The 7 Best Suspension Hooks for Hanging Keys: The Secret to Keeping Your Keys Organized

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Until you convert your front door into a smart door access system that uses fingerprint biometric system, keys will remain a part of your everyday carry. Sure, you could stash them in your back pocket, but the resulting gigantic lump of metal will feel very uncomfortable. What about putting them in your purse? Well, if you don’t mind the chinking noise they’ll make as you walk, then by all means, put them in your bag.

If you don’t like either solutions, a better alternative is a suspension hook. This one offers a simple, inexpensive and feasible way to keep your keys organized. The best suspension hooks enable you to suspend your keys neatly from the lip of your pocket.

What are the Best Key Suspension Hooks?

Before purchasing a suspension hook for hanging keys, there are a couple of elements you should consider. The most important of these factors is the material used in making the suspension hook. Ideally, the suspension hook shouldn’t be too heavy so that it’s easy to clip it to your belt or pocket. But it should also be strong to hold your keys and keychains in place. You can also consider advanced models like keychain clip for usb.

Below find the best Key Suspension Hooks:

1. Kamas Multifunctional Keychain Suspension

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If you’re looking for a convenient way to attach your keys to your bag, the Kamas Keychain Suspension is for you. The manufacturer has provided at least 4 suspension hooks, giving you a wide range of use.

Each of these hooks features a metallic electroplating material, which is resistant to rust. In particular, these tools are made of aluminum which is also known for its light weight and durability. As for the colors, the key suspension hooks come in gold, silver and bronze.

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2. Edcfans 9 in 1 Carabiner Keychain Multitool

Edcfans 9 in 1 Carabiner Keychain...
16 Reviews
Edcfans 9 in 1 Carabiner Keychain...
  • 【9 IN 1 Versatile Tool】This multi-purpose Keychain can be used as Carabiner...
  • 【Sturdy & Substantial】It's made of polished 316 stainless steel which is...

When it comes to versatility, none can compete with the 9-in-1 Keychain Multitool by edcfans. It incorporates a key carabiner clasp, a bottle opener, differently-sized wrenches and two kinds of screwdriver. With a Phillips and slotted screwdriver at your disposal, you’ll never have to worry about improper screw heads.

Another feature included in the Multitool is a scale. In fact, there are two different scales making it easy to measure length without converting to a different unit. Also, the Edcfans keychain has a solid lanyard hole for attaching numerous key rings.

Despite the vast range of applications that this gadget offers, it is still light and compact weighing a measly 0.5 ounces.

3. Griffin Pocket Multi Tool

Griffin Pocket Tool - Original -...
46 Reviews
Griffin Pocket Tool - Original -...
  • 11 Tools | One Design
  • Securely attaches to your keys and clips easily to your belt loop or pocket.

Are you looking for a suspension hook that can serve other functions other than carrying your keys? If you are, the Griffin Pocket Multi Tool is just what you need. The Griffin Pocket doubles up as a bottle opener, a box opener and a prying tool.

This device is available in a wide range of materials and finishes including titanium, stainless steel, carbon fiber and limited editions like bronze.

But what really sets this tool apart is its design, which is founded on a built-in pocket clip. The clip is incorporated in the body of the device in such a way that it forms a flat end. The attachment position for a keyring is on the opposite side of the clip, making this tool an efficient dangler-style key holder.

And the good thing is that it’s compatible with heavy work pants and belt loops. The clip has enough depth to hold securely.

4. Titanium PickPocket Alpha Keychain

Digging through your handbag to find your keys can be annoying, especially if you’re in a hurry. This is where Pangea Designs comes in; the brand has created a titanium keychain, which you can hang on your pocket for easy accessibility. And that’s not all, this keychain also serves a bottle opener.

Since it’s made from titanium, the pocket clip keychain is pretty lightweight. It also has a slim, compact profile, an attribute that helps to conceal it. This way, you won’t be drawing unnecessary attention to the keys dangling in your pocket.

PickPocket Alpha Keychain comes with four holes that can be used for attaching key-rings, lanyards and other accessories.

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5. TEC Accessories P-7 Suspension Clip

TEC Accessories P-7 Keychain Suspension...
142 Reviews
TEC Accessories P-7 Keychain Suspension...
  • MULTI PURPOSE TOOL: Great multi-purpose tool to hang your keys, flashlights,...
  • HEAVY DUTY: Made from spring tempered stainless steel for consistent, long term...

You have managed to organize all your accessories to fit neatly on your keychain. Unfortunately, the keychain has now become a bulky blob, and it sinks to the bottom of your pocket. No need to fear; you can attach your keychain to the TEC P-7 Suspension Clip.

The key highlight of this suspension hook is that it comes as a pair. This means that you can hang a ton of EDC items with ease. Made from bead-blasted stainless steel, the P-7 Clip is going to last a lifetime.

