring during weekdays, weekends or 7 days.

 The ideal projection clock will have a powerful projector for showing time on your bedroom ceiling or wall surface. Apart from time, some of these clocks also display the date and temperature of your surroundings. Some projection clocks even come equipped with your favorite tunes and radio stations.

3. Mpow 5″

Mpow 5' Projection Alarm Clock, FM Radio...
24 Reviews
Mpow 5" Projection Alarm Clock, FM Radio...
  • MPOW HD PROJECTION ALARM CLOCK: 1. Designed with 120° (from -30° to 90°)...

The Mpow is one of the most stylish and functional projection clocks on the market. Most of this credit goes to the curved screen, which extends to about five inches. This display shows the time, date and other metrics, which are illuminated in a soft blue light.

If the light is too bright, there’s a control feature on the clock that enables you to set it to low light. The projection clock is designed to show data in very clear fonts on a ceiling or wall from a distance of 1.6 to 10 feet. What’s more, you can adjust the projection angle to 90 degrees forward and 30 degrees backward. Other features we like about this projection clock is the fact that it comes with usb charger, dual alarms, snoozing capability, FM radio and a radio sleep timer.

4. Ambient Weather WS-8460

Ambient Weather WS-8460 Projection Clock...
138 Reviews
Ambient Weather WS-8460 Projection Clock...
  • The colorful WS-8460 wireless weather station featuring Ambient backlighting and...
  • The high contrast reverse PMVA display changes color with the temperature and...

If you’ve been looking for a projection clock that doubles up as a weather alert feature, then the Ambient WS-8460 makes a strong contender. Aside from projecting the date and time, this projection clock also shows the outdoor temperature, the barometric pressure, a comprehensive report of data for the past three days and a barograph showing trends.

To achieve this, this projection clock is equipped with a wireless sensor, which helps to measure other metrics such as temperature. Furthermore, it has a backlight that can be configured to any one of the 256 colors available.

5. SMARTRO Digital Projection Alarm Clock

SMARTRO SC31B Digital Projection Alarm...
550 Reviews
SMARTRO SC31B Digital Projection Alarm...
  • TIME & TEMPERATURE PROJECTION: Perfect alarm clocks for bedrooms. The projected...
  • DUAL ALARMS WITH SNOOZE FUNCTION: Set two separate alarms for different purposes...

The Smartro Digital consists of an atomic clock, which is automatically configured through a radio-controlled signal. Put simply; this projection clock runs in sync with the U.S. atomic clock, which means it always records the time and date accurately.

This clock projects data in a soft red color, which is not only easy to view but it also doesn’t disrupt a user from his sleep. This particular feature makes the projection digital clockperfect for a kid’s room.

Another plus of this projection clock is that it comes with battery backup and USB charging capability. The battery is beneficial when there’s a power outage while the AC power source guarantees continuous projection and time display.

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6. Oregon Scientific PROJI

Oregon Scientific RM338PA_W Model RM338...
392 Reviews
Oregon Scientific RM338PA_W Model RM338...
  • Dual Alarm (Weekday/daily alarm)
  • Indoor Temperature

For the style-conscious homeowner, the Oregon PROJI atomic clock is an excellent choice for bedroom. This clock comes in a beautiful white color that will blend nicely with the modern design of your room.

Aesthetics aside, this projection clock is also a functional timepiece, showing accurate time. It also displays the day of the week and the indoor temperature. The Oregon projection clock also allows users to adjust the projection arm. This means that you can tilt the projector to your preferred position.


MIZHMI Projection Alarm Clock, Dual...
139 Reviews
MIZHMI Projection Alarm Clock, Dual...
  • 【Large Font Display】 5.5" large led time display with 1.8" words, adjustable...
  • 【Adjustable Projector】180° Rotation Projector cast time onto your wall or...

