The 7 Best Toothbrush Holders That Will Keep Your Toothbrush Germ-Free

Alex Clarkson
Alex Clarkson

For a majority of individuals, toothbrushes are some brightly colored wands, which you take out of the bathroom cabinet just long enough to do the intended task before hastily tossing them back in again. And since they don’t have any sophistication or appeal, they’re not deserving of any space on the vanity. If you factor in all the dirty particles that fly around the bathroom, it makes sense to store them inside your bathroom cabinet, right?

Wrong! According to the American Dental Association, the right way of caring for your toothbrush is to first rinse it well after use. Next, give it a good shake to get rid of the excess water and then store it upright in a toothbrush holder in such a way that it does not touch other toothbrushes.

Furthermore, the ADA advises people to store their toothbrushes out in the open rather than keeping it inside medicine cabinet. By exposing it to air and sunlight, you allow your toothbrush to dry naturally, so that it’s ready for use the next day. A moist storage space like an enclosed cabinet will only encourage growth of microorganisms. That said, you’ll need to buy the best toothbrush holder, to help store your toothbrush correctly. Keeping your toothbrush in any place other than your toothbrush holder is very unsanitary.

When choosing the best toothbrush holder, there are a couple of things you’ll want to keep in mind. For one, it should be capable of holding your toothbrush steadily, be durable and waterproof. Also, this toothbrush holder should allow for easy placement and removal of your toothbrush.

Below find the best Toothbrush Holders:

1. MECO UV Toothbrush Holder

MECO UV Toothbrush Holder, Toothpaste...
247 Reviews
MECO UV Toothbrush Holder, Toothpaste...
  • ✔️Kills 99.9% Bacteria & Germs: This toothbrush holder can kill 99.998%...
  • ✔️Prophylaxis of Oral Diseases: UV sterilizer also combats the bacteria that...

Keeping too many toothbrushes can clutter your bathroom. The MECO UV toothbrush holder is the ultimate solution for decluttering and keeping this area organized. Not only can it hold 5 toothbrushes (including electric toothbrush heads) but also one toothpaste.

It also comes with a toothpaste dispenser with a vacuum pump. This way, you only squeeze out the amount of toothpaste you need.

However, the key highlight of this gadget is the inbuilt UV sterilizer. This helps to kill all sorts of bacteria and germs from your toothbrushes.

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2. Tooletries -the Harvey Toothbrush Holder

Tooletries - The Harvey (Grey), Silicone...
386 Reviews
Tooletries - The Harvey (Grey), Silicone...
  • The toothbrush and razor holder comes in white, blue, charcoal and grey. The...
  • Tooletries silicone toothbrush and razor holder is made from an antibacterial...

The Harvey Toothbrush Holder makes an excellent addition to bathrooms with contemporary décor. It comes in blue, white, grey and charcoal black so you can choose one that complements your bathroom colors.

It also doubles up as a bathroom storage unit where you can keep razors, toothpaste and other small toiletry items.

One feature that makes this unit stand out is the material used in its construction. It’s constructed using an antibacterial material that is completely resistant to mold growth. Furthermore, it has a custom drainage holder, which allows water to drain easily.

Also, you can attach this toothbrush holder on any surface. The Harvey employs suction technology that makes its application straightforward and easy. Simply peel off the backing of the organizer and install on your preferred area.


SARMOCARE Toothbrush Sanitizer, UV...
270 Reviews
SARMOCARE Toothbrush Sanitizer, UV...
  • ▲ [Function as A Medical Device] - With a build-in fan added, this UV...
  • ▲ [Multifunctional Family Design] - Perfect for families, it can keep 5...

Sarmocare is the perfect toothbrush holder for a large family. It has five toothbrush slots to hold your toothbrushes for the entire family, including electric toothbrushes. This toothbrush holder actually doubles up as a medical device as it helps kill aggressive germs and prevents bacteria multiplication through its sterilizing function.

Apart from the toothbrush slots, this holder also comes with a drying fan for improving the drying speed of the toothbrush heads and a built-in UV sanitizer. There’s also a toothpaste holder, which helps to dispense toothpaste more easily. This way, you don’t have to struggle squeezing toothpaste.

The Sarmocare toothbrush holder is easy to use. Instead of having to drill holes through the wall, this holder comes with a double-sided Scotch tape for mounting it on the wall. Also included is a 39 Inch charge cable for charging the unit.


