The 7 Best Shoe Dryers That Will Keep Your Feet Warm And Dry

Alex Clarkson
Alex Clarkson

Often, shoes are an individual’s symbol of style and prestige; from the vintage Nikes to the most popular Timberlands. But one sure thing is that once water breaks through the footwear’s outer walls, those shoes go from must-wear to being unwearable. Putting your feet in shoes that aren’t crisp and dry is not just uncomfortable. Such an environment also encourages bacteria growth.

Besides, moisture also causes shoes to degrade. So rather than leaving your favorite pair of shoes to get ruined by moisture, you should invest in the best shoe dryer. Designed for the sole purpose of drying your footwear, these tools ensure that you have a dry pair of shoes to wear round-the-clock.

Shoe dryers are becoming popular with each passing day, so picking one can be a bit of a struggle. To choose the best shoe dryer for your needs, check whether it’s capable of drying shoes quickly and possibly sanitize them. Some advanced shoe dryers can even warm up your shoes during winter.

Below find the best Shoe Dryers:

1. Dr. Prepare Boot Dryer Shoe Dryer

Dr. Prepare Boot Dryer Shoe Dryer, Glove...
61 Reviews
Dr. Prepare Boot Dryer Shoe Dryer, Glove...
  • 【Eliminates Damp & Odor】Optimum heat circulation effectively eliminates...
  • 【All-Purpose】Dr. Prepare shoe dryer is suitable for different kinds of shoes...

Dr. Prepare is one of the most sophisticated and exceptional shoe dryers on the market. It has a smart panel that allows you to configure different drying periods for different pairs of shoes.

It’s also extremely efficient at drying shoes. The way it works is by circulating hot air in your shoes; hence eliminating damp, sweat and odor.

And the good thing is that it can be used to dry dozens of items such as boots, gloves and hats. Besides, this electric dryer is compatible with all kinds of materials: leather, PVC, fleece, neoprene, canvas and synthetics.

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2. Manledio Electric Shoe Boot Dryer

Manledio Portable Electric Shoes Boots...
165 Reviews
Manledio Portable Electric Shoes Boots...
  • One year warranty *** *** any issue please contact...
  • Boot Dryer Dry-ports Circulate Air with a working temperature controlled at...

With Manledio, you can extend the life of all your footwear by keeping them dry before use. Like Dr. Prepare, this one can also be used to dry a variety of gear including boots, liners, ski masks, gloves and helmets.

The Manledio model comes with a timer. This feature enables you to set a specific drying time depending on the type of shoe; hence providing energy-efficiency. The dryer boasts 200-wattage air circulation, which is fast enough to dry your shoes but also gentle enough to avoid damaging them.

For optimal and long-lasting use, the manufacturer recommends users not to expose this gadget to rain or liquids. It should also not be put in water or used close to flammable products.

3. DryGuy DX Boot Dryer

DryGuy Force Dry DX - Boot, Shoe,...
794 Reviews
DryGuy Force Dry DX - Boot, Shoe,...
  • SAFE & EFFECTIVE DRYING – Safe to use on nearly any type of material, the...
  • QUICK DRY PROCESS – Central forced-air blower circulates air evenly throughout...

The DX forced air dryer takes a different shape and packs slightly different features from standard shoe dryers. For instance, it has extension tubes, which are great for drying taller items like boots. It’s also equipped with a timer, which notifies you when the drying process is complete.

This dryer can heat up to a whopping 105 degrees Fahrenheit. At such high temperature, your shoes will be dry within one or two hours.

4. MaxxDry Heavy Duty Boot Dryer

MaxxDry Heavy-Duty Boot, Shoe, and Glove...
467 Reviews
MaxxDry Heavy-Duty Boot, Shoe, and Glove...
  • Forced air boot dryer, shoe dryer, and glove dryer works simultaneously on up to...
  • Heats to 105-degrees F. (40.5-degrees C.); safe for liners, clothes, and boots

This behemoth of a dryer never disappoints. The MaxxDry is designed to dry up to four garments of any size. It’s equipped with a ball bearing motor that makes this model ideal for large scale drying. The motor is rated at 800,000 hours of performance, which means that it’s likely to outlast any pair of boots you have.