The MIZHMI Projection Clock is yet another splendid option for homeowners looking to buy atomic clocks. There’s a lot to love about this projection clock. For one, it’s an affordable unit. Secondly, it provides a large font display of about 5.5 inches. This means that you’ll be able to see what time it is even in dim settings.

Like the Oregon, this clock also boasts an adjustable projector. More specifically, you can tilt it to 180 degrees, allowing it to cast time onto your ceiling, wall or other surface. The projected image remains clear from a distance of up to 10 feet.

Moreover, this timepiece doubles up as a dual alarm clock. It has FM radio, which can be configured with 5 to 60 minutes of snooze time. You can adjust the volume of the radio between L1 and L15 and choose from 10 different stations.

Projection Clock Buying Guide

What is a projection alarm clock?


A projection clock resembles an alarm clock. The only difference is that the projection clock is packed more exciting features that make it stand out. As its name suggests, a projection clock simply projects the time on difference surfaces; this could be your wall or ceiling. This way, you don’t have to get up from bed or even turn your head to be able to see the time. Just open your eyes and look at the ceiling.

Why you should buy a projection alarm clock

Apart from its aesthetic looks, a projection clock has other numerous benefits:

  • No configuration required- a projection clock does not require any complex setup. Put simply; you don’t have to configure the hour, day or month as it’s already synchronized to the atomic US clock. All this information comes when it’s already set by the manufacturer. Even when there is a power outage, you don’t have to reset the time as you usually do with your alarm clock. The projection clock automatically resets itself to the right time.
  • Its daylight saving time is automated- daylight saving time happens when we have to adjust our timepieces to one hour ahead of the standard time during summer and then back again in fall. Most people forget to adjust their clocks, and even those who remember, are not sure of how to go about it. If you get a projection clock, this is one thing that you’ll never struggle with as it automatically adjusts itself for this.
  • You don’t have to keep track of leap years- as with the daylight saving time, projection clocks also feature automated settings for leap years.
  • Battery replacement does not interfere with time- when your alarm clock runs out battery, it usually shuts off. When you replace with new batteries, you have to set the time and date from scratch. But this is not the case with a projection clock, which automatically resumes from where it left.
  • Easy viewing of metrics- even if you’re not lying on your bed, you’ll be able to see the time projected on the ceiling regardless of the position you’re standing or sitting in. A projection clock will display the time clearly on the surface even in illuminated spaces.
  • Atomic projection clocks don’t lose time- after using your standard wall or alarm clock for an extended period of time, you will notice that it’s losing time. Essentially, this means that your clock won’t be running at the same pace as the reference clock. In contrast, projection clocks never lose time as they are synchronized to the US atomic clock.
  • They are affordable- when the term atomic projection clock is mentioned, most people think that this is something really fancy. In reality, projection clocks, which were patented back in 1909, are very basic timepieces. These clocks are very cheap and you can even buy one for less than $30.

Types of projection alarm clocks

Clock radios:

These kinds of projection clocks have radios, giving you the option to wake up to an annoying alarm or your most preferred radio station.

Children’s radios:

Some projection clocks are designed specifically for using in kids’ rooms. The projectors of such clocks consist of vibrant colors and fun shapes to fascinate the young ones.

Setting options:

With a traditional clock, the user has to configure it to the right time and date during setup. Luckily, most projection clocks come with ‘self-setting’ technology that automatically detects the correct date and time, then configure themselves.

What is the Point of a Projection Alarm Clock?

In the current era that we’re living in, technology is evolving with each passing day.projection-alarm-clock One of the latest technological inventions that has improved our lives is the projection alarm clock. The concept behind this creation is to enable individuals obtain relevant data using minimal effort.

Consider this situation: you’re cuddled up under your blankets, when you suddenly get up thinking that you’ve slept in. You manage to get up on your feet and stumble through the dark to find your bedside light switch. When you finally get a hold of your watch or smartphone, you realize that you still have several hours left.

