Best TPMS Sensors For Your Car In 2024

Alex Clarkson
Alex Clarkson

Monitoring the tire pressure of your car will place you one step ahead of any complications that you may encounter when driving. Tires that are flat can be a safety threat, and even compromise the quality of your ride. To help you find the best tpms sensors for your car, we have prepared some useful information and reviews.

Chosen correctly, it’s a tool which is easy to use, and will make it easy to measure the tire pressure of your car. Plus, these tools are available with many different functional features to make your user experience convenient each time. Expect ease to install sensors, LCD screens, wireless measuring functions, durable structures and more.

Top 5 TPMS Sensors Reviewed

MOBILETRON 4-Pack 315MHz TPMS Tire Pressure Monitoring System Sensors 

MOBILETRON 4-Pack 315MHz TPMS Tire...
  • Ready to Install : Our tire sensors come pre-programmed and OE validated as...
  • Compatibility : Please use Amazon Part Finder above to verify fitment

Regulating the tire pressure of your car has never been this easy. Why? Well, the MOBILETRON 4 Pack TPMS sensor makes up for an excellent way to track your car pressure. The sensor is preprogrammed, and OE validated, to ensure a highly reliable user experience each time. It’s an excellent tool if you want to skip hassle and cost for the tire shop to program sensors, which helps you save big bucks.

The tool will provide useful information such as the tire-pressure, battery status, frequency and more. You should note that programming tire sensors can be a challenging process because you have to consult your mechanic. That said, these preprogrammed sensors let you get the work done a lot faster. 

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The Good

  • Pre-programmed tire sensors for ease of use
  • Heavy-duty TPMS structure offers longevity 
  • Ease to install on most car tires

The Bad

  • N/A  

Autel MX-Sensor Tire Pressure Monitor Sensor 2 in 1 TPMS Sensors  

Autel MX-Sensor Tire Pressure Monitor...
  • 【REPLACED THE OEM】 Autel 1-Sensor combines both 315MHz + 433MHz frequencies...
  • 【MONEY-SAVER】 Bought 4 sensors less than the price of just one at a...

The AUTEL MX Sensor Tire Pressure sensor combines several frequencies into one sensor for convenient use. To be specific, this sensor combines both 315MHz + 433MHz to provide exceptional vehicle coverage. Furthermore, it’s easy to install and to program, thus making it an excellent addition to your car care regimen. 

As one of the best tpms sensors on the market, this unit is 100% ID clona able with no relearning process required. Thanks to the automotive-grade battery, you are sure of more than five years of reliable battery life. It even comes with a replaceable aluminium valve stem, that does well to withstand issues such as the cold, hot and corrosion issues. More so, the high precision air valve is also perfect for preventing such problems as air leakages when in use. 

You will be pleased to know that this unit can also be programmed wirelessly, even when you mount the sensor to the wheel. The patented press valve design lets you interchange the rubber and metal valves conveniently. Yes, that’s right, replacing the sensor valve does not require any fitting tool, to make this unit highly convenient to use. 

The Good

  • Combines both 315MHz + 433MHz frequencies into one
  • The automotive-grade battery offers longevity 
  • Easy to program even when you mount the sensor to the wheel

The Bad

  • N/A 

ACDelco 13598771 GM Original Equipment Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) Sensor  

ACDelco 13598771 GM Original Equipment...
  • Battery is made to last upto 10 years of normal use
  • Designed to communicate perfectly with your GM vehicle’s TPMS module

When you have the ACDelco 13598771 GM tire pressure monitoring system, you have a reliable and powerful tool for your needs. The sensor has a durable battery that will provide more than ten years of regular use. Its design to work well with your GM TPMS module. You will also be pleased to know that this unit will improve the safety of your vehicle in many ways.

It’s a dynamic tool which you place on your car tire, and it will warn you when the pressure level falls more than the recommended level. You connect the sensor to the valve stem, and it communicates any pressure information through Radio Frequency technology. It will then send the pressure information to the on-board computer in your car, and a proper warning will activate.

The Good

  • A durable battery can last for up to 10 years
  • The heavy-duty design offers longevity

The Bad

  • Not suitable for use on large tires 

Schrader 20153 TPMS Sensor fits Snap-in  

Schrader 20153 TPMS Sensor fits Snap-in...
  • Schrader is the global leader in TPMS innovation, design, quality, and...
  • More than 190 million Schrader sensors are in operation worldwide – more than...

Realize how easy it is to measure your car tire pressure when you finally have the Schrader 20153 TPMS sensor in your hands. It’s an excellent TPMS sensor, which provides many unique features for convenient use. For instance, the sensor provides a direct fit and programmable EZ sensor, which is also easy to replace.

Furthermore, the detect free sensor has exceptional quality, to make it perfect for use for measuring tire pressure levels. The Schrader 20153 will measure the tire pressure and transmit the information through the use of radio frequencies.