6. Victorinox Belt Hanger

Victorinox Belt Hanger with Chains,...
105 Reviews
Victorinox Belt Hanger with Chains,...
  • Compact and sturdy
  • The world's most know brand for multi-tools and pocket knives

Victorinox is most famous for its Swiss Army pocket knives. But recently, they have introduced their utilitarian Swiss design into other everyday carry accessories as well. One such item is the Victorinox belt hanger.

Made of stainless steel, this keychain clip belt is one of the most durable suspension hooks for holding your keys. If you want, you can clip this hook to your belt for additional security. Alternatively, you can attac it to your backpack.

7. KeySmart Nano Clip

KeySmart Nano Clip - Pocket Clip Key...
219 Reviews
KeySmart Nano Clip - Pocket Clip Key...
  • FIND YOUR KEYS FASTER - The Nano Clip holds your keys in place so you can find...
  • NO MORE DIGGING THROUGH YOUR POCKETS OR PURSE - Easily access your keys at the...

The KeySmart Nano Clip is another budget-friendly suspension hook worth considering. This tool gives you a comfortable and discreet way of attaching your keys to your pocket, purse or backpack. Since they’ll be held securely in place, you won’t have to worry about misplacing them.

This suspension hook is not just effective, it also looks stylish. And the good thing is that it works well with regular keyrings.

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Key Suspension Hooks Buying Guide

The challenges of carrying keys the traditional way


Most people don’t put much thought into how they carry their keys. Some individuals just dump them in their bag along with a ton of other accessories. But as you may have realized, bags, backpacks and purses are not that good at maintaining a low profile of your keys.


Whether you’re running, jogging or taking a simple stroll, your legs have to make back and forth movements. This in turn causes your keys to produce this unpleasant, jingling noise.

Damaging other items

Keys have rough edges, which can ‘bite’. If you keep your keys in the same place where you keep your phone or cards, they are likely to get scratched.

Destroying the fabric of your pants

Phones and wallets aren’t the only things that can get damaged if you store your keys inappropriately. They can also wreak your pants. Depending on how you place them in your pocket, they can scratch your legs as you walk.

Ruining your look

No matter how beautiful your outfit or pair of jeans look, it will be hard to notice it when your front pocket is bulging because of the keys you’ve put inside them. Their visible patterns and shapes will stick out like a sore thumb.

Difficult to access

Having to dig around your purse or pocket makes it possible to access your keys readily. It gets worse when your keys get tangled up in other items you’re carrying in your bag.

Securing your Keys with Hooks and Clips


Considering all the challenges you’ll encounter when you carry keys the old school way, it’s better to invest in economical tools such as an edc keychain pocket clip or hook. These devices are great for keeping your keys and other small-sized items neatly. Nonetheless, there are merits and demerits of using these tools:

  • One key benefit of hooking the keys to your belt or purse is that they’re very easy to access. On the flipside, this exposes your keys out in the open, which means they can get caught in other obstacles as you walk.
  • By hanging your keys out in the open also increases the likelihood of theft. To prevent this, you should consider suspending them in the inside pocket for purse or bag.
  • You should also consider switching your belt loops so as to prevent wear and tear, which can arise from having to carry heavy items.
  • Dangling a bunch of keys from your pocket can also make you look unprofessional. So before purchasing a suspension hook or clip, consider your work environment and personal style.

Clever hacks for handling many keys

If you’re anything like me, then you only have a couple of keys that you carry around: keys to your house, workplace and mailbox. But there’s another group of people who walk around with 10 to 20 keys. This is not unusual as some individuals work in settings where they have to open and lock a ton of rooms.

If you fall into the second category, an easy way to handle these keys is to leave them in your car or home if you don’t use them frequently. If your schedule involves going to the gym and then getting back to the house, then there’s no need to take your office keys along. This means that you can leave some of the keys at home or in your vehicle. Distributing your keys in this manner minimizes the risk of losing all your keys in case you misplace that huge clutch of keys.

But if you have to carry all your 10 keys everywhere you go, a better option is to buy a multipurpose wallet that can accommodate them. One particular key wallet that we recommend is the one made by Osgoode Marley. This wallet has tiny clips where you can attach up to eight keys. You can then zip up the wallet and toss it in your jacket pocket.

A key wallet can hold 8 to 10 keys at most. So what if you have to carry 20 keys? In such instances, a quality key ring is the best solution. Key rings come in a ton of shapes and designs so you are bound to find one that you like. If you work as a manager or security guard and have to lock and unlock a myriad of doors, a key ring will come in handy.

Wrap Up

Keys are one of the most vital items for your EDC setup. Unfortunately, they are also some of the most misplaced and poorly-stored accessories. They often get tangled up with other items like your headphones. Luckily, there’s an easy way of carrying your keys safely and neatly, that is, using a suspension hook. This tool is designed specifically to hold your keys, keyrings and other tiny items in place. Simply attach your keys, and clip the suspension hook to your pocket or bag.

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