Another plus of this dryer is that it’s one of the noiseless models. As a result, you can run the MaxxDry Boot Dryer overnight and not have to worry about waking up your neighbors. Although pricier than other models, this heavy duty dryer is worth the extra investment.

5. Kendal Shoes Boots Gloves Dryer

Kendal Shoes Boots Gloves Dryer SI-SD06G
111 Reviews
Kendal Shoes Boots Gloves Dryer SI-SD06G
  • Warm air dryer for shoes, boots, gloves, pants, and more in about half an hour,...
  • The shoe dryer can dry 2 pairs of shoes at the same time; the glove dryer can...

Are you looking for a versatile model that can be used to dry shoes and garments? If you are, the Kendal Shoes Gloves Dryer is an excellent option. This device utilizes warm air to dry your shoes, pants, gloves and boots in less than an hour. The benefit of using warm air to dry items is that it can never damage your shoes or clothes. Plus, it prevents bacteria growth while also eliminating odor.

Apart from its impressive drying time, the Kendal dryer can accommodate two pairs of shoes or two pairs of gloves at once. Weighing a measly 3.5 pounds, this dryer is also fairly portable.

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6. PEET Dryer

PEET, Original Electric Shoe & Boot...
2,541 Reviews
PEET, Original Electric Shoe & Boot...
  • Works silently: The Original 2-Shoe Dryer works silently by gently warming air...
  • Dries most footwear overnight: Drying time depends on material and saturation...

If you prefer an electric shoe dryer, the PEET dryer makes a strong contender. This is one of the few models that not only helps in drying shoes but it also comes with deodorizer ozone. Essentially, this device helps in removing wetness, sweat and odor from your footwear.

Another perk of this model is that it’s energy efficient. The amount of electricity it utilizes is less than that of a standard light bulb, drying your shoes within three to eight hours. Furthermore, the dryer can be used with any fabric; be it vinyl, neoprene or canvas.

7. LAVIEAIR Shoe Dryer

LAVIEAIR Boot Dryer, Shoe Dryer and...
88 Reviews
LAVIEAIR Boot Dryer, Shoe Dryer and...
  • FAST DRY- With a 250-watt heating coil and a motor inside, this heavy boot dryer...
  • DEODORIZE ODORS- It removes dampness and sweat to neutralize smelly odors.

If you have been looking for a heavy duty boot dryer that is also affordable, the LAVIEAIR is your best option. Fitted with a 250-watt heating coin and motor, this dryer can dry shoes, boots and gloves in less than 2 hours.

By removing dampness and sweat, this dryer helps to neutralize any smelly odors in your footwear. Integrated in this dryer are four separate tubes and four brackets, which enable you to dry two pairs of boot at the same time. Also important to note is that the dryer uses warm instead of hot air to protect the material used in making your shoes.

Shoe Dryers Buying Guide

Key Advantages of Shoe Dryers


What’s the point of investing in a shoe dryer when you can easily dry them by using a ton of old newspapers?

Well, one of the perks of using a shoe dryer is that it doesn’t pose any risk to your shoes. If you were to place your shoes close to a heating device, their exterior walls would get damaged. All dryers employ either cold or hot airflow to dry shoes, neither of which can damage the shoe material.

Another perk of buying shoe dryers is that they help in protecting your feet from fungus. If you walk in wet shoes, chances are that your feet will get fungi. By investing in a dryer, you’re guaranteed that your shoes stay dry and clean.

Also, shoe dryers dry shoes faster than any other gadget. Sure, you can leave your shoes outside to dry in the sun. But this will take a couple of hours. In contrast, a shoe dryer can dry them very fast.

Wet Feet Are Bad For Your Health

If you were to ask any individual what the cause of athlete’s foot is, chances are that he’d give a response such as walking in a gym locker barefoot. Although there’s some truth to this claim, this only covers part of the cause. If you walk around barefoot, your feet are likely to come into contact with the fungus responsible for this condition. But, this is not only the cause.

Often, athlete’s foot is the result of wearing wet or slightly damp shoes. To avoid this, you should always your shoes ample time to dry before putting them on. Fungus grows in a warm and moist area such as sweaty shoes.