The Good

  • Comes with patented Schrader technology
  • Can measure tire pressure and transmit the information through radio frequencies
  • Come with cap core grommet

The Bad

  • Installing this unit requires skill and timing 

PerfectPromise TPMS Wireless Tire Pressure Monitoring System

PerfectPromise TPMS Wireless Tire...
  • 【PRECISION DETECTION SYSTEM】Wireless TPMS displays 4 tire pressure &...
  • 【MULTIPLE MONITORING MODES】The TPMS has multiple monitoring modes:Low...

Keep your car tires in optimal condition all thanks to the PerfectPromie TPMS wireless Pressure Monitoring system. It’s a wireless TPMS system that will display the tire pressure and temperature data accurately each time. More so, the heavy-duty design of this unit means that its waterproof and anti-corrosion proof as well. You also never have to worry about theft issues because of the anti-off functionality. As such, you will find it easy to use to read data for your journey.

The TPMS also has several monitoring modes. It can provide a convenient low-pressure warning, leakage warning, high-temperature warning and low battery power warnings. Plus, you will be pleased to know that this unit supports solar and USB charging applications. The TPMS will work continuously, and it won’t necessarily occupy the car cigarette lighter socket.

The external wireless sensors are easy to install and will provide a real-time signal. The pressure and temperature can be switched to suit the nature of your car tires. 

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The Good

  • Displays the tire pressure and temperature data in real-time
  • Has several unique warning systems for convenient use
  • Supports solar and USB charging functions
  • Comes with four wireless external sensors for easy installation 

The Bad

  • Replacing the battery is not easy 

Factors to Consider When Buying the Best TPMS Sensors

Benefits of A Tire Pressure Monitoring Systems

  • Makes it easy to monitor tire pressure – just as the name suggests, tpms tools let you check your tire pressure from at any time or location. If you feel something off with your ride, then consider checking the information provided from the TPMS.
  • No stick gauges required – the TPMS sensors often feature small stick gauges, which are filled with air, and will shout out to show the amount of pressure in the tires. Usually, these devices are not as accurate or as easy to access, when compared to the tire pressure monitoring systems.
  • Fits most tires – most new vehicles are available with tire pressure monitoring systems. That said, you can also place a TPMS to a motorbike, RV, fifth wheel and more. There is no end to the types of tires you can use with TPMS sensors.
  • Saves time – unless you have a keen eye for knowing which tires are low in pressure, TPMS systems will make things easy. Usually, such systems come with unique frequency mechanisms to share information in the tire pressure.
  • No special tools required – tire pressure monitoring systems move around with your car. Thus, once you a tire technician installs this unit on your car valve, everything should be ready. You won’t need anything other than your head unit to determine the pressure of any of the tires in your car.

Key Features of the Best TPMS Sensors


Tool and sensor compatibility are among some of the crucial factors to consider when you want to buy a TPMS tool. Some tools are specifically suitable for some car models, while you can use others in a wide array of vehicles. If you want a dynamic TPMS tool for different vehicles, invest in one that is compatible with most car brands on the market. Usually, these are the European, Asian and American cars. 

Sensor Location

A tire sensor can either be internal or external. Their position will determine the type of tool you have to evaluate the tire pressure levels. Tools that are compatible with external sensors tend to be simple in design because their functional systems tend to be old. That said, TPMS tools that read internal sensors may have futuristic features because they have to give readings through tire walls.


The functions of a TPMS tool will determine its price and design. While some TPMS tools only classify as monitor systems, some can support more than four functions. For instance, they can evaluate the tire pressure, reset codes, program sensors and more. They will display this time in real-time on a convenient LCD.

Power Source

There are several different power options available. These include a battery, rechargeable and solar-powered sensors. Even if some tools come with nine-volt batteries that provide longevity, some support the use of solar energy. It’s crucial to know the status of the battery, such that you know the right time to get it replaced.

Other Considerations

Display – all TPMS tools on the consumer market have some forms of special features. One of the main ways a manufacturer will differentiate its products is to have unique displays. More, TPMS tools on the lower end of the price scale don’t often have display screens. That said, those on the higher come with LCDs for your convenience.

Design – the physical structure of your chosen plays a significant role in whether it’s easy to use. You should go for a device which is easy to use with one hand. Furthermore, the tool should also provide all the readings clearly and accurately. The tool should also be ergonomic enough such that it’s easy to install on your car tire.

Why Do I Need A TPMS?

  • Slow air leaks are not easy to detect. Thus, a tire pressure system will monitor and provide early warnings as when compared to the traditional types.
  • There are several dangers associated with abnormal tire pressures and temperature. These can pose safety issues and even compromise the quality of your ride.
  • The weather temperature variation is large. It can easily lead to tire wear and even puncture your car tire
  • Insufficient pressure will increase the fuel consumption and rolling resistance issues
  • Leakage of the tire can damage the hub and lead to excessive maintenance costs

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There is no room for poor decision making when it comes to taking good care of your car. Take, for instance, the car tires; these are the most crucial aspects of your vehicle. Any low tire pressure levels are enough to compromise the quality of your ride and even pose safety issues. That said, when you have one of the best tpms sensors in this guide, keeping track of your car pressure tire will become a breeze.

Remember, as with all car accessories; you have to conduct adequate research before getting a suitable one for your needs. Thus, get an excellent tpms sensor and make it easy to track the tire pressure of your car. 

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