What if you didn’t have to go through all this trouble? A projection alarm clock is designed to eliminate such hurdles by displaying the time in gigantic digits on your ceiling. You won’t even have to get up; just roll over and check the time on your ceiling.

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How Are Projection Alarm Clocks Best Used?

There are several occasions where projection clocks have proven particularly useful. One such area is in a child’s room. Projector clocks do more than amuse your young one; they can be used as learning tools. For one, your child can learn how to tell time. Secondly, projector clocks that come with multiple LED color settings can teach your kid a thing or two about colors. Also, if your toddler is having restless nights, the calm lighting provided by these timepieces can help her rest more soundly.

Another instance where projection clocks are beneficial is in the interior décor of your home. The projection from this clock can help in balancing the design of a room. Furthermore, projection clocks occupy a much smaller space than standard wall clocks. If you had to mount a wall clock with a 3-inch diameter, you’d need to plan adequately to ensure it fits and blends well with the rest of the room. In contrast, the projection from a clock has zero weight. Well, unless you decide to count the weight of a photon. But either way, projection clocks require less effort to set up than hanging alarm clocks, yet they bring the same effect to your room’s appeal.

Projection clocks are also suitable for individuals seeking a minimalist lifestyle. When living in a limited space, you’ll want to maximize every inch available. If you’ve mounted a wall clock that sticks out five inches from the wall, it’s going to make your room look smaller. Conversely, projection clocks can fit in the tiniest of places: on bookshelves or unused corners; thus helping you to save on space.

What to consider when looking for the best projection alarm clock

Power supply- projection clocks have two main sources of power namely: electricity and batteries. The benefit of choosing a battery-powered projection clock is that you’re not limited when it comes to its placement. Also, in the event of a power outage, your atomic clock will continue running if it’s powered by batteries. Nonetheless, you will still have to replace the batteries when they run out. Ultimately, it boils down to individual preferences.

Adjustable projector- some of these clocks are fitted with adjustable projectors. What this means is that a user can tilt the projector to whatever angle he wants. If you want the time displayed on the wall, just position the projector to do so.

FM Radio- imagine an alarm clock that has no radio. The tunes and shows hosted on different radio stations are so much better than the conventional ringtones of old alarm clocks. Wouldn’t you rather wake up to one of your favorite tunes than a really loud and upsetting ringing tone? Besides, you can even listed to the projection clock fm radio when you want to unwind after a long day at work.

Additional features- some projection clocks come with a ton of other features. For instance, some have weather forecast features, others use rechargeable batteries while others have different colors for the projection. These are some of the features that set projection alarm clocks from the crowd.

The Invention of the Projection Alarm Clock

Although projection clocks have only gained popularity recently, the first version of this clock dates back to 1992. The man behind this incredible invention was one Chih H. Pan. Surprisingly, Chih Pan did not give much thought to his invention at the time.

One of the first devices that our ancestors used to tell time was the sundial. This was closely followed by the clepsydra or the water clock and later the hourglass. For many, the hourglass was a more practical solution than the clepsydra, which operated on the principle of measuring the flow of water.

The hourglass was used for several centuries before finally paving way for the mechanical clock. These clocks have remained popular throughout history and to-date. However, modern digital clocks have won the hearts of many who prefer them to mechanical clocks. According to Chih Pan, the projector clock provided solutions that none of the previous clock models was able to provide, that is, being able to tell time in the dark. If you factor in its illuminating effects, the projector clock was also regarded as a useful night light fixture.

We now have different types of projection clocks. Even though the first projection clock never came with a calendar, it paved way for the evolution and development of the concept. Without Chih H. Pan, projection clocks would never have been.

Wrap Up

A projection clock enables you to view time and other important metrics without straining. Rather than having to get up from your bed or seat to look for a watch, you just gaze at the projected image to know what time it is. If you want a timepiece that does more than tell time, ensure you go for projection clocks equipped with weather forecasting capabilities, FM radio, an adjustable projector and more.

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