The 7 Best Racquetball Gloves for a Better Grip and Reduced Hand Fatigue

Alex Clarkson
Alex Clarkson

Having an excellent grip when playing racquetball is essential if you want to perform well. The best way to improve your grip is to invest in a quality pair of gloves. Whether you like playing indoors or outdoors, racquetball gloves are a must-have gear for several reasons. For one, they prevent your palms from getting too sweaty. Secondly, they keep you warm if you’re playing outdoors during the cold season. The best racquetball gloves can also provide protection; thus, preventing hand injuries when you fall during play.

The Best Racquetball Gloves

Finding the best pair of racquetball gloves doesn’t have to be difficult. The first thing you need to do is to assess your needs and determine how often you plan to use them. It’s also wise to account for your style of play. For instance, a player who likes diving into the game will require gloves designed differently from those of a player who doesn’t dive in.

So here my list of The 7 Best Racquetball Gloves.

1. E-Force Chill Racquetball Glove

E-Force Chill Racquetball Glove
97 Reviews
E-Force Chill Racquetball Glove
  • Perforated Cabretta sheepskin palm for total wraparound cooling and comfort
  • Comfortable non-slip "moisture barrier" system

If you’re looking for racquetball gloves that can keep your hands cool and dry, the E-Force Chill is the best in the game. This glove is made of AirFlo spandex material with open mesh back, which keeps your palm dry for longer. This construction also enables the glove to maintain its shape for the long haul.

Furthermore, some parts of the glove are made of leather to provide optimal durability. But the icing on the cake has to be the non-slip moisture barrier layer. This ensures that you have a firm grip on the racquetball bat.

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2. Wilson Sting Racquetball Glove

Wilson Sting Racquetball Glove - Right...
38 Reviews
Wilson Sting Racquetball Glove - Right...
  • Cabretta Sheepskin leather provides a soft feel
  • Strategically placed dive padding protects you and your glove

Even on a shoestring budget, you can get quality racquetball gloves like the Wilson Sting. This glove is uniquely designed to provide superb grip and fit. This can be attributed to the contouring of the layers, which corresponds perfectly to that of your hand and fingers.

The ultra-thin Cabretta sheepskin leather also contributes to a snug fit. Moreover, the Wilson Glove has a strategically placed dive padding. This ergonomic design helps to increase durability and to protect your hands.

3. Three Gearbox Racquetball Movement Gloves

Gearbox Three (3) Large Racquetball...
4 Reviews
Gearbox Three (3) Large Racquetball...
  • Suede Leather fingers for added comfort
  • Neoprene backing to retain snug fit

With a stealthy steel look and plush feel, the Gearbox racquetball gloves are the most durable on the market. With a thickness of 0.8mm, they are built for optimal durability. These gloves also boast suede leather fingers, which explains their high price tag. Also, the suede leather material makes the gloves very comfortable.

As for the backing, Gearbox gloves feature neoprene backing; thus, offering a good balance between absorption capability and breathability. Another feature we like is their micro-pore design, which helps to keep your grip dry. But keep in mind that they are racquetball gloves right hand, meaning that you can only wear them on your right hand.

4. Quantity discount HEAD Ballistic Tech

HEAD Two (2) Ballistic CT Copper Tech...
3 Reviews
HEAD Two (2) Ballistic CT Copper Tech...
  • CopperTech« Spandex & Wristband
  • Premium vented Cabretta leather for soft, cool grip

If your primary concern when purchasing racquetball gloves is their size, then the Quantity discount gloves are your best alternative. Not only do these gloves fit snugly but they also helo in improving your health and performance. Fitted with the unique CopperTech, these gloves are designed in such a way that they boost the circulation of your working muscles. This process helps to reduce fatigue and strain.

Another benefit of the Copper infused technology is that it wicks sweat; hence keeping you dry and preventing odor. The Quantity discount head gloves are made from a blend of materials including Cabretta leather for that soft feel, synthetic leather that provides a superb grip and Airprene for protecting your knuckles.

5. Python Deluxe

Python Deluxe Racquetball Glove, Right...
160 Reviews
Python Deluxe Racquetball Glove, Right...
  • Perforated Cabretta Leather with Grip Strip Tackified Palm. Perforated Cabretta...
  • High Elastomeric back for greater fit

The Python Deluxe stands out as a flashy glove that does not only work well but it also looks stylish when doing so. This glove is made of Cabretta Leather, which is perforated to allow for circulation. This leather is also sweat resistant, allowing you to focus on your game without worrying about slippage.

