The 4 Best Rechargeable Power Strips: Must-Have Travel Accessories

Alex Clarkson
Alex Clarkson

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Over time, tech gadgets have become increasingly sophisticated thanks to innovation. Some electronics such as televisions have evolved from the gigantic antenna-topped devices to sleek, Wi-Fi supported units. Many have raced to shops to purchase the latest gadgets; from gaming systems to surround-sound speakers. But until recently, power strips- the power source units where our devices are plugged into- have remained relatively the same. It is only in the past few years that power strips have gained momentum on the transformation trend. One of the latest improvements on power strips is the invention of rechargeable models.

The best rechargeable power strips are convenient for travels. These power supply units can be a real lifesaver in areas like airports and hotels where wall outlets are scarce. Having a power strip, which you can easily pack in your carry-on can mean the difference between enjoying music on your device during a long flight or stretching the last 5 percent of your battery over an eight-hour flight.

A good rechargeable power strip is one that has enough number of outlets. This way, if you device to purchase more devices in future, you won’t be short on the power outlets. This power strip should also have a considerable power cord length.

1. Poweradd 5 Outlet: Portable Power Strip Charging Module

POWERADD Travel Power Strip 5 Outlet...
333 Reviews
POWERADD Travel Power Strip 5 Outlet...
  • [PORTABLE & COMPACT] - 3.3 ft cord can be rotated in and stored properly, help...
  • [EXCELLENT OUTLET EXTENDER] - it’s designed with 5 AC ports, 2 USB ports and a...

A key highlight of Poweradd 5 Outlet is the retractable design of its cord. Eliminate tangling and kinking cords by investing in this donut-shaped power strip with a foldable cord.

What’s more, Poweradd is a 3-in-1 tool. Put simply; you’ll get 5 AC outlets, 2 USB ports and 1 type-C charging port. These are enough to power your laptop, camera, iPads, flashlight and more.

The USB and type-C ports are fitted with IC technology, which senses the plugged-in electronics and optimizes their charging speeds. You also won’t have to worry about the protection of your devices thanks to the fire-resistant cable and UL-listed power cord.

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2. Tripp Lite 3 Outlet: Portable Power Strip Surge Protector

Tripp Lite 3 Outlet Portable Surge...
626 Reviews
Tripp Lite 3 Outlet Portable Surge...

The Tripp Lite 3 Outlet is not your average power strip; it’s a surge protector, which means it provides maximum protection to your electronics. This power strips suppresses power surge to the three 5-15R outlets and the USB ports. This ensures that your smartphones, iPads, MP3 players and other devices charge fast.

The power strip’s 540 joule rating adheres to UL 1449 safety standards. We also like that the 3-Outlet Surge Protector has a direct plug-in design, alongside a foldable plug.

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3. Accell 3-Outlet Travel: Portable AC Power Strip

Accell Power Travel Surge Protector - 3...
128 Reviews
Accell Power Travel Surge Protector - 3...
  • Plug into all 3 outlets, even with bulky adapters & Transformers
  • Protect your devices with surge-protected USB charging ports (USB output: 2.1a)

Accell Outlet is the perfect power supply unit whether you want to use it at home or camping trip. It provides superb surge protection of up to 612 joules. The power strip consists of 3 surge-protected AC outlets and a power plug with a foldable design.

Also, you can convert the AC outlet into a USB charging port for your cellphone. There are also two USB ports, allowing you to charge two devices at once.

One feature that sets Accell Power Strip apart is the addition of a LED indicator, which indicates whether the connected gadget is protected.

4. Belkin SurgePlus USB Swivel Surge Protector: Portable Power Strip for Travel

Belkin 3-Outlet USB Surge Protector...
8,113 Reviews
Belkin 3-Outlet USB Surge Protector...
  • 3 outlet surge protector with 360 degree rotating AC plug
  • Two USB ports (2.1A combined) for charging smartphones, tablets, and more

Are you planning a long vacation away from home? If you are, the Belkin SurgePlus is the perfect travel power cord. With 3 AC outlets and 2 USB ports, this power strip boasts a small and compact design. It’s lightweight and cordless, making it easy to carry around.