Even though athlete’s foot is not a deadly disease, it will you feel very uncomfortable. So how do you know that you have athlete’s foot? Some of the symptoms you’ll experience are itchy, dry and red skin, scaling and possible discoloration. One fact that many seem not to know is that being a fungal infection, it can spread to other parts of the body. Fungi usually spread very rapidly. As such, you may encounter any of these symptoms on other unpleasant areas like your armpits and pelvic region.

It is said that trench foot often affects soldiers in war. But it can also affect individuals who walk around in wet shoes. And it causes excruciating pain. If you live in an area that experiences cold climatic conditions, you are more susceptible to trench foot. What happens is that once you expose your feet to damp conditions, they grapple to get the blood supply they need and this causes the tissues in these area to start dying through a process called necrosis. Even though this can only happen under extreme conditions, it should be enough to discourage you from wearing damp shoes. So if you live in an area that snows or rains often, ensure your shoes are dry before putting them on.

Apart from investing in a shoe dryer for removing moisture, you’ll also want to avoid wearing thick socks. Such socks cause your feet to sweat, which in turn creates a moist environment. According to podiatrists, damp shoes aren’t the only cause of foot problems. Nylon socks are also a key culprit.

Additional Benefits of Using Shoe Dryers

If you have a tendency to drench your shoes during activities, a shoe dryer can be of great benefit. The undeniable truth is that shoe dryers are incredibly useful to individuals with sweaty feet. You don’t have to be playing soccer or basketball for your feet to sweat. According to one study, every person’s feet sweat at least half a pint to one pint per foot every day. For this reason, it’s crucial that you dry your shoes in between wearing them.

Most people prefer to air their shoes to dry. However, if you’re airing them in an area that doesn’t have the right conditions- high temperature and low humidity- the moisture inside your shoes will evaporate at a very slow rate. Ultimately, the remaining moisture creates the perfect area for the growth of bacteria and fungi. This can cause your feet to smell and develop other severe problems like athlete’s foot.

Thankfully, a shoe dryer is meant to remove all kinds of contaminants including mold and viruses. In doing so, the shoe dryers protect your feet from skin irritation while also prolonging the lifespan of your shoes.

Storing your shoes inside your home is not the best because it doesn’t provide the right conditions for your shoes to dry completely. This is where shoe dryers come in handy. These tools use heat to dry them without causing unnecessary damage. Apart from drying shoes and boots, they can also be used in drying:

  • Helmets
  • Pants
  • Socks
  • Boxing or MMA gloves
  • Shin pads

Types of Shoe Dryers

Electric shoe dryers

These types of dryers use heat to dry your shoes. A shoe dryer electric uses one of two mechanisms; one, a fan which helps in blowing hot air into your damp shoes for a given period of time. The second mechanism entails using elements that help to radiate warmth. On average, electric shoe dryers emit hot air ranging from 40 to 80 degrees Celsius.

Ultraviolet light

As their name suggests, these kinds of dryers use ultraviolet light to dry shoes. The good thing withUV light is that apart from drying, it also sanitizes your shoes. It helps in killing bacteria, creating a safe environment for your feet.

Ozone technology

There are other dryers designed to use ozone technology. Like the UV light dryers, these ones also serve as a sanitizer as they destroy microbes. Most of these dryers utilize PTC heating elements.

Dryer bag

If you don’t want to invest in a shoe dryer, you can buy a mesh shoe dryer bag instead. This way, you have a safe place to store them any time you remove them.

Stationary “drying stations”

Usually, these dryers come with four pipes, two are meant for drying shoes while the other two help in drying gloves and hats. These types of gadgets serve multiple functions. This is made possible by the easy changeability of the caps, making them ideal for drying helmets, hats and baby shoes.

The only thing you need to keep in mind is that they require a bit of space for their installation. On the brighter side, these dryers have a range of temperature options to choose from, for their drying applications. In fact, you’re free to choose between hot and cold air. So if you want to dry your pricey pair of leather shoes, go for cool air setting. With cold air mode, it can take up to six hours to dry your shoes. But this setting doesn’t cause any damage to your shoes.

But if you’re a fan of hunting, and need to dry your hunting boots within a short amount of time, you can choose the highest temperature setting. Some of these dryers come with timers, which provide more convenience when it comes to the drying duration.

More advanced dryer models will also have a heat/no heat switch. The purpose of this is to activate or disable the heating module.