This glove offers plenty of versatility as it can be used for indoor and outdoor play. Ideally, the leather material used in its construction makes it durable. And like many of the racquetball gloves in this review, this one also has dive pads on the knuckle to offer protection.

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6. Bionic Men’s Right Hand

Bionic Men's Right Hand Racquetball...
198 Reviews
Bionic Men's Right Hand Racquetball...
  • Anatomical pads system evens out the surface of your hands to promote a lighter,...
  • Eleven terry cloth mini-towels inside the glove absorb moisture to help keep...

Are you looking for a glove that will improve your game? Look no further than Bionic Men’s glove. Designed by an orthopedic, this glove will give you performance-boosting moisture control, protection and a great grip.

These gloves are fabricated using high-grade goatskin leather, which gives them a soft feel. Another key highlight of this glove is the padding that evens out the surface of your hand to provide a lighter yet secure grip. There’s more padding on the back section to protect your knuckles from impact.

7. HEAD Web

HEAD Leather Racquetball Glove - Web...
421 Reviews
HEAD Leather Racquetball Glove - Web...
  • HEAD PERFORMANCE: Born out of revolutionizing how we ski and play tennis, HEAD...
  • DURABLE DESIGN: Made of tough synthetic leather for lightweight comfort and...

The Head Web racquetball glove may not be the most stylish on the market, but it’s functional and very affordable. It has an exceptional silicone web palm pattern to improve a player’s grip.

The backing consists of high-quality COOLTECH spandex material, which provides optimal a comfortable feel and cooling effect. The manufacturer’s COOLMESH incorporated in this glove ensures the glove is breathable. Plus, it’s equipped with knuckle pads for additional protection.

Racquetball Gloves Buying Guide

Benefits of wearing gloves as you play


One of the main reasons why racquetball players wear gloves is so that they can have a good grip on the racquets. Swinging a racquetball racquet requires a great deal of swing movement. With a quality pair of gloves, you can swing the racquet multiple times without getting blisters on your hands. Furthermore, wearing gloves improves the feel of the racquet on your hands. In fact, gloves enable you to play so naturally that one would think the racquet was an extension of your arm.

Another benefit of gloves is that they prevent slippage. When you wear gloves, you will have better control of the racquet. Even when your palms get sweaty, the gloves’ moisture- wicking materials will absorb sweat to keep you dry; thus, prevent slipping.

When purchasing racquetball gloves, go for ones that you feel comfortable in. It’s also a good idea to buy several pairs of these gloves. This way, you will always have a clean pair of gloves to wear no matter how many times you decide to play within the week.

If you’re a racquetball fiend, then you won’t mind the extra investment on racquetball gloves. Also keep in mind that sweat and friction can cause your gloves to wear out quickly. By stocking up on numerous pairs, you can switch them up before your matches so that each pair lasts a while.

Racquetball Gloves Buyer’s Guide

Whether you’re buying racquetball gloves for yourself or a friend, there are several things you need to take into account:


This is one of the most crucial aspects to consider. If your gloves aren’t breathable, they’ll develop a foul smell, and you might end up getting a rash on your hands because of sweat buildup.

The best breathable racquetball gloves usually have mesh material and minimal padding. Lucre and neoprene are other examples of fabrics that have good breathability.


If you don’t want your racquet flying out of your hand and right into your opponent’s face, you’ll want to check the level of stickiness the racquetball gloves offer. Another perk of choosing sticky gloves is the fact that they improve your accuracy. Ideally, you will experience fewer mishits; thus increasing your chance of winning the game. Different manufacturers use different materials in an attempt to make the gloves sticky. Unfortunately, each one of these fabrics has its fair share of demerits.

Take Tackified leather for instance- it offers maximum stickiness. Sadly, it causes issues for a player when he has to switch between his backhand and forehand grips. To avoid this hitch, opt for synthetic leather, which offers the best of both worlds. It’s sticky enough and it does not cause any problems when you want to switch between your forehand and backhand grip. However, you shouldn’t expect it to have that natural feel of leather.


Before buying any product, you probably do some research to learn the different brands, styles, designs and prices of the product’s variations. Purchasing racquetball gloves is no different. You should research beforehand to avoid spending money on a pair of gloves that is not durable. With thorough research, you’re sure to find gloves quality gloves at a decent price.