Like most of the power strips in our review, this one also delivers 2.1 Amps of shared power to every port; hence faster charging. Plus, there’s a 360-degree swivel plug, giving you easy access when you want to charge in small spaces.

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Meaning of a Power Strip


A power strip is a series of electrical outlets, which transmit AC power to all kinds of electronics ranging from computers to power tools, lighting and audio/video equipment. You can choose from an array of housing styles such as strip, under-monitor, direct plug-in and rack-mount.

Common Uses of Power Strips

You’re likely to find power strips being used in offices, homes, data centers, server rooms and industrial settings where power transmission to electrical gadgets is an important factor. So what role do these power strips play? Well, they are used to connect computers, peripherals, servers and other network devices, workbench power tools as well as home entertainment systems.

Questions to Ask when Choosing a Power Strip


How many electrical outlets will you be using?

Before buying a power strip, determine the number of electronics you plan to plug into it. Bear in mind that transformer plugs are bigger than standard plugs. As such, most power strips are meant to be compatible with transformer plugs without causing blockage of the adjacent outlets.

What is the best cord length and configuration that meets your needs?

Another thing you need to think about is the distance your power strip will be from the grounded AC outlet. The power strip you buy should be long enough to cover this distance.

When it comes to configurations, the main options you have are standard, right-angle, rear-facing, front-facing, and end-mounted outlets.

What electronics will you be plugging into your power strip?

You should also consider the specific electronics you plan to use with your power strip. If you plan to plug in medical equipment, a laptop and other household appliances, then you need to ensure that the power strip can handle that load.

Rechargeable Power Outlets- 4 Reasons Why They are The Best for Camping

If you have recently gone camping, then you understand why this activity tops the list of outdoor activities. Camping means you get time to hike, fish, play sports and do so much more. And after your long day in the wild, there’s nothing better than sleeping under the stars, surrounded by the sounds of nature.

As magnificent as camping sounds, there are those who just can’t do without their electronics when they’re outdoors. If you cannot spend a night or weekend without the basic comforts of life like electricity, then you should consider getting a battery-powered or rechargeable outlet.

  1. Connect multiple electronic gadgets all at once

According to recent statistics, the average American spends five hours each day on their mobile phones. Even though some electronics have superb battery lives, they will eventually run low on power after a day or so.

Luckily, rechargeable power supplies are designed to support an array gadgets simultaneously. These outlets have numerous slots so you’ll be able to charge your laptop and iPad at the same time.

  1. Easy to carry around

If you’ve never come across any of these power outlets, then you might thing that they’re bulky gadgets that are difficult to carry around. But this is not the case, these outlets are incredibly lightweight. In fact, they are so compact, they will fit nicely in your backpack without making it look bulbous.

Thanks to the invention of rechargeable outlets, you can now take power with you wherever you go. Simply charge your flashlight, put the outlet back in your camping pack and enjoy hours of charging power anytime you need it.

  1. Quiet substitute for the noisy generators

To keep in touch with the world during outdoor expeditions, most people carry generators to power their appliances and devices. Even though these generators work effectively, they generate way too much noise.

A better solution that works just as well without producing noise is a rechargeable power outlet. And despite their minute and compact design, battery-driven outlets are just as powerful as generators.

  1. Shorter charging time

If you like going camping with all your friends and extended family, chances are that you’ll have to charge the battery-driven outlet at some point.

Thankfully, these power outlets take only a short amount of time to charge. Most of them take between one and two hours to charge fully, so you’ll get back to powering your electronics in no time.

Battery-Powered Outlet: A Must-Bring Camping Essential

Getting the best power supply for your next outdoor adventure can be challenging. Do you buy a generator, which you’ll have to lug around throughout your trip? With a battery-powered outlet, you won’t have to. These power sources are lightweight, quiet but still as powerful as generators.