If you prefer a wall mounted toothbrush holder, this unit by FEILA is a fantastic option. It’s one of the easiest to install and remove. It has a toothbrush holder adhesive, which helps it to stick firmly on the wall. With this adhesive, you can position the holder on just any surface- wood, marble, glass, ceramic tile, stainless steel and even metal surfaces.

The material used in making this storage holder set is SUS 304 stainless steel, which is not only waterproof but also oil-proof. Another plus of this holder is its ergonomic design that protects your toothbrush from dust and germs. And the best thing is that the manufacturer provides a 30-day money back guarantee and a 12-month warranty.

5. Eslite Toothbrush Toothpaste Holder

Eslite Toothbrush Toothpaste Holder...
218 Reviews
Eslite Toothbrush Toothpaste Holder...
  • Size(L*W*H):(9.8"X6.3"X4.3")
  • Include 3 rinse cups and 1 toothbrush toothpaste holder

If you don’t like the idea of mounting your toothbrush holder on a wall or mirror, the Eslite standing holder is the perfect substitute. With 5 slots for toothbrushes and 2 slots for toothpaste, this holder also doubles up as a bathroom storage organizer. In fact, it also has ample space to put three rinse cups.

Made of ABS material, the toothbrush holder measures 9.8” by 6.3” by 4.3” so it takes up a very small space on your counter. Eslite toothbrush holder is also suitable for kids’ room.

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6. InterDesign York Metal Toothbrush Holder

iDesign York Metal Toothbrush Holder...
90 Reviews
iDesign York Metal Toothbrush Holder...
  • FUNCTIONAL TOOTHBRUSH HOLDER: Rounded design with separate slots keeps up to 4...
  • DURABLE: Steel construction make the toothbrush holder durable for years of use

For the style-conscious homeowner, the Interdesign York Metal toothbrush holder can double up as a decorative piece. Featuring Split Finish metallic polish, this holder can complement just about any style and décor. But despite its fancy look, this toothbrush holder is actually one of the cheapest.

Furthermore, it has a space saving design that makes it suitable for small spaces. And it’s designed to accommodate four big toothbrushes.

7. Famistar X-Large Electric Toothbrush Holder

Famistar Electric Toothbrush Holder,...
397 Reviews
Famistar Electric Toothbrush Holder,...
  • 【Spacious & Large Enough】— Upgrade size for large electric toothbrush...
  • 【Well-designed & Versatile】— More slots to place all your bath stuff...

Even if you’re on a budget, you can’t get a better toothbrush holder than the Famistar X-Large Electric. With four toothbrush slots and two toothpaste slots, the holder provides enough room to meet the needs of your family. In fact, the holder is spacious enough to accommodate other bathroom items like a shaver, facial cleanser or comb.

Constructed using stainless steel, this toothbrush holder provides maximum durability. Plus, it has anti-slip rubber foots, meaning that you can place it on any surface and it won’t slip or drop.

The manufacturer employs a skilled welding process with polished endpoints, resulting in a longer-lasting, hygienic toothbrush holder with a glossy surface.

Toothbrush Holders Buying Guide

Why Do You Need Toothbrush Holder?


If you’re a style-conscious individual, then you should pick a toothbrush holder that matches the décor of your bathroom. Plus, it needs to be easy to clean and capable of accommodating differently-sized brushes including battery-powered toothbrushes. A toothbrush holder isn’t a pricey investment, so it’s easy to replace when the need arises.

But perhaps the best thing is that it often comes in a set of other toiletries. You’re likely to find a toothbrush holder and soap dispenser set, a toothbrush holder and a toiletries organizer or a toothbrush holder and toothpaste dispenser. This makes it simple to coordinate your morning routine.

Types of Best Toothbrush Holder:

Depending on the purpose and type of toothbrush, there’s a variety of toothbrush holders on the market including:

Electric Toothbrush Holder

This is the perfect holder for electric and sonic toothbrushes. But first, what is the difference between a sonic and electric toothbrush? Put simply; a sonic toothbrush is like an electric one expect it’s much better because it employs high velocity to get rid of plaque more efficiently. An electric toothbrush uses only a straight forward mechanized motion of bristles, which rotate or scrub in a forward-backward direction. If you own either one of these toothbrushes, you’ll need a holder designed specifically for electric toothbrush.

Bathroom Toothbrush Holder

This kind of holder is designed for use in a bathroom. As such, it would not make sense if you use such a toothbrush holder in your bedroom or kitchen countertop. A distinct feature of this holder is the toothbrush holder suction, which helps to secure the holder on a non-porous surface like tile, glass or fiberglass.