When it comes to durability, sheepskin gloves rank at the top of the list. But their durability also depends on how you use them. If you play very roughly, the gloves will not last that long. This is particularly true for players who have a tendency of diving in.


This feature tends to compromise the breathability of the gloves. If your style of playing involves diving in, you’re better off focusing on the padding of the gloves rather than their breathability. There are two main types of padding you’ll have to choose from- foam padding and Airprene padding.

Foam padding is great because it helps in protecting your hands, and particularly the knuckles, from hard impact. On the flipside, foam padding makes your gloves bulky. If you want gloves that will protect your hands without adding the extra weight, Airprene padding is a better option. The only drawback with Airprene padding is that it restricts breathability to a great extent. Also, the protection offered by this padding cannot match that of foam padding.

Glove Backing

When it comes to glove backing, you have a variety of options to choose from. Your choice of glove backing will depend on your individual needs. For instance, if you want one that allows sufficient airflow inside the gloves, then a mesh backing is your best bet. But it does have a few disadvantages, which include low durability and minimal absorption.

Another backing you can go for is Neoprene, which is pretty thick. There’s also spandex preferred for its lightweight; textured Lycra and Lycra. Ideally, the more padding the glove backing has, the better the absorption capability, protection and lifespan.

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How to buy the perfect glove

How well it fits

Before purchasing racquetball gloves, one of the things you need to consider is the size of your hands. Advisably, you should go for glove sizing that is slightly smaller than the size of your hands as the gloves are likely to stretch over time. Oversize gloves are not the best as they will make you compromise on the accuracy of your hits. If you have to squeeze into your new pair of gloves, this is an indication that they are an excellent fit.

What style is it

Racquetball gloves are available in a variety of styles. Some have an articulated finger or paneled pattern to foster natural play. These designs also improve the flexibility of your wrist movements.

How breathable it is

For maximum comfort, pick racquetball gloves that give your skin enough room to breathe. Usually, gloves with a microfiber mesh design are the best for this purpose. On the flipside, mesh gloves are not that good at absorbing sweat and they don’t fit snugly. If you want gloves that offer the best of both worlds, we recommend neoprene or lycra gloves. Not only do they have better absorbency but they also fit well and feel comfortable to wear.


Racquetball players who like diving into their games will do better with foam-padded gloves that provide optimal protection. However, keep in mind that foam adds to the weight of gloves; thus, making them slightly heavy.


Are you looking for the best gloves for sweaty hands? If so, the tacky textured racquetball gloves are a strong contender. And the best part is that switching between backhand and forehand grips when wearing these gloves is incredibly easy.

Ask Yourself These Questions

Does your hand sweat a lot?

If your palms get very sweaty when playing racquetball, you’ll want to go for breathable gloves that have excellent absorption capabilities. But if your hands don’t sweat much, you can pick any kind of gloves.

Do you dive during play?

As mentioned earlier, players who dive during play will do better with padded gloves. This means foregoing options like mesh gloves. If you don’t dive when playing, you can go for any glove.

 Did you answer Yes both times?

If your answer to the first two questions is a strong ‘Yes’, we recommend gloves with neoprene or lycra backing. Such gloves strike a good balance between protection, breathability and absorption ability.

Narrow Down Your Search

Palm Materials

  • Sheepskin Leather- gloves made of this leather boast a plush feel and a long lasting softness. Unfortunately, these are also some of priciest gloves on the market.
  • Goatskin Leather- these gloves also have a soft feel, especially when they’re new. Plus, they’re more affordable than sheepskin leather. On the flipside, they are not durable.
  • Tackfied Leather- they offer maximum stickiness. The downside of these gloves is that they make it difficult to switch between backhand and forehand grips.
  • Synthetic Leather- they have good grip. Unfortunately, they don’t have that plush feel that one gets from natural leather glove.

Glove Backings

  • Mesh Backing- the benefits of this glove backing include better airflow and less sweat. The disadvantages include poor absorption capability and low durability.
  • Neoprene (thickest), Textured Lycra, Lycra, Spandex (thinnest)- this glove backing has more padding and better absorbency. Unfortunately, it has less airflow than the mesh backing.

Wrap Up

Like any other game, racquetball requires a player to be well-equipped, and this means buying quality racquetball gloves. Unlike standard gloves, these gloves are designed to be strong, durable and lightweight. At the same time, these gloves are flexible enough, enabling you to move your fingers with ease.

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