Read This before Buying Your Next Power Strip

Energy Efficiency

A good power strip is one that can detect when your electronics are ideal; this, shut off their power supply. This is an important feature if you want to save energy without necessarily unplugging your gadgets from the power strip.

Protection from Surges

A power surge occurs whenever your devices are subjected to brief jolts of higher electrical voltage than they are designed for. This mainly happens during lightning ad storms. That said, you’ll want to invest in a power strip capable of redirecting surge away from your electronics; and thus extend their lifetime.

Models of Power Strips

Number of outlets

One of the decisions you’ll have to make before buying a power strip is determining the number of outlets you’ll need. To determine this aspect, just think about the number of gadgets you’re likely to have plugged in the power strip at any one time. Most power strips have 4 to 12 outlets.

Types of outlets

In addition to choosing the number of outlets, you’ll also need to determine the combination of outlet functions. Different power strips vary in terms of the number of each outlet styles.

Always On

Every advanced power strip comes with at least one outlet, which is always on. This is an important feature as it powers those appliances or devices, which you wouldn’t want to turn off such as a refrigerator. The Always On outlet is perfect for Wi-Fi routers, cable boxes and DVRs.

Master-Current Sensing Outlet

This outlet is very different from the Always-On in that it’s fitted with current or infrared detection tech. The purpose of the infrared is to determine when a gadget is not being utilized and hence shut it off automatically. Say you’ve fallen asleep watching a movie; the power strip will cease transmitting power to your television after 1, 2 or 8 hours of inactivity. As such, the master-current sensing outlet is great for TVs, surround sound systems and computers.

Controlled Outlets

This outlet is actually powered by the master-current sensing outlet. Anytime you switch off a device connected to the master-current, gadgets connected to the controlled outlet also shut down automatically. This way, if you power off your computer, you will also be switching off your printer and fax machine. Controlled outlets are ideal for speakers and video game consoles.

Degree of Surge Protection

The last thing to check in the power strip you’re planning to buy is amount of protection it provides. To establish how much protection it can offer, check its energy absorption rating, which indicates the amount of energy the surge protector can handle before failing. The higher the energy absorption rating, the higher the protection it offers.

Size and Weight

When planning any trip, the most crucial aspects to consider for whatever items you’re packing are size and weight. You wouldn’t want a power strip that’s too bulky that it can’t fit in your bag or to the extent that it cannot be squeezed into an outlet behind the nightstand in your hotel room. If you’re purchasing a power strip to use on the go, we recommend getting one that has no more than three AC outlets and just two USB ports.

Position of the Outlet

When buying a mobile power strip, pay attention to how the outlets are positioned. Are they placed in such a way that helps to optimize the number of gadgets you plug in? Ideally, the AC outlets need not be too close to each other as this might make it difficult to plug in two devices.

Plug Design

One of the best power strip designs on the market are those whose plugs retract or fold into the body when they’re not in use. Not only do these power strips help you save on storage space but they also prevent the plugs from getting tangled on other items in your bag- and damaging them in the process.

USB Charging

Nowadays, there are a ton of devices that charge using a USB. Consequently, it would be better if you invest in a power strip that also has a high-current USB charging port. The current iPads need at least 2.4-amp current so that they can charge at full speed. Sadly, only a few power strips are able to provide this amount of current.

Most power strips are designed in such a way that the current is split between two ports instead of providing the entire 2.1 or more amps per port. What this means is that if you wanted to charge two iPads, each one will charge at less than half their optimal speed since they are each getting about 1 amp of charging current.

Wrap Up

Rechargeable power strips are not only ideal for traveling but they also have sleek designs, offer more convenience and are energy-efficient. However, not all portable power strips are the same. Therefore, there are a couple of factors you should consider when getting one such as the number and type of outlet, USB charging capability, size and weight as well as degree of surge protection.

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