Portable boot dryers

Like the stationary drying stations, these ones also need to be connected to function. However, portable boot dryers tend to have fewer uses. They require about three to four hours to dry your items at temperatures ranging between 80 and 90 degrees. The main benefits of these portable dryers is that they’re lightweight and portable.

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What to Focus on When Buying a Shoe Dryer

Before determining the features to look for in a shoe dryer, it’s important to familiarize yourself with how this tool works. Every shoe dryer is fitted with air pipes, which are then connected to a base. The base is the part that emits heat and air, sending them up through holes so that they can reach the pipes. When using a shoe dryer, the hot air on these pipes is what helps to dry your shoes.

Depending on the shoe dryer you bought, you may have the option of choosing from different temperatures. Some temperature ranges are great for drying wet shoes. Others, however, are meant to keep your shoes until you’re ready to put them on. Research studies have shown that at specific temperatures, shoe dryers also help in killing bacteria.

If temperature is an important factor, you’ll want to go for a shoe dryer equipped with a digital screen for displaying temperature. This display also shows the specific amount of time left for your shoes to dry completely. There are also shoe dryers that come with timers, which automatically shut the devices off once the pre-set time elapses.

Individuals who lead active lifestyles such as participating in camping sports, tend to sweat a lot through their footgear. If you fall in this category, you should choose a dryer that has several sets of air pipes so that you’re able to dry numerous shoes simultaneously. Some dryers are fitted with pipes shaped as shoe horns. These pipes are good for filling out every contour of your shoe. Plus, they keep every section of shoe warm.

If you’re planning to dry much taller shoes such as boots, you’ll need a dryer equipped with extension tubes. The tubes help to accommodate the additional material. And if you live in a busy family where everyone is constantly drying and warming their shoes, go for a durable model that can last a long time. Considering the vital role that your feet play, the last thing you want is to invest in a dryer that shuts down when you need it the most.

Essential Features to Consider when Buying a Shoe Dryer

  • If you’re planning to dry shoes or boots that are soaking wet, look for a dryer equipped with a drip tray.
  • The dryer should also have an automatic shut-off fan. Keep in mind that your shoes can stiffen up if they are dried for a prolonged time.
  • Determine whether the portability of the dryer is an important factor. For instance, you may be forced to take the dryer to work, on vacation or a camping trip. With a portable shoe dryer, you can leave your camping boots to dry overnight and wear to your next hiking expedition.
  • Does the dryer use forced or radiant heat to dry shoes? A dryer that uses forced air is the best to use in cold regions or in winter.
  • The dryer should also feature modest heat levels to avoid damaging your footwear.
  • Is sanitation an important factor? If it is, go for a dryer that doubles up as a sterilizer. Shoe dryers that utilize UV light or ozone gas are the best for this application.
  • Some shoe dryers generate a lot of noise. Check what other customers are saying about the dryer’s noise level.
  • There are some advanced shoe dryers that shorten the drying time. Such devices are fitted with heat blower or fan, which accelerates the drying process.

Temperature setting

One important aspect to check before purchasing a shoe dryer is its heat level. Some dryers can achieve specific temperatures while others can’t. Similarly, the temperature in some dryers is adjustable while others have fixed temperature setting. The best shoe dryer is one with an adjustable temperature setting as it’s more versatile and safer. This way, you can configure the dryer to use low temperature, which won’t damage your shoes. Sure, this might take longer but it’s safer than high heat levels.

Volume of Items

Based on your needs, you may need to buy a dryer that can dry multiple items at once. This is particularly important for busy families who have to dry their boots or shoes every other day. For such situations, the ideal model is a 2 pair shoe dryer, which makes it possible to dry up to four garments or two pairs of boots.

Drip tray/ reservoir

As stated earlier, you should consider going for a shoe dryer that has its own reservoir. This element is a must-have for drying shoes that are soaking wet. A drip tray helps to protect your floors and other surfaces from the pool of water that collects when your shoes are drying.


If you want your shoes to dry within a short amount of time, then you should check the drying time of the particular model of shoe dryer. While some dryers dry items within an hour, there are those take much longer.

Wrap up

The quickest and easiest way to ensure that your footwear is dry and comfortable is to invest in a shoe dryer. This device saves you the time you’d spend waiting for your shoes to air dry. It also helps to protect the investment you’ve made in your footwear.

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