Kids Toothbrush Holder

As stated earlier, it is not unusual to find a toothbrush holder being sold alongside other items such as hand lotion and soap holders. These toothbrush holders also come in different shapes and patterns. For instance, a toothbrush holder meant for kids can have shapes resembling animals or cartoon characters.

If your toddler is passion about a particular theme- music, sports, science- you can have the holder customized to her liking.

Wall Toothbrush Holder

For home owners who like placing their toothbrush holders on bathroom walls, mirrors and shower walls, then they’ll need wall mounted toothbrush holders. Such a toothbrush holder should have suction to hold it firmly in place.

Travel Toothbrush Holder

If you travel frequently, you may want to consider a travel toothbrush holder. Often, this toothbrush holder costs the same as regular toothbrush holders so you don’t have to worry about spending extra money. And the good thing is that a travel toothbrush holder can accommodate up to four toothbrushes; hence, providing convenience for those who travel with their families.

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How We Identified the Best

To choose the five top-rated toothbrush holders on the market, we focused on these features:

  • Built- a quality toothbrush holder is one with a solid build so that it can support your toothbrushes. It should also have tolerance for a wet environment. The most preferred materials for making toothbrush holders are polished steel and strong plastic.
  • Hygiene- a good toothbrush holder is one that can also prevent the accumulation of germs, bacteria, moisture and pathogens. As such, the manufacturer should take hygiene and sanitation into consideration when making the toothbrush holder. The best holders are those made of rust-free materials like stainless steel, plastic and silicone.
  • Aesthetics- in addition to keeping your toothbrushes safe, the ideal holder is one that complements your bathroom décor. If you have a modern bathroom, it’s a good idea to find a toothbrush holder that blends nicely with other bathroom fixtures.
  • Reliability- another feature we examined was the stability of the toothbrush holders. The last thing you want is to find your toothbrush on the bathroom floor. To prevent this, pick a toothbrush holder that cannot detach from the wall or topple over.
  • Versatile- a toothbrush holder should also offer some level of versatility. For instance, it should be suitable for using with your battery-powered toothbrush or capable of dispensing toothpaste.

How to Sanitize Toothbrush holders?

By the time you’re brushing your teeth, your mouth is already a cesspool of germs and bacteria. So the last thing you want is to put a toothbrush filled with more bacteria, inside your mouth. Sure, storing your toothbrush in a holder minimizes bacteria, but this is just half the battle. You also need to sanitize this toothbrush holder to prevent it from harboring more bacteria.

This is particularly important for those who travel a lot. Cleaning and sanitizing your toothbrush and travel toothbrush holder is crucial during your trips and before storing them. This way, you’re certain that they are germ-free and ready to use in your next travel.

To sanitize these items, place them in hot tap water and rinse them until the residue toothpaste or toothpaste scum is washed off. Don’t forget to check the interior of the toothbrush holder, especially the area around the hinge and closure.

You can also use an antibacterial mouthwash to sanitize your toothbrush holder. To do this, place the mouthwash in a tiny cup and put the holder inside for about half a minute. Next, use cold water to rinse it. Place your toothbrush in the mouthwash as well and swish it around for the same duration before rinsing. Be sure to shake off all the excess water from the toothbrush and toothbrush holder. In fact, it’s advisable to allow the toothbrush ample time to dry before putting it back in the holder. Once dry, put the toothbrush in the holder and close it. And the next time you want to brush your teeth, rinse the toothbrush in hot water then follow a similar sanitation procedure before storing it.

How to clean toothbrush holder?

As mentioned earlier, it’s important that you keep your toothbrush holder clean. While most of us know that disinfecting a toothbrush is important, very seldom do we remember to clean the toothbrush holders.

In one study conducted in 2024, it was revealed that a toothbrush holder is the third most germ-infected area in a home. But you don’t have to be one of the victims described in such statistics. You can keep your home safe and healthy by cleaning your toothbrush holder regularly. When cleaning, first rinse it in hot water. Next, look for a clean piece of cloth to wipe the exterior of the holder. If you can’t access the toothbrush slots, try using a pipe cleaner to eliminate any hidden grime and toothpaste scum. Next, place an antibacterial mouthwash in the holder and leave it for two minutes. Once this time elapses, you can rinse it under water and then air dry it. By the end of it all, you’ll have a sanitary toothbrush holder that you can use to store your toothbrush.

Wrap Up

Toothbrush holders are an essential accessory for every bathroom. Not only do they protect your toothbrush from bacteria but they also help with organizing things in the bathroom. To find a quality toothbrush holder, check the material it’s made of, its aesthetic appeal, durability and versatility.

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